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The jobs market finished 2019 on a high note, adding 202,000 new positions to the private sector payrolls in December.

According to an ADP and Moody’s Analytics report released on Wednesday, the service sector provided 173,000 of those positions.

Meanwhile, small and medium sized companies made up a bulk of the hiring, with small businesses (1-49 employees) adding 69,000 new jobs, while midsized employers (50-499 workers) brought on 88,000.

The construction sector saw a 37,000 increase in employment, while the manufacturing sector lost 7,000 positions.

“The service providers posted the largest gain since April, driven mainly by professional and business services. Job creation was strong across companies of all sizes, led predominantly by midsized companies,” said Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and co-head of the ADP Research Institute.

“Manufacturers, energy producers and small companies have been shedding jobs,” noted Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics.

The total 202,000 jobs added “was well above the 150,000 consensus estimate from economists surveyed by Dow Jones and sets the stage for the government’s official count that will be released Friday,” according to CNBC.

ADP also revised its initial November new jobs count from 67,000 to 124,000 created.

Ivanka Trump, who leads the Trump administration’s National Council for the American Worker, touted the gains made while her father has been in office at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

“This is a very very exciting time to be in the work force,” Trump said during her keynote remarks.

“One of the things that I’m really passionate about is there really is this blue collar boom that is taking place,” she added.

“If you look at where wages are rising, they’re rising the fastest in the bottom quintile. They’re rising the fastest for blue collar workers,” Trump said.

The country has been experiencing its lowest unemployment rate since 1969, and the lowest ever for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans.

Meanwhile, hourly wages have risen at their fastest rate in years, with those at the lowest end of the economic spectrum seeing the highest percentage gains.

Since President Donald Trump was elected, 7 million new jobs have been created.

Author: Randy DeSoto

Source: Western Journal: Trump Economy Continues Winning as US Companies Add 202K Workers in December: Report

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler issued his impeachment report early Monday morning, arguing President Donald Trump abused his office, is a threat to the Constitution and must be removed from office as soon as possible.

But under the Democrats’ standard, former President Barack Obama was clearly in violation of it on at least two occasions during his 2012 re-election campaign.

The 658-page report — including a dissent by Republicans on the committee — opens with the two articles of impeachment that the House is expected to vote on and likely pass this week.

The first article alleges Trump “abused the powers of the presidency by ignoring and injuring national security and other vital national interests to obtain an improper political benefit.”

“He has also betrayed the Nation by abusing his high office to enlist a foreign power in corrupting democratic elections,” the article further reads.

Nadler and the Democrats’ charges of wrongdoing stem from Trump’s July 25 with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, during which Trump asked the newly sworn-in leader to look into a March 2016 incident involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor.

In January 2018, Biden bragged he’d demanded the removal of the prosecutor or Ukraine would not be receiving $1 billion in U.S. aid.

The prosecutor happened to be investigating the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings, which was paying Biden’s son Hunter at least $50,000 a month to serve on its board.

Nadler’s first article of impeachment alleges part of Trump’s abuse of power was conditioning payment of $391 million in aid that Congress authorized for Ukraine on the Kyiv government investigating the Bidens and the “discredited theory” that Ukraine interfered in the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

As House Republicans have repeatedly pointed out during the course of the impeachment proceedings to date, no matter how many times the Democrats allege it, Trump did not condition the receipt of military aid on Ukraine taking any actions during his phone call with Zelensky.

Both Zelensky and his foreign minister have stated they felt no pressure to open the investigations, and Trump released the aid in the middle of September with Ukraine not having announced an investigation into the Bidens or 2016 election interference.

So despite what Nadler or House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff may say, these are the facts, and they stand in complete contrast to what the Democrats are selling.

If the Democrats’ new abuse of power standard were to be adopted, Obama was clearly in violation of it during his re-election campaign 2012.

Where were the calls from Democrats that Obama violated his oath office in March 2012, when he asked then-outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in an infamous hot mic moment, to tell incoming President Vladimir Putin that he would have more flexibility after the U.S. election that fall to negotiate about placement of anti-missile defenses in Poland and Romania?

“This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama said, according to Reuters.

In other words, for the sake of his re-election, his own political gain, Obama had to appear to be playing hardball with Russia.

Neither Nadler, Schiff nor then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, nor even the leaders in the Republican Congress, pushed for Obama’s impeachment for putting at risk U.S. security.

He engaged in a quid pro quo: If Putin does not push me on deployment of anti-missile defenses now, I promise I can give him a better outcome for Russia after I’m re-elected.

Was this weakness Obama displayed toward Putin a reason the Russian leader felt he could invade Ukraine with impunity a little over a year into Obama’s second term?

Obama’s collusion, if you will, with Russia in March 2012, wasn’t the only time that year he put his own political interest ahead of that of the United States.

The president also announced his Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program in June of that year.

Obama himself acknowledged two years before he had no constitutional authority to act unilaterally regarding the status of those who are in the country illegally.

When asked about the topic during a 2010 Univision interview, Obama responded, “I am president, I am not king. I can’t do these things just by myself. We have a system of government that requires the Congress to work with the executive branch to make it happen.”

To implement DACA by executive order was a clear political play aimed at helping his re-election prospects.

The Democrats held both houses of Congress — including a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate — during Obama’s first two years in office, yet did nothing to address immigration, despite calls from Hispanic leaders to do so.

Obama could not risk losing support from such a key constituency, so he took the law into his own hands. He failed to faithfully execute the law passed by Congress.

Republicans and even “Saturday Night Live” later pointed out that Obama acted in a lawless fashion, but there were no widespread calls on Capitol Hill to impeach the president, and certainly no impeachment inquiries opened.

The Democrats may be sowing the wind and about to reap the whirlwind in the years ahead with their new “abuse of power” impeachment standard.

Let’s hope the most immediate consequence is the American people voting to return Trump to office and remove Democrats from power in the House in 2020.

Author: Randy DeSoto

Source: Western Journal: Obama Violated Dems’ New Impeachment ‘Abuse of Power’ Standard at Least Twice

As Democrats ramp up their impeachment push, newly released polling shows a majority of Democratic voters now believe President Donald Trump will complete his first term.

The number of Democrats who don’t think Trump will be removed from office before the end of his term has increased to 56 percent, up 7 percentage points from last month’s results, according to a Hill-HarrisX survey.

Meanwhile, 93 percent of Republicans see Trump staying in office, a 4 percentage point increase from October.

Overall, 73 percent of the voters surveyed believe that Trump will complete his first term.

The poll was conducted online among 1,204 registered voters between Nov. 8 and Nov. 9, ahead of Wednesday’s first public testimony in the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry into Trump’s delay of military aid to Ukraine.

At a news conference Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the hearing as a “successful day for truth” and alleged that Trump had engaged in “bribery” for his own political benefit.

In a tweet Wednesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy noted some key facts that work against Pelosi’s allegation.

First, the transcript of Trump’s July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky shows no quid pro quo.

Further, Zelensky has stated on multiple occasions he did not feel pressured by Trump’s phone call to open an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden or his son, Hunter.

Based on testimony by acting U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine Bill Taylor on Wednesday, Ukraine had no knowledge the aid was being withheld until after Trump’s call with Zelensky, making it very hard to argue a quid pro quo had been suggested.

Finally, the aid was in fact released in mid-September.

McCarthy noted that GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York made the point succinctly during Wednesday’s hearing.

“For the millions of Americans viewing today, the two most important facts are the following: Number 1: Ukraine received the aid. Number 2: There was, in fact, no investigation into Biden,” Stefanik said.

Pelosi argued during her Thursday news conference that the American public needs more time to form its views on impeachment.

“Impeaching is a divisive thing in our country. It’s hard,” Pelosi said. “The place that our country is now, it’s not a time where you go to 70 percent when President Nixon walked out of the White House. It wasn’t there before he left, even two weeks before he left until the other shoe fell and he walked out of the door.”

“By the way, what President Trump has done on the record in terms of acting to advantage his, a foreign power to help him in his own election and the obstruction of information about that — the coverup — makes what Nixon did look almost small,” she added.

Gallup found that days before former President Richard Nixon left office in August 1974, 71 percent of Democrats supported his removal from office, and 19 percent did not. Among Republicans, 31 percent felt he should be moved and 59 percent did not.

So there was solid bipartisan support for Nixon to go.

By contrast, 87 percent of Democrats want Trump out of office, but only 7 percent of Republicans do. Ninety-two percent of Republicans oppose Trump’s removal.

As a reminder, Watergate involved the actual crime of breaking into the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., during Nixon’s re-election campaign, and him being caught on tape conspiring to cover up White House involvement.

It is becoming increasing clear, apparently even to Democratic voters, that no smoking gun of Trump wrongdoing exists, because there was in fact no crime.

The president was quick to release the transcript of the call with Zelensky, and proudly stood by his request for Ukraine to investigate public corruption in their country, even if it implicates the Bidens.

Here’s hoping that the Democrats’ purely political impeachment push backfires and propels Trump to a landslide victory in 2020 while returning control of the House to Republicans.

Author: Randy DeSoto

Source: Western Journal: Polling Shows Democrats Have Lost Faith in Impeachment in Just 1 Month

“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg told Newt Gingrich she was not going to let the former House speaker “spin” after he brought up the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign had worked with foreign entities to try and influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

The program then cut to commercial.

The topic came up on Tuesday’s show, when “The View” co-host Abby Huntsman pressed Gingrich on whether it was wrong for President Donald Trump to raise the issue of Joe and Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine on his July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“You admit that it’s an abuse of power though, right, what he did on the phone call?” she asked.

Gingrich did not concede that point, saying he had re-read the transcript of the phone call and saw no evidence of wrongdoing.

A review of the transcript shows Trump made no quid pro quo demand. In fact, the Ukrainians did not know until a month after the call that the Trump administration had directed the aid to be delayed.

He then released it in mid-September with Ukraine not having opened an investigation into the Bidens.

“Then what is [an abuse of power]?” Huntsman wanted to know.

“When I think about a president’s role, if you call a foreign president and you ask them to investigate your opponent in a presidential race … ”

Co-host Sunny Hostin then interjected: “And look into the [Democratic National Committee] server as well.”

“No, I’m actually curious, if that’s not an abuse of power, what is?” Huntsman asked Gingrich.

“What it is is exactly what Hillary Clinton’s campaign did,” Gingrich responded.

“Notice the difference. The Clinton campaign paid to create a dossier … ”

Goldberg then stepped in.

“Hillary — y’all are — tried her, you beat her. She’s not the president. The man who’s the president broke the law,” Goldberg insisted.

“He didn’t break the law. He did not,” Gingrich replied.

However, Goldberg cut him off again, saying, “We’re not going to let you spin,” and the network went to commercial.

Huntsman briefly took up the topic again after the commercial break.

Gingrich explained that Trump was asking the new president of Ukraine in the call to find out the truth.

“It cannot be a crime to try to find the truth,” Gingrich said.

“Sure it can,” Hostin responded.

She argued that Trump should be asking the FBI or other officials in our government to investigate the matter, not a foreign government.

Gingrich then noted this is exactly what Trump said in the call: He hoped Zelensky’s administration would be able to cooperate with Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into interference in the 2016 race and other corruption matters.

Hostin contended that the attorney general should not be working with a foreign government.

It’s unclear how she expects the U.S. government to find out the origin of interference originating from the Ukraine, coordinated in part by a Democratic operative, if he does not.

Hostin insisted it was wrong to be investigating a political opponent in this fashion.

“It’s not investigating a political opponent; it’s investigating an allegation of corruption,” Gingrich said.

Goldberg then cut Gingrich off, saying, “Excuse me while I spin,” and turned around in her chair, drawing laughter and cheers from the audience.

“You can’t announce you’re a candidate and then say ‘therefore I can’t be investigated,’” Gingrich argued.

The former speaker noted foreign influence in the 2016 election was not limited to Ukraine, referencing the fact that former British spy Christopher Steele wrote the now-infamous Trump-Russia dossier.

The dossier was used, in part, by the FBI to launch a counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign.

He added that a “whole series of people in Europe” also helped.

One of them was Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, who arranged a meeting with Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos in London in May 2016.

Downer pushed Papadopoulos to admit the campaign was working with the Russians, but the adviser told him he had no knowledge of anything like that.

“The whole effort to smear [Trump] was a multinational effort,” Gingrich said, drawing dismissive reactions from the co-hosts.

They obviously need to do their homework.

Even former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report noted there were multiple attempts to reach out to the Trump campaign from foreign individuals, but no evidence that the campaign colluded with Russia.

It’s quite obvious that Goldberg and the rest of her cohorts can’t handle the truth when it comes to the Democrats’ misconduct in 2016.

Author: Randy DeSoto

Source: Western Journal: ‘The View’ Cut Newt When He Brought Up Evidence Hillary Abused Power, Not Trump

The Federal Communications Commission announced on Thursday that ABC had been fined $395,000 for a sketch aired on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” which includes tones from the Emergency Alert System.

The system is used on television and cell phones to warn people of impending emergencies, such as tornadoes or floods.

The Kimmel sketch called “The Texting,” which aired Oct. 3, 2018, included the EAS tone multiple times.

The FCC explained in a Thursday news release the use of the actual tone during non-emergencies is a “serious safety concern.”

“The FCC’s rules prohibit such broadcasting of EAS tones — including simulations of them — except during actual emergencies, authorized tests or authorized public service announcements,” the release reads.

“These rules aim to protect the integrity of the alert system by helping to avoid confusion when the tones are used, alert fatigue among listeners, and false activation of the EAS by the operative data elements contained in the alert tones.”

MarketWatch reported the same day the Kimmel sketch aired millions of phones across the country had received a presidential alert reading: “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

On his program that evening, Kimmel introduced the segment saying, “The idea of letting President Trump send a text message to every American whenever he wants to may sound like a bad idea, and it is a bad idea.”

“But what do we do here in Hollywood when we have a bad idea? Make a major motion picture out of it,” he added.

The mock trailer showed bedlam erupting as people received texts from Trump.

ABC admitted to the violation in a consent decree and agreed to a compliance plan regarding appropriate use of the EAS tone going forward.

In addition to ABC, the FCC also hit AMC, Discovery’s Animal Planet and Meruelo Radio Holdings with fines for misuse of emergency signals.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” twice included EAS tones in the “Omega Episode” of its television program in February 2019.

AMC has agreed to pay a $104,000 fine.

Animal Plant’s “Lone Star Law” broadcast an episode called “Thousand Year Flood,” which include a Wireless Emergency Alert tone. The channel must pay $68,000.

Finally, Meruelo’s Los Angeles radio stations — KDAY and KDEY-FM – ran a promotion for its morning show nearly 140 times, which included the EAS tone.

The company will pay $67,000 in fines.

Author: Randy DeSoto

Source: Western Journal: FCC Slams Jimmy Kimmel with Six-Figure Fine for Sketch Mocking Presidential Alert System

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