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President Donald Trump celebrated the news Wednesday that the Big 10 college football conference had decided to play games in October.

“Great News: BIG TEN FOOTBALL IS BACK,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “All teams to participate. Thank you to the players, coaches, parents, and all school representatives.”

After the Big 10 conference schools voted 11-3 to cancel sports for the fall during the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump pressed them to reverse the decision.

“Have a FANTASTIC SEASON!” Trump continued. “It is my great honor to have helped!!!”

The Trump campaign also released a highlight video celebrating the news.

Trump personally lobbied the Big 10 Commissioner Kevin Warren to reopen football this fall. On September 1, Trump announced negotiations to return were “on the one yard line” after speaking with the commissioner.

The president blamed Democrats for trying to close football during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think the biggest headwind we have is that you have Democrats that don’t want to see it happen,” Trump said September 1. “But I think they want to play, and the fans want to see it, and the players have a lot at stake, including possibly playing in the NFL.”

He also blamed Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmore for preventing the University of Michigan from playing.

“Big 10 is looking very strongly at opening up their season, but we’re not getting any cooperation from the governor of Michigan,” Trump said last week during a campaign trip to Michigan.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Donald Trump Triumphant After Big 10 Football Returns

President Donald Trump on Wednesday celebrated the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The president designated Wilmington, North Carolina, as the first American World War II Heritage City, marking the city’s contributions to the war effort.

Trump spoke aboard the retired World War II battleship USS North Carolina.

He noted more than 360,000 Americans from North Carolina fought in World War II and acknowledged the support of over 20,000 workers from the North Carolina Shipbuilding Company in Wilmington.

“These brave Americans raced into the fires of hell to vanquish tyranny, dethrone fascism, and defend the American way of life. You have earned the eternal and undying gratitude of all Americans,” Trump said.

The president thanked World War II veterans in the audience for their contributions to the war effort.

“In America, we don’t tear down the past, we celebrate our heroes, we cherish our heritage, we preserve our history, and we build the future,” he added.

As the president spoke, a thunderstorm gathered above the ship while thunder sounded in the background.

“God is saluting you up there, I tell ya,” Trump said. “We might have to go a little quicker than we thought.” He ended his remarks after about 15 minutes of speaking.

The president gave a shout out to several World War II veterans who joined him for the speech; Greg Melikian, and North Carolina World War II veterans Paul Phillips, Bud Hampton, Norman Meares, and William Borer.

Medal of Honor recipient Hershel “Woody” Williams, 97, also joined the president, traveling with him on Air Force One for the trip.

“He’s 100 percent sharp,” Trump said. “I know a 78-year-old that is not so sharp.”

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Donald Trump Marks 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II Aboard Battleship USS North Carolina

President Donald Trump traveled to Pennsylvania on Thursday to highlight former Vice President Joe Biden’s failure to help American workers.

“Joe Biden is no friend of Pennsylvania, He’s actually, for the reasons we just said, your worst nightmare,” Trump said. “Biden supported every single globalist attack on Pennsylvania workers.”

The president’s trip coincided with Biden’s Democrat convention speech on Thursday night.

“Slow Joe will speak at the Democrat convention and I’m sure that he’ll just knock them dead,” Trump joked.

He pointed to Biden’s support of trade deals like NAFTA, TPP, and the South Korea trade deal, as well as the Paris Climate accord and China’s entry into the World Trade Organization.

“For the last four years, we’ve been reversing Biden’s betrayals and delivering historic wins for the people of Pennsylvania,” he said.

Trump traveled to Old Forge, Pennsylvania, for the speech, just hours before Biden is scheduled to deliver his convention address on Thursday night. Old Forge is five miles from Scranton, where Biden was born before he moved to Delaware.

“He’ll remind us that he was born in Scranton, but you know he left like 70 years ago, right?” Trump said, recalling that Biden moved from the state as a boy. “He abandoned Pennsylvania. He abandoned Scranton.”

He reminded the audience that Biden had already endorsed the idea of eliminating fossil fuels and banning fracking, a major source of jobs in the state.

The president spoke outside a steel building with three blue semi-trucks behind the stage. A crowd of supporters was present for the speech, many of them wearing Make America Great Again hats.

Trump boasted that he had brought back manufacturing jobs to the United States, recalling that former President Barack Obama once cynically said that a “magic wand” was needed to bring the jobs back.

“Where’s the magic wand?” Trump asked. “Well, we have the magic wand.”

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Donald Trump: Joe Biden Is Pennsylvania’s ‘Worst Nightmare’

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign filed a lawsuit challenging Nevada’s massive election law changes rushed through the state legislature on Sunday.

“This unconstitutional legislation implements the exact universal vote-by-mail system President Trump has been warning against for months, making it nearly impossible for every Nevada voter’s ballot to count,” Trump 2020 Senior Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis said in a statement.

The lawsuit against the bill AB4 was filed Tuesday night together with the Republican National Committee and the Nevada Republican Party.

“Democrats changed the rules of the game at the last minute to try and rig this election, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel said in a statement, warning of risk to the integrity of the November election. “AB4 will destroy the confidence every voter deserves to have in our elections.”

The law requires the state of Nevada to mail every voter a ballot and even allows ballots cast after election day to count. It also allows other people to sign and return ballots on behalf of voters over 65.

Republicans warned of vote harvesting, by allowing multiple ballots to be mailed in one envelope and provides prepaid return postage.

“They overturned a bipartisan ballot harvesting ban to allow strangers to pick up a ballot for anyone, including the most vulnerable to COVID-19, and have thrown out many important safeguards,” McDaniel said.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Challenging Nevada Vote-By-Mail Law as Unconstitutional

President Donald Trump on Thursday at the White House promoted his successful push to dramatically reducing the regulatory burden on American industry.

“Before I came in office, American workers were smothered by a merciless avalanche of wasteful and expensive and intrusive federal regulations,” Trump said.

The president appeared on the South Lawn of the White House with a backdrop display of two Chevrolet trucks, one blue truck weighed down with weights symbolizing the regulatory burden, another red truck with the weights being lifted off by a crane that symbolized the Trump administration.

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“We must never return to the days of soul-crushing regulations,” Trump said, warning that if former Vice President Joe Biden won the election, leftist activists would work to quickly restore the onerous regulatory burden.

He described his efforts as the most dramatic regulatory relief campaign in history, noting that for every one new regulation, eight other regulations had been terminated.

“No administration in history has removed more red tape more quickly to rescue the economy and to protect the health of our people,” Trump said.

The president explained that his efforts were on behalf of American workers and their families.

Trump also shared estimations that his efforts to cut regulations saved the average household $3,100 a year. He added that while the previous administration added 16,000 pages to the regulatory burden, his administration removed more than 25,000 pages of regulations.

He also noted that the previous administrations added more 600 major new regulations, costing average Americans $2,300 a year.

The president singled out the removal of former President Barack Obama administration’s Waters Of The United States (WOTUS) rule that threatened the property rights of ranchers and landowners.

One rancher spoke at the event, thanking the president for cutting the WOTUS regulation.

“You have set us free,” the rancher told Trump. “Thank you.”

Trump said that the regulatory burden fell hardest on low-income Americans, including a “steep economic toll on African American communities.”

Some of the regulations Trump talked about removing were governing household appliances, including dishwashers, lightbulbs, and showerheads.

“My hair, I don’t know about you, it has to be perfect,” Trump joked as the crowd of supporters gathered for his speech laughed.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Donald Trump Celebrates Record Success in Cutting Regulations

President Donald Trump celebrated the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) success against MS-13 gangs on Wednesday at the White House.

“We will not allow these animals to terrorize our communities and my administration will not rest until every member of MS-13 is brought to justice,” Trump said during an Oval Office event on Wednesday.

Attorney General Bill Barr briefed Trump on the success against MS-13 and other gangs in the United States as a result of federal Joint Task Force Vulcan. According to the White House, U.S. Border Patrol arrested 464 MS-13 members in fiscal year 2019 — an 83 percent increase from 2016.

Barr said that MS-13 was unique in its savagery, which is why the gang was targeted by federal law enforcement.

“It’s about the honor of being the most savage bloodthirsty person you can be and building up your reputation as a killer,” Barr said. “This is, in some ways, a death cult.”

Barr said that MS-13 was once a highly organized transnational organization, but the DOJ has had great success fighting it in areas like California, New York, and Nevada.

The DOJ announced in January that it would seek the death penalty for an MS-13 leader in Virginia and another in New York after he was charged with the death of seven people, including two teenage girls.

“We believe that monsters who murder children should be put to death,” Trump said.

Trump said that over 2,000 members of MS-13 had been arrested during his administration as well as 16,000 other transnational gang members. He added that the administration would ramp up its efforts against them.

Trump said that he would continue to pursue MS-13 and support strong border polices to keep its members out.

“When Biden and the radical left want to open up borders for MS-13 and others, we want strong borders,” he said.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Donald Trump Celebrates Success Against ‘Death Cult’ MS-13

President Donald Trump rocked a packed house of young supporters at a church in Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday, condemning the rise of the radical left.

“I’m thrilled to be Arizona with thousands of patriotic young Americans who stand up tall for America and refuse to kneel to the radical left,” Trump said after the crowd roared and shouted “U-S-A!” as the president took the podium.

It was a contrast to Trump’s ambitious campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that failed to fill the enormous stadium.

Students for Trump and Turning Point Action teamed up to rent the Dream City Church in North Phoenix, which holds about 3,000 people.

The president shared a fiery message condemning the radical left for acts of looting, violence, and vandalism in America’s major cities while demanding absolute conformity to their message.

“It’s not the behavior of a peaceful political movement. It’s the behavior of totalitarians and tyrants and people that don’t love our country,” Trump said.

The president warned that the left was more vicious than the right as they continue rioting across the country.

“They play a very dirty game. You’re fighting against an oppressive left-wing ideology that is driven by hate and seeks to purge all dissent,” he said.

He also warned that if Americans elect his opponent “Sleepy Joe” Biden as president they will face an empowered left-wing mob.

“If you give power to people who demolish monuments and attack churches, set fire to buildings, then nothing is sacred and nothing is safe,” he said.

The president defended America’s historical figures, condemning the left’s attempts to remove statues and monuments of American historical figures around the country.

“We believe that the beloved heroes of American history should not be torn down by militant mobs, but held up as an example to the world,” Trump said. “Our heroes are not a source of shame. They are an example, something you can all look up to.”

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Donald Trump Defies Radical Left in Packed Event with Young Supporters

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign released a new ad Sunday promising an American comeback from the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

The ad celebrates the president’s promise in his State of the Union address to defend America from the virus, noting he was attacked by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the media for his travel ban against China.

The ad describes the fight to recover from the virus as the “greatest comeback story,” featuring the American people working to defeat the virus and Democrat governors praising the president for his help.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Watch: Donald Trump Releases ‘American Comeback’ Coronavirus Campaign Ad

President Donald Trump on Monday showed reporters at the White House press briefing a video of their own reporting on the coronavirus, pointing out their failures and his success.

“We have a few clips that we’re just going to put up, we could just turn the lights down lower, I think you’ll find them interesting,” Trump said. “And then we’ll answer some questions, I’ll ask you some questions because you’re so guilty, but forget it.”

The president played the video on the screens at the White House press briefing room.

“The media minimized the risk from the start,” the text of the video read, prior to featuring a series of flashback clips to prominent media professionals downplaying the threat posed by the virus.

The clip then featured a timeline of the president’s actions to defend the country from the virus, while partisan media and some Democrats criticized him at every step.

Other clips featured audio from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman talking about the president’s “effective” attempt to stop the spread of the virus with the travel ban on China.

The clip also highlighted praise that the president received from Democrat governors.

Reporters appeared taken aback by the video, prompting questions about its source. White House reporter Jonathan Karl questioned why the president would use White House staff to complete a “campaign-style” video.

The president said that the clip was produced by White House staff in just a couple of hours to show the media their reporting errors.

“We could have given you hundreds just like that,” Trump said. “We have them. We didn’t want this to go on too long.”

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Donald Trump Goes to War: Shows Media Video of Their Reporting Failures on Coronavirus

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wasted over $160 million on his failed presidential campaign, according to the latest federal election records.

The campaign finance report filed on February 29, 2020, showed that Sanders spent $160,984,978 on his campaign, according to Open Secrets.

Millions more were likely spent as Sanders continued to campaign through March and into April, despite cutting back on campaign activities as the coronavirus pandemic sent many states into lockdown.

Sanders was the most prolific fundraiser in the Democrat party, raising over $179 million from donors. Small donors contributing less than $200 represented 54 percent of his total donors, according to Open Secrets.

The self-described democratic socialist is the last Democrat candidate to leave the race, despite spending significantly less than several self-funded billionaire candidates. Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg spent $600 million on his failed campaign and Tom Steyer wasted $252 million.

Other candidates who failed to win the nomination included Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who spent over $38.64 million. Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) spent about $17.14 million on his failed attempt to win the presidency. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) wasted over $24 million, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar wasted over $47 million. Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg wasted $89 million on his campaign.

Democrats have already spent over $1 billion in their attempts to be the candidate to challenge President Donald Trump for the presidency in 2020.

Author: Charlie Spiering

Source: Breitbart: Bernie Sanders Wasted over $160 Million on Failed Presidential Campaign

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