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CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart lashed out at Covington Catholic graduate Nick Sandmann, who won a multi-million dollar defamation settlement from the left-wing network, following Sandmann’s speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC).

“I’m watching tonight because it’s important,” said Lockhart on Twitter. “But i don’t have to watch this snot nose entitled kid from Kentucky.”

Benjamin O’Keefe, a former staffer for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and the far-left organization Move On (and, according to his Twitter bio, a “trans-inclusive intersectional feminist” with “he/him/his” pronouns), also attacked Sandmann during the speech, mocking his physical appearance.

In January, CNN had to settle with Sandmann in a lawsuit filed alleging that it and many other establishment and left-wing media outlets defamed him during “Covingtongate” in 2019.

CNN, together with other mainstream media journalists, whipped themselves into a hate-frenzy against the then-high school student in January 2018, after he was videoed wearing a MAGA hat while smiling sheepishly as a far-left Native American activist confronted him during a pro-life rally in Washington D.C. The media falsely characterized the teenagers as “harassing” the activist.

The result was a whirlwind of hate from celebrities and “verified” liberal users on social media, with many threatening violence against Sandmann and his classmates. None lost their Twitter accounts as a result of this incitement.

In his RNC speech, Sandmann condemned the media, arguing that they were willing to ruin a teenager’s life to score points against the MAGA movement:

Being from Kentucky, the birth place of Abraham Lincoln, my classmates and I visited the Lincoln Memorial. I found myself face-to-face with Nathan Phillips and other professional protesters looking to turn me into the latest poster child showing why Trump is bad. While the media portrayed me as the aggressor with a “relentless smirk” on my face, in reality the video confirms I was standing with my hands behind my back and an awkward smile on my face that hid two thoughts: One, don’t do anything that might further agitate the man banging a drum in my face and two, trying to follow a family friend’s advice never to do anything to embarrass your family, your school, or your community.

Before I knew what was happening, it was over. One of Mr. Phillips fellow agitators yelled out “We got him!”, “It’s all right here on video” and We won Grandpa”. What I thought was a strange encounter, quickly developed into a major news story complete with video footage.

My life changed forever in that one moment. The full war machine of the mainstream media revved up into attack mode. They did so without ever researching the full video of the incident; without ever investigating Mr. Philips’ motives; or without ever asking me for my side of the story. And do you know why? Because the truth wasn’t important. Advancing their anti-Christian, anti-Conservative, anti-Donald Trump narrative was all that mattered. And if advancing their narrative ruined the reputation and future of a teenager from Covington, Kentucky … so be it. That will teach him not to wear a MAGA hat!

“And one more thing … let’s Make America Great Again!” said Sandmann at the end of his remarks, donning a MAGA cap.

Author: Allum Bokhari

Source: Breitbart: CNN Analyst Lashes Out at Nick Sandmann: ‘Snot Nose Entitled Kid’

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has written a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, blasting the Facebook CEO and his platform for censoring medical discussion around coronavirus, in particular the censoring of a viral Breitbart News video of a press conference with frontline doctors and a member of Congress discussing responses to the virus.

“It seems you and your team at Facebook choose to censor or misuse your algorithms to downplay voices on one side of the issues while failing to do so on the other,” said Landry.

“Recently, Breitbart News and others live-streamed a group of licensed American doctors who were sharing their professional medical opinions regarding COVID-19. Apparently, Facebook made a choice to limit their voices.”

The Louisiana attorney general went on to highlight Zuckerberg’s comments at the recent House Judiciary Committee hearing, where the Facebook CEO accused the doctors’ press conference of having the potential to “cause imminent risk of harm.”

Landry slams Zuckerberg for uncritically repeating information from the World Health Organization (WHO), despite the embattled organization’s well-documented track record of errors and mistakes about the pandemic.

Read Landry’s full letter below, or at this link.

The Breitbart News video censored by Facebook was of a press conference of the organization America’s Frontline Doctors, hosted by the organization America’s Frontline Doctors, a group founded by Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified physician and attorney and organized by the Tea Party Patriots.

A member of Congress, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC), also spoke at the event, meaning the social network censored a politician — something Zuckerberg has repeatedly promised not to do.

“In our free country, the American people deserve to hear all voices and stories so they can evaluate information and make decisions for themselves,” wrote Landry, who concluded his letter by calling on Zuckerberg to “set aside hysteria” and stop allowing “blatant political bias to scare doctors and their patients away from a potential lifesaving treatment.”

“You can give access to all the information available on this pandemic. You can allow users to make decisions for themselves.”

Author: Allum Bokhari

Source: Breitbart: Exclusive: Louisiana AG Jeff Landry Blasts Facebook Censorship of Breitbart in Letter to Zuckerberg

Facebook removed an ad from the Trump campaign earlier today attacking Antifa, citing its policy on “organized hate.”

The ad, now removed by Facebook, denounced Antifa, the decentralized movement of far-left agitators known for acts of domestic terrorism and political violence.

During the George Floyd riots, Attorney General William Barr described the actions of Antifa as domestic terrorism, and President Trump has also confirmed that he intends to label Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

The now-deleted Trump ad featured an inverted red-and-black triangle to symbolize the Antifa movement, which uses the red-and-black color scheme in their badges, flags, and propaganda as a form of ideological identification. Red-and-black are the historical colors of the anarcho-communist movement, and red triangles are an Antifa symbol according to products available for purchase.

In the now-deleted ad, the official Team Trump Facebook account said:

Dangerous MOBS of far-left groups are running through our streets and causing absolute mayhem. They are DESTROYING our cities and rioting – it’s absolute madness.

It’s important that EVERY American comes together at a time like this to send a united message that we will not stand for their radical actions any longer. We’re calling on YOU to make a public statement and add your name to stand with President Trump against ANTIFA.

Please add your name IMMEDIATELY to stand with your President and his decision to declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization.

But Facebook, and far-left organizations that regularly run cover for Antifa, said the red-and-black triangle was a “hate” symbol because it is similar to a symbol used by Nazi Germany in concentration camps.

Facebook apparently bought this argument, even though the Trump team’s post was clearly about Antifa.

“We removed these posts and ads for violating our policy against organized hate,” a company spokesman told New York Daily News. “Our policy prohibits using a banned hate group’s symbol to identify political prisoners without the context that condemns or discusses the symbol.”

In a post on Twitter, the Trump team posted an image showing the inverted red-and-black triangle being used by Antifa, in response to a Media Matters post accusing the campaign of using Nazi imagery.

“This is an emoji. It’s also a symbol widely used by Antifa. It was used in an ad about Antifa,” said the Trump team. “It is not in the ADL’s Hate Symbols Database.”

In a comment to the New York Daily News, the Trump team again pointed out the symbol’s links to Antifa.

“The red triangle is an Antifa symbol,” said Trump campaign spokesman Ken Farnaso who linked to the symbol being used in Antifa-branded products.

This is not the first time Facebook has deliberately censored political ads from the Trump team. Ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, Facebook censored a Trump ad about the dangers of mass immigration.

In a comment to Breitbart News, Trump Campaign Director of Communications Tim Murtaugh said: “The inverted red triangle is a symbol used by Antifa, so it was included in an ad about Antifa. We would note that Facebook still has an inverted red triangle emoji in use, which looks exactly the same, so it’s curious that they would target only this ad. The image is also not included in the Anti-Defamation League’s database of symbols of hate. But it is ironic that it took a Trump ad to force the media to implicitly concede that Antifa is a hate group.”

Update — Added comment from Trump Campaign Director of Communications Tim Murtaugh

Author: Allum Bokhari

Source: Breitbart: Facebook Bans Trump Campaign Ad that Denounces Antifa Violence

The Department of Justice is preparing proposals to roll back the legal immunities enjoyed by Big Tech companies under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA), in measures that will be announced as early as Wednesday, sources told the Wall Street Journal.

Via the WSJ:

The Justice Department is set to propose a rollback of legal protections that online platforms have enjoyed for more than two decades, in an effort to make tech companies more responsible in how they police their content, according to a Trump administration official.

Section 230 gives Big Tech companies immunity from lawsuits arising from user-generated content. If a person is defamed on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other big tech platforms like Reddit, those platforms are not legally liable for the content like a traditional publisher might be. This allows social media platforms to host billions of posts from users without a potentially crippling legal risk.

As Big Tech platforms have grown increasingly interested in censoring content posted by their users, however, many lawmakers have argued that they are behaving like traditional publishers, censoring and editing and approving their users’ posts. As such, a growing number of lawmakers have argued that the legal immunities of Section 230 should be contingent on platforms maintaining a hands-off approach to the speech of their users.

Another problematic element of Section 230 is subsection c-2, which grants tech companies immunity from lawsuits arising from their censorship of “objectionable” content. This immunity gives them broad leeway to censor users, leaving no legal recourse for those who are censored — even if their social media accounts are critical to their livelihood or career.

However, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department’s proposals go beyond merely addressing the question of censorship:

The department’s proposal, for instance, would remove legal protections when platforms facilitate or solicit third-party content or activity that violates federal criminal law, such as online scams and trafficking in illicit drugs. The department also wouldn’t confer immunity to platforms in instances involving online child exploitation and sexual abuse, terrorism or cyberstalking. Those carve-outs are needed to curtail immunity for internet companies to allow victims to seek redress, the official said.

The Justice Department also will seek to make clear that tech platforms don’t have immunity in civil-enforcement actions brought by the federal government, and can’t use immunity as a defense against antitrust claims that they removed content for anticompetitive reasons.

According to the report, it also appears that the Justice Department won’t try to strip tech companies of their immunity for censoring “objectionable” content, instead aim to spur Big Tech to be “fairer and more consistent in their decisions to take down content they find objectionable.”

Author: Allum Bokhari

Source: Breitbart: REPORT: DOJ to Propose Rolling Back Big Tech’s Legal Immunity

Twitter added a link to “get the facts” about mail-in ballots after President Trump tweeted out widely-held concerns about the potential for voter fraud. The Twitter-curated “moment” is filled with mainstream media articles from CNN, Washington Post, and other outlets calling Trump a liar.

“There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent,” said President Trump on Twitter. “Mail boxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged & even illegally printed out & fraudulently signed.”

“The Governor of California is sending Ballots to millions of people, anyone living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there, will get one,” continued Trump. “That will be followed up with professionals telling all of these people, many of whom have never even thought of voting before, how, and for whom, to vote. This will be a Rigged Election. No way!”

People trying to view Trump’s tweets on Twitter will see a link added by the site beneath them saying “get the facts about mail-in ballots.” Clicking on the link takes Twitter users to a Twitter “moment” (a collection of tweets and links) curated by the company itself and filled with mainstream media articles from CNN, Washington Post, and other outlets calling President Trump a liar. This is reportedly the first time the social media platform has branded Trump’s tweets with a link to a fact check of this type.

The top article is a piece from CNN Opinion, calling the President’s claim “unsubstantiated” and claiming that mail-in ballots “very rarely lead to voter fraud.”

As Breitbart News’ Charlie Spiering has reported, the Trump campaign has substantiated its concerns with mail-in voting, contrary to what the Twitter-backed CNN article claims.

The president’s re-election campaign responded quickly to Acosta’s request, noting there were nine people charged in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas with “vote harvesting” and mail ballots, a political operative in New York stealing and submitting absentee ballots, and a resident in Pennsylvania receiving seven separate ballots in the mail.

The campaign also shared a Heritage Foundation document of over 1,000 proven cases of vote fraud.

“Democrats and the mainstream media always scoff at claims of voter fraud, but then completely ignore evidence from across the country,” Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement. “The obvious reason is that Democrats are just fine with the possibility of voter fraud. And many in the media just see the world their way.”

Top Democrats are making a massive push to exploit the Chinese coronavirus and secure vote-by-mail as an option for more voters by November. Nancy Pelosi has added $3.6 billion to a Democrat-pushed coronavirus relief bill to fund vote-by-mail initiatives. Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat nominee, has falsely claimed that there is “no evidence” of fraud in mail-in votes. And California governor Gavin Newsom, as Trump noted in his tweets, has already ordered millions of mail-in ballots to be sent out to California residents.

Twitter’s decision to fact check President Trump’s tweets comes on the same day that it apologized for hosting a series of tweets made by Trump about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, and the intern who died while working for the former congressman.

Author: Allum Bokhari

Source: Breitbart: Twitter Brands Trump Vote-by-Mail Post with Fact Check, Citing CNN

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