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I know there are lots of Americans who are weary of vaccines for any number of reasons that aren’t worth going into here. Needless to say, most of those reasons are not grounded in reality. (You’re free to disagree in the comments, if you simply can’t get past this point.) But vaccines work. How many people with polio do you know? At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the agreed-upon goal was to create a cure, a treatment, or a vaccine so we could resume life as normal. As we sit on the verge of a possible vaccine, Democrats are terrified…that it will work.

Imagine being so desperate for power that you’d rather more people die than a vaccine for a deadly virus be found. You probably can’t imagine that because you’re likely not a monster. But there are people out there despicable enough to be rooting for just that. Worse, they are actively trying to turn people against any vaccine before one is even developed.

No one has any idea if a vaccine will work, but if one does it will save lives of millions around the world. President Donald Trump has made developing one a priority. Operation Warp-Speed (OWS) is a testament to the American spirit and leadership.

At its most basic level, OWS is a massive public-private project to simultaneously develop, test, and deploy a vaccine so that if one should prove to work, it would eliminate the lag time between its approval and people being able to get it. With the final round of testing happening now on several candidates, if one or all prove to work and receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the companies behind them will have already created tens, if not hundreds of millions of doses ready to go.

OWS is a genius tactic in the face of an emergency. Without it, if a vaccine were shown to work, it would take months to manufacture enough doses to get them to the public. Yes, it’s a financial risk – to manufacture millions of shots that may not work – but it’s a testament to just how seriously the Trump administration takes the threat and the fight.

That this could work, and a vaccine could be developed before the election, has Democrats panicked. That tells you a lot about them.

Democrats have been running on the lie that the pandemic is President Trump’s fault, even going out of their way to excuse China in their quest to blame him. It’s disgusting, to be honest, but not surprising. If you remove the pandemic, what do they have left? Joe Biden, and who the hell would want that?

But to encourage death in order the achieve a political victory is a level of progressive power-grabbing unseen in this country.

Biden’s running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, was asked by CNN if she would take a vaccine were the FDA to approve one or more before the election. “Well, I think that’s going to be an issue for all of us. I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump,” Harris calculatingly responded. “I will not take his word for it,” she disgustingly concluded.

It wouldn’t be the president’s word, it would be the word of thousands who would have worked on it and tested it. Business leaders, bureaucrats, and the vaunted scientists Democrats belch out they would defer to on everything. The president of the United States isn’t just going to declare a vaccine safe and effective over their objections. But Democrats, in order to advantage themselves in the election, are showing their willingness to declare one ineffective and dangerous to keep pandemic fear alive. If a vaccine is shown to work, Democrats are willing to let people die to avoid giving the Trump administration any credit in its development.

In a rational world, everyone should be pulling for a vaccine that works. If one is developed, Donald Trump should invite Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House so they can all get it at the same time on national TV. That would show the country that it works, and that nothing is more important than protecting the American people. It would instill a level of trust needed in this crazy time.

But Democrats wouldn’t accept that invitation. They’d rather cast doubt on it, keep people in fear and sick people dying because they think it helps them, just look at how they’ve reacted to the prospect of Hydroxychloroquine working as a treatment. A rejected invitation to that event from President Trump would expose more about Democrats than a trillion dollars in advertising ever could, just as Harris implying she wouldn’t trust any vaccine developed under the Trump administration tells you everything you need to know about her and Joe Biden.

Democrats need the deaths to continue, they need the lockdowns to continue, they need schools to remain closed. On the lockdowns and schools, Democrats can rely on their governors and teachers’ unions to hold the line. Since they can’t block the science, they have to rely on fear, and they’re doing all they can to stoke it.

Imagine trying to instill terror over government power being abused for electoral purposes while campaigning to run a government you want to make all-powerful. Why in the hell would liberals want the government to have more control if every time a Republican wins all they talk about is how they’re abusing their power? The people who insist Donald Trump is a tyrant are advocating for tyrannical powers for the government. Shouldn’t the opposite be true – that if you fear the people have elected the next Hitler, shouldn’t you want as much power decentralized as possible?

Of course, if you’re hoping more people will die, and are willing to encourage it so you can obtain that power, who’s the real tyrant?

Author: Derek Hunter

Source: Town Hall: Democrats Are Scared to Death of a Coronavirus Vaccine

Democrats have all the advantages you can possibly imagine in the impeachment hearings, every single one of them. Yet they’re losing, badly.

They set the rules, then don’t hold themselves to them and still come off as desperate and pathetic. I’d feel badly for them if they weren’t so awful.

Of all the examples of hypocrisy and incompetence on display in this sham, one sticks out to me beyond the others, and it’s perhaps the most disturbing. It’s how willing Democrats are to beclown themselves for the cause.

Zealots have always been willing to go to any length to obtain their objective. People routinely strap explosives to their bodies and ignite them, for just one example. But politicians, particularly American politicians, generally had more sense than this. Not anymore, it seems.

The concept that every American is entitled to the presumption of innocence until they’re proven guilty shouldn’t be controversial. What individuals think is irrelevant, the legal standard demands this this standard. That legal standard is why an obvious murder is always referred to as “alleged” in news stories. But politics is different.

Accusations in political campaigns are always presented as fact, no matter how outlandish or untrue. They aren’t meant to change anyone’s mind, they’re meant to reinforce those who already agree and maybe infiltrate the minds of those who have no thoughts on the subject.

So, when a Democrat says President Trump is corrupt, it’s not outside the norm. When a Republican calls Adam Schiff a liar, it surprises no one. But in these impeachment hearings, Democrats have taken this a step further.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who sets the tone for her caucus, said at a press conference, “If the president has information that demonstrates his innocence in all of this, which we haven’t seen. If he has information that is exculpatory -that means ex, taking away, culpable, blame – then we look forward to seeing it.”

With that statement, the presumption of innocence is gone. President Trump, according to Pelosi, has to prove he didn’t do anything wrong, not the other way around.

That’s bad enough, though still not completely surprising. But something else was.

I was reminded of this argument by a glorified blogger for the Washington Post, essentially a Democrat with a press credential. Aaron Blake tweeted last week, “Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) now focusing on how Zelensky said he didn’t feel pressured or blackmailed and there was nothing corrupt. Zelensky knows he that if he said any of that, he would be dead to Trump. He could never admit it.”

Essentially, this liberal stenographer, repeating what Democrats had been mumbling for some time, is calling the new president of Ukraine a liar.

President Zelensky has denied any pressure at all to investigate the Biden family’s possible corruption. None. Zero. Yet the story now from the left for those repeated statements is “Zelensky is weak and cowardly.” They’re saying this man, who was elected to fight corruption in his own country, is corrupt himself, that he’s a fraud. For all the talk of the importance of Ukraine to U.S. national security – and you could easily come away from these hearings with the impression that no other country matters more, or at all, based on some of the hyperventilating words of some Democrats and witnesses – it seems odd that the team making those claims would smear its new president like this.

An elected Democrat finally brought this very same argument forward, making things even worse. On Sunday, Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy told CNN, “The Ukrainians aren’t going to come out and accuse the president of extortion. Why? Because they are presently reliant on the good will of Donald Trump to keep that country safe.”

Again, attacking Ukrainian leadership to score domestic political points.

Murphy went on to say, “Nobody should be surprised when the Ukrainians are trying to put as good a spin on this as possible, are trying to stay in the President’s good graces, because right now the president still holds enormous leverage over that country’s independence and sovereignty.”

I’d say they don’t have much independence or sovereignty if they’re dependent upon any other country, but I’m old fashioned that way.

Still, it’s an attack on Zelensky, the man whose country they say they’re outraged on behalf of, in order to discount a very powerful piece of that exculpatory evidence Nancy Pelosi said she is open to receiving. It’s almost like all the Democrats are lying, isn’t it?

These aren’t the types of things people with facts and evidence on their side do, mostly because they don’t have to. This is what political hacks wouldn’t have done just a couple of years ago. This is what Democrats have become. That tells you something, doesn’t it?

Author: Derek Hunter

Source: Town Hall: Impeachment Hearings Have Exposed What Democrats Have Become

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