Sarah D.


Brennan Suen is the LGBTQ program director at MMFA. He’s also a queer man who loves his 94-year-old grandmother. He loves her so much that he can’t let her make the mistake of voting Republican in the upcoming election:

What a great grandson he is.

Yeah, well, AOC is proud of him, so there:

Yes. Because nothing should make you prouder than a grown man emotionally manipulating his 94-year-old grandmother in your name.

How inspiring.

We’d honestly be shocked if AOC didn’t praise Suen for this, given her own propensity for emotional blackmail.

Of course.

Pro tip: If you’re considering doing something similar to an elderly relative, please consider not doing it.

If AOC approves, that should be a good sign that you’re doing it very, very wrong.

Author: Sarah D.

Source: Twitchy: AOC is just so ‘proud’ of grown man who describes emotionally blackmailing his grandmother into voting for Joe Biden

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