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A group of Republican Senators, led by Sen. Chuck Grassley (IA), penned a letter to the Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Deputy Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, requesting information on Ivan Robles Navejas, a Mexican national who allegedly killed four members of the Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. The organization is made up of current and former law enforcement officers.

The Senators detail other alleged instances of Nevejas committing crime, including occurrences of resisting arrest, driving under the influence and aggravated assault. He was protected from deportation in 2013 under the Obama-Biden Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but his status should have expired in 2015. Despite his reported drunk driving charge in 2016, ICE did not deport Nevajas because a DUI was not considered to be a crime that merited deportation during the Obama administration:

“He [Navejas] has faced previous charges including resisting arrest in 2013, driving while intoxicated in 2016, and, most concerning of all, aggravated assault in 2018.2 We are disturbed by the fact that, despite these egregious charges, Mr. Navejas has been permitted to continue residing in the United States, further endangering our citizens,” the lawmakers write. “Furthermore, we were also disturbed to read that Mr. Navejas was shielded from deportation with status granted under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2013.3 After his DACA status subsequently expired in 2015, he remained unlawfully present in the United States without consequence and was afforded the opportunity to re-offend.”

The incident that ended in the death of 4 law enforcement officers, who were members of a Texas chapter of the Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, was another instance of Nevajas driving under the influence:

“On July 18, 2020, Mr. Navejas’ multi-year crime spree in the United States tragically culminated in him drunkenly driving his vehicle into a group of motorcyclists riding with the Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club in Kerr County, Texas…The four individuals killed included a police sergeant, a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, a retired police detective, and a police officer and retired Army officer.”

Sens. Kelly Loeffler (GA), Ted Cruz (TX), Josh Hawley (MO), Thom Tillis (NC), Tom Cotton (AR), Joni Ernst (IA), Marsha Blackburn (TN) and Mike Lee (UT), all joined Sen. Grassley’s request to probe Nevajas’ criminal record, and just how he was able to stay in the United States unlawfully given his extensive record of crime.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: GOP Senators Request Probe into Dreamer Charged With Murder of Four Law Enforcement Officers

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign announced on Wednesday that the newly-minted Democratic nominee for president will visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, after all. On Tuesday, Biden’s campaign said that he would decline to visit Kenosha in the near future, as to not disturb the “peaceful nature” of the riots.

President Trump visited Kenosha on Tuesday after sending the National Guard and federal law enforcement agents in to control the violence. The president saw first-hand the devastation caused by the violent riots, met with law enforcement officials and announced millions in federal aid for small businesses and public safety. Following the visit, Biden said that President Trump had “failed to meet the moment,” despite the president’s commitment to rebuilding Kenosha, and his zero-tolerance for violent protests.

After President Trump demonstrated leadership for the people of Kenosha, who have experienced the devastation first-hand, Biden is now reversing course and plans to visit Kenosha on Thursday:

Though Biden now plans to visit Kenosha, the former vice president has refused to condemn the far-left rioters behind the devastation, thus far. Instead, Biden chooses to blame President Trump for the violence, while it was his own campaign aides and running mate who donated to the bail fund that let violent rioters back on the streets.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Biden to Visit Kenosha After Criticizing President Trump’s Trip

President Trump is set to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday in the wake of an eruption of violent protests that local leaders have failed to control. As the left-wing mob attempted to burn the city to the ground, to which Democratic leadership turned a blind eye, the president deployed the national guard to put a stop to the violent rioting and looting.

Former Vice President Joe Biden partially condemned the violence in Kenosha, without fully denouncing the radical left-wing activists behind the acts. The Democratic nominee has thus far declined to visit Kenosha himself.

A top advisor to Biden’s campaign, Symone Sanders, told CNN that the former Vice President did not want to disturb the “peaceful nature” of the protests in Kenosha:

Make no mistake, what is happening in Kenosha is far from peaceful, though the riots are being disguised as amicable protests protected under the first amendment. The left-wing mob has left businesses devastated and residents fearful, as the city burns. The president is correct to involve federal law enforcement, when local Democratic leadership cannot put an end to the violence. If Biden truly believed in peaceful protests, he would condemn what is happening in Kenosha outright.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Symone Sanders Says That Biden Does Not Want to Disturb ‘Peaceful Nature’ of Kenosha Riots

Negotiations for additional COVID-19 stimulus legislation are underway on Capitol Hill, in consultation with the White House and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) indicated that Senate Republicans will support an additional round of stimulus checks, as well as more funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Leader McConnell also argued for $105 billion in funding for schools to reopen safely in the Fall.

GOP leadership has taken various stances on the potential to legislate additional relief funding to small businesses via the PPP, and Leader McConnell said that additional funding will target “hardest-hit businesses:”

Leader McConnell did not yet discuss a payroll tax cut, which is supported by the White House and Secretary Mnuchin, but has less support in both chambers of Congress.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Leader McConnell Indicates That Next Coronavirus Relief Package Will Include Additional Stimulus Checks

In partnership with Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and Echelon Insights, Townhall has obtained exclusive polling results on patriotism and the favorability of the United States among America’s youth.

Of those surveyed, 82 percent had a “very” or “somewhat” favorable opinion of the American flag, divided among 91 percent of high school-aged students and 73 percent of high school graduates. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said they believe America is “exceptional and unique” and is a country that “values liberty.” The poll found 54 percent of those who participated enthusiastically feel America offers “opportunity for all who work for it,” and 46 percent said America is both a “good example for other countries” and a nation that “values justice;” 43 percent enthusiastically said America “values equality.”

While standing for the national anthem draws country-wide controversy, 63 percent of respondents feel “extremely” or “very” comfortable standing for the national anthem and 58 percent held the same view of saying the Pledge of Allegiance at a meeting or event.

Respondents logged an 80 percent “very” or “somewhat” favorable opinion of war veterans, 75 percent of the military, 72 percent of the Constitution, 65 percent of the Founding Fathers and 57 percent of American history as a whole. With these encouraging numbers, 34 percent of respondents would be “extremely” or “very” willing to serve in the military if America were to be attacked, while 31 percent said they would serve if we went to war and 30 percent during “peacetime.”

The overwhelming majority of those surveyed were full-time students, 47 percent male, 53 percent female. Forty-two percent identified as high-school aged, while 13 percent were working toward an associate’s degree, 31 percent toward a bachelor’s degree and seven percent toward a graduate degree. Eight percent indicated enrollment in trade or vocational school. Of those who participated in the poll, 21 percent identified as “very” or “somewhat” conservative, while 33 percent identified as “very” or “somewhat” progressive and 33 percent as moderate; four percent of respondents serve or have served in the military, while 16 percent have an immediate family member in the military and 17 percent an extended relative.

Patriotism has grown into a taboo subject among young adults, especially with the rise of social media dominance. For those who value pride in our country, this polling should be encouraging. Pro-America positions are alive and well among young Americans, even with the presence of unmistakable bias on college campuses and the leftist bubble constituting the overwhelming majority of social media platforms.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Exclusive: New Polling Shows There Is Hope for Patriotism Among America’s Youth

Former Vice President Joe Biden received the endorsement of the nation’s largest abortion provider, in what Planned Parenthood describes as a “life or death” election. Biden’s record on abortion is inconsistent, at best. A former champion of the Hyde Amendment, which bars taxpayer dollars from being spent on abortion procedures, Biden now embraces abortion-on-demand with minimal restrictions.

In Planned Parenthood’s endorsement video, Biden vowed to protect the “constitutional right to choose” and fight against “gag rules,” which ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortion both at home and abroad.

In hopes of clinching endorsements from progressive groups with an abundance of money to spend, including Planned Parenthood, Biden reversed his years-long stance on the Hyde Amendment. Citing discrimination against low-income women, abortion-rights groups seek to repeal the Hyde Amendment, a historically bipartisan measure that protects taxpayers.

Planned Parenthood is prepared to spend $45 million on the general election.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: America’s Largest Abortion Provider Endorses Biden for President

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) penned a letter to President Trump requesting permission to extend the use of Michigan’s National Guard through the end of July. Gov. Whitmer was previously authorized to use her state’s National Guard through June 24. The governor’s current request, and this pending extension, goes through Title 32. This federal program signs off on federal pay and benefits, allowing the National Guard to be in use.

“With this assistance, our state has made great strides in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we have much more work to respond to and recover from this crisis. To sustain the economic reopening of the state of Michigan and to mitigate the risk associated with potential COVID-19 recurrence, we need to extend the current authorities through July,” Gov. Whitmer wrote. “Accordingly, I request that you authorize the use of Title 32 for ongoing activities through July 31, 2020. The Michigan National Guard remains a crucial part of the State’s emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Guard will be vital to our ongoing recovery as well.”

Gov. Whitmer ordered one of the strictest stay-at-home mandates, and despite lifting pieces of the order, Michigan still faces logistical difficulties for unemployment benefits, leaving Michiganders unable to utilize the system.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Gov. Whitmer Asks President Trump for Title 32 Extension to Use National Guard

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was asked about the allegations of sexual assault against presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, brought to the public by former aide to then-Senator Biden, Tara Reade. Reade’s claims are gaining national attention, and the evidence and corroboration present represent a damning case against the former vice president. Still, Speaker Pelosi stands by Biden:

Speaker Pelosi dismissed criticism of the double standard:

Speaker Pelosi gets one crucial detail wrong in her defense of Biden: the former vice president has not addressed Reade’s claims. Biden’s campaign has gone on the offensive and vehemently denied Reade’s allegations, and has even distributed instructive talking points to surrogates for questions about the situation, but Biden himself has not said a word about Reade’s claims.

Biden’s advisors have kept him hidden — quite literally — from having to confront these allegations directly; the campaign claims that high-profile news organizations investigated Reade’s claims and that Biden was exonerated from their findings, but The New York Times and Washington Post disagree:

Keeping with the trend of other female Democrats, Speaker Pelosi’s solidarity with Biden and dismissal of Reade’s claims is diametrically opposed to her stance on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s claims against Brett Kavanaugh, which were far less substantial and completely uncorroborated:

Speaker Pelosi also fails to mention that any and all documents related to Biden’s 36 years in the Senate, when the alleged assault is said to have occurred, are under lock and key at the University of Delaware; Biden donated the records to his alma mater in 2011, and they are set to be released 2 years after he leaves “public life.”

If Speaker Pelosi, among other Democrats, believes that the former vice president is innocent of Reade’s claims, why not encourage Biden to unseal the records? If there is nothing damning, whether to support Reade’s claims or otherwise, within the records, then there is no downside to releasing the documents to the public.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Pelosi Snaps at Reporter Who Points Out Her Double Standard on Biden Allegations

Update: Chairwoman McDaniel clapped back at Brazile:

Original Post: With Super Tuesday voting underway, former Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Donna Brazile had some harsh words for GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on America’s Newsroom, telling McDaniel to “go to hell:”

Brazile’s unhinged comments were in response to McDaniel discussing the prospect of a brokered DNC convention, which would likely put Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) at a disadvantage:

“I don’t see anybody getting out soon, and its leaning toward a potential brokered convention, which will be rigged against Bernie if those superdelegates have their way on that second vote,” McDaniel told Sandra Smith and Ed Henry.

Chairwoman McDaniel’s analysis is not unfounded. Superdelegates are typically establishment figures and party leaders, and vote only on the second ballot if no candidate reaches the first-round threshold. Establishment Democrats do not favor a Sen. Sanders’ nomination, just as they did not in 2016; McDaniel got it exactly right.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: An Unhinged Donna Brazile to GOP Chairwoman: ‘Go to Hell’

Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) continues to embrace far-left policies with minimal precedent. Today, the White House contender rolled out a plan to combat false information online and hold big tech companies to account. The key companies affected would be Facebook, Google and Twitter. Sen. Warren is capitalizing on the “Russian interference” talking point:

“Disinformation erodes our democracy, and Democrats must have a plan to address it. Donald Trump has welcomed foreign interference in our elections, inviting interference from a host of countries that have an interest in the outcome, including Iran and China. He’s currently facing impeachment for putting his own political interests over the national interests of the United States – and there is every indication that if he is not removed from office, he will continue to do so,” Warren said in a release.

Sen. Warren has been a vocal critic of big tech companies on account of preserving Democracy, but policies such as this do destructive damage to the system. Criminalizing the spread of misinformation, which may also be code for information which Sen. Warren disagrees with, is a complete infringement on freedom of speech. In addition, to compel private businesses to share make public their algorithms is government overreach.

Citing interference by Russia, Sen. Warren weakly advocates for authoritarian policy in her typical alarmist fashion. This policy is nothing short of a breach of free speech rights, and the Constitution as a whole, disguised as ‘election reform’ and ‘holding big tech accountable.’

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Warren Unveils Plan to Censor ‘Disinformation’ Online

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