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Unsurprisingly, Colin Powell will not be voting for President Trump this year. The former secretary of state didn’t vote for President Trump the first time around, in 2016, and told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday that he would be voting for Joe Biden this November. Colin Powell endorsed Barrack Obama over John McCain in 2008 and Obama over Mitt Romney in 2012.

“I certainly can not in any way support President Trump this year,” Powell said. Powell recited a list of grievances he has against President Trump.

The president fired back, telling his 80 million-plus Twitter followers that Powell was a “real stiff who was very responsible for getting us into the disastrous Middle East Wars.”

Others on Twitter also found Powell’s comments unsurprising.

Of course, CNN thinks it’s breaking news that someone who hasn’t voted Republican since 2004 won’t be voting for Trump in 2020.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Trump Fires Back at Colin Powell After Four-Star General Says He’s Voting for Biden

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is optimistic about the United States’ economy recovering quickly from the harmful effects of the government’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, Mnuchin said he thinks it’ll be months and “definitely not years” before the U.S. economy returns to the strong levels it enjoyed before the current pandemic.

“I think it will be months. I definitely don’t think it will be years. We are going to conquer this virus. We are going to have terrific breakthroughs,” the treasury secretary said reassuringly.

Mnuchin cited developments in the medical community that he believes the economy will respond to favorably over the coming months.

“I know … not just on the testing but on the medical front, we begin to have virals. I think there’re things being developed for vaccines that will take a little longer. But one of the things we heard is people want testing. People will also react very positively if they know, if they get this disease, there will be medical treatments as well,” Mnuchin said.

Tapper pressed the secretary, referencing Facebook’s decision to cancel events through June 2021 and the Congressional Budget Office saying the coronavirus could affect the unemployment rate through the end of next year.

“We have never been in a situation where we have closed down the economy and I think, rightfully so, people are being cautious,” Mnuchin responded. “On the other hand, as we get comfortable reopening the economy, I think we will see a big rebound.”

It’s almost as if the media has a vested interest in what the economy will look like in November.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Mnuchin Reveals How Long He Believes It’ll Take the Economy to Recover

Attention seeking Greta Thunberg, 17, claims she just recovered from the Wuhan coronavirus. She never actually took a test for COVID-19, but Thunberg is convinced that she contracted that specific pathogen nonetheless. Forget the vast majority of test results come back negative and children are less likely to develop symptoms; Thunberg’s parents told her she was special.

“I was feeling tired, had shivers, a sore throat, and coughed,” the Swedish activist announced on Instagram.

Thunberg said her father developed more severe symptoms than herself, which is consistent with reports that COVID-19 affects older individuals more so than children. But, it’s also consistent with the idea that coronavirus is a lot less deadly than current death rates suggest because people, perhaps like Thunberg and her father, don’t require hospitalization and never get tested. Either way, Thunberg patted herself on the back for self-isolating and saving who knows just how many lives.

The teenager is hopeful the world’s response to the coronavirus pandemic shows that action to combat climate change is possible.

In an interview with Reuters, Thunberg said the coronavirus is a “terrible event” but a tragedy that proves the world is capable of taking action to defeat climate change.

“Though it must be in a different way to how we have acted in this case, we can act fast and change our habits and treat a crisis like a crisis,” Thunberg announced.

People locking themselves inside their homes, businesses closing down, the stock market in freefall — Thunberg doesn’t understand why we can’t do these types of things to combat climate change.

If the walking back of the worse-case estimates for deaths caused by the coronavirus teaches us anything, it should be that end-of-times predictions gleefully touted by the media should be viewed skeptically by the public, no matter how wrapped up in science they may come.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Thunberg Says Coronavirus Response Shows Action to Stop Climate Change is Possible

The Associated Press reports that hundreds of mostly Honduran migrants are marching their way towards the U.S. border. The group left the city of San Pedro Sula and splintered into smaller groups as the caravan reached the Guatemalan border. It’s not clear if the smaller groups plan on merging back into one larger caravan.

(Via the Associated Press)

In his first full day in office, Guatemala’s new president, Alejandro Giammattei, said the Hondurans would be allowed to enter Guatemala, which they must cross to reach Mexico and the United States.

Giammattei said travel agreements between Central American nations required Guatemala to grant the migrants passage.

“We cannot prevent people who have identification” from entering, Giammattei said. “We are going to ask for their papers from the parents of guardians in the caravan, and if they don’t have them they will be returned to Honduras. We have to protect the rights of children.”

Most countries don’t allow minors to travel without the consent of their parents or guardians, and some participants in past caravans have traveled with children who are not theirs.

Giammattei also said he had met with Mexico Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard on Wednesday morning and been told that Mexico would not allow the caravan to advance into its territory.

“The Mexican government advised us that it is not going to let them pass … that it is going to use everything in its hands to keep them from passing,” Giammattei said.

The Mexican government has been under pressure by the Trump administration to stop facilitating the invasion of U.S. bound migrants at our southern border. In late May, President Trump announced tariffs targeting Mexico as a result of Mexico’s failure to help stem the flow of migrants passing through the country. The tariffs never took effect because the Mexican government made additional commitments to stop migrants from reaching the United States, commitments that Mexico has so far honored.

“The truth is, it is going to be impossible for [the migrants] to reach the United States,” Itsmania Platero, a human rights activist told the Associated Press. “The Mexican police have a large contingent and they are going to catch all the migrants without documents and they will be detained and returned to their home countries.”

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Latest Migrant Caravan: Hundreds of Hondurans Head to U.S. Border

Following the Iraqi Parliament’s vote on Sunday to expel foreign troops from Iraq, President Trump threatened to impose economic sanctions that he says will “make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.”

(Via CNBC)

Speaking to reporters on Air Force One, the U.S. president said: “If they do ask us to leave, if we don’t do it in a very friendly basis, we will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before ever. It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.”

“We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build. Long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.”

He added that “If there’s any hostility, that they do anything we think is inappropriate, we are going to put sanctions on Iraq, very big sanctions on Iraq.”

On Sunday, Iran also announced it would no longer abide by any of the terms set forth in the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, including limits placed on the country’s nuclear enrichment levels and materials. But the Islamic Republic did say it would be willing to return to the nuclear deal if the United States lifted economic sanctions.

Trump has called the nuclear deal the “stupidest deal of all time” and the administration already withdrew the U.S. from the accord back in May 2018. Trump described the nuclear deal as “a horrible, one sided deal that should have never been reached,” saying “it didn’t bring peace and it never will.”

The president was also asked if he was worried about retaliation from Iran following the killing of Qasem Soleimani. Trump said, “If it happens it happens. If they do anything there will be major retaliation.”

Trump has threatened to target 52 identified Iranian sites, some with cultural significance to Iran, should the Islamic Republic retaliate against the United States for the killing of Soleimani.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Trump Threatens Iraq With Sanctions After Parliament Votes to Expel Foreign Troops

It should be clear to everyone now why the Democrats don’t not want the citizenship question being asked in the 2020 census. Seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are apportioned according to overall population size, which includes illegal immigrants, and the electoral college is in turn based off the number of seats in Congress. A new study finds that immigration policy is helping Democrats siphon seats away from Republicans and giving Democrats more electors in the electoral college.

The study by the Center for Immigration Studies has analyzed the impact of both legal and illegal immigrants on the apportionment of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. The study finds that immigrants — both legal and illegal, as well as their U.S. born minor children — will cause 26 House seats to be redistributed in 2020. And 24 of the 26 House seats will be lost in states that voted for Donald Trump in 2016. The study points out that changing the political party of just 21 representatives is enough to flip control of the current House majority,

The solidly Democratic states of California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Illinois will pick up a total 19 seats. Texas, which is becoming purple, and Florida, a swing state, are the only two states not solidly Democratic to gain seats due to immigration. The presence of all immigrants in the United States will cost Ohio three seats in 2020, and both Michigan and Pennsylvania will each have two fewer House seats in 2020. There are 19 states that will each lose one representative in the House and one electoral vote as a result of immigration; those states are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

California alone will have 11 more House seats as a result of immigration, which means California will also have 11 more electors in the electoral college. Imagine if Maxine Waters’ district simply didn’t exist?

And the study just examined the impact the physical presence of immigrants has on our representative system of government and how it largely benefits the Democratic party. It didn’t examine how those immigrants overwhelmingly vote for Democratic politicians.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Immigration To Cost Republicans House Seats in 2020, Study Confirms

Most insubordinate employees would quietly disappear after publicly humiliating themselves and being fired. Not former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer. After President Trump canned Spencer for repeatedly working against the president’s wishes, Spencer penned an op-ed for The Washington Post titled, “Richard Spencer: I was fired as Navy secretary. Here’s what I’ve learned because of it.” In the op-ed, Spencer appears to have learned nothing from his termination and confirms everything Trump said about him and the deep state.

“It is highly irregular for a secretary to become deeply involved in most personnel matters,” Spencer acknowledges. The former Navy secretary then goes on to say how he inserted himself into the case of Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher in order to undermine the president’s wishes.

“Before the trial began, in March, I received two calls from the president asking me to lift Gallagher’s confinement in a Navy brig,” Spencer writes. “I pushed back twice, because the presiding judge, acting on information about the accused’s conduct, had decided that confinement was important.”

Isn’t the chain of command something they teach in the Navy? Spencer ignored the president of the United States twice because he thought some judge’s decision was more “important”? Trump must be so used to dealing with the deep state that he didn’t fire the insubordinate Navy secretary right then and there.

“Eventually, the president ordered me to have him transferred to the equivalent of an enlisted barracks,” writes a defeated Spencer.

When Chief Gallagher was acquitted on all but one charge of posing with a dead terrorist’s corpse, something I feel we should encourage, Gallagher was demoted to officer and requested to voluntarily retire from the Navy. The former Navy secretary writes that there were important questions for the Navy to consider, like should Chief Gallagher retire at his current rank, should he be discharged honorably and should he be allowed to keep his Trident pin.

Fearing the president might catch on that Spencer was trying to punish the Navy SEAL after he was just cleared of any real wrongdoing, the now-fired Navy secretary had the audacity to write the president and ask him not to get involved in the Navy’s further punishing of Chief Gallagher.

“On Nov. 14 …” Spencer recalls, “I sent him a note asking him not to get involved in these questions.” By Spencer’s own version of events, this is now the third time the secretary of the Navy had rebuffed the commander-in-chief.

Suspecting they had a deep stater in their midst, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone then called Spencer twice to inform the Navy secretary that the president, as commander-in-chief, would continue to be involved in whatever the hell he wanted to and advised Spencer that the president would be ordering the Navy secretary to restore Gallagher to the rank of chief.

“This was a shocking and unprecedented intervention in a low-level review,” writes an angry Spencer. “It was also a reminder that the president has very little understanding of what it means to be in the military, to fight ethically or to be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices.”

In addition to the chain of command, add civilian control over the military to the list of things the former Navy secretary doesn’t understand. The founding fathers put a civilian in charge of the military to prevent power-hungry Navy secretaries like Richard Spencer from becoming tyrants who mistakenly believe they answer to no one. Our founding fathers wanted to make sure our number one military leader was held directly accountable to the American people every four years.

In Spencer’s worldview, he doesn’t answer to the duly elected president. The deep state answers to nobody. “Given my desire to resolve a festering issue,” a hard-headed Spencer continues, “I tried to find a way that would prevent the president from further involvement while trying all avenues to get Gallagher’s file in front of a peer-review board.”

Spencer than admits to making one mistake: “I also began to work without personally consulting Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper on every step. That was, I see in retrospect, a mistake for which I am solely responsible.” You think?

Then, on Nov. 19, Spencer brazenly told White House staff of his plan to thwart the president’s involvement by sending the case of Chief Gallagher to an independent review board in the Navy.

“But the question was quickly made moot,” Spencer laments. “On Nov. 21, the president tweeted that Gallagher would be allowed to keep his pin — Trump’s third intervention in the case.”

Showing how irredeemable of a deep stater Spencer was, the recalcitrant former Navy secretary writes, “I recognized that the tweet revealed the president’s intent. But I did not believe it to be an official order, chiefly because every action taken by the president in the case so far had either been a verbal or written command.”

“The rest,” Spencer concludes, “is history. We must now move on and learn from what has transpired. The public should know that we have extensive screening procedures in place to assess the health and well-being of our forces. But we must keep fine-tuning those procedures to prevent a case such as this one from happening again.”

So, Spencer gets fired after publicly and spectacularly disobeying the president and the only lesson he draws from the entire episode is for the public to know that we must fine-tune our “screening procedures” to better “assess the health and well-being of our forces?” What did Chief Gallagher do to the deep state to tick them off so much?

I do hope the president screens and better assesses the competence of his appointments to make sure deep staters like Richard Spencer never subvert the will of a duly elected president ever again.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Fired Navy Secretary Confirms He’s Part of the Deep State, Pens Op-Ed

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is preparing to enter the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race, according to The New York Times.

It was previously reported that the left-wing billionaire had been mulling a run for the White House, rethinking an earlier decision not to enter the race. CNBC reports that Bloomberg has reconsidered the decision in light of former Vice President Joe Biden’s recent struggles against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

(Via The New York Times)

Michael R. Bloomberg is actively preparing to enter the Democratic presidential primary and is expected to file paperwork this week designating himself as a candidate in at least one state with an early filing deadline, people briefed on Mr. Bloomberg’s plans said.

Mr. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and billionaire businessman, has been privately weighing a bid for the White House for weeks and has not yet made a final decision on whether to run, an adviser said. But in the first sign that he is seriously moving toward a campaign, Mr. Bloomberg has dispatched staffers to Alabama to gather signatures to qualify for the primary there. Though Alabama does not hold an early primary, it has a Friday deadline for candidates to formally enter the race.

Author: Bronson Stocking

Source: Town Hall: Michael Bloomberg Is Preparing To Enter The Democratic Presidential Race

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