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President Donald Trump rocked a packed house of young supporters at a church in Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday, condemning the rise of the radical left.

“I’m thrilled to be Arizona with thousands of patriotic young Americans who stand up tall for America and refuse to kneel to the radical left,” Trump said after the crowd roared and shouted “U-S-A!” as the president took the podium.

It was a contrast to Trump’s ambitious campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that failed to fill the enormous stadium.

Students for Trump and Turning Point Action teamed up to rent the Dream City Church in North Phoenix, which holds about 3,000 people.

The president shared a fiery message condemning the radical left for acts of looting, violence, and vandalism in America’s major cities while demanding absolute conformity to their message.

“It’s not the behavior of a peaceful political movement. It’s the behavior of totalitarians and tyrants and people that don’t love our country,” Trump said.

The president warned that the left was more vicious than the right as they continue rioting across the country.

“They play a very dirty game. You’re fighting against an oppressive left-wing ideology that is driven by hate and seeks to purge all dissent,” he said.

He also warned that if Americans elect his opponent “Sleepy Joe” Biden as president they will face an empowered left-wing mob.

“If you give power to people who demolish monuments and attack churches, set fire to buildings, then nothing is sacred and nothing is safe,” he said.

The president defended America’s historical figures, condemning the left’s attempts to remove statues and monuments of American historical figures around the country.

“We believe that the beloved heroes of American history should not be torn down by militant mobs, but held up as an example to the world,” Trump said. “Our heroes are not a source of shame. They are an example, something you can all look up to.”

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Donald Trump Defies Radical Left in Packed Event with Young Supporters

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign released a new ad Sunday promising an American comeback from the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

The ad celebrates the president’s promise in his State of the Union address to defend America from the virus, noting he was attacked by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the media for his travel ban against China.

The ad describes the fight to recover from the virus as the “greatest comeback story,” featuring the American people working to defeat the virus and Democrat governors praising the president for his help.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Watch: Donald Trump Releases ‘American Comeback’ Coronavirus Campaign Ad

President Donald Trump on Monday showed reporters at the White House press briefing a video of their own reporting on the coronavirus, pointing out their failures and his success.

“We have a few clips that we’re just going to put up, we could just turn the lights down lower, I think you’ll find them interesting,” Trump said. “And then we’ll answer some questions, I’ll ask you some questions because you’re so guilty, but forget it.”

The president played the video on the screens at the White House press briefing room.

“The media minimized the risk from the start,” the text of the video read, prior to featuring a series of flashback clips to prominent media professionals downplaying the threat posed by the virus.

The clip then featured a timeline of the president’s actions to defend the country from the virus, while partisan media and some Democrats criticized him at every step.

Other clips featured audio from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman talking about the president’s “effective” attempt to stop the spread of the virus with the travel ban on China.

The clip also highlighted praise that the president received from Democrat governors.

Reporters appeared taken aback by the video, prompting questions about its source. White House reporter Jonathan Karl questioned why the president would use White House staff to complete a “campaign-style” video.

The president said that the clip was produced by White House staff in just a couple of hours to show the media their reporting errors.

“We could have given you hundreds just like that,” Trump said. “We have them. We didn’t want this to go on too long.”

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Donald Trump Goes to War: Shows Media Video of Their Reporting Failures on Coronavirus

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wasted over $160 million on his failed presidential campaign, according to the latest federal election records.

The campaign finance report filed on February 29, 2020, showed that Sanders spent $160,984,978 on his campaign, according to Open Secrets.

Millions more were likely spent as Sanders continued to campaign through March and into April, despite cutting back on campaign activities as the coronavirus pandemic sent many states into lockdown.

Sanders was the most prolific fundraiser in the Democrat party, raising over $179 million from donors. Small donors contributing less than $200 represented 54 percent of his total donors, according to Open Secrets.

The self-described democratic socialist is the last Democrat candidate to leave the race, despite spending significantly less than several self-funded billionaire candidates. Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg spent $600 million on his failed campaign and Tom Steyer wasted $252 million.

Other candidates who failed to win the nomination included Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who spent over $38.64 million. Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) spent about $17.14 million on his failed attempt to win the presidency. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) wasted over $24 million, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar wasted over $47 million. Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg wasted $89 million on his campaign.

Democrats have already spent over $1 billion in their attempts to be the candidate to challenge President Donald Trump for the presidency in 2020.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Bernie Sanders Wasted over $160 Million on Failed Presidential Campaign

Dr. Deborah Birx on Tuesday said that medical experts failed to understand the seriousness of the coronavirus because of incomplete data coming out of China.

“I think the medical community interpreted the Chinese data as that this was serious but smaller than anyone expected,” she said. “Because I think probably we were missing a significant amount of the data.”

Birx spoke about the experts’ relationship with the data during a White House press briefing on Tuesday evening.

She acknowledged frankly that when she saw early data from China reporting only 50,000 cases of the virus among the 20 million people in Wuhan, China, and the 80 million in Hubei province, she felt that the threat was similar to that of SARS, which had 8,098 cases globally and 774 deaths.

The devastation hitting countries like Italy and Spain and South Korea gave the experts much more complete data, helping them draw models that were far more alarming.

“Let’s see if we can do much better than that,” President Donald Trump said during the briefing, pointing to the models predicting 100,000 to 240,000 deaths in the United States.

Trump noted that the virus was also more contagious than expected.

“I think the one thing that nobody really knew about this virus was how contagious it was,” he said. “It’s so incredibly contagious, and nobody knew that.”

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Dr. Deborah Birx: Incomplete Chinese Data Misled Experts on Seriousness of Coronavirus

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi debuted a 1,120-page coronavirus rescue bill after Democrats tanked the Senate proposal on Sunday night.

The bill includes a wish list of Democrats’ pet issues including:

1. Increased fuel emission standards for airlines receiving funds and carbon offsets:(1) IN GENERAL. Not later than 90 days after the enactment of this Act, the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration shall require each air carrier receiving assistance under section 101, to fully offset the annual carbon emissions of such air carriers for domestic flights beginning in 2025.
(1) IN GENERAL. The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration shall require each air carrier receiving assistance under section 101 to:(A) make and achieve a binding commitment to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to the domestic flights of such air carrier in every calendar year, beginning with 2021, on a path consistent with a 25 percent reduction in the aviation sector’s emissions from 2005 levels by 2035, and a 50 percent reduction in the sector’s emissions from 2005 levels by 2050, applying the standards, recommended practices, and guidance agreed to by the United States pursuant to the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Prohibition Act of 2011

2.Payment for up to $10,000 in student loans:

(1) MINIMUM STUDENT LOAN RELIEF AS A RESULT OF THE COVID–19 NATIONAL EMERGENCY. Not later than 270 days after the last day of the COVID–19 emergency period, the Secretaries concerned shall jointly carry out a program under which a qualified borrower, with respect to the covered loans and private education of loans of such qualified borrower, shall receive in accordance with paragraph (3) an amount equal to the lesser of the following:(A) The total amount of each covered loan and each private education loan of the borrower; or
(B) $10,000.

3. Same-day voter registration, early voting, voting by mail, ballot harvesting

The bill includes several provisions on voting laws and regulations, as Democrats argue that the crisis should force the government to revisit voting regulations to make it easier to vote, allowing same-day voter registration and voting by mail, and mailing out ballots to absentee voters. Other voting fraud watchdogs raised flags about ballot harvesting and grants for conducting risk-limiting audits of election resultsSame-day registration:


‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—

‘‘(1) REGISTRATION.—Each State shall permit any eligible individual on the day of a Federal election and on any day when voting, including early voting, is permitted for a Federal election—

‘‘(A) to register to vote in such election at the polling place using a form that meets the requirements under section 9(b) of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (or, if the individual is already registered to vote, to revise any of the individual’s voter registration information); and

‘‘(B) to cast a vote in such election.

Online voter registration:


(1) REQUIRING AVAILABILITY OF INTERNET FOR REGISTRATION.—The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (52 U.S.C. 20501 et seq.) is amended by inserting after section 6 the following new section:

Ballot harvesting:


The State— (A) shall permit a voter to designate any person to return a voted and sealed absentee ballot to the post office, a ballot drop-off location, tribally designated building, or election office so long as the person designated to return the ballot does not receive any form of compensation based on the number of ballots that the person has returned and no individual, group, or organization provides compensation on this basis; and ‘(B) may not put any limit on how many voted and sealed absentee ballots any designated person can return to the post office, a ballot drop off location, tribally designated building, or election office.

Automatic mailing of absentee ballots:

‘(A) AUTOMATIC MAILING OF ABSENTEE BALLOTS TO ALL VOTERS.—If the area in which an election is held is in an area in which an emergency or disaster which is described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of section 1135(g)(1) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1320b- 5(g)(1)) is declared during the period described in subparagraph.

Grants for risk-limiting audits:

PART 8—GRANTS FOR CONDUCTING RISK- LIMITING AUDITS OF RESULTS OF ELECTIONS ‘‘SEC. 298. GRANTS FOR CONDUCTING RISK-LIMITING AUDITS OF RESULTS OF ELECTIONS.‘(a) AVAILABILITY OF GRANTS.—The Commission shall make a grant to each eligible State to conduct risk-limiting audits as described in subsection (b) with respect to the regularly scheduled general elections for Federal office held in November 2020 and each succeeding election for Federal office.

4.Preserving collective bargaining powers for unions Several provisions in the bill include carveouts for big labor, including labor protections, collective bargaining, and organizing, as well as overturning President Trump’s executive orders regarding federal employee unions.

5.The expansion of wind and solar tax credits.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other lawmakers specifically called out Democrats for trying to negotiate the expansion of wind and solar tax credits in the bill.

6. Requirements for federal and corporate gender and racial diversity data

The bill demands that corporate recipients of financial assistance are required to report racial and gender data regarding salaries, number of employees, supplier diversity, and membership on corporate boards. It also requires federal agencies to use businesses and financial institutions owned by minorities or women.

7. Post Office Bailout


For payment to the ‘‘Postal Service Fund’’, for revenue forgone due to the coronavirus pandemic, $20,000,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2022: Provided, That such amount is designated by the Congress as being for an emergency requirement pursuant to section 251(b)(2)(A)(i) of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

8. Automatic extension of nonimmigrant visas.

Rep. Paul Gosar flagged a provision regarding the automatic extension of nonimmigrant visas.(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, with respect to any alien whose nonimmigrant status, status under section 244 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1254a), or employment authorization has expired within the 30 days preceding the date of the enactment of this act, or will expire not later than one year after such date, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall automatically extend such status or work authorization for the same time period as the alien’s prior status or work authorization.

9. Restricting colleges from providing information about citizenship status

(1) INFORMATION.—Only information requested

On the official 2020 decennial census of population form may be provided to the Bureau of the Census pursuant to this section. No institution of higher education may provide any information to the Bureau on the immigration or citizenship status of any individual.

10. Money for Planned Parenthood

The Hill reported that Democrats want the bill to prop up Planned Parenthood, just another reason why bipartisan efforts have failed to reach a consensus.

Read the legislation below:

Full text: Nancy Pelosi Cor… by charliespiering on Scribd

After the proposed bill was circulated on Capitol Hill, a Democrat aide said the current Pelosi bill was now up to 1,400 pages.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Nancy Pelosi Proposes 1,400-Page Coronavirus Bill Stuffed with Special Interest Goodies

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday said he would pick a woman to be his vice president if elected.

“If I’m elected president, my cabinet, my administration will look like the country,” Joe Biden said during the CNN Democrat debate. “I commit that I will, in fact, pick a woman to be my vice president.”

Biden’s announcement will likely be the biggest headline from the debate.

“There are a number of women who are qualified to be president tomorrow,” Biden added. “I would pick a woman to be my vice president.”

CNN moderators quickly seized on the moment.

“Just to be clear, you just committed here tonight that your running mate if you get the nomination, will be a woman?” CNN’s Dana Bash asked.

“Yes,” Biden said.

When Bash asked Sanders if he would commit to the same, the senator interrupted and questioned Biden about his support for the Hyde Amendment.

He later confirmed that he would “in all likelihood” also pick a woman as a running mate.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Joe Biden Commits to Picking Woman as Vice President

A poll conducted March 5 through March 7 shows that President Donald Trump still leads former Vice President Joe Biden in a matchup in key battleground states.

The Firehouse Strategies and Optimus poll reveals, however, that the margin between the two candidates is slim.

In Michigan and Wisconsin, Trump leads Biden by two points. In Pennsylvania, Trump leads Biden by one point.

Biden has strengthened his support as the former vice president trailed Trump by nine points in Wisconsin when the same poll took the temperature of voters in December. Sen. Bernie Sanders does worse against Trump in the three swing states — seven points behind Trump in Michigan, four points behind Trump in Pennsylvania, and six points behind Trump in Wisconsin.

The former vice president has benefited from clearing the 2020 Democrat presidential field but does not lead the president.

In Michigan, Trump leads with 46 percent against Biden at 44 percent. In Pennsylvania, Trump leads with 45 percent, while Biden garners 44 percent. In Wisconsin, Trump leads with 45 percent while Biden gets 43 percent support.

Trump leads Sanders 48 percent to 41 percent in Michigan, 46 percent to 42 percent in Pennsylvania, and 48 percent to 42 percent in Wisconsin.

The survey was conducted March 5 to March 7 with 1,582 likely voters in Wisconsin (N = 502), Michigan (N = 550), and Pennsylvania (N = 533). The margins of error are approximately ± 4.7% in Wisconsin, ± 4.6% in Michigan, and ± 5.0% in Pennsylvania.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Poll: Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania

Former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks will return to work for President Donald Trump at the White House, according to several reports on Thursday.

The news was confirmed in a statement from White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham to reporters.

“I have worked with Hope for almost six years and can say without hesitation she is one of the most talented and savvy individuals I have come across,” she wrote. “She has always impressed me with her quiet confidence, loyalty, and expertise, and I am beyond thrilled to welcome Hope back to the White House.”

A Trump loyalist and close aide to the president, Hicks left the White House in March 2018 and moved to Los Angeles to work as the Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for Fox Corporation. But she remained close with the team and even traveled with the president on the campaign trail in 2018.

She was also called back into Washington in 2019 for House investigative hearings of the president.

The New York Times reports that Hicks will report to Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner with the title, “counselor to the president.”

“There is no one more devoted to implementing President Trump’s agenda than Hope Hicks,” Kushner said in a statement to the Times.

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also cheered the news.

“There is no one more loyal, talented or fun than Hope,” she wrote on Twitter. “Not only is she brilliant she is an amazing friend and will be a tremendous asset to the President and his team.”

Hicks is not the only former aide planning to return to the White House, now that the impeachment effort has failed and the investigation of Trump’s ties with Russia is complete.

Trump’s former body man Johnny McEntee is also returning to the White House after he was fired by former chief of staff John Kelly. He will serve as the head of the White House Office of Personnel.

The return of Hicks and McEntee demonstrates that President Trump is looking to bolster his White House with loyalists.

President Trump frequently laments the attacks and struggles that his aides face in Washington, DC, while working in his White House.

“Who’s going to give back the young and beautiful lives (and others) that have been devastated and destroyed by the phony Russia Collusion Witch Hunt?” he wrote on Twitter in May 2018. “They journeyed down to Washington, D.C., with stars in their eyes and wanting to help our nation…They went back home in tatters!”

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Hope Hicks Returning to Trump White House

House Impeachment Manager and House Oversight Chairman Adam Schiff warned Monday that President Donald Trump might give Alaska to the Russians if he is not impeached.

Schiff disagreed with the president’s lawyers, who argued that Trump’s actions were not criminal and should thus not be considered impeachable.

He warned that they were setting a precedent that would only encourage Trump to pursue “unacceptable” actions if exonerated.

“Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for support in the next election,” he said. “Or decide to move to Mar-a-Lago personally and let Jared Kushner run the country, delegating to him the decision whether to go to war.”

Schiff said Senate Republicans would create a “runaway presidency” if they failed to remove him from office.

“We have known since the day we brought these charges that the bar to conviction requiring a full two-thirds of the Senate may be prohibitively high,” he said. “And yet, the alternative is a runaway presidency and a nation whose elections are open to the highest bidder.”

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Adam Schiff Warns Donald Trump Could Give Alaska to the Russians If Not Impeached

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