Biden Unable To Contain Rage After Closed Door Senate Meeting

It appears that Joe Biden is finally coming to the realization that his radical agenda, his entire reason for becoming president, has failed across the board. It’s failed with members of his own party, with the Supreme Court of the United States, and most importantly, with a growing majority of Americans.

Biden seemed eager (for once) to address press cameras after a closed-door meeting with Senate Democrats. The meeting obviously didn’t go well as the typically low-energy president failed to rally Senate Democrats around his strategy to destroy the filibuster in order to pass a pair of so called ‘voting rights’ bills, both of which empower the federal government to take over the election process.

A clip of his post-meeting remarks went viral, with one CNN reporter referring to Biden as “agitated.”

The video showed Biden raising his voice at times, saying he will fight “as long as I have a breath in me” (which isn’t too much longer).

He reiterated the argument made earlier this week during a speech in Atlanta where he framed the bills as a combatant to evil red state Republicans passing laws to restrict voting access.

A major misrepresentation on Biden’s part — and he knows it.

The video also appeared to show Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat he failed to sway in destroying the filibuster, walking into the room before quickly reversing course.

Some users surmised Sinema was turning tail, considering the optics. Her vote, along with that of fellow holdout Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, is needed for Democrats to change filibuster rules.

Meanwhile, directly after the failed meeting, Sen. Sinema delivered a gut-busting speech on the Senate floor, reiterating her support for the filibuster, thus ending Biden’s hopes of passing his ‘voting rights’ bills anytime soon.

Some notable headlines from yesterday read:

“A brutal week for the White House,” one New York Times reporter said.

“The world is laughing at the U.S. because of this clown,” said Daily Wire reporter.

Some reporters felt as if Biden was on the right track:

 “Excellent remarks. Focus like a laser on subversion. DOJ needs strike force for this specifically.” read one headline from the Washington Post.

Despite this setback, it would hardly be in Biden or the Democrats’ best interest to merely give up — and we shouldn’t put it past them to finagle a plan to crowbar these bills through.

In the meantime, conservative voters need to ensure this looming red tsunami becomes a brutal reality for Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Author: Nolan Sheridan