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If Donald pulls it off, maybe he should get Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize!

Senator Rand Paul doesn’t always agree with Trump, but recently, he had a genius idea that will have Trump supporters cheering.

You might remember how Obama was celebrated before he did a single thing in office. He was even given a Noble Peace Prize—just for getting elected.

Lame, right?

He later did things during his time in office that were far from peaceful. Including sending 100,000 American troops to Afghanistan.

So, Paul has this brilliant recommendation.

From CNS News:

Since President Barack Obama escalated the U.S. war in Afghanistan, the Nobel Committee should take back his peace prize and give it to President Donald Trump, if Trump ends the war, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says.

That’s right. Since Obama got a peace prize for starting a war, why shouldn’t President Trump get one for ending it?

In fact, Rand Paul suggesting taking Obama’s award and giving it to Trump!

He’s already accomplished the impossible. President Trump has defeated ISIS, bringing peace and stability to Iraq.

Trump has met with the president of North Korea—a man who once promised to defeat the United States.

It’s not unthinkable that President Trump will pull troops from Afghanistan and end the fighting.

I mean, Trump has been fixing the rest of Obama’s legacy. He’s rolled back Obamacare’s failures. He’s restored America’s manufacturing strength. And he’s restored America’s energy dominance.

Just for starters.

Trump took Obama’s office and has been doing a much better job.

Why not take that ill-gained Noble Prize and give it to a man who has certainly done more to deserve it?

I wonder if they could pry it out of Obama’s fingers?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Top Senator Demands Obama’s Nobel Prize Stripped – If Trump Can Erase His Worst Legacy

They made a big mistake – now Donald is taking millions back!

President Trump is sick and tired of endless tax dollars going to waste. He’s especially opposed to sending tax dollars to programs millions of Americans hate.

Already throughout his administration, he’s tightened the budget. He’s cut off funding to many groups that waste dollars and even harm Americans.

But still, millions upon millions of dollars have gone to a major Democrat stronghold for years. Other Republican leaders have tried to stop them and failed.

President Trump is about to succeed by cutting off their funding with a new rule. And in a matter of days, this rule is about to go into effect.

From CBN:

Planned Parenthood is set to lose $60 million in the coming days, because of a Trump administration rule forbidding federal funds going to any family planning programs that refer patients for abortion.

The nation’s largest abortion provider has been in the Title X program for decades and receives almost $60 million in funding from the program each year.

Boom! Planned Parenthood is going to lose $60 million, thanks to a new rule from President Trump.

PP got millions every year, thanks to a Title X program that provides federal funds to clinics for women’s health.

But Trump’s new rule forbids any healthcare provider that received funds from referring patients for abortions.

That means Planned Parenthood—who solely focuses on abortions—is about to lose a big chunk of their funding.

Trump wasn’t being unreasonable. He gave Title X recipients plenty of time to adjust their programming in order to keep receiving funds.

The president wants Americans in need to receive support. But he does not want American tax dollars going to the extermination of unborn children.

Seems pretty reasonable to me.

Planned Parenthood can still operate, just without these funds. That’s not a big problem for an organization that receives millions from private liberal donors.

But Americans can be thankful that Trump is moving forward with his pro-life goals. He’s making sure your tax dollars aren’t going to a barbaric and outdated practice that ends the lives of countless Americans.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump Takes $60 Million From Democrat Stronghold – New Rule Strips Them Of Their Funds

He went after Trump – but he just got benched!

It’s pretty sad and I’d say pathetic that House Democrats continue to push for impeachment against Donald Trump.

They have no ammunition against the president. But yet, here they are, wasting time and taxpayer’s money, just to stop the one man making America great.

They know they’ve got nothing. No amount of documents will give them a reason to impeach him.

So, they are trying to scheme in order to fast track their plans.

But their latest play to take Trump down just got shattered by a federal judge.

From Fox News:

A D.C. federal judge on Wednesday shot down an attempt by House Judiciary Committee Democrats to link their subpoena for former White House counsel Don McGahn to a separate request for secret grand jury information from the Russia investigation after the Justice Department accused them of trying to “game the system.”

Ouch, that’s got to hurt Nadler and his impeachment buddies. They tried to link to cases together to get a judge to approve a request for Russian investigation information.

I guess they thought the federal judge was too stupid to see that one of the requests had nothing to do with the other. They thought wrong.

The judge called out their trick, stating quite clearly that any connection between these cases was superficial.

They were hoping to get a judge to just rubber-stamp their race for impeachment.

But they were denied.

Nadler is facing even more opposition for his impeachment crusade. He claimed that formal impeachment proceedings were underway.

Yet Republican Doug Collins made it clear that the House never approved those proceedings. Nobody voted to give Nadler the power to go after the president.

In fact, every time articles of impeachment were brought before the House, they were voted down.

I guess Nadler thinks he’s above the law and our system of government. He’s going to force his agenda to impeach the president, even as the majority of the country is against it.

And Democrats wonder why their party is falling apart.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Federal Judge Drops ‘Russia’ Hammer – Democrat Impeachment Leader Is In Deep Trouble

Are you kidding me? Keep your liberal hands off Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court!

Who can forget what the Democrats did to Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation?

Their actions in smearing the name of a good man are forever a black mark on their party. They spread hearsay and unverified accusations, destroying the reputation of the man and his family.

When he was finally installed as our latest Supreme Court justice, most Democrats forgot about him.

Now, almost a year later, they are going back on their word and trying to take him down again. All to regain a majority—it seems—in the Supreme Court.

From Fox News:

The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday accused the panel’s Democratic chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler, of “harassment” and unethical conduct, after Nadler moved to seek records from Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s time in the George W. Bush administration.

This is pretty low. Jerry Nadler, the crony who is pushing to impeach Donald Trump is demanding records about Kavanaugh and his time in the Bush administration.

Why would he do this now, after he’s on the Supreme Court? Clearly, the man who thinks he can impeach anyone is looking for a reason to attack Kavanaugh.

Rep. Collins said the request for documents is so “far outside the scope of judicial ethics, it’s harassment.”

I couldn’t say it better myself. Nadler has no reason to attack Kavanaugh, now that he’s serving on the court. Kavanaugh hasn’t done anything to warrant an investigation.

And Nadler wants to comb through documents nearly twenty years old. What does he think he’s going to find?

I sincerely doubt he’s going to find anything that would give Congress reason to go after Kavanaugh. This is clearly an attempt by a crooked politician to harass a respected judge.

After all this time, Democrats still don’t get it.

Does Nadler and the left truly think they can remove Kavanaugh? Do they think they will find a “smoking gun” to get rid of Trump’s pick and skew the court leftward?

If so, they are dreaming.

It seems like everything House Democrats do these days are attempts to erase the 2016—and Trump’s impact on America.

They never try to work with the president to make our country a better place. Even when we call them out on this behavior, they only continue it.

Really makes you think why men like Nadler are still in office.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Democrat Leader Investigates Kavanaugh – Plans To Remove Him, Retake Supreme Court Majority

Democrats just crossed the final line – there’s no going back!

It’s no secret the Democrats have been inching toward the cliff for the last two years. But today, they finally jumped off it head-first.

They spend millions of dollars on a two-year investigation into President Trump’s campaign. It turned up nothing.

After that, they hauled old Mueller in to testify. But the former special counsel didn’t change his tune from his report. It’s clear that there has never been any evidence to suggest Donald Trump colluded or obstructed justice.

Anyone with a brain would have moved on. But not the Democrats! Without any evidence, they are doing something ridiculous.

From The Hill:

A memorandum, submitted by the committee on July 26 to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and signed by the general counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives, makes clear that [an impeachment] inquiry has begun.

The memorandum is in support of an application for access to all redactions of grand jury material in the Mueller report, in grand jury materials referenced in the report, and to any grand jury testimony or material directly related to four topics.

Wow. Democrats must really be scared about 2020. Even though Mueller’s probe did not reveal anything, Democrats are trying to get more information in order to impeach Trump.

Several House Democrats have already tried to impeach Trump—at least twice—in the last two years.

But each time articles of impeachment and put forward, it gets voted down. Obviously, there is not enough support to remove the man from office.

Not willing to admit defeat, Democrats are now trying to get all the redacted information from Mueller’s report.

Do they really think the few pages they didn’t get to read will provide a smoking gun to take down President Trump?

Let’s get real: Democrats can’t truly believe Trump is some kind of Russian puppet. Or that he obstructed justice in any way.

Such crimes would have come out in the open very quickly—just like Watergate during Nixon’s time.

No, this is about a party who is desperate to drag us back to the Dark Ages. They want to return us to a time when both Republicans and Democrats did the bidding of lobbyists and globalists.

They hate that a populist is running the country. Worse, they hate that he’s actually successful.

Had Trump’s policies failed, they wouldn’t care about impeachment. They would just sit back and let one of their stellar candidates eat his lunch in 2020.

But that’s not going to happen. Trump’s policies have work miracles in our economy. Today, a report has come out that says a record 157,288,000 people are employed.

I don’t care what party you’re in, you can’t complain about that. And you can’t beat that or promise anything better.

The Democratic Party is watching their left-wing 2020 candidates tank their chances with promises to give free healthcare to non-citizens and force environmental regulation that will destroy jobs. Nobody can beat Trump.

So, they are trying to forcibly remove him from office. Then they can return to “normalcy,” a state where corporations and foreign interests bled our country dry, shipped jobs overseas, and plundered our resources.

But they jumped off a cliff with this impeachment inquiry. They doomed their chances for the near future.

Can’t say I feel bad for them.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Opinion: The Democrats Have Finally Lost It – They Just Filed An Official Trump Inquiry For Impeachment

Bulldog Barr found it – and he’s not afraid to use it!

Patriots breathed a sigh of relief when we learned that Attorney General Barr was looking into the Russian investigation.

He wanted to get to the bottom of how the DOJ conducted it, suggesting things weren’t done right.

But it’s been months since we’ve heard anything about his review. Meanwhile, Democrats in the media have paraded around the Mueller report, claiming Trump is guilty of obstruction.

Now, reports are coming out from insiders, saying Barr may have found his smoking gun.

From Fox News:

The Justice Department’s internal review of the Russia investigation is zeroing in on transcripts of recordings made by at least one government source who met with former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos overseas in 2016, specifically looking at why certain “exculpatory” material from them was not presented in subsequent applications for surveillance warrants, according to two sources familiar with the review…

One source told Fox News that Barr and Durham are reviewing why the material was left out of applications to surveil another former Trump campaign aide, Carter Page. “I think it’s the smoking gun,” the source said.

According to two insiders, Barr is very concerned over why important parts of Papadopoulos’ recordings were left out of the investigation.

Specifically, parts that are considered “exculpatory” meaning they may have cleared Papadopoulos or even Donald Trump of wrongdoing.

This strongly suggests that Mueller’s Russian investigation already had evidence that cleared Trump and his people of wrongdoing.

Yet that information was left out of applications for more surveillance warrants. Why?

Could it be that the FBI and later Mueller had evidence that cleared Trump’s team? And if they mentioned this evidence in warrant applications, they would have been denied?

President Trump has spoken quite a bit about how Obama’s DOJ “wiretapped” his campaign. Even after he was elected, there are reports that the DOJ was monitoring him during the transition.

It is possible that the DOJ deliberately omitted evidence that would have made their investigation into Trump pointless.

Suggesting serious breaches of conduct, perhaps even criminal activity, on the part of agents investigating the Russian interference.

Now, why would they do that, except for trying to undermine Trump—the next president?

This information has yet to be confirmed by Barr himself, so we’ll have to wait and see. But this is shaping up to expose a shocking scandal within Obama’s DOJ and Mueller’s team.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Barr May Have Found Mueller’s ‘Smoking Gun’ – And Democrats Should Be Sweating

She said it with her own mouth – couldn’t keep it quiet for long!

Ilhan Omar has been feuding with Donald Trump lately. The left-wing Democrat accused the president of spreading attacks against her.

What did Trump really do? He questioned the congresswoman’s loyalty to America. Because, honestly sister, we have our doubts.

Omar is a Muslim refugee who fled Somalia for a better life in America. Yet as a congresswoman, what has she done to show she is loyal to America?

And now a video has surfaced that has her Somalia skeleton crashing out.

From Twitter:

LISTEN CLOSELY to @IlhanMN freudian slip here when she got back to MSP last night.

So does she identify as an American or a Somalian?

What say you? Plz share your Point of View

Woah. In the video, Omar clearly is about to call Somalia, “her country.” Not the U.S.A.?

Is this just a slip of the tongue—or a “Freudian” slip, where is unconsciously was admitting how she really feels?

We know this woman has called Americans “ignorant.”

And she just introduced a bill that would allow Americans to boycott the one Jewish state in the world.

Omar is an ally of AOC and her “squad” of Democratic socialist. They want to speak for you and impose their far-left views onto our country.

Views and policies that would erase our prosperity, eliminate jobs, create massive tax burdens, and put us last in the world.

And that’s not even scratching the surface of Omar’s questionable, personal affairs.

This video sheds a little more light on Omar’s allegiance. Is she an American or a Somalian? Does she support this country or another?

Does she really love America – the way our President does?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Omar Has ‘Freudian’ Slip-Up – Her Somalia Skeleton Comes Crashing Out

President Trump is a leader who truly puts American citizens first.

We see that all the time with his pro-American policies and agenda, and he continues to fight for U.S. jobs and the overall economy.

So far, he’s brought jobs back from overseas, lowered taxes, slashed regulation, and more.

Unemployment is also extremely low – the lowest it has been in decades, in fact – thanks to his influence.

And now, he’s taking that a step further with this new executive order by dropping his American-steel hammer right on Federal contracts.

This latest move will make sure federal projects will be employing Americans for years to come!

Check it out from Fox Business:

“President Trump will sign an executive order on Monday to require that the bulk of the steel and iron used in federal contracts is sourced from U.S. firms…

Now that’s how you put America first!

Trump is requiring that federal contracts will use steel and iron from American firms, so no more of that shoddy foreign steel in our federal offices, city roads, and bridges.

We believe American steel is the best in the world. Yet, thanks to globalist practices and cutting corners, Chinese steel ended up being dirt cheap…too cheap for American companies to compete with, unfortunately.

But let’s take a moment here and think about that. United States federal contracts, for American projects, using NON-US STEEL?

How did that ever become ok? What were past Presidents even thinking?!

President Trump has fought back already, with stiff tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, which has already produced a sharp uptick in the purchase of American steel (and saved American jobs).

Now, he’s making sure that any federal contracts for construction and the like will be using American steel and iron.

That means our future roads, bridges, tunnels, and more will be made with good, American materials.

Isn’t that how it always should have been…?

Thank you President Trump for always putting AMERICA FIRST. I know you don’t always get the love and support you deserve, but we are trying our best to do our part!

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump Signs America-First Executive Order, Drops His USA Steel Hammer On Federal Fat Cats

For a long time now, our southern border has been under tremendous strain.

Hundreds of thousands of people have marched through South and Central America, demanding asylum.

President Trump has tried to secure our border and end ongoing problems, but Democrats in Congress have stood in his way with their own plans.

However, Trump’s administration is taking a huge step to end the problem once and for all.

From AP News:

“The Trump administration said Monday it will end asylum protections for most migrants who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border…

According to a new rule published in the Federal Register, asylum seekers who pass through another country first will be ineligible for asylum at the U.S. southern border.”

So Trump is passing a new rule that states (with limited exceptions) if someone passed through another country first, they have to apply for asylum there—not in the U.S.

And the best part is, it goes into effect TOMORROW!

This coincides with the agreement Trump scored with Mexico; Central and South American travelers who enter Mexico first will have to apply for asylum there.

And it could have a dramatic impact on our border problems:

The vast majority of asylum seekers bombarding our border right now are from Central and South America. And of course, they have to pass through Mexico to reach our border.

So, the new rule will require them to request asylum in Mexico. They will not be eligible to request asylum here.

I really think this is a stroke of genius.

But while this move is brilliant and should work well, expect Democrats to oppose it. They will most likely try to sue the administration to block this rule, as they’ve done in the past.

Let’s get out there and show them that America wants this and we support our President 100%!

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump Announces Drastic Border Changes – His New Rule Goes Into Effect Tomorrow

Democrats thought he would lose them all – instead, they’re flocking to Donald.

President Trump has fought tirelessly to protect our Southern border. Defying a do-nothing Congress, he’s even acquired billions to build the wall.

On top of that, he’s masterfully secured the cooperation of Mexico, who is doing much more to protect our shared border.

Democrats predicted that Trump’s efforts to fix our immigration system would doom his chances with Latino Americans. That, by 2020, not a single one of them would back Trump.

So, you better believe liberals are upset over this new report.

From Washington Examiner:

President Trump is poised to launch his 2020 reelection as popular with Hispanic voters as other Republicans, bucking predictions that provocative nationalist rhetoric and hard-line border policies would crater his support with this critical bloc.

Ka-boom! You don’t like seeing news like this, huh liberals?

According to polls, Trump still has the same level of support among Latinos as he did in 2016.

In fact, some within the GOP think he can expand his influence among Hispanic Americans.

But-but… Democrats said Latinos were against Trump’s efforts to secure the border, right?

I guess Democrats assumed all Hispanic Americans were against fixing our immigration system and encouraging people to come here legally.

They assumed as Americans of Latino descent were in support of letting them all come in.

Sorry, wrong—exactly the opposite.

There are plenty of Hispanic Americans who believe in Trump’s goal of fixing the border and reforming our broken system.

On top of that, they—like many other minority groups—have enjoyed unprecedented low unemployment. All thanks to Trump’s policies.

Why would they back away from him now?

The successes Trump has secured for all Americans just might bring more Hispanic Americans to the Trump team. Don’t you agree?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Trump Triumphs At The Border, He Turns The Tables On Washington Democrats For 2020

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