Federal law enforcement officials are reportedly investigating a series of stock market transactions that were made by U.S. lawmakers prior to the stock market tanking as a result of the coronavirus rapidly spreading throughout the U.S.

“The inquiry, which is still in its early stages and being done in coordination with the Securities and Exchange Commission, has so far included outreach from the FBI to at least one lawmaker, Sen. Richard Burr, seeking information about the trades, according to one of the sources,” CNN reported. “Public scrutiny of the lawmakers’ market activity has centered on whether members of Congress sought to profit from the information they obtained in non-public briefings about the virus epidemic.”

CNN added that there is “no indication that any of the sales, including Burr’s, broke any laws or ran afoul of Senate rules.”

Other senators who have come under scrutiny include Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and Jim Inhofe (R-OK).

“Congress passed the Stock Act in 2012, which made it illegal for lawmakers to use inside information for financial benefit,” CNN added. “Under insider trading laws, prosecutors would need to prove the lawmakers traded based on material non-public information they received in violation of a duty to keep it confidential.”

Burr said in a statement two weeks ago that he welcomed an investigation into his stock market transactions.

“I relied solely on public news reports to guide my decision regarding the sale of stocks on February 13,” Burr said in a statement. “Specifically, I closely followed CNBC’s daily health and science reporting out of its Asia bureaus at the time.”

Burr continued, “Understanding the assumption many could make in hindsight however, I spoke this morning with the chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee and asked him to open a complete review of the matter with full transparency.”

Loeffler appeared in numerous television interviews after speculation over her stock trades where she said that she does not manage her portfolio.

Loeffler told Fox Business host Neil Cavuto on March 24, “I don’t do trades, Neil. I’m not involved in my portfolio. My husband is not involved. Our portfolio is managed by third parties. The actions are blind to me until they put it in front of me at the end of the reporting period. And I will just tell you, in that portfolio, it’s absolutely false that we sold millions. Actually, it was a more bullish bet. We ended up owning companies like Delta, like Goldman Sachs, like Prudential, companies that have been hard-hit and ended up losing money. No one has reported that and it doesn’t, you know, it has nothing to do with knowledge I had or didn’t have because I had no involvement in these trades.”

CNN noted that Feinstein did not sell any stock herself, but her husband reportedly sold millions in stocks.

Inhofe said that he had no involvement in the investment decisions that were made in his portfolio.

When the news broke about the senator’s stock trades it spurred wide spread calls for them to resign or for the government to launch an investigation.

This report has been updated to include additional information.

Author: Ryan Saavedra

Source: Daily Wire: BREAKING: Feds Investigating Lawmakers’ Stock Transactions Prior To Market Crash, Report Says

President Donald Trump gave an inspirational message to Americans who are feeling vulnerable as life has radically changed in recent days across the world amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, which originated in China.

“I want to say that I know that this is a challenging time for all Americans,” Trump said. “We’re enduring a great national trial, and we will prove that we can meet the moment. I want to insure the American people that we’re doing everything we can each day to confront and ultimately defeat this horrible, invisible enemy.”

“We’re at war. In a true sense, we’re at war and we’re fighting an invisible enemy, think of that,” Trump continued. “For those of you who are feeling alone and isolated, I want you to know that we’re all joined together as one people, eternally linked by our shared national spirit. We love our country. The spirit of courage and love and patriotism.”

“No American is alone as long as we are united, and we are united,” Trump continued. “We’re very united. People are saying things now that three weeks ago they didn’t talk that way. We’re very united. No force is equal to the strength of a unified America, united America, an America like we have it right now.”

“For those worried and afraid, please know as long as I am your president, you can feel confident that you have a leader who will always fight for you and I will not stop until we win,” Trump concluded. “This will be a great victory, this is going to be a victory, and it’s going to be a victory that in my opinion will happen much sooner than originally expected.”


Author: Ryan Saavedra

Source: Daily Wire: Trump Delivers Powerful Message To Those Who Are Worried Over Coronavirus

The Department of Homeland Security says that hundreds of Chinese nationals have attempted to illegally enter the United States through the southern border since the outbreak of the coronavirus in China.

“Some 328 illegal immigrants from China have been nabbed jumping the U.S.-Mexico border so far this year, according to Homeland Security data that raises the prospect a coronavirus carrier could sneak into the country via the border,” The Washington Times reported. “Three other people from South Korea — another country with rapidly spreading cases — have also been arrested at the border, as have 122 people from the Dominican Republican, where the coronavirus has now been detected.”

The coronavirus, which originated in China in December, has infected more than 91,000 people worldwide and killed well over 3,100 people – with most of the infections and deaths occurring in China.

Border Patrol agents told the Times that in addition to the 1,000 illegal aliens who are caught every day entering the United States through the southern border with Mexico, which is also dealing with an outbreak of the coronavirus, a significant number of illegal aliens are managing to sneak into the country undetected.

“The journey to the U.S. border puts migrants in poor conditions,” a Homeland Security official told The Washington Times. “We don’t know if they have come into contact with someone who has the flu, there is no passport, medical history, or travel manifest.”

Senior administration officials told The Washington Examiner that President Donald Trump’s focus on securing the southern border, his immigration policies, and building new border barriers “have gone a long way to keep the virus away, especially at the southern border.”

DHS Secretary Chad Wolf raised concerns this week about how U.S. officials cannot properly vet illegal aliens who enter through the southern border because many of them do not have the proper documentation with them.

“The individuals that are coming in at our 11 airports that are being funneled, we have very good information of their travel history, of their medical history,” Wolf said. “We’re not going to have that same set of fidelity for the individuals if this continues to grow at the southwest border.”

The Examiner noted that Wolf also highlighted how a recent ruling by leftist activist judges to temporarily block the administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), also known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy, puts the country at risk.

“MPP has an uncertain future. We know from experience that the journey to the U.S. border puts migrants in poor conditions – and they often arrive with no passports, medical histories, or travel manifests,” Wolf said. “The administration will continue to closely monitor the virus globally, as well as in our hemisphere, and will adjust our proactive measures as necessary.”

Another senior administration official told The Examiner, “We have a unique public health threat posed by individuals arriving unlawfully at the border. Any halting of MPP would exacerbate that threat.”

DHS acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told The Examiner that the department’s top objective was protecting the American people, and that Trump’s efforts have gone a long way toward achieving that goal.

“The American people can be assured that we’re doing everything we can to protect our homeland. While the general risk to the American public remains low, DHS has mobilized a departmentwide response to keep Americans safe, secure, and informed,” Cuccinelli said. “Fortunately, we were able to engage DHS assistance early to prevent the spread of this virus in the U.S. We remain locked arm-in-arm with our interagency partners, HHS and CDC health professionals, and state and local officials acting as one to safeguard the health and safety of the American people.”

Author: Ryan Saavedra

Source: Daily Wire: 328 Chinese Nationals Caught Trying To Illegally Enter U.S. At Southern Border

Lawyers for Covington Catholic High School senior Nick Sandmann reportedly will file lawsuits against five additional media companies this week for smearing Sandmann last year.

Sandmann’s lawyers submitted a status report with the U.S. District Court in Covington last week that showed that “they intend to file complaints against Gannett, ABC, CBS, The New York Times and Rolling Stone before March 9,” Fox 19 reported.

“All of the future defendants listed above have published or republished statements made by Nathan Phillips and others that Nicholas blocked or otherwise restricted Phillips’ free movement and would not allow Phillips to retreat at the National Mall on January 18, 2019,” the document said. “Nicholas reserves his right to file complaints in this Court or any other court against any other potential defendant not listed above, subject to the applicable statute of limitations.”

Left-wing media companies and Democrats smeared Sandmann following an incident at the January 2019 March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Sandmann has previously filed lawsuits ranging from $250 million to $275 million against The Washington Post, CNN, and NBC Universal for their reporting on the incident.

In January, Sandmann received his first major win in his legal fight against the media after CNN settled the $275 million lawsuit that Sandmann’s team filed against them.

“CNN was probably more vicious in its direct attacks on Nicholas than The Washington Post. And CNN goes into millions of individuals’ homes,” Wood told Fox News’ Mark Levin last year. “CNN couldn’t resist the idea that here’s a guy with a young boy, with that Make America Great Again cap on. So they go after him.”

“They really went after Nicholas with the idea that he was part of a mob that was attacking the Black Hebrew Israelites, yelling racist slurs at the Black Hebrew Israelites. Totally false,” Wood continued. “Now you say you’ve seen the tape; if you took the time to look at the full context of what happened that day, Nicholas Sandmann did absolutely nothing wrong. He was, as I’ve said to others, he was the only adult in the room.”

In an interview on Fox News last year, McMurtry told anchor Sandra Smith, “Well, what CNN’s tagline is is ‘facts first.’ And what we believe their reporting was in this circumstance was lies first, cover up second, and facts not yet determined by that organization. So the difference between this lawsuit and the other lawsuit that we have filed is that CNN is a very significant media organization with a much broader reach than, say, the Washington Post. It has Twitter followers of 41 million people. It published four videos. Nine online articles that were tweeted out. So that’s millions and millions and millions of repetitions of the lies and falsehoods that CNN spread.”

“Well, we’ve talked about the impact on Nicholas Sandmann a number of times and it — it is significant,” McMurtry continued. “Nicholas Sandmann was a 16-year-old man who had a perfect reputation. He was loved by his parents, respected at his school, and had many good friends at Covington Catholic High School. So he was a person that was doing very well in life, and due to his strong character, he still is. But nevertheless, his character has now been determined by the lies issued by CNN. So the facts were not first, the lies were.”

Author: Ryan Saavedra

Source: Daily Wire: Nick Sandmann’s Lawyers Filing Lawsuits Against Five More Media Companies

Socialist Bernie Sanders, the current front runner in the Democratic nomination race, told CBS News on Sunday night that his government-run health care system would not be “run by the government,” and that it just gets “rid of the private insurance companies.”

Sanders, whose proposal would force all Americans off of their private insurance plans and onto a government-run system, made the contradictory remarks during an interview with Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes.”

“Isn’t that a dangerous message for Democrats to say, ‘You know what? We’re gonna take away your private insurance. We’re gonna give you something better run by the government,’” Cooper said. “A lot of people don’t trust that.”

“It’s not run by the government,” Sanders falsely claimed. “Medicare allows you to go to any doctor you want for better or worse, this is not socialized medicine. This is keeping the same system intact, but getting rid of the private insurance companies, giving people another card, which allows them complete freedom.”


“Sanders is a longtime support of single-payer socialized medicine, and in many ways is the intellectual progenitor for the current Democratic Party candidate trend of favoring ‘Medicare for All,’” The Daily Wire reported last year. “He has often been critical of Obamacare for not going far enough with respect to health care coverage for all uncovered Americans. Sanders has never indicated any willingness to structurally reform fiscally ruinous health care-related entitlement programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid.”

There is no denying that Sanders is lying with his false claim that his government-run health care system is not “run by the government” and that it is not “socialized medicine.”

The New York Times reported last March:

At the heart of the “Medicare for all” proposals championed by Senator Bernie Sanders and many Democrats is a revolutionary idea: Abolish private health insurance.

Proponents want to sweep away our complex, confusing, profit-driven mess of a health care system and start fresh with a single government-run insurer that would cover everyone.

But doing away with an entire industry would also be profoundly disruptive. The private health insurance business employs at least a half a million people, covers about 250 million Americans, and generates roughly a trillion dollars in revenues. Its companies’ stocks are a staple of the mutual funds that make up millions of Americans’ retirement savings.

Such a change would shake the entire health care system, which makes up a fifth of the United States economy, as hospitals, doctors, nursing homes and pharmaceutical companies would have to adapt to a new set of rules. Most Americans would have a new insurer — the federal government — and many would find the health insurance stocks in their retirement portfolios much less valuable.

While some view health care as a winning issue for Sanders, the opposite could very easily be true as the overwhelming majority like their private health insurance and are not willing to give up their private insurance.

The Hill reported last year, “A new poll finds that about only one in 10 registered voters want the equivalent of Medicare for all if it means abolishing private health insurance plans.”

The Washington Post reported last year, “You wouldn’t know it to read most of the news coverage, or to listen to politicians, but that is one of the more consistent results in health-care polling: Over and over again, roughly 7 out of every 10 Americans report that they’re fairly satisfied with the quality of their personal coverage.”

Gallup reported at the end of 2018, “As the incoming Congress prepares to debate further changes to the U.S. healthcare system, solid majorities of Americans rate the coverage (69%) and quality (80%) of the healthcare they personally receive as ‘excellent’ or ‘good.’”

Author: Ryan Saavedra

Source: Daily Wire: Bernie On His Government Health Program: Not ‘Run By The Government,’ Just Gets Rid Of Free Market

Billionaire Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg blasted the hypocrisy of socialist Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday during NBC’s presidential debate by pointing out how Sanders is a millionaire who owns three homes.

“What a wonderful country we have,” Bloomberg said. “The best known socialist happens to be a millionaire with three houses. What’d I miss here?”

“You’ll miss that I work in Washington,” Sanders responded.

“That’s the first problem,” Bloomberg fired back.


The exchange started several minutes prior when MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked Bloomberg, “Mayor Bloomberg, should you exist?”

“I can’t speak for all billionaires, all I know is I’ve been very lucky, made a lot of money and I’m giving it all away to make this country better and a good chunk of it goes to the Democratic Party as well,” Bloomberg said.

“Have you earned too much?” Todd asked. “Has it been an obscene amount of money? Should you have earned that amount of money?”

“Yes, I worked very hard for it,” Bloomberg responded. “And I’m giving it away.”

Sanders responded by claiming that Bloomberg did not make all that money and that it was his workers who made him the money.

“I can’t think of a way that would make it easier for Donald Trump to get re-elected than by listening to this conversation,” Bloomberg responded. “This is ridiculous. We’re not going to throw out capitalism, we tried that, other countries tried that, it was called communism and it just didn’t work.”


The Daily Wire reported the following on Michael Bloomberg’s background and policy views last December after he declared his candidacy:

On November 24, 2019, Michael Rubens Bloomberg announced his formal entrance into the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential primary. To date, he is the latest candidate to enter the primary field.

Michael Bloomberg served three full terms as mayor of New York City, from 2002 through the end of 2013. He was New York City’s mayoral successor of the failed 2008 Republican presidential candidate and current private attorney for President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani. Bloomberg is also the co-founder, CEO, and majority owner of financial services conglomerate Bloomberg L.P., which is perhaps best known for its flagship Bloomberg Terminal hardware. As of November 2019, Bloomberg’s net worth was estimated at $58 billion dollars, which makes him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. He has been a prolific donator to various charitable and political causes.

Born in Boston in 1942, Bloomberg has degrees from Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Business School. A registered Democrat earlier in his career, Bloomberg actually ran for and successfully sought the New York City mayoralty office as a registered Republican before re-registering as an independent in the midst of his second mayoral term. He re-registered as a Democrat in 2018. Since joining the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary field, Bloomberg News — an international news outlet operating as a legal subsidiary of Bloomberg L.P. — has announced that it will not journalistically investigate Bloomberg or his fellow 2020 Democratic Party primary campaign rivals.

Continue reading Bloomberg’s profile here.

Author: Ryan Saavedra

Source: Daily Wire: Bloomberg Nails ‘Socialist’ Bernie: You’re ‘A Millionaire With 3 Houses’

Billionaire Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is facing renewed criticism over racially-charged remarks that he made in an old interview that has gone viral over the past couple of days on social media in which he said that blacks and Latinos do not know how to behave in the workplace.

Then-New York City Mayor Bloomberg made the remarks in a 2011 interview on PBS where he promoted a $127 million three-year initiative to help reduce disparities between young black and Latino men and the rest of the population.

“Bloomberg noted that he had donated $30 million from his foundation to Open Society Foundations, the network established by liberal billionaire financier Goerge Soros, toward the new plan to enhance employment among minorities,” Fox News’ Gregg Re reported. “Taxpayers and Soros himself contributed to the jobs initiative, which set up job recruitment centers in public housing projects, placed probation centers in ‘high-risk’ areas, and linked black and Latino success in schools to Department of Education ‘progress reports.’”

“Blacks and Latinos score terribly in school testing compared to whites and Asians. If you look at our jails, it’s predominantly minorities,” Bloomberg said, later adding that “virtually all” perpetrators and victims of crime were minorities.

Bloomberg later added, “But, nevertheless, there’s this enormous cohort of black and Latino males aged, let’s say, 16 to 25 that don’t have jobs, don’t have any prospects, don’t know how to find jobs, don’t know that the — what their skill sets are, don’t know how to behave in the workplace, where they have to work collaboratively and collectively.”

To be fair, later in the interview Bloomberg did recognize the importance of uniting broken families and the importance of having a strong father figure in the home on how a child develops.

“But there will be jobs if we can get these kids, get their families together, even if their fathers don’t live with their mothers or have never been married, or even maybe they’re in jail, get the fathers engaged,” Bloomberg said. “A lot of statistics show that, if the father is engaged, it gives the kids some understanding that he’s heading down the wrong path. And then assign mentors to them on one-on-one basis, so that there is somebody who has been successful, has a job, has a family, fits into society, and that they can go to.”

“You know, a lot of these kids, it isn’t that they’re bad kids. It’s that once they made a mistake, it’s very difficult to recover from that. But we have an obligation to them, if not for compassionate reasons, just for selfish reasons,” Bloomberg continued. “Three-quarters of all kids in New York City that go to jail, serve a period and come out, go right back to the jail.”

Fox News noted that the comments from Bloomberg were just the latest that his campaign was having to deal with that could hurt him in his bid to win the Democratic nomination for president:

The head-turning comments in a resurfaced interview were just the latest headache for the multibillionaire’s campaign. In the past week, Bloomberg has been confronted with his previous claims that farming doesn’t take much intelligence and that “anybody” could do it, as well as his insistence that the way to get guns “out of the kids’ hands is to throw them up against the wall and frisk them.” Additionally, Bloomberg has taken heat for suggesting that a functioning health care system must let the elderly die.

Bloomberg also took heat over the weekend after a Washington Post report highlighted a lawsuit that one of his pregnant employees filed against him years ago who claimed that he told her to “kill it” in response to learning that she was pregnant.

Author: Ryan Saavedra

Source: Daily Wire: Bloomberg In Resurfaced Video: ‘Black And Latino Males’ Don’t ‘Know How To Behave In The Workplace’

The Trump administration confirmed that a mission directed by President Donald Trump last month was successful in killing a top Al-Qaeda terrorist in the Middle East.

“At the direction of President Donald J. Trump, the United States conducted a counterterrorism operation in Yemen that successfully eliminated Qasim al-Rimi, a founder and the leader of al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and a deputy to al-Qa’ida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. Rimi joined al-Qa’ida in the 1990s, working in Afghanistan for Osama bin Laden,” The White House said in a statement. “Under Rimi, AQAP committed unconscionable violence against civilians in Yemen and sought to conduct and inspire numerous attacks against the United States and our forces.”

“His death further degrades AQAP and the global al-Qa’ida movement, and it brings us closer to eliminating the threats these groups pose to our national security,” the statement continued. “The United States, our interests, and our allies are safer as a result of his death. We will continue to protect the American people by tracking down and eliminating terrorists who seek to do us harm.”

News that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had targeted al-Rimi in a strike initially broke last week, although the U.S. government did not put out a statement at the time confirming the news.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that al-Rimi had claimed credit for the December 6 Islamic terrorist attack on Naval Air Station Pensacola where three U.S. sailors were killed and eight other Americans sustained severe injuries.

The Daily Wire highlighted last week several other top Islamic terrorists that Trump has killed since October:

The news comes after a Trump-authorized drone strike killed Iranian terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani, Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force (IRGC-QF), in early January.

In October, Trump authorized a raid targeting ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria which resulted in al-Baghdadi’s death when he detonated a suicide vest as he was running from U.S. forces.

The day after al-Baghdadi was killed, U.S. forces conducted another attack that resulted in the death of al-Baghdadi’s likely successor, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, when an airstrike took him out as he was being “smuggled across northern Syria in the back of an oil tanker truck,” the Times reported.

Another terrorist that the Trump administration took care of was Osama bin Laden’s son, Hamza bin Laden, who had repeatedly threatened to attack the U.S. and who was believed to be in line to taking over Al Qaeda.

The Trump administration also reportedly targeted Abdul Reza Shahlai, an official with Iran’s Quds Force, in a drone strike on the same day that it took out Soleimani.

“The disclosure of a second mission indicated that the Trump administration was attempting to target a larger set of Iranian military and paramilitary leaders than was previously known,” The New York Times reported. “The unsuccessful airstrike in Yemen was aimed at Abdul Reza Shahlai, an official with Iran’s Quds Force, a potent paramilitary organization. He was known as a key financier for Iran’s proxy wars.”

Author: Ryan Saavedra

Source: Daily Wire: White House Confirms Trump Has Killed Two More Top Terrorists

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was stared down on Thursday by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts after she asked an absurd partisan question that attacked Roberts’ character.

Warren, a far-left Democrat presidential candidate, asked in her question: “At a time when large majorities of Americans have lost faith in government, does the fact that the chief justice is presiding over an impeachment trial in which Republican senators have thus far refused to allow witnesses or evidence contribute to the loss of legitimacy of the chief justice, the supreme court, and the constitution?”


The question was so absurd that even House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who is serving as one of the Democrats’ impeachment managers, pushed back on the question and defended Roberts.

“Senator, I would not say that it contributes to a loss of confidence in the chief justice,” Schiff said. “I think the chief justice has presided admirably.”

Reporter Heather Monahan noted that Roberts glared at Warren for approximately five seconds after her question.

The reaction online from those who were providing serious analysis of the trial was overwhelmingly negative as only hyper-partisans cheered her remarks.

The Washington Post’s Mike DeBonis tweeted: “Pretty universal bewilderment in and around the chamber as to what point Sen. Warren was trying to make by her question about the trial contributing to a ‘loss of legitimacy’ for Roberts/SCOTUS. Schiff wanted nothing to do with it. As@pkcapitol notes, the seeming attack on Roberts came a day ahead of a potential tie vote where Dems have been courting Roberts to intervene. Pelosi very solicitous today; D sens uniformly respectful.”

Attorney and Fox 5 political analyst Mike Sacks wrote: “Pretty sure Warren’s old boss Justice Elena Kagan ain’t happy about that stunt.”

Another commentator added: “The fact that Senator Warren submitted this question, and the fact that Chief Justice Roberts read it unflinchingly, highlights how well and dutifully he executes his office, and how poorly and cynically she executes hers.”

Trump critic Benjamin Wittes agreed, writing: “I agree with this. The question reflects badly on Warren. The exchange, however, reflects well on Schiff—as well as on Roberts.”

NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck highlighted a clip of even leftist CNN hitting Warren for her remarks, in which the network said that her question was not “playing fair.”

Houck wrote, “Major yikes for @EWarren on @CNN just now as panel led by Erin Burnett universally condemned her nasty question about the legitimacy of the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts being sullied if the impeachment trial ends without witnesses.”

One CNN analyst featured in the clip said, “To use him in that way didn’t well and the real question is, what will his role otherwise be? Because we shouldn’t put him in that kind of a position.”

CNN contributor Scott Jennings added: “I thought that was ridiculous, honestly. To hector and pressure of the Chief Justice of the United States with that political question, that was a question written by someone who’s running for president who doesn’t know any other way except to sort of be rather vicious in the the way she raising she was raising the specter of his illegitimacy.”

Author: Ryan Saavedra

Source: Daily Wire: WATCH: Warren Attacks Justice Roberts, Roberts Not Happy, Even Schiff Pushes Back

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), who is serving as a Democratic impeachment manager during President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, admitted on Wednesday that Democrats’ partisan impeachment was about stopping the president from being re-elected.

“The House did not take this extraordinarily step lightly,” Schiff began. “As we will discuss, impeachment exists for cases in which the conduct of the president rises beyond mere policies, disputes to be decided otherwise, and without urgency at the ballot box.”

“Instead, we are here today to consider a much more grave matter and that is an attempt to use the powers of the presidency to cheat in an election,” Schiff continued. “For precisely this reason, the president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.”


Numerous top Democrats have essentially admitted that their pursuit of having Trump removed from office was about stopping him from being re-elected.

In May, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) said, “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

Also in May, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to make sure — this will sound political but we have to make sure that the Constitution wins the next presidential election. We can’t be worrying about well, how long is this going to take? Well, that will take as long as it does. And we will press the case so that in the court of public opinion. People will know what is — is right. But we cannot accept a second term for Donald Trump if we are going to be faithful to our democracy and to the Constitution of the United States.”

In November, socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “At the end of the day, we have to be able to come together as a caucus and if it is this Ukrainian allegation that is what brings the caucus together, um, then I think we have to run with however we unify the House. We also need to move quite quickly because we’re talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 elections,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “And so this is not just about something that has occurred; this is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.”

Last month, Green told C-SPAN that there was “no limit” to the number of times that Democrats could pursue impeaching Trump.

“A president can be impeached more than once,” Green said. “So, we can do this, we can move forward with what we have on the table currently, we can take this before the Senate and we can still investigate other issues and when the president has committed additional offenses, and my suspicion is that he will, we can take those before the Senate.”

“There is no limit on the number of times the Senate can vote to convict or not a president, no limit to the number of times the House can vote to impeach or not a president,” Green continued. “So, my belief is that the speaker will probably say we’re going to move forward with what we have now, but we’re not going to end investigations and that there may be possible opportunities to do other things at a later time.”

Author: Ryan Saavedra

Source: Daily Wire: Schiff Admits In Senate Trial That Impeachment About Stopping Trump Re-Election

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