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President Trump fought hard to craft a good trade deal between the U.S. and China.

But it’s clear that China is not interested in playing fair with the U.S. They banned U.S. carriers from flying to China.

So, Trump is retaliating, and it’s going to hurt the communist nation.

From Fox News:

The Department of Transportation (DOT) on Wednesday issued an order banning China’s airlines from operating passenger flights to and from the U.S. as of mid-June…

The DOT explained that its decision comes as a response to China denying U.S. carriers to resume flights to China as global travel restrictions begin easing amid the coronavirus health crisis.

In response to China violating the U.S.-China Air Transport Agreement, the president is preparing to ban all flights from Chinese airlines.

The ban might come in as early as June 16, perhaps earlier.

Our Take:

This ban appears to only target four Chinese carriers, not all travel from China. While a travel ban is in place, Americans could still fly back from the foreign country.

This ban specifically prohibits Chinese-owned airlines from operating in the United States. It has less to do with the virus and more to do with China’s ongoing hostilities toward America.

Even as travel begins to resume worldwide, China refused to deny U.S. carriers to resume flights. That’s pretty rich, considering it was China that let the virus spread around the world.

But we know China has denied responsibility for the pandemic, even a little bit. They even accused the United States of creating the outbreak, despite the fact it obviously came from Wuhan.

China is desperate to worm out of owing the world for what it did. They were silent as the virus hit foreign shores.

To save face, they seem to be pointing the finger on the United States. WHO and other global organizations appear willing to protect China and promote its propaganda.

Should we keep letting them profit off of us, under these circumstances?

China needs to learn it just can’t bully the world into doing what it wants. There are consequences for their actions.

In the past, U.S. leaders rolled over like puppies to please China (Joe Biden did it all the time). But not today.

Donald Trump is holding China’s feet to the fire. And if they want to profit around the world, they’ll be held accountable for its actions.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: President Trump Retaliates Against China – As Of June 16, Donald Is Banning All Incoming Chinese Airline Flights

The virus outbreak took the world by storm. But President Trump has taken extraordinary action to win this war.

It’s no secret we were blindsided by this outbreak. Extreme measures were taken to blunt the scourge of this disease.

Trump mobilized every agency and resource of the federal government in the battle. But the most extreme measure, shutting down the economy, can’t last forever.

The president himself expressed his hope to see us back to work by Easter. And he’s even said we’ll come roaring back, once we’re clear of this crisis.

How are Americans responding to his leadership? Well, get a load of these numbers.

From Daily Wire:

Gallup’s new study finds that Trump’s approval among U.S. adults has jumped 5 points since earlier this month, surging from 44 to 49% approval…

“Americans give the president generally positive reviews for his handling of the situation, with 60% approving and 38% disapproving,” Gallup reports.

Woah. The Gallup poll—which is hardly a friend to Trump—announced his approval jumped by five points during the month of March.

March, of course, has been the pretty tough month. Through this month, we’ve seen the crisis explode. We’ve been plunged into a totally unprecedented period of our history.

Yet Trump’s strong leadership has impressed Americans. A total of sixty percent of the country approve of Trump’s handling of the crisis.

Every day for the last few weeks, Trump has appeared before America with updates. His task force is moving heaven and earth to aid state and local communities.

He is mobilizing the military, businesses, and federal agencies. And he’s offering hope in the midst of a dark time.

On top of that, he continues to battle the daily barrage of negative news from the MSM.

Even partisan Americans can’t deny the effort he’s put into this crisis. They are seeing a president who, years ago, vowed to put Americans first.

And despite this crisis, he’s doing just that.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Hours After Trump Sets Easter Deadline – Donald’s Approval Rating Takes A Turn Toward the Sky

It’s safe to say President Trump has a… complicated relationship with California. So, this might be shocking.

Trump has come down hard on the state’s sanctuary policies. He frequently criticizes California over its trash and housing problems.

But when American citizens are in need? President Trump doesn’t back down. In fact, he refuses to let partisan disagreements stop aid when it’s needed most.

And it seems California can’t help but acknowledge the help.

From Daily Caller:

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom praised the Trump Administration’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak Monday.

“We had a private conversation, but he said ‘We’re gonna do the right thing’ and ‘You have my support,’” Newsom said. “All of our support, logistically, and otherwise.”

“He said everything that I could have hoped for,” Newsom added. “Every single thing he said they followed through on.”

Woah. California Gov. Gavin Newsom thanked the president for his response to the coronavirus problem.

While the rest of the media and Democrats attack Trump, Newsom is doing just the opposite.

I guess he can’t afford to spread misinformation, when his state is seeing case after case of the virus.

He needs help. It’s no time for partisan politics.

Newsom praised Trump saying, “He said everything that I could have hoped for.” He went on to say, “Every single thing he said they followed through on.”

That’s a far cry from what Puerto Rico’s leadership said after they received Trump’s help. Trump said loads of aid to the island, only to get bashed by their leaders.

(We later learned all that aid was hidden and kept from being used.)

Newsom is bucking the rest of the Democrats to acknowledge the hard work the Trump administration is doing.

Under Trump’s task force, Mike Pence and other leaders are providing round-the-clock aid.

Health leaders are containing the virus, while others are providing testing kits. They are working with private companies as well to prepare treatment and even a vaccination.

How can anyone not thank Trump for that kind of response?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: California Governor Newsom Ditches Democrats – Tells President Trump ‘Every Single Thing He Said They Followed Through On’

The Democrats have been monopolizing the headlines recently with their primary race.

But I can tell you one thing, it ain’t no barnburner.

Thanks to a weak field, Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has won two of the first three states. The man who wants to drain trillions from the economy just might win the nomination, unless the establishment has a trick up its sleeve.

With all the news on Castro-loving Sanders, how has it affected President Trump?

Some might think Sanders has stolen some of Trump’s thunder. Not according to this report.

From Rasmussen Reports:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance…

Wow. According to Rasmussen, Trump is enjoying a 52% approval rating. Compare that to Obama at the same time his presidency: 47%. Ouch!

And for the first time in a long time (if ever), Trump has a positive approval index of +1, which is more people strongly approving than strongly disapproving:

Keep in mind, Obama received overwhelmingly positive news coverage, love from Hollywood and Silicon Valley, and had a Nobel Peace Prize.

Why are his numbers going up, even though the media goes after him every day? Perhaps it has something to do with Trump’s unending knack for scoring big wins.

He just got a big Supreme Court win on immigration. The entire country of India welcomed him like royalty.

Not to mention the continued success of our economy, even as experts predicted the worst.

Keep in mind, this is after Nancy Pelosi and her do-nothing Democrats impeached him! You’d think the entire country would have turned against a president impeached by the House?

Perhaps most Americans think that whole affair was a sham? Perhaps they are watching a man fight against a tide of negative news, deep state attacks, and a corrupt swamp?

I don’t know, but if I were a Democrat, I’d be very worried by these numbers.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Bernie Seizes Frontrunner Position – President Trump’s Approval Rating Takes A Turn

I’m sure you remember what Trump did in 2017.

He scored one of the biggest tax cuts in American history.

Many experts agree this bill supercharged the economy. Companies were able to hire more workers, leading to record unemployment.

The bill also resulted in a 25% tax savings for many Americans.

But some complained—can you believe that? Democrats said the bill didn’t do enough for the little guy—even though they didn’t even vote for it.

But they didn’t think Trump was already prepared to do even more for the American people.

His Tax Cuts 2.0 is ready to be revealed. And it’s a doozy.

From The Epoch Times:

President Donald Trump wants new tax cuts by September, economic adviser Larry Kudlow said.

The package could center around 10 percent tax cuts for the middle class, Kudlow, the national economic director, said during an appearance on Fox Business…

The administration also wants to make other tax cuts permanent.

Larry Kudlow announced Trump wants new tax cuts by September. His package could include a 10 percent tax cut for the middle class.

It could also make other tax cuts permanent.

We’ve seen the tremendous impact his first round of tax cuts made. Imagine what will happen, if he gets his second tax cuts bill pushed through?

Some might say tax cuts are impossible. Democrats say the burden of the federal government demands an increase in taxes, not a decrease.

That’s true—if one of their 2020 candidates get elected. They are promising so many social programs, but they got no way to pay for them!

Without jacking up taxes, of course.

Recently, Trump unveiled his budget proposal for 2021. It includes major spending cuts, which would balance the budget in fifteen years.

Which would mean that tax cuts are in order, huh?

The president just might be the most responsible leader we’ve seen in a generation. And he’s making sure Americans benefit from it first.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump Prepares Middle-Class ‘Tax Cuts 2.0’ – And He Could Pass Them In Time For The 2020 Election

Boy, does Adam Schiff love racking up those losses, huh?

He broke protocol while running his impeachment “inquiry.” Then, as House manager in the Senate impeachment trial, he went off the deep end.

That didn’t go well, did it? (Especially when Schiff said Trump will sell Alaska to Russia and let Jared Kushner run the country!)

But that’s all behind him. Today, he can shape up and do right by the country.

Hey, how about leading the House Intelligence Committee to investigate the deeply disturbing IG report on FISA abuse?

Nope, he’s going to host a meeting called “publicity” by Republican committee members.

So, they are boycotting him.

From Fox News:

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee dramatically boycotted a public hearing Wednesday morning, after accusing Chairman Adam Schiff of ignoring Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuse following the release of a scathing Justice Department inspector general report which revealed significant misconduct.

Frozen out! Republicans are calling out Adam Schiff for refusing to hold meetings on the IG FISA report.

They are going as far as boycotting the current hearing run by Schiff—one that can only be called a publicity stunt.

The Inspector General released his report, revealing shocking misconduct. Evidence suggests the DOJ abused the FISA system to acquire warrants.

FBI agents alter documents and omitted key information, in an apparent attempt to mislead the court.

Yet Adam Schiff, who has a responsibility to look into this as head of the Intelligence Committee, continues to ignore it.

Is it because it was Obama’s DOJ that allegedly abused the FISA process? Was it because the victim was the Trump campaign?

In either case, Republicans are taking a stand. They are demanding Adam Schiff do his job and investigate real problems.

Otherwise, the consequences could be dire.

The only silver lining is if the Republicans retake the House, Schiff will be ejected.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: House GOP Freezes Out Adam Schiff – Boycotts Adam For Ignoring Trump Spy FISA Report

Tulsi Gabbard caught every single Democrat off guard with this gutsy statement!

Tulsi Gabbard may be trailing in the polls, but she certainly set herself apart from the other 2020 hopefuls.

The veteran has been mercilessly attacked by her own party. Hillary Clinton, defying all logic, accused her of being a Russian operative (sound familiar?).

Gabbard is even taking on Google for alleged attempts to censor her.

It seems the liberal establishment is doing everything they can to squash their fellow Democrat. But Tulsi is not backing down.

And she’s taking on the entire party.

From Western Journal:

“Our Democratic Party, unfortunately, is not the party that is of, by and for the people,” Gabbard said.

“It is a party that has been and continues to be influenced by the foreign policy establishment in Washington, represented by Hillary Clinton and others’ foreign policy, by the military-industrial complex and other greedy corporate interests,” she added.

Ouch. I wonder how all those liberals felt when one of their all accused them of not being the party for the people?

I mean, we conservatives have been saying this for years. Democrats appeared to have long ago sold out to corporate interests, globalists, and D.C. lobbyists.

It is the very reason Democrats fight Trump so much. The president is putting the American people first, not powerful special interests.

Democrats claim to be the party of Civil Rights, the working class, and minorities. Yet their decisions seem much move motivated by whoever is pulling the strings in D.C.

Nobody within the party is willing to admit this, until now.

Gabbard has more in common with President Trump, when she calls out the corruption in D.C.

While her policies are far from the president’s, at least she is being bold and honest enough to confront her own party.

When was the last time we saw a Democrat do that? I can’t even remember.

The sad reality is, despite her words, the rest of the party will not wake up. They will continue to be, as she said, influenced by these other forces.

Instead of putting Americans first.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Tulsi Turns On Democrats On Live TV – Says Her Own Party Is Not ‘Of, By or For the People’

The last thing Adam Schiff expected to hear – checkmate!

After a month of secretive meetings, Adam Schiff and the Democrats held their first public impeachment hearings.

Despite what the media claims, it did not go well.

The two “key” witnesses went down in flames. When asked point-blank what Trump did that was impeachable, they couldn’t even speak.

Now it seems Adam Schiff will have to rely on Sondland, the U.S. ambassador. It appears Sondland wants to play ball with the Democrats.

He even changed his testimony to hurt the president.

But even though he claims Trump was trying to pressure Ukraine, Ukraine itself disagrees.

From Reuters:

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said on Thursday that U.S. ambassador Gordon Sondland did not explicitly link military aid to Kiev with opening an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Interfax Ukraine reported…

“Ambassador Sondland did not tell us, and certainly did not tell me, about a connection between the assistance and the investigations.”

Wow. I wonder how Schiff is going to spin the fact that Ukraine’s Foreign Minister admits Sondland never linked aid with Biden’s investigation.

Vadym Prystaiko made it clear that Sondland never told him that there was a connection between these two things.

Keep in mind, that’s the entire argument of the left’s impeachment. Yet the Foreign Minister from Ukraine was never told that was the case.

Hmm… how was Trump supposed to get Ukraine to do what he wanted, if Ukraine was never told!

Seems like the left’s entire scheme is falling apart as we watch.

Democrats say Trump and his administration was pressuring Ukraine to investigate Biden. The military aid would be denied if they didn’t.

But Prystaiko reveals that this was never the case. He was never told the aid was being withheld unless Ukraine investigated Biden.

So… the entire reason for impeaching Trump is DOA. Trump never tried to pressure Ukraine.

Yet despite this obvious fact, Schiff and the Democrats continue to push their false narrative. They want you to think that Trump was manipulating Ukraine to help his campaign.

Even though the evidence, facts, and Ukrainian leaders tell an entirely different story.

How pathetic are the Democrats going to get?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Ukraine Leader Dashes Schiff’s Hopes – Admits Biden Investigation Wasn’t Linked To Aid According To Sondland

Swamp drained again – here and abroad!

It’s no secret that the swamp runs deep. Not just in Washington, D.C., but in all fifty states and our territories.

Wherever there is power, there are greedy crooks looking to exploit it.

From coast to coast, elected officials betray the trust of the public. They abuse their power to get rich or to hand out favors.

Yet our justice system seems surprisingly unwilling to do anything about it. Crimes are broken, but nobody is held accountable.

Until now.

It looks like Trump’s FBI just took down a big fish.

From Fox News:

A Puerto Rico senator awaiting trial on fraud charges was taken into custody Wednesday morning by federal authorities in connection with an investigation into alleged corruption that also resulted in the arrests of seven others, officials said…

Nazario was previously arrested by federal authorities in September 2018… He was accused of defrauding his employees while serving as the mayor of Yauco, a southwestern town in Puerto Rico, where he was an elected official from 2000 until December 2016.

A Puerto Rico senator—already awaiting trial—was arrested on numerous new charges.

He and seven others have been brought in for wrongdoing.

Dang, this guy has been implicated in all sorts of stuff—for years. Yet people keep electing him???

You have to wonder what these Puerto Ricans are thinking.

As bad as this story seems, this kind of thing goes on all over the country. When you look at major cities in ruin, under mountains of trash, racked by poverty—what do you think is happening?

Men and women elected to lead do nothing. Their betrayal of Americans’ trust leads to these situations.

The only solution is for our justice system to actually hold them accountable. And for Americans to demand justice.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Senator And 7 Others Arrested – The FBI Just Caught Them In High-Profile Investigation

Graham just sent Pelosi and Schumer spinning!

Democrats seem to be getting cocky over Pelosi’s loaded “impeachment resolution.” It’s not a real impeachment, but they’ll make it look as official as possible for the media.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, however, is making them reel.

It’s obvious Pelosi and Schiff are trying to drum up dirt to make Trump look guilty. Perhaps they even believe that softies like Mitt Romney and other Republicans will go along and oust the president.

But Lion Lindsey Graham just dropped a hammer on their scheme.

From Daily Caller:

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said there is “not one vote” among Senate Republicans to remove President Donald Trump from office “because he did nothing wrong.”

“This is an unfair process being driven by sore losers and there is not one vote in the United States Senate to impeach President Trump based on this phone call because he did nothing wrong.”

Well, well, well! Sen. Graham confirms to the entire country that not one Republican will vote for removing President Trump.

I know, what you’re thinking: “What about Mitt?” Even Mitt’s smart enough not to go against a president scoring so many conservative victories.

A president that has so much approval among Republican voters.

Graham is in a position to know better than anyone else. As a ranking member among Republican Senators, he speaks daily with his party.

He’d know if a few rogue Republicans wanted to back Pelosi’s scheme and vote in favor of convicting Trump.

Do you want to know the bottom line why?

It’s just what Graham said, he did nothing wrong.

Democrats can twist that phone call all they want, there was nothing Trump did that violates our laws. Even if “NeverTrumpers” like Romney hate Trump, they can’t convict him over nothing.

Every last Republican in the Senate knows this. This is a repeat of what Democrats tried to do to Brett Kavanaugh.

There was no proof the judge did anything wrong. But Democrats tried to bully Senate Republicans into voting against him.

They failed back then, they’ll fail again.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Lindsey Graham Stops Impeachment In Its Tracks – Tells Democrats They Don’t Have One Republican Senate Vote

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