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Sorry about letting this fall through the crack folks. We all know that the polling is looking nutty. I mean, Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump by 10-17 points in some of these laughable polls. You can’t be ahead by that much and be struggling in Miami-Dade County. You can’t be up that much and with some recent polls showing Trump and Biden are tied in Michigan. When Michael Moore is worried, noting the enthusiasm gap and the race tightening in his home state, you know the race isn’t a lock for Biden. The former VP has his work cut out for him in Pennsylvania as well. And what about the GOP samples. In some of these polls, the sample size is D+10. We’re not going to have that type of electorate in less than a month’s time.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh zeroed-in on how these pollsters are picking their GOP samples. To no one’s shock, they’re skewing these surveys by overloading it with suburban Republican voters who are more hostile to Trump. And of course, they averse to sampling rural Republicans who are die-hard Trump supporters. In essence, the ‘R-split’ are pretty much soft Democrats at this point, as suburban voters are notoriously squishy with zero backbone.

Author Larry Schweikart had a thread as he listened to Limbaugh elaborate on what a pollster told him about how this funny business is working out from his September 28 broadcast. Why are they doing this? Well, Rush said it’s simple: the fake news press will provide all the cover.

At the time, Rasmussen Reports’ Twitter account responded, “Yet another AAPOR [American Association for Public Opinion Research] election flop autopsy whitewash report will be generated by next January – as in 2016-2017 – and it will receive somber coverage then promptly buried.”

Look, again, there’s no middle. Either the pollsters are right this time and we’re wrong or the opposite is true. If it’s the latter, Lord help us all, as it’ll be a 1980 election scenario, but one where Biden wins BIG. If not, it’s another Electoral College landslide for Trump, who will probably clinch over 300 EC votes again. We’ll see.

In the meantime, VP Pence and Kamala Harris are duking it out right now. Please join us.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Here’s More Funny Business Regarding How Pollsters Sample Republicans for their Anti-Trump Polls

Well, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are pretty much dragging their feet on a COVID relief package because it could give President Trump a legislative win before the election and better the chances of the GOP keeping the Senate. It makes sense. Democrats say they’re for the working man…by totally screwing him. Yet, a new development has occurred that could give Trump a legislative win before Election Day.

Moderate Democrats might go forward with a discharge petition to force a vote on a relief bill. These Democrats are from competitive districts, ones that are right-leaning that broke ranks during the 2018 Midterms. These Democrats are feeling pressure at home to get something done. The Senate game plan for Democrats has been blown up with the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Now, the conservative base will be jacked up as Republicans move to fill her vacancy—and nothing unites the GOP base more than getting a conservative judge on the Court. And everyone on the Hill knows the GOP will succeed. All loose ends are tied on the GOP side. All the more reason to pass the bill. I mean, it should’ve been done weeks ago, but RBG’s passing now upends any reason for delay. Trump is going to come out on top before Election Day, no matter what. Might as well give suffering families relief to make yourself look less of a total a** (via The Hill) [emphasis mine]:

A number of moderate House Democrats are on the cusp of endorsing a GOP resolution to force a vote on emergency aid for small businesses, according to sources familiar with the plan.

The centrist Democrats — currently numbering about a dozen — are “strongly considering” the act of signing on to a procedural measure, known as a discharge petition, designed to force floor action on legislation extending the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), said a senior Democratic aide associated with the Democrats’ moderate wing.

That figure falls a handful short of the number of Democrats the Republicans need to reach 218 signatures on their discharge petition — the tally required to force legislation to the floor.

But the number is growing, said the aide, as party moderates — including front-line members facing tough reelections in November — become increasingly frustrated with the inability of party leaders to reach a deal with the White House on another round of coronavirus stimulus.

If those centrist Democrats do peel away to join the GOP’s gambit, it could also have the political effect of undermining the hard-line negotiating strategy of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is seeking a comprehensive, $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package — and has refused to break it apart to vote on any piecemeal provisions.

Republicans have proposed extending unemployment benefits, signaled that they could be flexible on new spending, and there is unallocated money for food and school programs in past COVID relief packages. PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff brought this up in August, which triggered Pelosi. It exposed her position as being entirely political. She’s a horrible, horrible woman. Evil, really. And now her plan just got a bullet to the face. It’s dead. Her party will lose a SCOTUS fight before the 2020 election, and now there’s a growing revolt in the moderate wing of her party that could bring a legislative win to Trump as well.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Uh Oh: Moderate Dems Could Revolt Against Nancy Over COVID Relief

The liberal media is just loving that the economy is in dire shape thanks to the overblown reaction to the coronavirus. Prior to the pandemic, the economy was unstoppable, unemployment across the board had reached record lows, job creation was through the roof, and the markets were reacting positively to Trump’s agenda. So, of course, you know the liberal media was hoping something would wreck it. Comedian Bill Maher openly wished for this. Forget the economic pain that will be inflicted on millions of Americans, which leads to increased anxiety, depression, and suicide rates. They don’t care because they’re bad people—all of them. So, let’s kick off why the latest economic report is straight trash. Apparently, the economy shrank at an annualized rate of over 30 percent…in the second quarter (via AP):

The U.S. economy shrank at a dizzying 32.9% annual rate in the April-June quarter — by far the worst quarterly plunge ever — when the viral outbreak shut down businesses, throwing tens of millions out of work and sending unemployment surging to 14.7%, the government said Thursday.

The Commerce Department’s estimate of the second-quarter decline in the gross domestic product, the total output of goods and services, marked the sharpest such drop on records dating to 1947. The previous worst quarterly contraction, a 10% drop, occurred in 1958 during the Eisenhower administration.

Last quarter’s drop followed a 5% fall in the January-March quarter, during which the economy officially entered a recession triggered by the virus, ending an 11-year economic expansion, the longest on record in the United States.

Yeah, it’s not true. It’s really 9.5 percent. It’s still not good, but not 32.9 percent, hence the operative word here: annual. As veteran GOP data cruncher and pollster Logan Dobson noted, “if GDP continued to fall at that rate for a full year, it would be 32.9% (that’s what “annualized” means, NBC), but that is not what happened in the 2nd quarter.” This is just the facts. It’s misinformation. It’s meant to tank the markets. It’s meant to give the Biden camp and the Democrats more ammunition because you know this is being drafted into fundraising emails as we speak.

This is classic fake news.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Fake News: Why You Shouldn’t Believe the Liberal Media Over the Latest Economic Report

It’s over. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is finally out of legal purgatory. As Katie wrote, the DC Appeals Court finally ruled that the case against him should be dismissed. They torched the main argument doled out by retired Judge John Gleeson, who argued against the Department of Justice’s motion to dismiss the case. That’s what’s funny about this whole affair and exposes the explicit hackery on the bench here. There was no case. The DOJ motion outlined clear evidence of misconduct on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The prosecutor resigned. The defense sure as hell wasn’t going to deny the motion. All parties agreed: drop the case. Yet, Judge Emmet Sullivan, who said that Flynn was a traitor, decided to double-down. Not only did he refuse to dismiss the case, he tapped Gleeson to fight the motion and see whether Flynn could be charged with—get this—perjury. Why? Well, Flynn was pressured into a plea deal for “lying to the FBI,” which he only did when the Special Counsel’s Office threatened him with financial ruin.

It was a political witch-hunt; one could argue a political assassination. The anti-Trump elements in DC took him out over phone calls; run-of-the-mill diplomatic phone calls with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. And we now know, based on former disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s notes we know that even James Comey admitted that the calls were not out of the ordinary or even improper. They were “legit.” Strzok was also the man who reportedly signed off on the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into Russian collusion that set off this circus in 2016.

Sullivan actually allowed amicus briefs to be filed as well. So, every anti-Trump legal mind could take a swipe at Flynn. He outsourced the prosecution. It’s madness. Oh, and Gleeson just happened to work for the firm that is presenting Sally Yates, the DOJ’s resister-in-chief, who refused to enforce Trump’s executive order on immigration. Flynn’s new legal team under Sidney Powell, which was assembled in 2019, said new evidence will show that Flynn was the victim of a plot within the FBI. That proved to be true; Comey and Andrew McCabe, both former disgraced FBI officials, were gunning for Flynn at all costs. When Sullivan tried to keep this act going, Powell filed a writ of mandamus that was granted by the appeals court, who could have rejected it outright.

So, will this anti-Flynn judge drop the case? Well, Margot Cleveland wrote in The Federalist that he could opt to keep this clown show going:

…as the respondent to Flynn’s petition for mandamus, Sullivan has the same options a normal litigant would have, including seeking review of the panel decision by the entire D.C. Circuit or requesting review by the United States Supreme Court.

Given that Judge Robert Wilkins dissented from the majority opinion, authored by Judge Neomi Rao and joined by Judge Karen Henderson, Sullivan might just opt for open defiance. Such a course of action would be a mistake, though, as Rao penned a cautious opinion, focused on separation-of-powers concerns, that has an extremely limited reach. The majority opinion eviscerated every argument presented in Wilkins’ dissent.

Rarely do federal appellate courts go en banc to rehear a case with narrow reach, and it would be even rarer for the Supreme Court to intervene in a case unlikely ever to arise again.

So Sullivan’s chances of success are low, and any attempt to push forward now would only fossilize his already-bare anti-Trump and anti-Flynn bias. Sullivan’s better course of action would be to immediately grant the government’s motion to dismiss in a short order that framed his earlier rulings and his appointment of an amicus as a concern for transparency. Then, by feigning disgust over the brief Gleeson submitted, Sullivan could extricate himself from the swamp he created.

If he were wise, Sullivan would also make note of the additional exculpatory evidence just turned over by the Department of Justice.

Let’s not forget how this all came about. The FBI weaponized a biased piece of political opposition research called the Trump dossier, which was compiled by ex-British spook Christopher Steele and financed by the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was used to secure a spy warrant against former Trump campaign official Carter Page, used to launch a spy operation against the campaign proper with Crossfire Hurricane, and Flynn’s calls were also part of this nonsensical pursuit of trying to find Russian collusion. There was none. There is no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. And even when the FBI interviewed Flynn over these calls, the agents reported back that they felt he didn’t lie to them. That brings into view the 302 report on the matter, which took three weeks to file. Department policy says these reports should be filed within five days and it was edited by FBI officials who weren’t even at the Flynn interview, another grave deviation.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: It Looks Like the Anti-Flynn Judge Could Defy Appeals Court and Keep This Clown Show Going

President Trump is reportedly about to clean house at the inspector general level. After defeating the Democratic Party’s shoddy impeachment push in February, it was clear that the administration needed to take a more aggressive approach in removing Obama-era inspector generals who the administration think is just acting as another arm in the deep state war against the Trump White House. They’re not wrong. Susan Crabtree at RealClearPolitics wrote that this is going to happen soon. It’s already begun, with Michael Atkinson, the inspector general for the intelligence community, being given his pink slip last Friday evening. Atkinson was a key person who set the whole Trump-Ukraine impeachment train rolling, a story that was even shoddier than the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense that engulfed the liberal media for two years. In both stories, there was little direct evidence showing that Trump did anything wrong. There was a lot of liberal hot air and temper tantrums over circumstantial evidence at best—though Democrats did honor a promise to their base: impeaching Trump. Also, this whole circus distracted the administration from the rising Wuhan coronavirus threat, but that’s a tale for another time.

There are several acting Obama IGs are still working and they may soon be hearing two words from Trump in the coming days or weeks: ‘You’re fired’ (Via RCP):

White House officials are taking a critical look at the records of several administration inspectors general, part of the cadre of internal agency watchdogs tasked with serving as the first line of defense against government malfeasance and corruption.

President Trump often refers to government waste as part of the Washington “swamp” he has vowed to drain – but the phrase has also become shorthand for bureaucratic resistance to his agenda and policies. Putting inspectors general, or IGs, under the microscope is the latest push in Trump’s post-impeachment purge of government officials whom the president and his conservative supporters say have worked to undermine his agenda and sabotage political appointees’ efforts to carry it out, several sources familiar with the discussions have told RealClearPolitics.

Trump, more so than other presidents, has made little secret of his distrust of high-profile inspectors general. In a mid-December tweet, the president accused Michael Horowitz, the FBI’s IG, of overlooking bias at the bureau in his final report on the way the agency handled its investigation into alleged Trump campaign ties to Russia. He also reminded the public that Horowitz had been appointed by President Obama.

Heightened monitoring of IG investigations and their findings has yet to lead to anyone’s ouster, but key administration officials and Trump allies are urging the president to do some housecleaning and get rid of Obama-era watchdogs sprinkled throughout the administration. Several acting inspectors general appointed during the Obama administration are still operating at key government agencies, including the Department of Defense and the Treasury Department.

“The federal bureaucracy has gone to war with the Trump administration, and their people have targeted and taken out many Trump’s officials,” a former White House official told RCP.

Yet, while the impeachment nonsense might be part of Trump’s renewed interest in cleaning house, Crabtree noted the reported bo jangling in behalf of Department of Defense Inspector General Glenn Fine, an Obama appointee, over former Trump official Adam Lovinger as one of the main reasons why Trump is looking to get rid of these swampy creatures. She wrote that Lovinger was a former member of the National Security Council, who was removed from the administration, clipped by shoddy allegations that he mishandled classified information. He’s been on paid leave for three years, with no final report being submitted by Fine. Crabtree calls the Lovinger case the cause celebre for Trump’s inner circle regarding removings these IGs.

Of course, this should have been done sooner, but Trump had to issue executive orders on immigration, get tax cuts done, remove red tape, and get the economy restarted after years of anemic growth under Obama. He also had to get border security and the wall done, the latter of which is being done piecemeal, thanks to former Speaker Paul Ryan outright lying to Trump when the former pleaded with the president not to veto an omnibus bill. Ryan promised to get the wall funding date but decided to retire and sit on his hands for the rest of the 2018 cycle.

Trump had a lot to do; we all know this. And it doesn’t help that not many people wanted to work for the man when he won in 2016. Hence, why we had Sally Yates serving as acting attorney general, the first person to fire a deep state salvo by refusing to defend or enforce the president’s executive order on immigration that the liberal media stupidly called the “Muslim ban.” Better late than never for sure, but the damage has been done concerning enacting key parts of this president’s agenda that the American people want. These longtime public servants should elicit suspicion from everyone. The longer you work here, the greater the chance that you’re an enemy of the president. It’s about time we boot these Obamaites and get Trump’s people in there. And no, this isn’t unprecedented. As Elizabeth Vaugh noted at RedState, Reagan cleaned house, firing 13 inspector generals after he pummeled Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Two Words Several Inspector Generals Should Expect to Hear From President Trump Fairly Soon

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just got some bad news from Mitch McConnell. Any talk about another stimulus isn’t going to happen. She may draft a bill, but it’ll meet a swift death in the Republican-controlled Senate. Mitch is the legislative grim reaper for most of what the Democratic House sends his way (via The Hill):

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) hit the brakes Tuesday on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) plan to move ahead with a fourth stimulus package that would include major infrastructure spending and other Democratic priorities.

“I think we need to wait a few days here, a few weeks, and see how things are working out,” McConnell said on “The Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“Let’s see how things are going and respond accordingly,” he added. “I’m not going to allow this to be an opportunity for the Democrats to achieve unrelated policy items that they would not otherwise be able to pass.”

McConnell’s remarks came the same day that President Trump encouraged Congress to pass a $2 trillion infrastructure bill as the next piece of coronavirus legislation.

Pelosi is also mulling a rollback of the SALT taxes, which would be nothing short of a giveaway to millionaires. And by the giveaway, it would be something of a $620 billion tax cut for them. Remember, this is the party of the working people, or so they say, and a part of me hopes she goes aggressive on this, so we can see Bernie Sanders gum up the Democratic works for a bit. There is no way a hardcore lefty would back this nonsense. Yet, there’s another reason why Mitch isn’t rushing on the House Democrats’ stimulus reloaded plans. They’re off. They won’t be back to work until April 20. And The Hill added that Mitch hasn’t forgotten about judges, adding that the Kentucky Republican’s motto is “leave no vacancy behind.”

Democrats are using the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak to get items on their goodie bag list passed. That won’t happen with Mitch around.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Grim Reaper Mitch to Pelosi: I’m Going to Kill Your Stimulus Plan

The Chinese are to blame for this Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Their containment methods were laughable, their officials refused to inform the public, and people died. They allowed Wuhan to celebrate Chinese New Year, exposing potentially tens of thousands to the disease. Some five million left the city before they enacted a quarantine. And now we’re hearing that they knew about human transmissions. The Wall Street Journal’s piece on how this whole international fiasco began all but places the blame where it should rightfully be directed: China

It was on Dec. 10 that Wei Guixian, a seafood merchant in this city’s Hua’nan market, first started to feel sick. Thinking she was getting a cold, she walked to a small local clinic to get some treatment and then went back to work.

Eight days later, the 57-year-old was barely conscious in a hospital bed, one of the first suspected cases in a coronavirus epidemic that has paralyzed China and gripped the global economy. The virus has spread around the world and sickened more than 100,000.

For almost three weeks, doctors struggled to connect the dots between Ms. Wei and other early cases, many of them Hua’nan vendors. Patient after patient reported similar symptoms, but many, like her, visited small, poorly resourced clinics and hospitals. Some patients balked at paying for chest scans; others, including Ms. Wei, refused to be transferred to bigger facilities that were better-equipped to identify infectious diseases.

When doctors did finally establish the Hua’nan link in late December, they quarantined Ms. Wei and others like her and raised the alarm to their superiors. But they were prevented by Chinese authorities from alerting their peers, let alone the public.

One of the first doctors to alert Chinese authorities was criticized for “spreading rumors” after sharing with a former medical-school classmate a test result showing a patient had a coronavirus. Another doctor had to write a self-criticism letter saying his warnings “had a negative impact.”

And now, there are reports that Chinese scientists destroyed evidence about the virus back in December (via The Times UK):

Chinese laboratories identified a mystery virus as a highly infectious new pathogen by late December last year, but they were ordered to stop tests, destroy samples and suppress the news, a Chinese media outlet has revealed.

A regional health official in Wuhan, centre of the outbreak, demanded the destruction of the lab samples that established the cause of unexplained viral pneumonia on January 1. China did not acknowledge there was human-to-human transmission until more than three weeks later.

The detailed revelations by Caixin Global, a respected independent publication, provide the clearest evidence yet of the scale of the cover-up in the crucial early weeks when the opportunity was lost to control the outbreak. Censors have been rapidly deleting the report from the Chinese internet.

Those who do slam the Chinese government’s antics vanish, as National Review’s Jim Geraghty noted, among other things. One doctor in Wuhan tried to raise the red flags about this virus in December and the state came down on her (via Business Insider):

A Wuhan doctor said she wishes she could rewind the clock to December when she first sounded the alarm about a new pneumonia-like virus — only to back away after being reprimanded by Chinese officials.

Ai Fen, director of Wuhan Central Hospital’s emergency department, told Chinese magazine People that a colleague sent her a diagnostic report in late December of a worrying infection that mirrored severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), according to the South China Morning Post.

Ai shared a picture of the report on a WeChat group on December 30, and then its members circulated that photo more widely. Whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang, 34, who was silenced by Chinese officials and then died of the COVID-19 virus, was part of that group.

Ai said she also gave hospital authorities a heads-up about the virus.

“I even grabbed our hospital respiratory department director, who happened to be passing my office, and told him that one of his patients was confirmed to have been infected with a SARS-like virus,” Ai said to People magazine, the Post reported.

…doctors were not allowed to report cases that they encountered.

“It’s fairly easy to fill out the disease reporting form,” a doctor told Caixin. “When we get cases of hepatitis B or other severe infectious diseases, we can make a diagnosis directly on the computer, fill in the infectious disease report in a pop-up window and just click OK.” But “to do that, a diagnosis must be made,” the doctor said.

A law enforcement official visited the hospital on January 12, Caixin reported, and told medical staff that the infectious disease forms could only be completed and submitted with guidance from experts at the city and provincial levels.

The next day, Wang Wenyong, who leads infectious disease control at Wuhan’s Jianghan district disease control center, told Wuhan Central hospital to alter a suspected coronavirus report to say that patients were suffering from other illnesses.

The Chinese knew. They tried to arrogantly suffocate this news with a pillow. They kept medical staff in the dark. They strong-armed doctors who tried to save lives and do the right thing. Like all authoritarian governments, disasters of this scale cannot be allowed to happen. Look how long it took the Soviets to realize that Chernobyl was, uh, a HUGE problem. The same applies here. China didn’t want to look weak, powerless, and ineffective in a massive public health situation. They thought if they ignored it, it would go away. It didn’t. And now they’ve unleashed this mess onto the world. It was them.

It’s all their fault, those pathetic communist morons. But what to do about it needs to wait. We have to get a handle of this thing because the market can’t keep taking 6-10 percent hits every day.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: China Lied And People Died: Chinese Scientists Destroyed Wuhan Coronavirus Evidence in December

Well, maybe this was a predictable result of what appears to be quite a night for former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. He was found in a hotel room last week totally drunk and incapable of speaking with police. Oh, and did we mention that there were bags of meth and reported gay escorts in the room as well? Yes. The other man involved was reportedly suffering a drug overdose. Gillum did not take any drugs or sexual activity, but this is an embarrassing story for one of the state’s rising stars. It’s quite the public relations mess (via Local 10 Miami and Ft. Lauderdale News, local ABC affiliate):

A Democratic party star is facing questions about being alone and inebriated in a Mondrian South Beach Hotel room with a friend who once purported to be “a pornstar performer” online and who ended up hospitalized over a suspected drug overdose.

It all began when Aldo Mejias, a 56-year-old unlicensed physician, who lives near Coral Gables, was so afraid for Travis Dyson’s life that he was forced to call 911.

In a Rent Men profile, Dyson advertised his services as a gay male escort.

Mejias told police officers he entrusted his credit card to Dyson, who also identifies himself on social media as a registered nurse. Dyson allegedly rented room 1107 about 4 p.m. Thursday.

Mejias told police officers he arrived to the room about 11 p.m., and he found Dyson alone with Andrew Gillum, the former mayor of Tallahassee and a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate who interacted with celebrities and was even compared to former President Barack Obama.

Mejias said both Dyson, 30, and Gillum, 40, were vomiting, and when Dyson collapsed he conducted chest compressions and called 911.

Officers reported finding three small clear plastic baggies containing suspected crystal meth on both the bed and floor of the hotel room.

Damage control begins now. Gillum is now entering rehab, calling this night a “wakeup call” (via Politico):

Andrew Gillum said he would withdraw from public life, closing a chapter in his career that took him from the peak of Florida power to a Miami Beach hotel room where he was found inebriated with a man suspected of overdosing on crystal meth.

“This has been a wake-up call for me,” the former Tallahassee mayor said in a written statement Sunday. “Since my race for governor ended, I fell into a depression that has led to alcohol abuse. I witnessed my father suffer from alcoholism and I know the damaging effects it can have when untreated. I also know that alcoholism is often a symptom of deeper struggles.“

“I will be stepping down from all public facing roles for the foreseeable future,” he wrote.

Gillum said he would enter a rehabilitation facility. He apologized and asked for privacy.

Gillum was not arrested over this incident and went home afterward. Yet, it’s clear that he’s trying to make sure he took steps, the responsible steps, in order to blunt attacks from his political opponents in the future. He certainly isn’t leaving politics, but for now—a timeout is needed to reset. He’s a Democrat. He’ll be fine. His allies, especially those in the media will give him plenty of cover. At the same time, with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ approval numbers through the roof across the board, with even 46 percent of Florida Democrats supporting the job he’s doing, Gillum should probably reconsider another stab at the governors’ office. Now, Marco Rubio will be up in 2022. That could be another story.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: After Getting Drunk and Being Found in a Hotel Room with Meth and an Alleged Gay Escort, Andrew Gillum Heads to Rehab

Former Vice President Joe Biden and some in the Democratic Party might want to deny it, but the cat is out of the bag now: they want to destroy the Second Amendment. I know, this really isn’t news. You, loyal readers, have known this was the Democrats’ long game for decades. It’s the reason why some were quite irked when former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, his real name is Robert Francis, said: “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15s” and other firearms that are so-called assault weapons. That’s liberal speak for a gun that looks scary, though owned by millions. To recap, an AR-15 is a rifle owned by millions, it doesn’t fire a high-caliber round, and it’s firing mechanism is no different than a handgun used by millions of civilians and police officers alike. It’s semi-automatic, one bullet per trigger pull.

But and I know I’m preaching to the choir, you already knew that too—that that liberal media doesn’t care about lexicon, knowing the proper terms or the laws because that’s not the point. Gun confiscation is the goal. Period. And white guy Bob blew the game and gave us oodles of political ammunition for multiple cycles. Beto endorsed Biden. Biden, in turn, said he was going to follow his lead on gun control, which is straight-up confiscation. Beto as the nation’s gun czar would be a parade of horrible too terrible to contemplate. And now, Biden has hired his former campaign manager to helm his 2020 bid (via NYT):

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is planning to announce this afternoon that he has hired Jennifer O’Malley Dillon as his new campaign manager, according to two Democratic officials, elevating a veteran Democratic strategist as he tries to scale up his limited organization and pivot toward President Trump and the general election.

Ms. O’Malley Dillon, 43, managed former Representative Beto O’Rourke’s presidential campaign last year and before that was a top aide on former President Barack Obama’s re-election team.

Presidential campaigns always expand as they transition from the primary to the fall election, which Mr. Biden is clearly doing after building a near-insurmountable delegate lead against Senator Bernie Sanders.

But by tapping Ms. O’Malley Dillon as campaign manager, Mr. Biden is also signaling to Democratic donors and elected officials that he knows he has to broaden an operation that, until his Super Tuesday success, had been underfunded.

By installing Ms. O’Malley Dillon now, Mr. Biden is effectively attempting to catch his organization up to his success and status as the Democratic front-runner.

Well, if O’Malley was helming the ‘we’re going to take your guns’ agenda of Beto, then it looks like Biden is pretty open to it as well. Could there be a stop to the Biden hiccups of the campaign trail? We’ll see. Probably not because this is Joe Biden and there are many, many aides tasked with keeping Joey Boy more or less from getting into situations where he makes a fool of himself. Granted, Beto made his pitch that only the government should own firearms on the grounds of…Kent State. You know, where the government shot and killed a couple of students in 1970. And now, we have Joe Biden telling a Michigan voter that he’s “full of s**t” and threatened to slap him after being pressed on gun rights. The voter thinks Biden wants to do that which is why he asked. Katie has more:

The Detroit union worker who former Vice President Joe Biden said was “full of sh*t” for asking about the Second Amendment during a campaign stop this week is speaking out about his experience with the Democratic presidential candidate.

During an interview with Fox and Friends Wednesday morning, Jerry Wayne explained what went down.

“It was a little bit disturbing to see that a politician wants to take away my right to defend myself,” Wayne said. “He doesn’t need to touch anybody’s weapon at all. What we need to do is we need to concentrate on teaching people how to respect firearms and how to use them, not take them away.”

“This is a right we need to protect with our heart and soul and it shouldn’t be infringed,” he continued.

And now, with Mr. gun grabber’s campaign manager now taking over Biden’s operation—let’s say the former VP plans to be like his old boss when it comes to gun rights. He wants to strip them.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Biden’s Latest Campaign Hire Shows Joey Boy Is Putting The Second Amendment in the Crosshairs

Nashua, NH—It was slightly warmer as supporters of former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg line around the Elm Street Middle School in Nashua, New Hampshire—and by warmer, I mean it was a chilly 33 degrees. The line wrapped around the school for the get out the vote rally, which some could say is indicative of the energy this Indiana-based mayor brings to the table. Yet, our own Cortney O’Brien who spoke to Buttigieg supporters in line—I was struggling to find parking at the time—said that some of the voters she spoke to were not all that excited about Mayor Pete. She also said they were cagey and sort of rude unlike the Bernie supporters, who, despite their left-wing dispositions, are very friendly.

As Democrats race to the finish line in the 2020 cycle’s first big primary contest, Trump supporters are making sure to let the Left know they’re here and spooling for that general election fight. At Elm Street Middle School, a retired veteran, a restaurant owner, a member of law enforcement, and some Women for Trump encamped around the Buttigieg line holding those Make America Great Again flags with pride. The Great American Comeback is due to Trump’s policies, not the Democrats. Their snowplows were decked out in MAGA merchandise. They’re ready. They’re energized. And yes, while a couple of drivers passed by yelled at these folks; one guy popped up from his sunroof to yell “Trump is a racist motherf**ker,” at least 100 cars passed by giving their nod to Trump 2020.

It’s not hard to see the appeal to Trump. As he’s demonstrated many times, especially in the last State of the Union, which arguably was one of the best speeches of his presidency, you can see Donald Trump is a cheerleader for America.

Joe from Nashua, a retired veteran, hit that point on the head, noting that Democrats in the past used to be like this.

“JFK stood up for the country. Things were different with the Democrats,” Joe said. Kennedy “stood against the Russians,” but added that things have changed.

“All the Democratic presidents that have been in there after him, Kennedy, and Republican ones, they kicked the s**t down the road. They shut our jobs down, they shipped them overseas, they want bigger government. They don’t want small businesses to exist that’s what it’s all about,” he added.

We all know the liberal media is going to say: opposition to Mayor Pete is based on homophobia. It’s so predictable and untrue. Apparently, scores of gay voters are not thrilled with Pete and side with Elizabeth Warren instead. Joe continued—he was on a roll—saying:

“For me, I don’t care if you’re gay. I don’t care if you’re black…That doesn’t matter to me. Things that matter to me are your policies. I want our country to be safe I want our children to be safe. I want our country to be safe. We help all these countries that have disasters and stuff. All those years they’ve been using our country as a bank they never give anything back and he’s [Trump] changed that. You got to pay your fair share, which none of them were doing.

Another Trump supporter waving a huge MAGA flag was Steve, who was unafraid and two reasons: one he’s KAG 2020 hardcore and second, he’s in law enforcement.

“Of course, I’m going to vote for Trump. We all do. All cops vote Trump, 99 percent because we want law and order. You break the law, you go to jail,” he said. Yet, while that’s a big issue, the bigger one for him as to why he supports this White House is the issue of abortion.

“Trump is pro-life. That’s number one. That’s up to God right there,” as he pointed to the sky.

“HE wants you to vote pro-life.”

Steve further elaborated on why he just cannot even think about voting for a Democrat, as he proudly wore a jacket where Trump was printed on the back as Superman.

“They’re awful,” he added speaking about the Democrats. “They’re anti-America. The Democrats are anti-America. They don’t love America. They couldn’t care less when people come home with one arm, one leg. They couldn’t care less when gang members come into our country—MS-13—killing our kids, no big deal. They think that’s good. That’s why Trump is building that wall for law enforcement and throwing these people the hell out of our country.”

Steve touched on the number one issue that got Donald Trump the nomination and the presidency: immigration—and that remains a salient issue. In non-border states, like Ohio, immigration is consistently ranked in the top three issues for voters, and the Left’s affinity for protecting criminal aliens, expanding sanctuary policies and mulling giving illegals health care only pushes these states further away from Democrats.

There was also an Obama-Trump voter, Mike Velanger, also from Nashua who discussed his political evolution, noting “when Bush was president I used to watch MSNBC and CNN a lot and they bashed him nonstop—not as bad as Trump but it got to the point where I couldn’t stand Bush.” But he added that when he decided to watch Fox News and got a different perspective, his views changed. And even though he voted for Obama once, he quickly fled from that camp once he found out he wasn’t fulfilling his promises.

For Jessica Morgan, a female supporter of Trump and restaurant owner in Nashua, “America First” was what drew her to Trump.

“We can help other countries, she said, “but we need to help ‘us’ first.” Asked if her support for Trump has caused any heartburn with her friends and family, Jessica gave a firm “no,” which is well considering the many horror stories of families being torn apart of an election, which only speaks to how soft American liberalism is at heart. If you’re no persuaded by their authoritarian ethos of larger government, higher taxes, fewer jobs, and anemic economic growth—you must be destroyed. You’re either a sexist, racist, misogynist or some toxic cocktail of all three. It’s pathetic. But these Trump supporters and there are scores of them here are letting Democrats in the state know that they’re waiting for them in the tall grass and spoiling for a fight.

And I know Democrats are confident for some odd reason, but it should be noted that Joe ran into some students waiting to enter Buttigieg’s event who were voting for Trump, but just wanted to see what Mayor Pete had to say.

“I asked them are you old enough to vote,” he said. “They said ‘Yeah, we’re voting for Trump.”

I’m sure you’ve all seen why Trump and Superman are now a thing:

Pure gold.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: In New Hampshire, Trump Supporters are Letting Democrats Know They’re Ready for Them

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