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During a virtual town hall event on Tuesday, former Vice President and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared to doze off during former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s endorsement speech.

“The livestreamed event was designed to highlight Mrs. Clinton’s endorsement of Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee,” The Washington Times reported. “During the event, Mr. Biden frequently cast his gaze down as if consulting notes. But at one point, Mr. Biden closed his eyes, put his head down, and remained motionless for some 15 seconds or more, video of the event shows. Eventually, the 77-year-old candidate appeared to be startled awake, and he jerked his head up, eyes blinking.”

“OMG!” wrote eldest Trump son Donald Trump Jr., captioning the video clip. “Looks like Biden fell asleep during Crooked’s rant endorsement.”

“He’s truly the gift that keeps on giving,” Don Jr. added.


Fox News host Sean Hannity posted the clip to Twitter, as well.

“Sleepy Uncle Joe appears to doze off as Hillary speaks during virtual Town Hall,” he captioned the post.

President Donald Trump has long-branded Mr. Biden “Sleepy Joe,” highlighting his supposed low energy.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, ever the good sport, came to Biden’s defense with a jab to Clinton.

“Can you think of a better time for a nap?” he jokingly asked.

The Biden campaign dubbed the event, “Women’s Town Hall on Covid-19.”

Ironically, Biden has recently landed himself in hot water over an allegation of sexual assault from former staffer Alexandra Tara Reade.

Reade publicly claimed last month that Biden sexually assaulted her back in 1993 when she worked as an aide in his Senate office, adding that she was allegedly fired when she considered going to authorities to report the then-senator’s behavior.

“I handed [Biden] the [gym bag]. He greeted me. He remembered my name. And then we were alone,” Reade outlined her allegation against Biden on a progressive podcast that aired last week. “It was the strangest thing. There was no like exchange really. He just had me up against the wall. I was wearing like a skirt, a business skirt. I wasn’t wearing stockings. It was kind of a hot day that day, and I was wearing heels…I remember I was wearing a blouse, and he just had me up against the wall. And the wall was cold. It happened all at once…his hands were on me and underneath my clothes. Yeah, and he went down my skirt but then up inside it, and he penetrated me with his fingers, and he was kissing me at the same time, and he was saying something to me. He said several things. I can’t remember everything he said.”

Reade has since produced corroboration for her accusation, citing a woman she says is her mother calling into “Larry King Live” and vaguely detailing an “issue” her daughter was having with a then-senator. Two others have come forward to corroborate elements of Reade’s allegations, too, including a former neighbor and a former colleague, according to a report from Business Insider

Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: WATCH: Joe Biden Appears To Fall Asleep During Hillary Endorsement

On Sunday night, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, drugs often used to treat malaria and recently touted by President Donald Trump as a possible “game-changer” in the fight against the China-originated novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

The United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) announced in a statement on Sunday that the FDA will allow the drugs to be “donated to the Strategic National Stockpile to be distributed and prescribed by doctors to hospitalized teen and adult patients with COVID-19, as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible,” a Politico report said.

The statement noted that “Sandoz donated 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to the stockpile and Bayer donated 1 million doses of chloroquine.”

Trump made it clear weeks ago that his administration would work to fast-track promising drugs like hydroxychloroquine with the FDA, all in an effort to combat COVID-19.

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is on the same page as President Trump when it comes to the popular anti-malaria drugs, permitting trials of hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, and azithromycin to commence in his state.

“Let’s see how it works,” Trump said Sunday, with regard to the New York trials. “It may. It may not.”

On the same day as the FDA authorization, Novartis Chief Executive Vas Narasimhan told a Swiss newspaper that hydroxychloroquine is our biggest hope in combating COVID-19.

“Pre-clinical studies in animals as well as the first data from clinical studies show that hydroxychloroquine kills the coronavirus,” Narasimhan told SonntagsZeitung. “We’re working with Swiss hospitals on possible treatment protocols for the clinical use of the drug, but it’s too early to say anything definitively.”

The French government also cleared a larger pathway for the use of chloroquine this weekend, officially sanctioning the drug for certain patients infected with the novel virus, The Daily Wire noted.

“The French government has officially sanctioned prescriptions of chloroquine to treat certain coronavirus patients,” France 24 English reported Saturday.

“This ensures continued treatment of patients who have been treated for several years for a chronic condition with this drug, but also allows a temporary authorization to allow certain patients with coronavirus to benefit from this therapeutic route,” France’s director general of health Jérôme Salomon said.

The move from the French government comes on the heels of infectious disease specialist Didier Raoult announcing new clinical results, which can be accessed here, that show 78 out of 80 patients treated with chloroquine recovered within five days, a report from Trustnodes said.

The five-day recovery time is “considerably” faster “than the usual 14 days and for some it can go up to 28 days if they recover at all,” Trustnodes added.

As highlighted by The Daily Wire, positive results from the drugs have thus far been largely anecdotal:

The Times repeatedly underscores that the treatment has not yet been proven to be effective by officials and highlights “concerns” among health experts about the Trump and Cuomo-promoted medications, which sometimes have dangerous side effects, like “fatal heart arrhythmia and vision loss.” Like The Washington Post’s editorial board, which has accused Trump of causing “damage” by pointing to the treatment as a potential “cure,” the Times suggests Trump, and to a lesser extent Cuomo, may be guilty of “raising false hopes in the American public” and “contribut[ing] to runs on supply and hoarding” of the drugs.

Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization Of Trump-Touted Drug To Treat Coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious diseases expert, explained Thursday during a open discussion with NBA player Steph Curry that the government “system” caused the delay in coronavirus testing, praising the private sector for stepping up and taking over.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was unable to keep up with the pace for the amount of tests necessary for effective COVID-19 testing, Dr. Fauci explained, suggesting the government simply cannot be expected to outperform the private sector in this regard.

“We have hundreds of thousands of tests that are out there now, mostly because we got the private sector involved, of the companies who know how to make it well, make large amounts,” the doctor told Curry, explaining the initial lag in testing.

Later in the stream, Curry again pressed Dr. Fauci on what exactly was holding up the COVID-19 testing. “What are the things inhibiting those [the tests] being accessible to the masses?” he asked.

“Well, there should be nothing now that’s inhibiting it,” Fauci responded. “But originally, the system, the way it was set up, Steph, was not geared to this kind of massive capability of instantaneously, safely getting a test, getting it done in a really good period of time – not days and days, but hours.”

“Right now, the system is changed, predominately because it’s being handed over to the commercial firms who know how to do it,” the doctor continued. “It started off as a public health measure from the CDC, it now needs to be, and is being handed of to, the commercial group.”

Dr. Fauci has had a key role in advising President Donald Trump on the China-originated novel coronavirus, and keeping the public informed, that is, when news organizations allow the vital Trump press briefings to be played on their platforms.

Unfortunately, the media have been trying to drive a wedge between the doctor and Trump, at least that’s what Fauci has suggested.

“I would wish that that would stop because we have a much bigger problem here than trying to point out differences,” Fauci stressed during a radio interview Tuesday, The Daily Wire noted. “When I have made recommendations, he’s [Trump] taken them; he’s never countered or overridden me; the idea of pitting one against the other is just not helpful. I wish that would stop and we’d look ahead at the challenge we have to pull together to get over this thing.”

You can watch the full discussion below:

Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: Dr. Fauci: Private Sector Saved Us On Testing, Govt ‘System’ Can’t Handle It

On Tuesday, former CNBC anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera announced that she will challenge far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-D) for her 14th District seat in the Democratic primary.

“I am the daughter and granddaughter of working class Italian and Cuban immigrants,” Caruso-Cabrera said in a statement. “I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful career and I want everybody to have the opportunity that I’ve had. That’s why I’m running.”

In a tweet on Tuesday, the candidate posted: “I’m running for NY-14, to fight for the people of Queens & the Bronx, daughter of Cuban immigrants and living the American Dream.”

Caruso-Cabrera, who worked at CNBC for 20 years-plus, will no longer appear on the network as a contributor.

“Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is not a CNBC employee and hasn’t been since September 2018,” a CNBC spokesperson told TheWrap, according to Yahoo! News. “She will take a leave from her role as CNBC Contributor for the duration of the campaign.”

“Watching her grandparents and her parents work long hours is how Michelle learned about achieving the American dream,” Caruso-Cabrera’s campaign website outlines.

“For over 20 years Michelle Caruso-Cabrera was a lead reporter and anchor at CNBC,” the site reads. “She held the title of Chief International Correspondent and traveled the world reporting live from Cuba, Iran, Ukraine, Iraq, Italy, Russia, Venezuela, and Latin America. She reported live from many major global events including the Greek debt crisis, the Brexit vote, the 2008 US financial crisis, not to mention the US elections.”

Caruso-Cabrera’s campaign site boasts of the anchor being named “100 Most Influential Hispanics” in the nation by Hispanic Business Magazine, as well as Broadcaster of the Year from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

“Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, a resident of Queens, is running for Congress in the Bronx and Queens (NY-14),” the site announced.

As reported by The Hill, the candidate authored “You Know I’m Right: More Prosperity, Less Government” in 2010, noting that the “book calls for ‘fiscal conservatism, limited government and personal responsibility.’”

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has been one of the most radical figures in Congress, openly calling herself a “democratic-socialist” and backing far-left Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the 2020 presidential election.

Last week, AOC was among seven Democrats to boycott President Donald Trump’s annual State of the Union address.

“After much deliberation, I have decided that I will not use my presence at a state ceremony to normalize Trump’s lawless conduct & subversion of the Constitution,” Ocasio-Cortez posted in a Twitter thread the day of the SOTU.

“None of this is normal, and I will not legitimize it. Consequently, I will not be attending the State of the Union,” the congresswoman announced.

“This is a deeply personal decision for each member to make, and a choice I did not take lightly. I will be hopping on Instagram Live later this evening to connect with my constituents and follow up with their questions about #SOTU,” AOC added.

The same week, Ocasio-Cortez mocked the American dream, explaining that “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” is “physically impossible.”

Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: Former CNBC Anchor Announces Challenge To AOC: ‘Daughter Of Cuban Immigrants And Living The American Dream’

On Tuesday night, the Pentagon confirmed that more than a dozen ballistic missiles were launched against U.S. military and coalition forces in Iraq from inside Iran, hitting at least two Iraqi military bases at Al-Assad and Irbil, which host U.S. military and coalition personnel.

In the midst of the attacks, left-wing MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell celebrated the hits from Iran apparently as a strike against President Donald Trump.

“Trump wagged the dog. Now the dog is wagging Trump,” the host boasted via Twitter.

O’Donnell went on to claim that Trump is “speechless” over the attacks from Iran.

“These threats of war crimes & mass murder by Iran make this the most dangerous night in history of American military in the Middle East and the President of the United States has no idea what to say. White House says Trump won’t make a statement,” said the MSNBC employee. “He’s literally speechless.”

“If you were thinking the president would say something clarifying or reassuring about this night of worldwide confusion & fear, you were thinking of a different president,” O’Donnell continued.

Tuesday night’s hit from Iran comes in response to a Trump-ordered kill of terrorist and Iranian general Qassem Soleimani on Friday via an airstrike near Baghdad International Airport. Soleimani was the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force, a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans.

“Soleimani was the head of the Iranian and Iranian-backed forces carrying out those operations killing American troops” during the Iraq War, Fox News reports. “According to the State Department, 17% of all deaths of U.S. personnel in Iraq from 2003 to 2011 were orchestrated by Soleimani.”

Additionally, Soleimani was in the process of “coordinating” attacks on U.S. personnel, according to the State Department.

“We can confirm that in the past several days, General Soleimani had been traveling in the Middle East coordinating further imminent large-scale attacks against U.S. diplomats and service members. These threats were highly credible and the intelligence is sound,” the State Department said.

On Tuesday night, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Jonathan Hoffman released a statement with regard to the Iranian strikes.

“At approximately 5:30 p.m. (EST) on January 7, Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against U.S. military and coalition forces in Iraq. It is clear that these missiles were launched from Iran and targeted at least two Iraqi military bases hosting U.S. military and coalition personnel at Al-Assad and Irbil,” the statement started.

“We are working on initial battle damage assessments,” Hoffman noted.

“In recent days and in response to Iranian threats and actions, the Department of Defense has taken all appropriate measures to safeguard our personnel and partners. These bases have been on high alert due to indications that the Iranian regime planned to attack our forces and interests in the region,” the statement continued.

“As we evaluate the situation and our response, we will take all necessary measures to protect and defend U.S. personnel, partners, and allies in the region,” Hoffman added. “Due to the dynamic nature of the situation, we will continue to provide updates as they become available.”

Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: MSNBC Host Celebrates Iranian Attacks On American Troops

A new Monmouth poll released Tuesday showed only good news for President Donald Trump.

The president, fighting off the Democrats’ hyper-partisan efforts to impeach him, received a seven-point swing in his favor concerning the 2020 election. Trump also cleaned up with Independents, polling double-digits higher than any of the Democratic presidential candidates looking to take him out in 2020.

Journalists and author Ryan Girdusky reported on the Monmouth polling Tuesday morning. When participants were asked if Trump should be re-elected to the White House, Trump received a seven-point swing in his favor after the impeachment inquiry; the “no” answer to re-election dropped three points and the “yes” answer climbed four points.

Trump’s favorable rating was also higher than his Democratic challengers by at least three points, though former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Peter Buttigieg (D), had lower unfavorable ratings, per Girdusky:

2020 candidates (favorable/unfavorable):

Trump: 46/52

Biden: 43/50

Sanders: 41/54

Warren: 40/50

Buttigieg: 34/35

Bloomberg: 26/54

Trump cleaned up with Independents, polling double-digits higher in his favorables than socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Biden, Buttigieg, Warren, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

As reported on Monday by The Daily Wire, the partisan impeachment proceedings also appear to be helping President Trump in key battleground states. Recent polling shows the president is now leading “every potential Democratic opponent in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, three of the Rust Belt states that helped deliver Trump’s electoral victory in 2016.”

“In a report published Sunday, Firehouse Strategies presented their new quarterly battleground polling results, and they were quite grim for Democrats. In a survey of 1,759 likely 2020 general election voters in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania conducted last week (12/3 through 12/5), the Firehouse/Optimus pollsters found that Trump was ‘surging’ as an apparent result of the Democrats’ impeachment effort — while Democratic frontrunner former Vice President Joe Biden is suffering a ‘sharp decline in support,’” The Daily Wire reported.

“As the impeachment process heats up in Washington, Donald Trump is seeing a boost in support in crucial swing states,” Firehouse Strategies said. “Across the board, President Trump is polling well against the Democratic field in each of these battleground states. Notably, Vice President Biden has seen a sharp decline in support in our surveys as he currently runs behind President Trump in each of the three states.”

The Monmouth poll also asked registered voters about their feelings on America’s first president compared to President Trump and former President Barack Obama. While Republicans said George Washington was better than Trump, Democrats overwhelmingly said Obama was a better president than Washington:

For the current incumbent, 71% say Washington was better while 15% pick Trump. Against the current president’s immediate predecessor, Washington gets the vote of 58% compared to 33% who say Obama was better. Among Republican voters, Washington edges out Trump by a narrow 44% to 37% margin. Among Democratic voters, though, the “Father of Our Country” trails Obama by a 29% to 63% margin. It’s worth noting that among independent voters, Washington does even better against Trump (72%-11%) than against Obama (62%-28%). This question was inspired by a recent Economist/YouGov Poll that asked whether Trump or Abraham Lincoln was a better “Republican president.”

Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: POLL: Trump Gets 7-Point Swing After Impeachment Inquiry, Dominates With Independents

Tax returns show that controversial racial activist Rev. Al Sharpton gave himself $1 million from his own charity, the National Action Network, or NAN.

“Sharpton got a $324,000 salary — 32% higher than his 2017 pay — in addition to a $159,596 bonus and $563,352 in ‘other compensation,’” The New York Post reported Sunday.

According to a statement from NAN, Sharpton generously took $500,000 less than he was apparently “owed” from his work with the organization from 2004 to 2017.

The MSNBC host has been giving himself stunning raises and bonus for years. In 2015, for example, the Rev gave himself a 71% raise, thanks to a boost from President Barack Obama. That year, he took home $412,644 in salary from the charity and gave himself a $64,400 bonus for good measure. The following year, Sharpton topped his $250,000 salary with a $437,555 raise.

Sharpton defended his huge draw from the charity at his weekly rally at NAN’s House of Justice in Harlem, the Post reporting, noting that the events include attendees “throw[ing] cash in the collection bucket at the reverend’s behest.”

“Fifteen years, you are talking about since 2004 when I came back after running for president. For anybody else it would be laughable,” he sang his own praises.

“It’s a six-day-a-week job and several hours a day and when [the compensation firm] compared it to other companies, other non profits, that’s the salary that they would get,” Sharpton added.

The website for NAN describes the charity as “one of the leading civil rights organizations in the Nation” that “works within the spirit and tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to promote a modern civil rights agenda that includes the fight for one standard of justice, decency and equal opportunities for all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, citizenship, criminal record, economic status, gender, gender expression, or sexuality.”

As noted by The Daily Wire this summer, “Sharpton has been a lightning rod for controversy and has a history of inflaming racial tensions within minority communities. He played an essential role in promoting the Tawana Brawley rape hoax in the mid-1980s, an incident that is considered to be one of the most infamous rape and race hoaxes in modern America.”

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump called Sharpton a “conman” and suggested his past contact with the preacher was due to Sharpton’s insistence.

“Al Sharpton would always ask me to go to his events. He would say, ‘it’s a personal favor to me.’ Seldom, but sometimes, I would go,” Trump said. “It was fine. He came to my office in [Trump Tower] during the presidential campaign to apologize for the way he was talking about me. Just a conman at work!”

The president further ripped Sharpton in another tweet: “I have known Al for 25 years. Went to fights with him & Don King, always got along well. He ‘loved Trump!’ He would ask me for favors often. Al is a con man, a troublemaker, always looking for a score. Just doing his thing. Must have intimidated Comcast/NBC. Hates Whites & Cops!”

Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: Reverend Al Sharpton Pays Himself $1 Million From Own Charity

Last week, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) tapped Katherine Ragsdale, a lesbian Episcopal priest, as the international abortion organization’s new president and CEO.

“Today, the National Abortion Federation Board of Directors announced that The Very Reverend Katherine Hancock Ragsdale has been named President and CEO,” NAF announced in a press release published on their website last Wednesday.

Ragsdale, who has been serving as the group’s interim president and CEO since September, gushed over the announcement, calling abortionists “heroes” and “modern-day saints.”

“It has been a great privilege to lead this organization for the last year and work alongside the incredible and dedicated NAF Board, staff, and membership,” the Christian leader said. “Abortion providers are some of my personal heroes and modern-day saints. It is an honor to be able to serve and support NAF members as they provide compassionate health care amid increasing attacks and challenges.”

“In her short time at NAF, Katherine has demonstrated her unwavering commitment to serving our members and her great vision for the future of NAF, the NAF Hotline Fund, and NAF Canada,” said NAF Board Chair Sue Carlisle. “After working with her for the last year, it was clear to the Board that the best person for the job was already leading the organization.”

The press release described Ragsdale as “an Episcopal priest who has been outspoken about abortion rights, LGBTQ equality, and public policy issues affecting women and families throughout her career.”

As noted by NAF, Ragsdale, who married fellow Episcopal priest Mally Lloyd in 2011, has previously advocated before the United States Congress for the murder of the unborn. The 60-year-old was also a featured speaker at the 2004 pro-abortion March for Women’s Lives demonstration in Washington, D.C., and has served on the national board of the “Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice” for 17 years.

According to the NAF press release, Ragsdale “has preached about how abortion is a blessing.”

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life and president of the National Pro-Life Religious Council, blasted Ragsdale as a “false prophet” following the NAF announcement.

“For decades, Katherine Ragsdale, a false prophet, has been trying to put religious vestments on child-killing,” Father Pavone told LifeSiteNews. “She led the ‘Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights’ (now the ‘Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice’), which actually provides rites of blessing for parents about to kill their children, and for the facilities in which the blood is shed.”

Pavone noted that NAF provides “Scripture studies that attempt to say exactly the opposite of what Scripture says about what God thinks of the shedding of innocent blood.”

“It actually reveals one of the greatest weaknesses of the abortion industry: Science is not on their side, logic is not on their side, and history is not on their side,” Pavone said of NAF’s decision on Ragsdale. “They ran out of arguments a long time ago to try to justify abortion. So now, all they have left is to disguise it in ‘spirituality.”

“They try in vain to take the stigma out of abortion — but that effort continues, and that is what this new development represents,” he added.

According to LifeSiteNews, Vicki Saporta, NAF’s last CEO and president, took in a salary of $392,018 in 2017. It’s unclear how much Ragsdale will be compensated.

Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: Lesbian Priest Tapped To Head Major Abortion Group, Calls Abortionists ‘Modern-Day Saints’

On Friday, anti-Trump protesters became violent outside the rally venue for President Donald Trump in Minneapolis , assaulting at least one female Trump supporter walking out of the event.

In video captured by Alpha News MN, a young woman walking hand-in-hand with a young man in a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” hoodie was sucker-punched by a female anti-Trump protester.

“After the [Donald Trump] rally in Minneapolis, his supporters were attacked by left-wing extremists. An unprovoked assault on a woman was caught on camera by [Alpha News MN],” reported journalist Andy Ngo. “Mayor [Jacob Frey] defends charging Trump campaign $530k for public safety.”


Before the same rally, a far-left protester spit on an older gentleman wearing a MAGA hat. The moment was caught on video by Vice News; the Trump supporter was mid-interview with the outlet when he was victimized.

“Dave Carlson, a salesman in Minnesota, was sharing why he donates to President Trump’s campaign when a protestor openly spat in his face and kept walking by,” reported Vice’s Elizabeth Landers.

“That’s not how people really feel, that is f***ing disrespectful,” another anti-Trump protester told the victim. “On the other hand, that s*** is disrespectful as f***, too,” he added, pointing to the Trump hat. “So there’s a difference.”

The Trump supporter told him he “respects” his “opinion.”


As reported by Fox News’ Matt Finn, anti-Trump protesters, including far-left and typically violent Antifa protesters, lit MAGA hats on fire and antagonized the police, whom they called “pigs.”

“Breaking: outside Minneapolis Trump rally. Protestors lighting Maga hats on fire. Rushing police. Calling them pigs, etc. Escalating scene,” Finn reported.


And the violence didn’t stop, there.

“Man wearing a ‘Trump 2020’ hat is assaulted by a mob outside the [Minneapolis] Trump rally last night,” Ngo reported. “Video journalist [Elijah Schaffer] says this was happening routinely. If you wore a Trump hat or patriotic clothing, you were targeted. #antifa.”


Alpha News MN complied a video (see below) of violence and troubling antics from the far-left outside the rally, which included the assault of another male Trump supporter and chants of “eat the rich” and “f*** Trump.”

Far-left violence against people with dissenting views has become increasingly common since the 2016 election.

In July, Antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon viciously attacked two men attending a rally for the “Him Too” movement, which purports to raise awareness for male sexual assault victims and men falsely accused of sex crimes.

“One of the victims, identified by commentator and journalist Michelle Malkin as John Blum, suffered a bloodied face after he was beaten with a crowbar. The other man, identified as Adam Kelly, had his head split open by criminal Antifa members, suffering a concussion; he needed 25 stitches,” The Daily Wire reported.

“While John was being pummeled by the mob in the center, Adam was struck in the head with nunchucks, metal water bottles, some sort of metal rod, and fists,” Malkin reported. “John was sprayed with mace and blinded. He was led away as blood dripped down his face, then dragged to a sidewalk. Another observer notes that one of Adam’s attackers appears to wield something like a sock and padlock.”


Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: WATCH: Female Trump Supporter Sucker-Punched By Left-Wing Protester

On Wednesday, the Biden campaign sent a letter excoriating The New York Times for daring to provide coverage that is unfavorable to former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden. The campaign also sent letters to enormous news disseminators Facebook and Twitter for allowing ads that highlight Biden’s shady dealings with Ukraine.

In the letter to the Times essentially trying to bully the newspaper into only publishing favorable coverage on the powerful Democrat, the Biden campaign complains that President Donald Trump is the real threat to a free press.

The two-page letter is addressed to Dean Baquet, executive editor of the Times, and is penned by Biden’s deputy campaign manager and communications director, Kate Bedingfield.

According to Bedingfield, the Times has done “little” internalizing of “the sobering lessons of 2016.” In other words, the Times did not do enough to stop Trump from being elected in 2016, and the Times is similarly failing to stop him in the upcoming 2020 election.

Bedingfield’s letter highlights the Times running an op-ed critical of Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine while his father was serving as vice president. The op-ed was written by Peter Schweizer, whom Bedingfield smeared in the letter as a “discredited right-wing polemicist.”

As reported by NPR, Biden began making trips to Ukraine in the spring of 2014, when his son Hunter took a position on the board of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest private gas company — thereby earning a reported $50,000 a month. “The question of a possible conflict of interest — with Hunter Biden profiting in a country where his father was actively working with the government — was raised publicly at the time,” the left-leaning outlet noted. Moreover, in March 2016, “Biden made one of his many trips to Ukraine and told the country’s leaders that they had to get rid of the prosecutor” probing corruption “if they wanted $1 billion in U.S. aid,” NPR reported. Stunningly, Biden openly bragged last year at the Council on Foreign Relations about wielding his influence to seemingly protect his son. “I said, ‘You’re not getting the [$1 billion]. I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a b****. He got fired,” he harrowingly boasted.

Bedingfield complained by name about journalist Ken Vogel and accused the paper of spreading right-wing and Russian propaganda. “What was especially troubling about the Times’ active participation in this smear campaign is that prior to its reporting on the subject by Ken Vogel, this conspiracy had been relegated to the likes of Breitbart, Russian propaganda, and another conspiracy theorist, regular Hannity guest John Solomon,” the letter said.

Lacking even the most basic self-awareness, the letter also took a shot at President Donald Trump for being the real threat to a free press:

“Like so many media organizations today, the Times is confronted with unprecedented challenges and judgment calls as it navigates a high-volume, competitive news environment that is heavily disrupted by increased trafficking in misinformation online and complicated by the repulsive attacks on the free press by a commander-in-chief who is hostile to the truth itself.”

The Times responded on Thursday to Biden, defending its reporting.

“Our coverage of the Biden campaign and Hunter Biden has been fair and accurate,” a spokesperson said in a statement to CNN. “[The Times] will continue to cover Joe Biden with the same tough and fair standards we apply to every candidate in the race and we’re happy to sit down with Biden advisers anytime to discuss news coverage.”

The spokesperson also noted that the Schweizer op-ed was published in the paper’s opinion section, “where [the] mission is to invite intelligent discussion on a range of opinions and ideas. The op-ed makes an argument that nonpartisan government watchdogs would make, arguing in favor of a law that would prohibit self-dealing by those with government connections.”

According to CNN, the Biden campaign also sent letters to Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday, “imploring the companies not to run an ad that spread the debunked theory about Biden and Ukraine.”

Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: Biden Sends Letter Excoriating New York Times For Unfavorable Coverage. NYT

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