Kamala Harris Interview Or SNL Skit? VP In Shambles

It appears the entire Biden-Harris administration is melting down like never before. The collapse of America’s most “diverse” and “progressive” administration (translation: radically left and utterly insane) is on full display after a series of blunders proved Biden’s agenda is dead for good.

After heavy rumors of White House tensions between Joe and Kamala, staff members from the Vice President’s office began handing in their resignations faster than the media could report on them.

Additionally, the Supreme Court put the final nail in the Biden-Harris coffin over forced vaccines for 80+ million private workers. The dynamic duo is also facing immense criticism for their failed promise to provide free testing for all Americans during Biden’s so-called “winter of severe illness and death.” 

We haven’t much winter left and so far it seems only the vaccinated are catching the new strain of COVID-19.

After her interview with NBC in which her unutterable grasp of speaking inarticulately was eloquently displayed, Vice President Kamala Harris was lacerated by conservatives on social media, even asking point-blank how she had reached her vaunted position despite a seeming paucity of speaking skills.

Kamala proved herself to be a commensurate politician unable to answer questions in any meaningful way. Yet again she alienated herself from the population she purports to lead.

Some notable examples of her inability to structure a sentence include:

The interviewer asked Kamala if the Biden administration ever conceded that their coronavirus response strategy isn’t working. She delivered a word salad in response that nearly broke the internet.

On the COVID-19 testing issue, Kamala Harris instructs America to “do Google” in order to find free tests which she later admitted didn’t exist.

Answering the question of whether Americans would see the same Democratic ticket in 2024, she managed, “I’m sorry; we are thinking about today; I mean, honestly, I know why you’re asking the question because this is part of the punditry and the gossip around places like Washington D.C.”

The entire interview was purely symbolic for the disreputable nature of the Biden-Harris administration, not to mention the obvious incompetency surrounding their ability to communicate effectively with the American people.

Highly entertaining nonetheless, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ immense failure all-but-guarantees massive GOP victories in the upcoming elections.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney