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Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi snapped at a reporter during a press conference Thursday, referring to him as “Mr. Republican talking points.”

“I wonder if you could explain to the American people why the legal rights of the whistle-blower should prevail in this political setting over those of President Trump who should ordinarily enjoy a right to confront his accuser?” Sinclair reporter James Rosen asked.

“Well, let me just say this. I will say to you, Mr. Republican talking points, what I said to the president of the United States,” Pelosi replied. “When you talk about the whistle-blower, you’re coming into my wheelhouse.”

“I have more experience in intelligence than anybody in the Congress anybody who has ever served 25 years on the committee as top Democrat, ex officio, as speaker and leader. I was there when we wrote the whistleblower laws,” she continued.

“The whistleblower is there to speak truth to power and have protection for doing that, and any, any retribution or harm coming to a whistleblower undermines our ability to hear truth about power.”

The House kicked off public impeachment hearings Wednesday, with Democrat House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff focusing on charges related to abuse of power and possible obstruction.

Pelosi long resisted calls for impeachment from the progressive wing of her party, but following a whistleblower complaint about President Trump and Ukraine, she is now fully on board with the impeachment process.

Author: Justin Caruso

Source: Daily Caller: Nancy Pelosi Snaps At Reporter, Calls Him ‘Mr. Republican Talking Points’

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar called President Trump and his defenders hypocrites Saturday following reports that the president cancelled a secret meeting with the Taliban at Camp David.

“Hypocrites!” Rep. Omar responded to a Twitter user who said, “I find it funny that the same people who vilified @IlhanMN for speaking about Al Qaida, saying she was mocking 9/11, are vehemently DEFENDING Trump for inviting the very terrorist org who harbored Bin Laden in Afghanistan to Camp David just days before 9/11… mocking 9/11.”

In another tweet, the congresswoman quote-tweeted an old tweet from Trump where he criticized former president Obama over negotiating with the Taliban.

“Seriously, how can people stand for such hypocrisy?” Omar wrote.

News broke Saturday that President Trump was planning to meet with Taliban leaders, as well as members of the government of Afghanistan for a secret summit at Camp David on Sunday.

Trump cancelled the meeting at the last minute due to a Taliban attack in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed one American soldier and 11 others.

“Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major Taliban leaders and, separately, the President of Afghanistan, were going to secretly meet with me at Camp David on Sunday. They were coming to the United States tonight.”

“Unfortunately, in order to build false leverage, they admitted to…an attack in Kabul that killed one of our great great soldiers, and 11 other people. I immediately cancelled the meeting and called off peace negotiations. What kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position?” Trump said in a series of tweets.

“They didn’t, they…only made it worse! If they cannot agree to a ceasefire during these very important peace talks, and would even kill 12 innocent people, then they probably don’t have the power to negotiate a meaningful agreement anyway. How many more decades are they willing to fight?” he added.

The United States has repeatedly negotiated with the Taliban, but has yet to reach any kind of final deal.

America has been at odds with the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban since October 2001, when the U.S. attacked the group for allowing al-Qaeda terrorists to train and organize in their territory.

The Taliban once controlled most of Afghanistan, but lost much of their territory following American military action in the country. However, the Taliban once again controls much of the country; according to some reports, almost half of Afghanistan is under some kind of Taliban control.

President Trump has repeatedly pushed the United States to reduce their troop presence in Afghanistan, however, many fear that the nation could become another hub for terrorists if the U.S. leaves completely.

Author: Justin Caruso

Source: Daily Caller: Ilhan Omar Rips Into Trump Over Cancelled Meeting With Taliban: ‘Such Hypocrisy’

A panel on CNN’s Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer reacted live on air to news that the Mueller report has concluded and resulted in no new indictments by admitting that President Trump has won a “huge victory.”

“He’s been vindicated by them,” Evan Pérez said of President Trump and the Mueller report.

“And then he’s now vindicated, exactly,” Gloria Borger said.

“You know–how do you manage that politically? I mean, we obviously can’t jump the gun here. We have to see what comes out from Barr, and what’s in the report. But if I’m at Mar-A-Lago with the president, as Pamela has been reporting, the lawyers are … that I would be very happy,” she added.

Later, a panel member concluded that the Mueller report was in fact a “huge victory” for President Trump.

“A couple of victories here,” CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz said.

“The president did not have to sit down for an interview. They were so concerned about that, because he’d get caught up in lies–and there’d be perjury traps. Okay, so that’s now over. No more people being indicted. Sealed, unsealed–no more indictments. Mueller is done. Huge victory for the president,” he said.

Special counsel Robert Mueller concluded the Russia investigation and turned over his report to Attorney General Willian Barr Friday afternoon. According to multiple reports, there will be no further indictments in the report, sealed or unsealed.

According to ABC News, President Trump is reportedly “glad it’s over.”

Author: Justin Caruso

Source: Breitbart: CNN Reacts to Mueller News: ‘Huge Victory for the President,’ Trump ‘Vindicated’

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