The whistleblower reportedly at the center of the Democrats’ impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump was apparently not the driving factor.

A new book from Byron York, “Obsession: Inside the Washington Establishment’s Never-Ending War on Trump,” details how it was the National Security Council’s Lt. Col. Alex Vindman behind the impeachment efforts, rather than the whistleblower, who is not identified in the book. As Mollie Hemingway wrote at The Federalist, the whistleblower was previously identified by Real Clear Investigations as Eric Ciaramella, who worked for the CIA. In fact, Hemingway wrote, Ciaramella “was a diversion from allowing the American people to understand who was the actual instigator of the failed effort to oust President Donald Trump from office.”

“Rather than being a witness who independently supported the claims of the whistleblower, the National Security Council’s Lt. Col Alex Vindman was the driving force behind the entire operation, according to the book’s interviews with key figures in the impeachment probe and other evidence. The whistleblower’s information came directly from Vindman, investigators determined,” Hemingway wrote.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) told York that “Vindman was the person on the call who went to the whistleblower after the call, to give the whistleblower the information he needed to file his complaint.”

A senior congressional aide also told York: “For all intents and purposes, Vindman is the whistleblower here, but he was able to get somebody else to do his dirty work for him.”

As Hemingway wrote:

Vindman was the only person at the National Security Council (NSC) listening in on the infamous call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to be concerned by it. Vindman immediately began talking to his identical twin brother Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, who also worked at the NSC. The twins both complained to NSC Counsel John Eisenberg. Alex Vindman talked about it with his direct supervisor Tim Morrison, who was also on the call. He talked about it with another NSC lawyer, Michael Ellis.

Vindman testified that he talked to only two people outside the NSC. One was George Kent, a State Department official who dealt with Ukraine. He refused to say who the other person was. Both Vindman and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who led the impeachment proceedings, strenuously resisted any attempt by investigators to discuss who the other individual was, admitting only that it was a member of the “intelligence community,” the same nebulous descriptor used for the whistleblower.

Vindman also helped prepare the White House’s rough transcript of the allegedly fateful call.

In February, Trump began removing Obama administration holdovers from the National Security Council, including Vindman, The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti reported. While the media and Democrats suggested this was retaliation, Vindman served at the discretion of the president, who had the right to remove him from the council. It didn’t mean Vindman was fired. Vindman did, however, retire in July, claiming Trump was “bullying” him.

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Daily Wire: The Driving Force Behind Trump’s Impeachment Was NOT The Whistleblower, New Book Alleges

Chad Wolf, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, sent a letter Monday to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, suggesting the Democrat accept federal help in suppressing the violence that has plagued his city for months.

“I urge you to prioritize public safety and to request federal assistance to restore law and order in Portland,” Wolf wrote in the letter. “We are standing by to support Portland. At the same time, President Trump has made it abundantly clear that there will come a point when state and local officials fail to protect its citizens from violence, the federal government will have no choice but to protect our American citizens.”

Wolf was responding to the letter sent by Wheeler to President Donald Trump late last week, refusing federal assistance to stop the riots.

“We don’t need your politics of division and demagoguery. Portlanders are on to you. We have already seen your reckless disregard for human life in your bumbling response to the COVID pandemic. And we know you’ve reached the conclusion that images of violence and vandalism are your only ticket to reelection,” Wheeler wrote in that letter.

Wheeler also claimed in his letter that Trump sending federal agents into Portland in July “made the situation far worse.”

“Your offer to repeat that disaster is a cynical attempt to stoke fear and distract us from the real work of our city,” Wheeler added.

Wolf snapped back at Wheeler for saying in his letter that there “is no place for looting, arson, or vandalism in our city.”

“Unfortunately, you have failed to back up that sentiment with any action. In fact, your inaction has fostered an environment that has fueled senseless violence and destruction night after night. For more than three months, Portland has become the epicenter of crime and chaos, with rioters attacking government buildings with the intention of burning them to the ground. As of today, since July 31, 2020, there have been 255 arrests made by local law enforcement and 23 riots and unlawful assemblies declared. Despite this, you have stood by passively, arguing that the nightly violence “will ultimately burn itself out.” The evidence demonstrates otherwise,” Wolf wrote.

“Due to a lack of action throughout the summer, Portland and its law-abiding residents continue to suffer from large-scale looting, arson, and vandalism—even killing. Businesses remain shuttered and Portlanders are held hostage by the daily violence that has gripped the city with no end in sight. This is precisely why President Trump has—and continues to—offer federal law enforcement assistance to Portland. And that is why I, in my capacity as the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, was not only authorized, but statutorily obligated, to protect federal property and persons on that property,” Wolf continued.

Wolf also implored Wheeler to honor his commitment to apprehend and prosecute anyone who commits a crime, even though the Multnomah County district attorney said he wouldn’t prosecute anyone arrested for interfering with police officers, rioting, trespassing, second-degree disorderly conducting, escaping, or violating city ordinances.

“In short, ignoring criminal behavior is no way to protect the citizens of your community, the same citizens who entrusted you to hold elected office. We hope and expect that fairness and good judgment will prevail in Portland,” Wolf wrote.

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Daily Wire: DHS Letter To Portland Mayor: ‘Prioritize Public Safety’ Or Feds Will Have ‘No Choice But To Protect’ Americans In City

We all recall that in 2016, polls consistently showed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a comfortable to commanding lead over then-candidate Donald Trump. On election day, however, Trump crushed Clinton in the Electoral College.

Polls again show Trump losing to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump has taken to reminding people about what happened four years ago, saying the polls are underestimating him. Now Politico appears to agree.

While the outlet contends that pollsters aren’t “deliberately skewing their surveys against the president and his party,” but says they “are still grappling with the problems that plagued those polls four years ago.” The problem is particularly concerning with polls in battleground states, Politico reported.

“In fact, most pollsters believe that, on balance, state polls are overstating the scale of Biden’s advantage. That was precisely the problem in 2016: The national polls were largely accurate, to within the margin of error. But there were too few state polls, and many of those that were conducted failed to collect accurate data, especially from white voters without college degrees in key swing states,” the outlet reported. “And those issues haven’t been fixed.”

Courtney Kennedy, director of research at the Pew Research Center, told Politico that concerns from 2016 are still valid.

“I would say that most, if not all, of the concerns that we expressed still hold — some to a lesser degree,” said Courtney Kennedy, who also helped write about the issues the polling industry faced in 2016. “But I think some of the fundamental, structural challenges that came to a head in 2016 are still in place in 2020.”

More from Politico:

Biden’s current lead over Trump is so large — over 8 percentage points in the national RealClearPolitics polling average, and an average advantage of 3 points or greater in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — that a 2016-level polling error wouldn’t matter. A lead that large would probably guarantee Trump would be denied a second term, and even a polling miss on par with 2016 wouldn’t be enough to overcome it.

But that doesn’t mean the president’s standing is quite as dire as it looks on paper — the problem that pollsters identified in 2016 remains. Not enough surveys are being conducted in the battleground states, and those that exist are failing to account for a key political dynamic of modern politics, especially in the Trump era: the rapid movement of lower-income white voters to Republicans and upscale whites to Democrats.

As Politico noted, one of the major problems for pollsters in 2016 was failing to properly weight for white voters without a college degree – a key group of Trump’s base.

GOP pollster Glen Bolger told the outlet he believed pollsters also failed to get Trump voters to respond accurately to polls, fearing judgment or retribution.

“I don’t know how big the effect is. I also don’t know what the ratio is between it being ‘shy Trump’ voters and interviewing too many college graduates and not enough non-college grads,” Bolger told Politico. “But I do think those are factors in some of the polls that show a particularly wide lead for Biden at this point in time. And I do think that things will be closer in the states than the polls indicate right now.”

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Daily Wire: Politico Agrees That Polls Are Underestimating Trump Just Like In 2016

As part of President Donald Trump’s efforts to clear out bureaucrats who have tried to undermine his policy agenda, the president is now looking at Obama-era inspectors general (IGs).

My former colleague Susan Crabtree reported at RealClearPolitics that Trump, who often talks about draining the “swamp” in Washington, D.C., is now looking at IGs as part of a government-wide clearing of those hostile to his agenda.

“Trump, more so than other presidents, has made little secret of his distrust of high-profile inspectors general. In a mid-December tweet, the president accused Michael Horowitz, the FBI’s IG, of overlooking bias at the bureau in his final report on the way the agency handled its investigation into alleged Trump campaign ties to Russia. He also reminded the public that Horowitz had been appointed by President Obama,” Crabtree wrote.

Trump has even considered dismissing an IG he himself appointed, Michael Atkinson. Trump became angered at Atkinson for ruling the Ukraine whistleblower’s complaint credible, even though the whistleblower did not hear the call himself and the transcript of the call disputed many aspects of the complaint. Trump has yet to actually remove Atkinson, however, but has continued to lash out “at him publicly, suggesting he conspired with Democrats to greenlight the whistleblower’s account,” Crabtree reported.

More from RCP:

Heightened monitoring of IG investigations and their findings has yet to lead to anyone’s ouster, but key administration officials and Trump allies are urging the president to do some housecleaning and get rid of Obama-era watchdogs sprinkled throughout the administration. Several acting inspectors general appointed during the Obama administration are still operating at key government agencies, including the Department of Defense and the Treasury Department.

“The federal bureaucracy has gone to war with the Trump administration, and their people have targeted and taken out many Trump’s officials,” a former White House official told RCP. “Those who are naturally responsible are the IGs, and they are complicit in their inaction.”

“The IGs, many put in place by the Obama administration, empower the deep state to go after the administration. … It’s absolutely nuts,” the former official added. “If [officials] were scared of the consequences of breaking the law, they wouldn’t go after the Trump administration like they do. That’s why you have the deep state gone wild. No one is watching the watchdogs.”

The effort to scrutinize IGs appears to be based on several cases, including Atkinson’s ruling on the Ukraine whistleblower and Horowitz’s refusal to list political bias as the cause of the Deep State’s bogus effort to connect Trump to Russia’s efforts to sow discontent in America’s election system. But the effort is also based on two specific cases involving former Trump appointees – one on the National Security Counsel (NSC) and one at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The NSC case involves former defense analyst Adam Lovinger, who was removed from the NSC early in Trump’s administration and “has spent nearly three years on unpaid administrative leave and the last two waiting for acting Defense Department Inspector General Glenn Fine, who was appointed by Obama, to wrap up the case and issue his final report,” Crabtree reported.

Lovinger had been a whistleblower who “formally complained about lucrative contracts at the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment,” Crabtree reported. In apparent retaliation, he was suspended and stripped of his clearance for an unsubstantiated allegation that he brought classified material onto a plane.

The USAID case involves Mark Moyar, another whistleblower who reported waste, fraud, and abuse at the agency and had his security clearance suspended, forcing him to resign.

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Daily Wire: Trump Targets Obama-Era, Anti-Trump IGs

Three House committees last week sent subpoenas to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding his involvement with President Donald Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president back in July.

The House Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, and Oversight committees all sent subpoenas to Pompeo demanding “documents related to efforts by President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to dig up dirt on 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden,” reported The Daily Beast.

“The subpoenaed documents shall be part of the impeachment inquiry and shared among the Committees,” according to the letter sent to Pompeo on Friday. “Your failure or refusal to comply with the subpoena shall constitute evidence of obstruction of the House’s impeachment inquiry.”

The whistleblower complaint, made by someone who did not listen to the president’s phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, claimed that a specific State Department employee listened in on the call. That assertion turned out to be false, as it was Pompeo himself who listened to the call.

The Beast also reported that the House committees have scheduled depositions with five State Department officials they say are important to their latest probe into Trump. From the Beast:

They include Gordon Sondland and Kurt Volker—the U.S. ambassador to the European Union and the U.S. special envoy for Ukraine, respectively—whom the whistleblower alleges were tasked with helping Ukrainian officials navigate Trump’s expectations.

The first person scheduled to be deposed is Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine who was recalled in May under circumstances the whistleblower described as politically motivated. Trump called Yovanovitch “bad news” in his July call with Zelensky.

On Tuesday, Pompeo responded to the subpoena demands on Twitter, saying he was “concerned with aspects of the Committee’s request that can be understood only as an attempt to intimidate, bully, & treat improperly the distinguished professionals of the Department of State, including several career [Foreign Service Officers].”

In a follow-up tweet, Pompeo said: “Let me be clear: I will not tolerate such tactics, and I will use all means at my disposal to prevent and expose any attempts to intimidate the dedicated professionals whom I am proud to lead and serve alongside at the Department of State.”

In his official response to Rep. Eliot Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Pompeo says the subpoena request “raises significant legal and procedural concerns.”

“First, your letter raises fundamental legal questions related to the authority of the Committee to compel an appearance for a deposition solely by virtue of these letters,” Pompeo wrote. “Your letter implies that you have sought to compel Department officials to appear for depositions on the identified dates, yet the Committee has not issued any subpoenas for depositions and we are not aware of any other authority by which the committee could compel appearance at a deposition.”

Pompeo also tells Engel that the subpoena did not give notice of deposition.

“Second, your letter provides a woefully inadequate opportunity for the Department and the requested witnesses to prepare,” Pompeo continued. “These individuals have retained, or may be retaining, private counsel, as is their constitutional right, and in the course of the Department’s discussions with these individuals, several have indicated that they need more time both to retain and to consult with private counsel.”

The House letters gave State Department officials one week to prepare.

Pompeo also excoriated Engel for trying “to circumvent the Executive Branch’s unquestionably legitimate constitutional interest in protecting potentially privileged information related to the conduct of diplomatic relations” by preventing State Department counsel from participating in House Democrats’ depositions of former State employees.

Pompeo also took Engel to task for providing State little time to prepare for his demands and then claiming that failure to produce the documents within that limited time “shall constitute evidence of obstruction.”

“There is no legal basis for such a threat,” Pompeo wrote. “Given the serious substantive and procedural deficiencies in the Committee’s requests, including the Committee’s apparent effort to circumvent Executive Branch constitutional interests in having Department counsel present at any depositions, the Committee’s assertion lacks any recognized legal basis. I urge you to exercise restraint in making such unfounded statements in the future.”

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Daily Wire: Democrats Subpoena Secretary Of State Pompeo Over Trump’s Ukraine Call, Pompeo Responds

Update: NBC News reporter Tom Winter has said Epstein was “not currently on suicide watch when he was found in his cell this morning.”

Jeffrey Epstein, the registered sex offender and millionaire financier facing trial for alleged sex trafficking, committed suicide in his Manhattan jail cell Saturday morning.

ABC News reported that three law enforcement officials confirmed the death to the outlet. The New York Times reported Epstein had hung himself and that his body was found Saturday morning around 7:30 a.m. NBC News reported that after Epstein was found, he was taken to a hospital in Lower Manhattan and arrived in cardiac arrest.

The suicide comes just three weeks after he was found injured in his cell. At that time, Epstein was found with marks around his neck, although it was not clear whether he had attempted suicide, made an attempt to get transferred to another prison, or was attacked by a fellow prisoner. Since the injury, Epstein reportedly had been on suicide watch. NBC News reported Saturday morning that Epstein was “not currently on suicide watch when he was found in his cell.”

In 2008, Epstein plead guilty to soliciting a minor and was ordered to register as a sex offender. He was arrested again in 2019 and charged with sex trafficking minors. Several weeks later – and one day before his first injuries – Epstein was reportedly served with new allegations from a woman who said the financier had raped her when she was 15 years old. The Daily Wire previously reported that Jennifer Araoz, now 33, claimed that she was leaving her New York City high school when she was approached by a woman who told her about a wealthy man she knew and suggested Araoz meet him. The woman, according to Araoz, accompanied her to Epstein’s mansion for the first few visits but once she stopped, Epstein began asking the young girl to “massage” him while wearing just her underwear.

Araoz said that Epstein paid her $300 for each massage, during which he “pleasur[ed] himself to completion,” NBC News reported. Eventually, Araoz said, Epstein raped her and she never returned to his home.

Friday night, transcripts were released of phone messages to Epstein discussing providing him young women. The New York Post reported that the transcripts were released as part of the defamation case against Epstein’s alleged recruiter. In the messages, modeling agency owner Jean Luc Brunel, spoke about finding women for Epstein. Other messages from unknown numbers also suggested they had found young women for Epstein.

“I have female for him,” said one message, which followed with: “want to know if she should bring her friend with tonight.”

Also on Friday, photos that were found during a raid on Epstein’s Palm Beach estate in 2005 were released. The New York Post reported that a Manhattan federal court judge described one photo in court papers as showing “the bare bottom of a girl who appears to be pre-pubescent.” Also included in the document dump was an Amazon receipt showing Epstein had purchased various books on sadomasochism.

Epstein’s suicide also comes just after he named several prominent Democrats as members of his alleged sex ring. Fox News reported that former Sen. George Mitchell and Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico and a member of President Bill Clinton’s cabinet, were named.

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Daily Wire: BREAKING: Millionaire Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide

A journalist who regularly covers demonstrations by the left-wing group Antifa has been assaulted and robbed.

Andy Ngo, who has written previously about his experiences covering the violent group for The Daily Wire, tweeted shortly before 1 p.m. local time that he had been attacked.

“Attacked by antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for ambulance. If you have evidence Of attack please help,” wrote Ngo, who is an editor for Quillette.

One opponent of Ngo’s presence and reporting told him he “wanted” to get attacked and had gone to the protest “to antagonize” the members of Antifa. Others cheered the attack.

Ian Miles Cheong wrote at Human Events that the attack happened while the Rose City Antifa group protested against a group of right-wing provocateurs known as the Proud Boys (who have also become violent at their protests). Cheong reported that police “responded to the demonstrations by cordoning off various intersections and preventing the groups from clashing.”

Earlier in the day, Ngo had been hit by a milkshake, which has become some kind of protest symbol in recent months. Video from the attack, uploaded by Oregonian reporter Jim Ryan, showed milkshakes were thrown at Ngo as he was assaulted by a group of men, some of whom wore masks and filmed their attack.

“First skirmish I’ve seen,” Ryan tweeted. “Didn’t see how this started, but @MrAndyNgo got roughed up.”

The video shows members of Antifa punching and kicking Ngo, while others throw milkshakes and shoot him with silly string. Ngo does not fight back, but another man does try to defend him. Ngo then walks away from the group but is followed. Another member of Antifa — which ironically stands for “anti-fascist” — pelts him with a milkshake while others film and taunt the journalist. One woman in the crowd can be heard yelling, “F*** you, Andy!”

Earlier, Ryan posted footage of Antifa members dancing in the back of a truck and pouring milkshakes for participants to throw.

After the attack, Ngo posted a video to Periscope that showed him covered in milkshake with cuts and bruises on his face and around his eyes. He reiterated that no police officers helped defend him during the attack, but paramedics tended to his wounds after.

Ngo has been previously attacked for covering Antifa demonstrations. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reported that Ngo claimed to have been attacked while at the gym on May 7 by a man he recognized from the Antifa rallies. A week earlier, he was attacked with mace while covering one of the rallies.

In mid-November 2018, Ngo was assaulted by members of Antifa at a #HimToo rally, which was designed to raise awareness of male victims of sexual assault and men who are falsely accused of sexual assault. Antifa showed up and became violent. Ngo was “verbally berated and physically accosted,” reported The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo. Ngo’s camera equipment was also covered in silly string. Ngo said police did nothing during that assault.

In early December, Ngo wrote at the Wire that he received death threats while attending another rally. He said he was pushed and verbally berated there as well. In each instance, other members filmed the attack.

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Daily Wire: WATCH: Antifa Mob Brutally Assaults And Robs Journalist Andy Ngo In Portland

In the past few weeks, analysts who have created models to predict the outcome of presidential elections have all noted that, as of right now, President Donald Trump is on track to win re-election, possibly in a landslide.

One such analyst, American University professor Allan Lichtman, said recently that the only way Trump would lose re-election is if Democrats “grow a spine” and impeach him.

“It’s a false dichotomy to say Democrats have a choice between doing what is right and what is constitutional and what is politically right. Impeachment is also politically right,” Lichtman told CNN Wednesday.

Lichtman has correctly predicted the last nine presidential elections, dating back to 1984.

Lichtman is not alone in predicting Trump will win; however, he is alone in suggesting impeachment could stop the president’s re-election.

On May 21, Politico reported on three separate election models that all predict Trump will win re-election thanks to the roaring U.S. economy. Donald Luskin, chief investment officer at TrendMacrolytics, told the media outlet that the “economy is just so damn strong right now and by all historic precedent the incumbent should run away with it.”

Ray Fair, a Yale economist who quite literally wrote the book on election modeling, has also predicted a Trump win.

“Even if you have a mediocre but not great economy — and that’s more or less consensus for between now and the election — that has a Trump victory and by a not-trivial margin,” Fair told Politico. The outlet noted that his model predicted Trump would win 54% of the popular vote in 2020.

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, used 12 different economic models to predict what will happen in 2020. Trump won in all of them “and quite comfortably in most of them,” Politico reported.

“If the election were held today, Trump would win according to the models and pretty handily,” Zandi told the outlet. “In three or four of them it would be pretty close. He’s got low gas prices, low unemployment and a lot of other political variables at his back. The only exception is his popularity, which matters a lot. If that falls off a cliff it would make a big difference.”

These models — which are based on economic and other indicators — differ greatly from polls, which show Trump losing to perspective Democrat opponents, especially former Vice President Joe Biden.

In the additional models, Trump could lose if the economy crashes or if some major scandal breaks. As Zandi said, Trump’s popularity plummeting could also be a factor.

Any of those things — from an impeachment inquiry to an economic crash — could happen, but right now that’s just something Democrats would be hoping for in order to oust Trump.

According to election models that have a decades-long history of correctly predicting presidential election, Trump will win re-election. According to polls, which have a documented history of being wrong, Trump will lose.

If the economy remains strong going into the election, Trump will certainly win, since Democrats running for president are promising to undo the policies that have helped the economy, such as the Trump tax cuts.

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Daily Wire: Analyst Who’s Predicted Presidency Correctly Last 9 Elections Says There’s Only One Way Trump Will Lose

A majority of Americans now believe that the special counsel’s investigation into whether President Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election was “politically motivated,” a sharp increase from when the poll was last conducted in January — before the investigation was completed.

The news comes from a recent CBS News poll, conducted between March 25 and March 26, which found 54% of respondents believe the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was “politically motivated,” compared to 37% who believe it was “justified.”

The poll was previously conducted in January and, at that time, found 50% of respondents believed the investigation was “justified” and 45% said it was “politically motivated.”

While this appears to be the biggest nugget of information from the poll, it was not the hook CBS used to report on its own poll. In fact, it was the last point mentioned in the media outlet’s report on the poll, and while every other point in the article received its own tweet, the information about whether the probe was justified or politically motivated did not.

“Mueller report: Majorities across party lines want full report released, CBS News poll says,” was the headline the outlet used. Four people have a byline on the story, which includes a paragraph or two about five different findings in the poll. The fact that the outlet ran with how many people want the report released shows how they wanted to bury the findings of political motivation. There was never a question about whether the Mueller report would be released. The White House never objected to it and neither did Attorney General William Barr, who said this week the report would be released “sometime in April, probably.” True, he said that when the poll was being conducted, but at no time did anyone except left-wing media outlets suggest the report would not be released.

The poll also found that 34% of respondents feel the Mueller report — which found no collusion and not enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction — “has cleared Trump,” compared to 23% who think it “hasn’t cleared Trump.” Another 36% think it’s “too soon to say” whether the report cleared the president.

Drilling down into the parties, the CBS poll found 66% of Democrats want members of their party in congress to continue investigating the matter. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has been more than happy to oblige.

Further, the poll found that 50% of Democrats were “disappointed” in Mueller’s findings, while 69% of Republicans were “pleased.” More Americans (44%) thought the investigation was conducted “fairly,” than “unfairly” (10%). Forty percent said it was too soon to say.

CBS sent out four separate tweets about the poll on Wednesday. The outlet’s poll Twitter account did not include the chart about people thinking the investigation was “politically motivated.” It included all the other points brought up in the article. CBS’s main Twitter account also made no mention of what poll respondents thought of the motivation behind the Mueller investigation.

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Dailywire: After Mueller Finds No Collusion, Americans Now Believe Russia Probe Was ‘Politically Motivated’

Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is over — and no new indictments against President Trump or his allies are coming — it’s time to look back at all the Democrats and their media counterparts predicting the downfall of an American president.

Grabien’s Tom Elliot posted the video Friday evening, compiling clips of various Democrat congressmen — including Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) — as well as media talking heads like MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, all suggesting with glee that their adversary would be taken down by Mueller.

“My takeaway is there’s a very real prospect that on the day Donald Trump leaves office the Justice Department may indict him, that he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time,” Schiff said in one clip. “We have been discussing the issue of pardons that the president may offer to people or dangle in front of people. The bigger pardon question may come down the road as the next president has to determine whether to pardon Donald Trump.”

Waters exclaimed: “If we do the investigations, the information is there.”

A multitude of others also predicted “jail” or “prison” time for Trump and his associates.

“My impression is after all of this is said and done that some people end up in jail,” Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “My impression is that people will probably be charged and probably go to jail.”

And it wasn’t just Democrats and media figures making the predictions. Comedians also got in on the action.

Kathy Griffin can be seen saying, “I think they’re all going to jail.” The View’s Joy Behar said similar of the whole Trump family: “I think they’re all going to end up together in prison and maybe that’s a good thing.”

In the end, Mueller turned over his final report on a Friday evening with no additional indictments. None of the people charged with crimes during his investigation were charged with anything approaching “collusion” with Russia. Trump allies like former campaign chair Paul Manafort and former attorney Michael Cohen were brought down with process crimes relating to the investigation and other forms of fraud not in relation to Russia allegedly stealing the 2016 election.

Fox News’ Ed Henry announced on Twitter that an official in the administration said Attorney General William Barr, who received Mueller’s report, may release his summary of the findings as early as Saturday.

“Admin official tells me AG Barr is moving toward revealing principal conclusions of the Mueller probe at some point on Saturday or Sunday, and his announcement could come ‘as early as tonite[sic],’” Henry tweeted. “AG working thru process but ‘wants to get this out tonite[sic],’ official said flatly.”

Barr would not be releasing the summary to the public just yet, as he is obligated to advise members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees first. It is at Barr’s discretion whether to release the report and how much to release, which means Democrats and their media cheerleaders will still have plenty to complain about as their predictions have fallen flat.

Author: Ashe Schow

Source: Dailywire: FLASHBACK: Watch Democrats And Media Predict Mueller Report Will Bring Down Trump

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