If you live in New York, let me be one of many to say I’m sorry, and I mean that in the context of what you have had to endure regarding the coronavirus. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been a horrifically ineffective and vindictive leader that has relied on politics instead of data consistently throughout this pandemic. That’s led to 32,000+ dead bodies, including well over 10,000 nursing home deaths, and the second-worst death rate in the country, second only to New Jersey.

In response, Cuomo has consistently chanted “science” over and over, as if it’s some magic, all-encompassing catch-all that changes all bad decisions into good decisions. In reality, his actions have been anything but scientific and now we have proof.

Leaked audio shows Cuomo admitting that his lockdown orders, specifically those targeting Jewish schools, are not based in science.

We already knew this, didn’t we? Closing schools, as I’ve written on many times, has always been one of the dumbest, least data-driven decisions a government can make. Spread among school-aged children is minute compared to adults. The virus is also less dangerous than the flu for those specific age groups. Closing schools simply blew up the economy while putting children in the worse position of constantly being around their family members outside of the mitigation being done when they are in school.

Cuomo knows all this, but the targeting of Jewish schools, which is just the most recent example, is yet another fear-driven tactic meant to keep people in line. Democrats want the populace to be terrified of the virus because they see political gain in that. There’s no other logical explanation for continuing to keep schools closed when other states have had them open for months with no real issues. Never mind all the countries around the world who have done the same.

Is this really what New Yorkers want? I actually think there could be a backlash coming. New York is actually a place that hasn’t been shy about electing Republicans despite always being heavily blue in presidential elections. Andrew Cuomo may think he has a bright political future ahead of him. I think he may have overplayed his hand though.

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Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Leaked Audio: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Makes Major Admission About Lock Downs

If you were looking for an example of how vapid and ridiculous many Democrat members of the Senate are, you’d be hard pressed to find a better example than Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono. For years, she’s been held up as the poster child for the lack of intellectualism existent throughout the left’s chosen politicians. Over and over, she’s provided clips of ridiculous, often offensive ramblings. You may recall this is the same woman who proclaimed Brett Kavanaugh guilty until proven innocent and wasn’t aware that crossing the border illegally was in fact illegal.

So when Ted Cruz asked her to condemn Antifa, it was no surprise that she’d do something crazy.

While the beginning of the video shows her walking out, they also include the whole clip after that. What you’ll see is Cruz pressing Hirono to complete the simple task of actually condemning the violence perpetrated by Antifa. Instead of doing so, she eventually gets so triggered that she and her staff storm out of the committee room.

A normal person might be asking themselves why it’s so difficult to just say Antifa shouldn’t burn stuff and shoot people. To a Democrat, it’s like asking them to say something nice about Donald Trump. They simply can’t bring themselves to do it. They are so emotionally and politically tied up in supporting Antifa, that they’ll excuse violence if it means not levying criticism against the group. That’s how you get Jerry Nadler continuing to call the group and its ideology a myth. It’s also how you get the media losing their minds after Kayleigh McEnany played clips proving Antifa exist and are rioting.

The desire to defeat Trump is so strong that there’s no line the Democrats and the media won’t cross. Of course, the hypocrisy is unbelievable. Remember when we had three week long yell sessions on cable news because Trump said he didn’t know who David Duke was? Meanwhile, Democrats refuse to condemn a domestic terrorist group and it’s all gravy.

Ted Cruz had apparently had enough. He wasn’t going to let it go and he shouldn’t have. He did the right thing pressing Hirono here. The fact that she walked out like a child only made his point more stark.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Watch: Ted Cruz Triggers Mazie Hirono So Badly That She Storms Out of the Hearing

While the connections between the NBA and China have been obvious for a long time, the basketball league has done a fairly effectively job of side-stepping criticism. That’s largely been possible because of a compliant media, which doesn’t dare criticize an organization so committed to “social justice.” Lebron James, for example, has been allowed to continually not answer questions about China’s abuses even as he proclaims himself a leader in the “anti-racist” movement.

But that may be about to change. The biggest scandal in the league’s history has just dropped and it’s directly connected to human rights abuses in China.

Until now, the league and its players have tried to distance themselves from the communist state, playing it off as a foreign issue they can’t control. They are just there to play basketball, right? Except, these camps are NBA sanctioned and the abuse happened directly under NBA control.

What does Lebron James have to say about this? Well, we don’t know because the players have been told not to comment. Is that the kind of behavior you’d expect from a league that’s innocent?

In hindsight, this may explain the disposition of some NBA owners and players. It seems probable they knew this was happening and that it would eventually become public. A few weeks ago, Mark Cuban tied himself into knots to avoid talking about China’s malfeasance while arguing with Ted Cruz. Was the CCP using these revelations of abuse to keep everyone from criticizing the regime? I don’t know, but it would explain why owners, players, and coaches have gone to such great lengths to not talk about Hong Kong or the Uighurs

Of course, if an NBA owner, player, or coach allowed themselves to be muzzled like that in the face of such abuses, it would only be that much worse. Meanwhile, others in the media are helping the NBA sweep this all under the rug. We got this garbage last night after the ESPN story broke.

They are all about equality and stuff except when it comes to abuses in NBA camps in China, Hong Kong being oppressed, and Uighurs being sent to concentration camps.

CNN also did an at length interview with the NBA commissioner yesterday. Not a single question about China was asked by supposed journalist Wolf Blitzer.

In the end, the divisions in this country are so strong that the NBA may get away with this. If you toe the “woke” line as the NBA does, kneel for the anthem, and have people like Lebron James proclaiming to care about racism, you get a free pass from most things. Perhaps that pass won’t apply to abuses in their own camps in China, but I suspect it will.


Some commenters are pointing out that ESPN is burying their own story, with it not even appearing on the front page of their NBA site. That appears to be the case and is a good observation. ESPN has perpetrated wokeness for a long time and it’s no surprise they find random, almost irrelevant news worthy of placement over this story. They have business interests to protect.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: The NBA Just Got Caught In the Biggest Scandal of Their History, Players Told Not to Comment

I’m sure some conservatives who have insisted the past six months that any and all criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci is off limits will claim he’s being misinterpreted or that he simply isn’t thinking about what he’s really saying, but to be frank, I don’t buy it.

Dr. Fauci took to PBS yesterday, one of his many media hits he’s been racking up, to give a breakdown of what he feels is “doing it correctly” in relation to suppressing the virus. His answer: New York.

New York has 32,000 deaths. They only saw a decline in cases after they killed off 6,000 seniors (and that number is laughably low and skewed by New York’s government) and 32,000 total people. Claiming they did anything right is absolutely insane, but it also happens to be exactly what the liberal media want to hear. After all, they’ve made a cottage industry of praising Gov. Andrew Cuomo while trashing red state governors who did 8-10x better than New York.

Fauci is not an idiot. He knows exactly what really happened in New York. They allowed the virus to run through their population, killing magnitudes of people compared to other states. That led to a natural decline in cases as the most vulnerable either got the disease and recovered or, in many cases, died. That scary peak chart Fauci was bandying about early on in the pandemic? New York followed it to the letter, with massive death totals and overwhelming of their healthcare system. That’s not “doing it correctly.”

Whether New York is actually at herd immunity is unknown, but there are new studies showing that as little as 10-20% of a population being infected could be effective. That’s a far more valid explanation for their drop off in cases than pretending they magically learned to mitigate compared to other states that are doing exactly the same things, such as California, which is seeing a spike in cases while being broadly locked down and under a mask mandate.

As I’ve said many times, these experts often have no more information than you do. Common sense says that when different states see vastly different outcomes while doing the same mitigation techniques, that means those mitigation techniques are obviously not a deciding factor. Lockdowns, masks, etc. have shown really no continuity across outcomes. Fauci continuing to pretend they have is insulting to everyone’s intelligence at this point. In reality, we simply do not know who has done “it correctly” because we don’t have the final death counts. What we do know is that New York certainly isn’t among that list.

Janice Dean responded succinctly to Fauci’s statement.

Meanwhile, Fauci is doing InStyle magazine spreads and his umpteenth cable news hit twisting himself into a ball of contradictions.

Conservatives have this silly habit of wanting to appear “fair” and apolitical when it comes to bureaucrats. Perhaps it’s our thirst for normalcy and order at play? It’s how you get plaudits thrown on a hack like Alexander Vindman or years of insisting that James Comey is actually just a guy trying to do his best. Then, inevitably, a few years later, everyone admits these people are just as partisan as anyone else. Dr. Fauci is not immune from political leanings, which explains his reluctance to ever speak ill of New York or critique the World Health Organization (see Dr. Fauci Needs to Amend His Praise of the WHO) while he routinely criticizes red states that have far outpaced others in positive results.

We should stop bestowing upon these people a special mantle of non-partisanship when we actually have no evidence they are anything of the sort. A skeptical eye is conservative in this case. Fauci is not aloof. He knows what he’s saying and how his words will be used. This case was no exception.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Dr. Fauci Proclaims New York ‘Did It Correctly’ as His Credibility Burns to the Ground

Hide your kids and your wife: Ted Cruz didn’t wear a mask on a commercial flight today and the left are having an absolute meltdown over it. This came courtesy of some DCCC flack, who shared photos of an isolated Cruz sitting in an empty row without a mask.

He refused! Refused I tell you! Meanwhile, the left chimed in as you’d expect, which was to wish Cruz gets COVID and dies.

Mask hysteria has reached peak levels and it needs to stop. Just like with the early lockdowns, there’s a difference between idiocy and effectiveness. Yes, social distancing can help stop the spread. Locking yourself in your bedroom was always ridiculous and unnecessary, though. The distancing required via social distancing is perfectly possible in most public places, especially since we know surface spread is not prevalent. Had state governments been less concerned with fear porn early on, we could have encouraged a workable culture of social distancing instead of telling everyone to stay locked up, which likely exacerbated the spread vs. being outdoors.

We are now seeing the same dynamic with masks. Yes, masks may have some marginal effect in certain situations (and even the science on that is sketchy). But that situation is not sitting alone in a row on an airplane. Nor, is it even really being near people in a terminal. The vast majority of masks being worn by people are largely ineffective in stopping anything. The most they are doing is stopping spread via coughing or sneezing on someone, and even then, the droplets can escape through almost all masks being worn by the general public.

As I said this morning on Twitter, we are continually focusing on the least important things when it comes to stopping the spread of the virus.

Note, that we’ve actually seen spikes of the virus occur prior to the push for everyone to wear masks. That says, just like with lockdowns, that there’s very little correlation going on between the proposed mitigation and the spread of the virus. What appears to have worked the best? Going outside and socially distancing. That’s why everyone being forced inside in the South because of the heat has obviously caused spikes. Yet, instead of focusing on that, we are making mask wearing a religious rite.

Of course, all of this assumes that gaining herd immunity isn’t actually preferable, and it may very well be. We are being led by people who value virtue signaling over doing what actually works. That’s how we go from “omg lock down” to “omg wear a mask at all times” in the blink of an eye while the data says neither is close to the most important factor to consider in slowing the spread. I’m not against encouraging others to wear masks. It certainly can’t hurt matters. But we’ve now reached the same levels of stupidity as with lockdowns, where people are pretending that someone going to a beach alone is dangerous. Ted Cruz is not putting anyone in danger by sitting alone without a mask. Period.

Meanwhile, going to a park and reading a book is empirically one of the safest things you can do. Your common sense is far more effective than other’s hysteria.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: The Latest Outrage Over Ted Cruz Shows the Idiocy of Mask Hysteria

Yesterday, yet more documents were turned over in the Michael Flynn case. This followed on the heels of the D.C. Circuit ordering Judge Emmet Sullivan to dismiss the case. Those newly released documents contained notes from Peter Strzok, apparently from a January 4th, 2017 meeting between James Comey, Susan Rice, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama. There are some fairly bombshell revelations in them.

One, it shows that Barack Obama was not only intimately involved in targeting a political opponent, he was the driving force behind keeping the case open. He posited that the “right people” need to be involved. This came after Comey told the former president that the conversation between Flynn and then Russian Amb. Kislyak seemed “legit,” as in not improper.

Two, we found out that Joe Biden told a bald-faced lie when he said he had no knowledge or involvement in the investigation of Flynn. Not only did Biden know about it, he was the one who came up with the predicate to keep the politicized investigation going.

Here’s what Biden had previously said.

Later, Biden would go on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show and double down with no real qualifiers.

“I was never a part or had any knowledge of any criminal investigation into Michael Flynn while I was in office. Period.”

That’s obviously not true and Biden’s only real excuse at this point is that he has so lost his mental faculties that he simply didn’t remember. Perhaps he’ll try that line out here soon?

What really sticks out to me though isn’t that Obama and Biden would target a political opponent in such a brazen manner using the levers of government and bureaucracy. We all lived through the IRS scandal. We knew what they were capable of. Rather, it’s the years of obfuscation and now outright hypocrisy on this issue from the anti-Trump movement, including the near entirety of the active Never Trump movement, that is so

We were assured that the Obama administration didn’t target Trump and his associates. Then when it was revealed they did, we were assured it was non-political and only based on legitimate information. That turned out to be false as well, with these documents showing Flynn being setup over a legitimate conversation being yet another piece of evidence. Never mind the FISA abuse and reliance on the Steele dossier.

What’s been the response from Never Trump and anti-Trump Democrats? Total silence.

Let’s remember that at the beginning of this year, Trump was impeached over the supposed pursuit of a politicized investigation into Joe Biden. What exactly did that entail? We don’t know, because no investigation happened, and there was never any actual evidence the President himself sought an investigation for political ends. But impeachment happened anyway. We were told over and over that even the appearance of such impropriety was a danger to the country and a deep subversion of the law, to the point where they weren’t fit for office.

Now what? Strzok’s notes are direct evidence of Barack Obama and Joe Biden formulating and executing a politicized investigation of a political opponent and suddenly no one cares.

By the standards set out during Trump’s impeachment, Biden should be demanded to drop out of the race. Where’s The Bulwark and The Dispatch crew to decry this abuse of power? Is anyone at CNN even going to report on this news, much less with an honest accounting of what it means? Are the “conservative” Twitter lawyers who spent half a year fulminating over impeachment and how just it was going to now tell us Biden isn’t fit for office? I think we know the answer to that.

Trump’s impeachment was always a political joke. There was no actual deep seated conviction behind it. It was just another in a long list of shots taken to try to get rid of Trump. The fact that Never Trump and their Democrat allies would once again be so exposed as hypocrites isn’t surprising, but it’s pathetic nonetheless.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Peter Strzok’s Bombshell Notes On Flynn Case Show Trump’s Impeachment Was Political Nonsense

I thought photo-ops were bad? I was assured photo-ops are bad.

Congressional Democrats took a nine minute knee today as some kind of show of solidarity with the current protests going on. This was led by Nancy Pelosi, who probably should think twice before attempting this again (as we’ll see). Afterwards, they announced that they are working on a framework for police reforms.

What was really weird, though, is the blatant cultural appropriation that took place. I’m not talking something silly like wearing a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo or enjoying General Tso’s Chicken. They all dawned Kente Cloth to do their little presentation for the cameras.

I’m not sure what a Ghanaian textile, which is very specific to that African culture, has to do with George Floyd, but here we are.

But even if there is some connection, it’s certainly not one Nancy Pelosi, nor her mostly white cohorts in this video should be using. I find the entire thing fairly weird, as if black people can’t be valued by their worth as Americans in this case. That doesn’t mean their African lineage isn’t important and isn’t something they should celebrate themselves, but what’s that got to do with Nancy Pelosi? What is the message these Democrats are even trying to send? It’d be like everyone dawning Jewish Kippahs after an anti-Semitic shooting. It’s just not something you do.

Eventually, the nine minutes was up, and Nancy Pelosi couldn’t manage to get back up again.

I guess this level of pandering works for some people?

Regardless, the more important topic here is what this bill they are pushing will have in it. Apparently, it won’t just be about policing but stopping “systematic racism” in all parts of government. That’s pretty much a sign that it’ll be far-reaching and objectionable to Republicans. Democrats have never met a crisis they weren’t willing to take advantage of, as we saw during the coronavirus relief bill drama.

I suspect they’ll overplay their hand, that they won’t agree to common sense reforms everyone supports, and that whatever they propose will go nowhere. Par for the course.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Congressional Democrats Take a Nine Minute Knee and Culturally Appropriate for the Cameras, Pelosi Can’t Get Up Afterwards

Judge Emmet Sullivan has delivered his response in the Michael Flynn case to the writ of mandamus. He tapped an outside attorney to make his case for him, something that is apparently highly unusual under these circumstances, where both parties are asking for a dismissal after new evidence of FBI malfeasance came to light. If this judge can’t make his own arguments and decisions, why is he on the case?

Undercover Huber broke down much of what’s in it earlier today. I’m not a lawyer and won’t play one, but there’s a lot in here that strikes me as ridiculous.

What is even the point of all this given the new evidence and that both parties want this to end? There’s no logical, nor legal reason for Sullivan to keep this charade going, but he seems determined to do so. It’s a fairly gross display for what is supposed to be an independent judiciary.

The idea that Sullivan can delay justice yet again without causing any harm is ludicrous. Lawyers aren’t free, nor is the emotional toll Flynn is being put through. The repeating of MSNBC conspiracy theories and claiming to want to do something (debate the declaration of innocence in court) he’s already denied earlier are nice touches for the judge.

We’ll see where this goes. I suspect Sullivan is simply trying to save face at this point. In the end, he’ll grant the motion or he’ll get slapped down from above. Either way, Flynn is going to go free, as he should.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Judge Sullivan Delivers Response in Flynn Case and It’s Something

Apparently, running to publish a one-sided statement without any context or actual investigation passes for “journalism” these days over at CNN.

That’s exactly what they did in an article targeting Tesla’s Elon Musk this morning. CNN published a short article based on a statement from the governor’s office in California that was easily disproved with even the slightest amount of research. Instead of insuring they had all the facts, the liberal network tried to paint Musk as reneging on his promise to provide ventilators to local hospitals.

There are some details to get into here, details that CNN doesn’t note at all because they’d rather target Musk for doing a good thing than tell the whole story.

This all started with a hit piece via the Sacramento Bee that appeared in the opinion section. It went after Musk and called for more “oversight” from Gov. Gavin Newsom based on the false notion that the Tesla founder had not delivered what he promised. That’s where this quote from the governor’s office came from.

“Elon Musk and his team told the state that he had procured ventilators and wanted to distribute them directly to hospitals with shortages,” a spokesperson for the California governor’s Office of Emergency Services told CNN on Wednesday. “The Administration is communicating every day with hospitals across the state about their ventilator supply and to date we have not heard of any hospital system that has received a ventilator directly from Tesla or Musk.”

Except Musk never said he was going to deliver the kind of invasive ventilators he’s now being trashed for not providing. What he promised was a different kind of ventilator called a BiPAP, which is also being used in New York.

That is cited in the above Sacramento Bee article, though they apparently didn’t know what they were citing because they used it as supposed evidence he had lied. Again, CNN didn’t bother to verify any of this information or seek further context. They claim they asked Tesla for comment, but this story was published at 6:00 AM this morning. It’s fairly likely Musk wasn’t given ample time to actually respond.

In retaliation to all this, Musk went to Twitter and absolutely wrecked CNN with receipts showing their story is false.

In summary, Musk promised to provide these specific machines (he even named the brand in the original announcement), he delivered them, hospitals thanked him, and CNN still rushed to push false claims about him framed up by an opinion piece from a local newspaper. Why? Because the media are just garbage. They are garbage when it comes to their standards of journalism, and they are garbage when it comes to how they treat people.

The writer who wrote this up over at CNN attempted to deflect, which was expected.

It’s this kind of stuff that causes people with means to think twice about even helping people. Unless you carry a certain far-left political view, all it does it open you up to baseless criticism. CNN should be better than this, but they aren’t.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Elon Musk Absolutely Wrecks CNN for Spreading False Claims About His Donations During the Pandemic

Another day, another barrage of clips where Joe Biden appears to be completely mentally checked out. It’s quite literally getting to the point where he can’t complete a full sentence.

Here’s just one of the many examples from an online campaign message he put out yesterday.

Here we see Biden creating a word salad that ironically ends with him stammering about how things “make no sense.” I have very little idea what he’s actually trying to say, but again, this is a man who can’t speak without seeming as if he’s forgotten the English language. The guy who translates the CCP’s propaganda tweets is able to make more sense than what’s in that video.

Let’s also remember that Biden is not on the road constantly, wearing himself out. None of this constant fumbling is the result of external forces. He’s simply trying to do a short live hit from his home office. Even then, he can’t sound coherent.

At what point does everyone not in right-wing media admit this is a problem? How bad does it have to get? Are we really going to keep pretending this is a guy who can be the President of the United States? It’s honestly scary to think about how a Biden administration would function. Would his wife Jill call the shots? Or would it be some shadowy advisor? Because this is clearly not a man capable of processing and dealing with tough problems.

Democrats have to be thinking about a backup plan, though it’s going to be exceedingly difficult to execute one without further enraging the Bernie Sanders fans.

Regardless, the Democrat establishment made this bed. They get to sleep in it.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Joe Biden Can’t Even Complete a Sentence – That’s a Problem

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