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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said on Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week,” that Democratic lawmakers have “arrows in our quiver,” when asked if impeachment was a possibility to stop a lame-duck Supreme Court nomination should President Donald Trump lose the White House in November and the vacancy following the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has not been filled.

Anchor George Stephanopoulos said, “Let me press you though on what happens. You want people to get out and vote. And even that’s no guarantee that the White House and Senate Republicans won’t try to push through a Supreme Court nomination in a lame-duck session even if Joe Biden wins on November 3rd, even if Democrats win, pick up seats in the House, and maybe even the Senate. So what can you do then? Some have mentioned the possibility if they try to push through a nominee in a lame-duck session that you and the House can move to impeach President Trump or Attorney General Barr as a way of stalling and preventing the Senate from acting on this nomination.”

Pelosi said, “Well, we have our options. We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now, but the fact is we have a big challenge in our country. This president has threatened to not even accept the results of the election with statements that he and his henchmen have made. So right now, our main goal and I think Ruth Bader Ginsburg would want that to be to protect the integrity of the election, that we protect the American people from the coronavirus.”

Stephanopoulos pressed, “To be clear, you’re not taking any arrows out of your quiver and not ruling anything out.”

Pelosi said, “Yeah, we have a responsibility. We’ve taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We have a responsibility to meet the needs of the American people. That is when we weigh the equities of protecting our democracy requires us to use every arrow in our quiver.”

Author: Pam Key

Source: Breitbart: Pelosi on Using Impeachment to Stop SCOTUS Nomination: ‘We Have Arrows in Our Quiver’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she would not allow President Donald Trump to send federal police officers to quell protests in the city of Chicago.

Lightfoot said, “This is not about working with the Trump administration. For decades now in major cities across the country, FBI, DEA, ATF, those agents have been in our districts and work in concert with local law enforcement to help support a number of efforts, not the least of which is violence in our cities. So the opportunity presented itself under the management of the U.S. attorney here. I stress that because that’s unlike what we saw in Portland, where the Trump administration parachuted in these additional federal agents without consulting anybody locally and ignoring the local U.S. attorney.”

“Very different circumstance here in Chicago,” she continued. “I have drawn a very hard line. We’ll not allow federal troops in our city. We will not tolerate unnamed agents taking people off the street, violating their rights and holding them in custody. That’s not happening here in Chicago. So I have drawn a very, very tight line and made it clear to every federal authority that I’ve spoken with, and they understand that if they cross that line, we will not hesitate to use every tool at our disposal to stop troops and unwanted agents in our city.”

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Author: Pam Key

Source: Breitbart: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: ‘We Will Not Allow Federal Troops in Our City’

Monday on CNN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) argued President Donald Trump should not be taking hydroxychloroquine because he was “morbidly obese.”

Host Anderson Cooper asked, “Madam Speaker, what is your reaction to the president saying he is now taking hydroxychloroquine? Are you concerned?”

Pelosi said, “As far as the president is concerned, he’s our president and I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and in his, shall we say, weight group — morbidly obese they say.”

She added, “So I think it’s not a good idea.”

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Author: Pam Key

Source: Breitbart: Pelosi: Not a Good Idea for ‘Morbidly Obese’ Trump to Take Hydroxychloroquine

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) said federal lawmakers have a “moral” and “ethical” obligation to provide emergency relief to states amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Partial transcript as follows:

TAPPER: So, the position of the White House seems to be that any money for states would be premature. What’s your response, sir?

NEWSOM: Well, it’s not charity. I mean, a year ago, Jake, we were running a $21.5 billion surplus. And here we are at $54.3 billion budget deficit that is directly COVID- induced. We have been managing our budget effectively, efficiently, paying down our long-term pension obligations. We had a bond rating that went up twice last year, the highest in decades. So, we’re not looking for charity. We’re not looking for handouts. It’s social responsibility, at a time when states not just California, large and small, all across this country, cities, and counties, large and small, all across this country are facing unprecedented budgetary stress. It is incumbent upon the federal government to help support these states through this difficult time.

TAPPER: Well, the House passed a bill on Friday night with money for states, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has suggested it’s dead on arrival. Can you explain what you think will happen to California if the federal government doesn’t give you money to help you out?

NEWSOM: Well, these same folks that say it’s dead on arrival, I hope they will consider this. The next time they want to salute and celebrate our heroes, our first responders, our police officers, and firefighters, consider the fact that they are the first ones that will be laid off by cities and counties. The folks that are out there, the true heroes of this pandemic are health care workers and nurses. Those county health systems have been ravaged. Their budgets have been devastated and depleted. Their budget counts depleted since this pandemic. They’re the first ones to be laid off. So, we have got to square our rhetoric with the reality. Twenty percent of Americans are unemployed. In a few weeks, over 100,000 Americans will have lost their lives. These are Depression-era unemployment numbers, and we have to own up to that. So, I’m not looking to score cheap political points, but I do want to make this point, Jake. We have an obligation, a moral, an ethical obligation to American citizens all across this country to help support cities, states and counties.

Author: Pam Key

Source: Breitbart: CA Gov. Newsom: Federal Government Has ‘Moral’ And ‘Ethical’ Obligation to Financially Support States

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms addressed unarmed black jogger Ahmaud Arbery being chased and shot dead allegedly by two white men, Gregory and Travis McMichael in Georgia on February 23.

Host Jake Tapper said, “The shooting happened back on February 23. Authorities had possession of a now-viral video of the shooting from the beginning. But the murder charges were not filed until this past week after the video emerged online and shocked and outraged millions of Americans. Do you think that the two men were only charged because the video became public?”

Lance Bottoms said, “I think that’s absolutely the reason that they were charged. I think had we not seen that video, I don’t believe that they would be charged. And it’s heartbreaking that it’s 2020. This was a lynching of an African-American man. And I think that, you know, my heart goes out to his family. But I think, again, it’s a part of this bigger issue that we are having in this country with the rhetoric we hear coming out of the White House in so many ways, I think that many who are prone to being racist are given permission to do it in an overt way that we otherwise would not see in 2020.”

She added, “You have to remember, Jake, you know, in cities across this country, even if local leadership fails, there was always the backstop of our Justice Department to step in and make sure people are appropriately prosecuted. But we don’t have that leadership at the top right now. It’s disheartening. And I can tell you, I have four kids, three of whom are African-American boys. They are afraid. They are angry, and they are afraid. I think it speaks to the need to have leadership at the top that cares for all of our communities and not just in words but in deeds as well.”

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Author: Pam Key

Source: Breitbart: Atlanta Mayor Bottoms: Trump’s Rhetoric Gave ‘Permission’ in Ahmaud Arbery Shooting

Wednesday on CNN’s “Tonight,” former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice claimed President Donald Trump was “threatened by” former President Barack Obama’s “decency, family values.”

Rice said, “They were not focused on the reality a pandemic was going to happen sometime but could happen any time. That’s why they were so flat flatfooted. It didn’t accord with the president’s new trade deal with China, everything being honky dory, the stock market being high, et cetera. So they deflected and delays and didn’t take the months of January and February to prepare as they must. We have lost thousands of lives, and our economy is far worse off than it had otherwise been — had they been on this from day one.”

Lemon asked, “Why do you think he likes to make the former president the scapegoat and blame the former president and your administration on—for everything, really. Why is that?”

Rice said, “I can only assume and infer that President Trump has some extraordinary insecurity in relation to Barack Obama. Everything that Obama stood for, decency, family values, unity, a country that stood tall and proud, not by dividing but by uniting, is the antithesis of who Donald Trump is. And he’s clearly threatened by it. And he clearly likes to use Obama as a foil for all of these failures.”

She added, “But, you know, there is no covering up from the fact that this administration was not ready, wasn’t ready with the testing, wasn’t ready with the equipment, wasn’t ready with the orders to shut down the economy when that was necessary. And they’re making even bigger mistakes today as they give the governors and localities carte blanche to do whatever they want to do. He takes no responsibility. I mean, this is the thing, Don. Donald Trump says he takes no responsibility at all for anything. So you got to, therefore, blame somebody. If it’s not Obama, it’s China, the World Health organization or whomever, but the pattern is the same, it’s never his responsibility, even three-and-a-half years into his presidency.”

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Author: Pam Key

Source: Breitbart: Susan Rice: Trump Is ‘Threatened by’ Obama’s ‘Decency, Family Values’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host and network legal analyst Sunny Hostin said President Donald Trump was obsessed with former President Barack Obama because he would never be “as smart” or “as successful.”

While the panel was discussing Trump blaming the former administration for a lack of medical supplies in the national stockpile, Hostin said, “Well, it’s not a surprise that he tried to blame President Obama, and President Obama’s administration because he has this obsession with President Obama. I mean, he’ll never be as smart as President Obama or as elegant or eloquent, you know, or as successful. He’ll never look as good in a tan suit. So he, of course, tried to do that.”

She continued, “But I thought what was fascinating about what he said is he somehow implied that he got that test from President Obama’s administration, but what was bizarre was, you know, there weren’t any tests for the coronavirus coming out of the Obama administration. The tests that initially came out for the coronavirus came out under the Trump administration, and those tests were mandated to be made by the CDC by the Trump administration. The CDC never really is in the business of making testing kits for the coronavirus, and so those testing kits were faulty. Those testing kits were problematic, and because of the Trump administration’s decision to have the CDC make those testing kits, Whoopi, the testing was way behind. So as of, I think, March 29th, we only had about 855,000 people tested when Johns Hopkins and other reputable institutions are saying we need to be testing 5 million people a day. So it falls squarely, again, on the Trump administration’s shoulders, not the Obama administration’s shoulders. Okay? ”

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Author: Pam Key

Source: Breitbart: ABC’s Hostin: Trump Will Never Be as Smart, as Elegant, as Successful or Good Looking as Obama

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden touched his face repeatedly while talking about the coronavirus outbreak.

The former Vice President was on for three segments of the show and made several gaffs while discussing the outbreak.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg introduced Biden by saying, “It’s looking more and more like our next guest will be the candidate who I am counting on to send you-know-who packing.”

From his home, Biden said, “Well, what I’m doing is they set up a little bit of a studio here in my home. I’m able to speak to you and doing a lot of remote stuff with the media, number one, but I have a full day I’m working on. For example, I start the morning off with an hour and a half briefing with my medical experts on the health circumstances. They send me all these graphs and layout exactly what the status of things are. And then I have an hour and a half meeting with my economic team, former members of the administration and others who are laying out what they think is about to happen and how we should be dealing with it. I spend time on the phone with our congressional leaders, and then I’m doing a fair number of — there’s no show like yours but doing — doing some shows.”

When asked about the cure being worse than the virus, Biden said, “We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse no matter what. No matter what. We know what has to be done. We know you have to — you’re tired of hearing the phrase, you got to flatten that curve where it’s going up like this, people getting it, and then it comes down. We got to flatten that curve, and we got to make sure that once, in fact, we have this under control, it doesn’t come back.”

In a confusing moment, the vice president said, “I have a map here I want to show you. You can’t see it. A map here from the docs that sent it to me.”

As he rubbed his face, Biden said, “Well look, what I referenced before was back, I think, on March 6 or whatever the date was he said a few things that just weren’t accurate, and I think it’s important people get the facts. The American people can handle the truth, but what they can’t handle is something that’s not true that they believe in a moment, and then they found out it’s not true. They lose confidence.”

A video compiled by Caleb Hull shows Biden repeatedly touching his eyes and face.

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Author: Pam Key

Source: Breitbart: Watch: Biden Touches His Face Repeatedly While Talking About Coronavirus

Democratic presidential hopeful Tom Steyer said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that President Donald Trump was a “terrible economic president.”

Partial transcript as follows:

BRENNAN: You have said because you were a hedge fund manager, that it makes you uniquely qualified, your experience to have a positive economic impact as president. The Federal Reserve chair testified this week that labor force participation, basically, you know, the share of Americans who work is low, is happening because- and in a negative place, because of the opioid crisis and problems with the education system. Is that how you diagnose the problem?

STEYER: Well, let me say this, Mr. Trump is a terrible economic president. He had very short term fixes–

BRENNAN: This was his Federal Reserve chairman.

STEYER: I understand that. I’m going to address the Federal Reserve chairman’s statements. But this has to do with Mr. Trump. He’s running on the economy, but he’s really running on a Mar-a-Lago economy where he’s given big benefits to rich people and big corporations in the short run. What the Federal Reserve chairman is talking about in terms of opioids and education is how you actually develop long term prosperity and justice. And that is by investing in young people through education, specifically including universal pre-kindergarten, and by dealing with issues of health around the country, including the opioid crisis, including mental health. What Mr. Trump is doing is a very superficial short term juice to the economy through his pals at the Mar-a-Lago Country Club and other rich people. And he’s avoiding the actual long term prosperity of Americans that is done by investing in the American people, by making us productive over time. And that means education, health care for every American, a living wage.

Author: Pam Key

Source: Breitbart: Tom Steyer: ‘Trump Is a Terrible Economic President’

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Wednesday on CNN revealed that the Justice Department’s reversal on Roger Stone’s sentence after President Donald Trump’s tweet could be an impeachable offense.

Host Jake Tapper asked, “Might you impeachment him over this, over Roger Stone and the sentencing?”

Swalwell said, “You know, we’re not going to take our options off the table. We don’t wake up in the morning wanting to impeach him.”

He added, “We want to work with him on prescription drugs, background checks, and infrastructure, but we’re not going to let him just torch this democracy because he thinks that he’s been let off once and we’re not going to do something about it.”

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Author: Pam Key

Source: Breitbart: Swalwell: Impeaching Trump Over Roger Stone Is Not ‘Off the Table’

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