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A bad batch of some 500,000 absentee ballot applications were mailed out in Virginia just months ahead of the critical 2020 election.

The errors on the forms and envelopes are so serious that legitimate voters who complete the botched mailers could face potential disenfranchisement because of incorrect information.

The Center for Voter Information and partner group the Voter Participation Center were behind the wave of August ballot applications, according to WTOP-FM.

The mailers were sent to addresses in Fairfax, Franklin, Richmond and Roanoke Counties.

The forms were not requested by potential voters.

“Approximately half a million applications sent to eligible voters in Virginia included incorrect information, and we are working diligently to address the issues,” CVI said in a statement.

“Mistakes in our programming are very rare, but we take them seriously, and our methods overall are extraordinarily effective.”

One error found on many applications was an incorrect return address.

Even legitimate voters who filled out these applications risked their application ending up in the wrong place, possibly leading to problems once Election Day rolls around.

Although the Center for Voter Information has vowed to correct the mistakes on the group’s own dime, it’s unclear how many votes will be disrupted because of the errors.

“We know that voters are on high alert as the November election approaches, and we regret adding to any confusion,” CVI said.

“Please rest assured that we are working with local election officials in Virginia to redirect the vote-by-mail applications to the proper locations and will rectify any errors at our own expense.”

Fairfax County was quick to issue a statement after finding out about the botched applications, warning residents about the “inaccurate” and “potentially misleading” mailings.

With many in America calling for expanded vote-by-mail privileges, errors like the ones being discovered in Virginia prove the system is simply not ready to handle such a drastic change in elections.

As mistakes compound along the entire vote-by-mail chain, it’s becoming clear that mass absentee voting isn’t fair to anyone involved.

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: Group Tries To Encourage Vote-by-Mail, Only Causes Chaos with 500K Botched Mail-In Ballot Applications

As the 2020 elections draw closer, all eyes are on the main contest between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Battles between the two titans have raged on network television, social media and in-person interviews. Now, it looks like Trump has rolled out a new theater for this political war on his very own campaign website.

The newest attack against Biden is simple yet brutal and addresses concerns many Americans have about the former vice president’s seemingly deteriorating mental condition.

It’s not tough to access this jab against Biden, which can be found on Trump’s own campaign website with a few simple steps.

First, you need to enter in your URL bar. After the address, add a forward slash, type some nonsense (remember, no spaces!) and hit enter.

If done correctly, you should be whisked to a 404 error page with a hilarious roast of Biden.

Pictured below, the redirect leads users to an image of the apparently lost former vice president with a simple message: “It appears you are as lost as me.”

A screenshot from President Donald Trump’s campaign website showing a creative 404 error page.

The jab hits at a major problem many voters have with Biden.

While the former vice president was sharp and eloquent earlier in his career, it appears the years have worn down that trait. Now, even strategists in the Democratic Party are expressing concern over his mental state.

Of course, Trump’s opponent has his own version of this hilarious webpage.

Like everything Biden appears to be doing nowadays, however, the page only sends an uninspired message while shamelessly shilling the candidate’s own face masks.

To access this, follow the same steps from the Trump website on the Biden campaign’s own website, After adding gibberish and attempting to enter the page, you will be sent to an error page recommending you wear a mask.

A screenshot from Joe Biden’s campaign website showing a custom 404 error message.

As ongoing protests rock American cities and China rises to challenge United States supremacy, this election is shaping up to be one of the most important in history.

With only three months to go before citizens cast their votes, this political contest is virtually guaranteed to become more heated by the day.

While some polls are now giving Trump an edge in 2020, the president still going to have a fight on his hands to keep his seat in the White House.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Author: Jared Harris

Source: The Federalist Papers: Hilarious: Typing Gibberish in President Trump Campaign’s Web Address Will Take You to a Roast of Joe Biden

As political forces in the United States push for strict mask mandates to fight the spread of the coronavirus, new guidance issued by the World Health Organization undermines the left’s claim that people must be forced to wear the protective equipment in public.

The WHO posted the updated recommendations in a Wednesday tweet.

This most recent change, which outlines when people should not wear a mask in public, follows months of inconsistent information from the group about face coverings.

“People should NOT wear masks when exercising,” the WHO’s update reads, “as masks may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably.”

When wet with sweat, the organization explained, masks become more difficult to breathe through. It said unmasked people should keep a distance of “at least one meter” from others while exercising.

In other words, the globe’s top health organization is OK with maskless people being about 3 feet apart in public — something that is now against the law in Washington state.

Of course, Democratic leaders can’t shoulder all the blame for this one, no matter how much we want them to.

World and local leaders could only make decisions based on the information they have, and for many of them, some of this expert knowledge came from the WHO’s disastrously inconsistent guidelines.

“If you are healthy,” the organization wrote in February, “you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected [COVID-19] infection.”

We now know that protective masks are an important piece of the puzzle in smashing the spread of the virus.

In late May, more than two months after the WHO declared a global pandemic, it was still recommending that only the sick and those taking care of the infected should wear masks.

As hotspots formed around the world and domestic cases neared 2 million in early June, the WHO issued an apparent reversal of its previous position.

“In light of evolving evidence,” WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said last month, “WHO advises that governments should encourage the general public to wear masks where there is widespread transmission and physical distancing is difficult, such as on public transport, in shops or in other confined or crowded environments.”

Considering the organization’s flip-flopping on the issue of masks, there’s no telling where “evolving evidence” will lead us in the future.

If there’s one that has become apparent during this pandemic, it’s that the WHO failed the world with its ineptitude and favoritism toward China.

Even now, the global health group is unable to make a consistent recommendation on the seemingly simple subject of face coverings.

It appears as though the WHO isn’t quite the corps of experts and policymakers Democrats seem to think it is.

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: Now Even the WHO Is Saying You Shouldn’t Wear a Mask in Public All the Time

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is undertaking a mission that seeks to expand on the triumphs of the game-changing Apollo program, and it looks like the move will put the United States in an extremely lucrative position.

That’s because if NASA’s gamble works, it could place America at the center of a thriving space economy.

The first step to ruling this solar system market is the Artemis program, seen as the spiritual successor to the Apollo program that put humans on the moon for the first time in history.

According to NASA, the program is a return to a time when Americans visited the moon, ushering in a golden age of scientific research as new possibilities opened and man’s frontier expanded to the stars.

As the twin sister of Apollo, Artemis’ role as a moon goddess made her a perfect fit as the program’s namesake.

Partnering with SpaceX, founded by tech pioneer Elon Musk, for the program, NASA seems to be preparing to push the moon and Earth’s low orbit into eventually becoming a thriving piece of the economy.

“We’re going back to the moon, and beyond,” the headline of an opinion piece in USA Today by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine declared.

“Even as we shift focus to the moon, NASA remains committed to supporting a space economy in low-Earth orbit for research, crew training and more,” Bridenstine wrote. “As a government agency, NASA must lead in exploration for scientific discovery and go where there is not yet a commercial market.”

Although partnerships between commercial entities and government agencies are not uncommon, this pairing could leave an unmistakable mark on human history.

The American space agency has not had a crewed orbital launch in nearly a decade, largely thanks to the controversial scrapping of the iconic space shuttle program.

Now, a joint venture with the ambitions of NASA and the resources of a commercial juggernaut promise to make space travel a regular occurrence. If successful, this could signal the beginning of a new golden age of space exploration.

The venture opens a slew of possibilities for the communication, medical, technology and research industries. Bridenstine once even opined the possibility that Tom Cruise’s next blockbuster movie could be partially filmed in space.

“With the right architecture, we will foster a new lunar economy, too,” Bridenstine wrote.

As part of the ongoing moon program, NASA announced the “Artemis Accords,” a set of guidelines meant to keep space competition fair and in the best interest of humanity.

The accords emphasize transparency, cooperation and the peaceful exploration of our solar system.

It’s unclear when an economy not bound by Earth’s gravity would become a reality.

While some believe that normalized space travel and a lunar economy is not possible in our lifetimes, rapid advancement in technology and a space agency dedicated to its mission could mean these marvels are not far off.

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: Trump’s NASA Signals Return to Golden Age: ‘We’re Going Back to the Moon, and Beyond’

If you’re lucky enough to be able to leave your home while many are under lockdown, you may have noticed that gasoline is getting absurdly cheap — in at least one area it was sold for under $1 per gallon.

Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into that number than the whims of the man who spends a 12-hour shift between the Slim Jims and the lottery tickets.

World demand for gas and oil has plummeted since the start of the current pandemic thanks to a combination of factors, including a sharp decrease in land, air and sea traffic.

Supply and demand affects everything, after all, including our own oil markets.

For American energy companies, especially those that deal in shale oil, the downturn in demand for oil is a danger to revenue and the livelihoods of the 150,000 who work in the industry.

Having successful domestic energy companies is a boon to average Americans, who would benefit from having access to cheap fuel regardless of the designs of other nations.

For countries like Saudi Arabia, a powerful player in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries oil cartel, American energy independence is a direct threat to its status quo.

Until now, there was little the Middle Eastern country could do to combat the success of United States energy. With the downturn in oil prices and tough times ahead for U.S. oil, the Saudis have taken the opportunity to turn on America in an attempt to bring us to heel.

Saudi Arabia isn’t dispatching troops for this attack but is sending a flotilla of supertankers carrying roughly seven times the normal amount consumed in a pre-pandemic month. According to The Wall Street Journal, the tankers are set to arrive throughout April and May.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, seeing the incoming bloodbath for the U.S. energy sector, sent the Saudis a single message: “TURN THE TANKERS THE HELL AROUND.”

The glut of oil entering the United States would undercut domestic energy companies, potentially undoing years of progress made under President Donald Trump.

It’s unclear when demand for oil will increase again, putting a giant question mark on the employment status of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The move follows several others by Saudi Arabia that seem to reinforce the cultural and political differences between the kingdom and the United States.

The gruesome murder of Jamal Khashoggi, human rights abuses and other problems under the Saudi regime hint that a decoupling from America is not only likely, but unavoidable.

Just like with our increasingly rocky relationship with China, it seems America’s past attitude of seeing every nation as a potential friend is not going to fly in the 21st century.

If we can’t trust our own business partners not to undermine critical U.S. infrastructure, or even to tell us the truth about a viral outbreak, is it really worth maintaining these relationships?

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: Saudis Turn on America, Send Flotilla To Sink US Shale and Oil

If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

At least one prominent Democrat is embracing this old line as the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump draws to a close, and it now looks like he’s willing to drag America through a second attempt to remove the president.

This possibility was revealed as Manu Raju, CNN’s senior congressional correspondent, intercepted House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler on Wednesday.

The New York Democrat made it clear that the investigations against Trump would be ongoing, and would likely involve a subpoena of former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Bolton made headlines for his claims in an upcoming book, portions of which were leaked to the media as Trump’s impeachment trial hit the Senate.

Nadler explained that the investigations would not focus solely on Ukraine or any other matter that House Democrats have started probing since 2019, but rather on “everything.”

“When you have a lawless president, you have to bring that to the fore, you have to spotlight that,” Nadler said. “You have to protect the Constitution, whatever the political consequences.”

But Bolton is not likely to be the best of witnesses, considering his credibility has previously been called into question by, of all people, House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff.

The announcement of the continuing investigations into Trump could not have come at a worse time for Democrats, either.

With the 2020 elections only nine months away, the left is finding itself in a precarious political position.

A Democrat-led House was able to impeach Trump on shaky, partisan grounds, but was not able to secure his removal. It’s unlikely that public approval will soar if they try to impeach Trump a second time.

Democrats are also fresh off of a humiliating disaster in the Iowa caucuses, suggesting that the party which has harped on open and transparent elections isn’t even able to conduct one in a rural state.

Nadler’s announcement came after Trump’s magnificently successful State of the Union address.

While the president promised that the best is yet to come, Democrats’ attempt to steal the spotlight with boycotts and temper tantrums only served to underscore the fact that the party’s vision is clouded by hatred of Trump.

With the majority in the House, it’s not impossible that Democrats will be able to muster the votes to impeach Trump again. But what will this “victory” cost them in the end?

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: It Looks Like Nadler Is Preparing a 2nd Impeachment Attempt

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is now hinting that President Donald Trump is at fault for a downed civilian airliner seemingly shot down by Iranian forces.

The Democratic presidential candidate made the suggestion Thursday after news of Iran’s involvement in the Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 disaster broke.

The passenger jet was carrying 176 people when it crashed Wednesday, killing everyone on board. It is now thought to have been brought down by Iranian anti-aircraft fire.

Iranian AA batteries were likely on high alert after having fired a missile salvo at American forces in Iraq, a situation that could have potentially led them to misidentify and then fire on the Boeing 737.

Despite the fact that Trump was more than 6,000 miles away, Mayor Pete found a way to include him in the tragedy.

“Innocent civilians are now dead because they were caught in the middle of an unnecessary and unwanted military tit for tat,” Buttigieg wrote in response to a CBS News tweet saying, “U.S. officials are confident Iran shot down Ukrainian passenger jet carrying 176 people.”

“My thoughts are with the families and loved ones of all 176 souls lost aboard this flight,” he said.

Buttigieg seemingly refused to place blame solely on Tehran despite the fact that hours before allegedly shooting down the civilian airliner, Iran was busy aggressively bombarding U.S. positions and rightfully fearful of reprisal.

It’s a far-fetched theory that Trump had anything to do with the actions of a seemingly incompetent Iranian anti-aircraft site.

A more likely proposition is that troops manning the missile site were unable to differentiate between the radar signature of a single civilian airliner and a hostile U.S. force.

Iran originally claimed the 737’s crash was the result of a catastrophic mechanical failure. Once evidence implicating a surface-to-air missile strike was the more likely culprit, the Islamic Republic quickly changed its story in an apparent attempt to muddy the waters.

Luckily for Iran, it can rely on Buttigieg and some other Democratic leaders to run interference for it.

Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington referred to the killing of Iranian terror leader Qassem Soleimani as an “assassination” in an apparent attempt to paint Trump’s drone strike as something other than a rightful military action.

Later, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts hesitated to call Soleimani a terrorist on national television.

Placing America over a terroristic nation should be a no-brainer. For these politicians, it appears to be a little more complicated than that.

With the 2020 election closing in, seeing Democrats’ true colors is more important now than ever.

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: Buttigieg Suggests Trump Is at Fault for Iran Shooting Down Civilian 737

Sometimes you just have to feel sorry for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Her leadership in the House has been the subject of criticism from factions in the Democratic Party, with new lawmakers like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota clashing with Pelosi over their refusal to fall in line with their party’s old guard.

Now, at least one Democratic candidate in Pelosi’s home state of California is using the House speaker as a punching bag during his own campaign to win a seat in Congress in an upcoming special election.

Cenk Uygur, founder of leftist progressive group The Young Turks, took to Twitter on Dec. 27 to attack Pelosi over her connections to the insurance industry.

He even implied the House speaker held some responsibility for the deaths of 45,000 uninsured people.

Uygur, a supporter of Medicare for All, asserted Pelosi is at fault for these deaths because she perpetuates the private insurance industry, which the fledgling candidate claimed has Pelosi in its pocket.

“[Then-Kentucky Governor] Matt Bevin appears to have taken a bribe to release a murderer,” Uygur tweeted. “But I don’t know why the FBI is investigating. These bribes are perfectly legal in America. They’re called campaign contributions.”

“When Nancy Pelosi took bribes from insurance companies and 45,000 people died,” Uygur continued, “because they didn’t have private health insurance, we didn’t call that a bribe.”

Socialized medicine — and Pelosi’s apparent stonewalling of it — seems to be at the center of Uygur’s brutal attacks on the House speaker.

This appeal to the radical socialist left is a seemingly sound strategy for any Democrat hoping to convince Californians to vote for them. With this attack on Pelosi for not being liberal enough, Uygur confirms exactly where he lies on the political spectrum.

Now, Pelosi has to contend not only with upset constituents confronting her at football games, but people in her own party who are more than happy to make an example of party leadership.

Although Pelosi’s seat seems safe for now, the same can’t be said for many other Democratic-held positions across the country.

With the 2020 elections looming, it remains to be seen if Pelosi’s leadership and the infighting it has caused will cost Democrats at the polls.

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: Pelosi Confronted by Member of Own Party, Blamed for Dead Americans

An ad running in a state vital for President Donald Trump’s re-election is pushing a lie on unsuspecting voters.

Although the ad from American Bridge 21st Century PAC shows Pennsylvanian Mark Graham, a man who claims to have voted for Trump in 2016 and regretted his decision, WJET-TV confirmed that the man never even cast a ballot in that year’s elections.

Despite being a total lie, the video is still up and running, accessible by millions of Pennsylvanians who will vote in the upcoming 2020 elections.

“I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 because I thought he would make a change,” Graham falsely claims in the video.

Graham then spends the rest of the minute-long ad appealing to Pennsylvanians to avoid supporting Donald Trump at all costs, even likening voting for him to pouring “gasoline on a fire.”

Watch the full video below.

It doesn’t appear the PAC responsible for the ad is keen to correct it, either.

Comments on the YouTube video are disabled by the group, preventing anyone watching it from being informed about the deceptive nature of the ad’s message. The video of Graham is also the only piece of content on the PAC’s Pennsylvania page.

“The ad is false, its premise is false and it’s messenger has been discredited,” Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas said in a news release, according to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Patriot-News.

“The organization could easily have determined that Graham had not voted in 2016 by checking the publicly available records at the Erie County elections office.”

In a state in which more than 6 million people voted in the 2016 elections, Trump won by a thin margin — fewer than 50,000 votes. Despite how close this state’s race was, all 20 electoral votes went to Trump thanks to his narrow win.

American Bridge’s video, which has been on YouTube since Nov. 12, has been viewed over 53,000 times.

Ads pushing outright lies like this in such a closely contested state will no doubt have an effect at the polls.

The PAC behind the untruth is targeting not only Pennsylvania voters but those in other potential battleground states as well. Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida are all subjects of videos from the anti-Republican organization.

If anti-Trump groups continue to run with blatant lies like this leading up to the 2020 election, there’s no telling the damage that will come from it.

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: Turns Out ‘Regretful Trump Voter’ in Swing State Ad Never Even Voted in 2016

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg scored a $1 million dollar prize thanks to her history of liberal court decisions, though the organization making the payout has a worrying background.

The Berggruen Institute announced Wednesday that its 2019 Berggruen Prize for Philosophy & Culture would go the Ginsburg, essentially because she’s used her position to advance liberal causes.

“Throughout her career, Ginsburg has used the law to advance ethical and philosophical principles of equality and human rights as basic tenets of the USA,” institute founder Nicolas Berggruen said in a news release.

“Her contributions have shaped our way of life and way of thinking and have demonstrated to the world the importance of the rule of law in disabling discrimination.”

Considering the release calls Ginsburg a “trailblazer for human rights and gender equality,” it’s clear that Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch are not likely candidates for next year’s prize.

The prize money will be directed to organizations and charities of Ginsburg’s choice.

The most worrying aspect of this entire competition is the Berggruen Institute’s background.

The institute is a pro-China think tank that unashamedly supports China’s invasive social credit system, which allows that country’s communist regime to exert even more control over its citizens’ lives.

Another project by the organization, The WorldPost, seeks to push its dangerous liberal narrative on the internet via willing outlets like The Washington Post.

The WorldPost is a dizzying mix of radical environmentalism, anti-right fearmongering and cheerleading for China’s oppressive government.

Just last week, the project published an article warning that climate change could lead to a surge in right-wing environmentalists. In the piece, the institute’s vice president of programs, Nils Gilman, predicted a world in which climate-conscious conservatives shoot refugees at the border.

In another shocking post, the organization gave its take on the Hong Kong crisis.

“Only Beijing can help reduce inequality in Hong Kong,” writer Chandran Nair asserted, “but a large portion of the population view the Chinese government as a threat to their freedom.”

Sure, Chinese paramilitary forces are massing in the area surrounding Hong Kong, apparently ready to take the port city at the point of a bayonet, but let’s focus on inequality that the communists can’t even seem to fix in their own country.

With these viewpoints in mind, the “prize” for Ginsburg’s use of the law is even more worrying.

If a Supreme Court justice is eligible for trophies and money simply because of their stance on an issue, at what point do we need to begin considering whether their impartiality is affected?

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: RBG Gets $1 Million Prize for Her Liberal Court Decisions

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