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That Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s handlers are keeping him sequestered in the basement as often as possible from the mainstream media is not new news. But on Tuesday, many members of the mainstream media broke their silence on social media regarding what has become another access issue for them – this time concerning Kamala Harris.

NBC News reporter Deepa Shivaram, who is embedded with Harris’s traveling press corps, took to the Twitter machine last night to vent about how the Democratic vice presidential nominee “has not once formally taken questions from the press” since becoming the nominee:

Shivaram noted a few minutes later that sometimes they get to “shout” questions at her as they travel from event to event but it’s never in a formalized setting like a press gaggle where reporters surround the candidate in order to get answers to questions and to ask important follow-ups:

In spite of Harris’s apologists spinning like tops to try and refute Shivaram’s claims, she pressed on:

Once that dam was broken, other reporters also weighed in, including Jonathan Martin from the New York Times:

Andrew Desiderio from Politico:

Ed O’Keefe from CBS News:

Re: O’Keefe’s point: I don’t mean any disrespect by this but local reporters are often viewed by presidential campaigns as less combative and more receptive to “the message” than journalists from national news outlets like the NY Times, etc. who are more familiar with their positions as a result of tracking and following them over longer periods of time. But O’Keefe is right on the money on how most of Harris’s interviews as the VP nominee have been with “friendly national” and “niche outlets.” Not much in the way of hard-hitting interviews.

“The Hill” media reporter Joe Concha:

The Daily Beast’s political editor Sam Stein, formerly of HuffPo infamy, said the quiet part out loud about how the Biden-Harris campaign’s penchant for hiding from the press “has a foul stench of insecurity” about it:

Gee. Ya think?

Meanwhile, the Daily Caller is reporting on how many times Biden’s handlers have called a “lid” on his campaign this month alone:

For those wondering what a “lid” is:

President Trump skewered Biden over his lack of availability during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania Tuesday night:

My question here is what else did these reporters expect? They gave Joe Biden all kinds of free passes on hiding in his basement all the way up until Harris was announced as his vice-presidential running mate. And they treated Kamala Harris like a queen while she was still a candidate for president. Now all of a sudden they want to complain about a lack of access to the Democratic presidential ticket?

Here’s an idea: Don’t set the precedent for these types of things to happen in the first place, and maybe the political figures you want answers from won’t expect you to tolerate their avoidance antics later.

Author: Sister Toldjah

Source: Red State: Fed up Reporters Blow Lid off Kamala’s Limited Availability, One Says It ‘Has a Foul Stench of Insecurity’

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, the calls from Democratic politicians and their supporters to “Defund the Police” in cities and states grew louder and more incessant.

Prominent defund proponents like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her fellow far-left “Squad” members were among the loudest voices to proclaim that the only way to make communities safer was to funnel police funding into communities of color (and away from the police). Their answer to the alleged problem is a “community-based policing” approach that has others wondering why you’d call a social worker in to settle a domestic violence situation.

Some Democrat-run cities that were already hotbeds for violence, like Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis were eager to jump on board with the movement to defund. Others, like Seattle and Portland, look to be following suit.

In response to the anti-police/defund the police rhetoric coming from these Democratic “leaders”, these same cities are seeing a significant uptick in violent crime. Also, we’ve seen fed-up police groups announce endorsements for President Trump’s reelection out of frustration with Democrats and their lack of support.

At the end of today’s press briefing, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany singled out Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York City in particular as cities where there has been a distinct correlation between the calls to defund the police and the rise in violent crime. She brought receipts for the occasion via slides, pointing to quotes from L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, AOC, and Minneapolis City Councilman Jeremiah Ellison (son of Minnesota AG Keith Ellison) on how the time was now to defund police, and juxtaposed their quotes alongside violent crime stats from those same cities.

Watch (starts at around the :15 mark):

It’d be one thing of these “leaders” were simply calling for police reform, but that’s not what they’re doing – not even the ones in Congress who are pretending that they just want to shift a few million here and there but still keep departments funded. They quite literally want police forces disbanded/dismantled because they think social workers and community organizers can resolve most problems that police routinely face. They are sorely mistaken, and unfortunately the very communities they claim to want to help will suffer the consequences of their stupidity.

I look for even more police groups to shift their support from Democrats to Republicans in the coming weeks as more of these cities take steps to strip their funding. Can’t say as I blame them. Police officers put their uniforms on every day knowing they are putting their lives on the line, and for Democrats to treat them all like murderers who are motivated more by hate than the desire to give back to their communities is, as McEnany suggested, appalling.

Author: Sister Toldjah

Source: Red State: Kayleigh McEnany Brings Receipts, Obliterates Democratic Claims That Defunding Police Will Make Cities Safer

CNN has quickly emerged over the last week as quite literally the riot apologist “news” network as anchors and “journalists” from Don Lemon, to Anderson Cooper, to Sara Sidner have actually expressed solidarity with violent “protesters” who are looting and setting fires to businesses, and assaulting people all in the name of “Justice for George Floyd.”

The latest example of this comes from “Prime Time” host and admitted Antifa supporter Chris Cuomo, who last night lit one match after the other in support of non-peaceful protesters in a gaslight-filled rant that would be a shoo-in for the Journalism Hall of Shame if such a hall actually existed.

I’m going to post the insane transcript of what he said last night below and add bold emphasis to the parts I think are worth highlighting. Commentary to follow:

It is a sad day when we need curfews in our cities. America’s major cities are filled with people demanding this country become more fair, more just and ironically, more united.

Now, too many see the protests as the problem. No, the problem is what forced your fellow citizens to take to the streets, persistent, and poisonous, inequities and injustice. And please, show me where it says that protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful. Because, I can show you outraged citizens are the ones who have made America what she is and led to any major milestones.

Be honest, this is not a tranquil time. They’re not here to make power or you or me comfortable? They’re here to yell, criticize, blame and shame. You don’t have to like it. But why not focus on remembering the reason for the pain that fuels their purpose?

Police are the ones who are required to be peaceful, to de-escalate, to remain calm. They are, in fact, trained to do exactly that. So, when one kneels on someone’s neck for a long time and other police don’t stop obvious deadliness, that’s the problem.

We can’t be in a place where cops can act human and be forgiven but citizens can have the same flawed responses and be justifiably killed, or told to hold their tongues. Citizens have no duty to check their outrage or ignore a curfew to keep doing that. They may get arrested because it’s illegal. That’s their right as well.

Looting, arson, violence. Now, that’s something else. Don’t confuse that with protests or the people doing it with protesters. There are bad people mixed in with good people in these situations. That’s the truth. We’re learning it in every city. And we’re watching New York City tonight especially closely, where orders went into effect an hour ago to stay off the streets after one of the wildest most destructive nights in recent memory.


Notice how just about everything he said there was a contradiction? He started off by saying how “sad” it was that curfews were in place as if they shouldn’t be, but then later noted that they were in place “after one of the wildest destructive nights” in New York City history. That makes no sense. Either he believes curfews should be in place to quell the violence or he believes rioters should be allowed to unleash hell unrestrained.

Secondly, there is not one person in this country – not Trump, not anyone, who is demanding any protester “hold their tongues.” They are demanding that the rioters and looters and arsonists who are burning cities to the ground be stopped before they destroy entire communities. Big difference.

Also note that Cuomo differentiates between peaceful protesters and looters and rioters towards the end of his rant as if to insinuate that he doesn’t condone the latter, but he doesn’t give the people who are complaining about the protesters the same courtesy of understanding how to differentiate between the two. Again, the complaints about the protests have nothing to do with the fact that people are simply marching. The complaints have to do with the violence that often comes along with the marches in big cities like NY, L.A., and Minneapolis.

Let them march. But stop the riots! It’s actually a common-sense position to take, but common sense doesn’t get clicks and RTs, which doesn’t work in Chri$ Cuomo’s world.

Anarchy has no place whatsoever in a civilized society. Civil unrest is one thing, burning entire communities and destroying people’s livelihoods is something altogether different. You’ve gone beyond merely expressing your first amendment rights when you’re doing that. Way beyond it.

And yet Chris Cuomo tells you protesters “have no duty to check their outrage”? That’s as good as lighting a match. Don Lemon actually compared the rioting to the Boston Tea Party in a recent diatribe against Trump’s call for law and order.

How dare Trump have the nerve to call for law and order at a time when violent protesters across America are turning thriving American cities into apocalyptic war scenes, something that has nothing to do whatsoever with getting justice for George Floyd!?

As I said earlier, CNN has become the riot apologist news network, lighting matches while cops were being assaulted and run over in the streets, and while businesses were looted and set on fire in the name of “justice.”

I’m beginning to think the only way that Cuomo, Lemon, Cooper and all the rest will understand how dangerous what they’re doing actually is is when an Antifa thug or another rioter pushes them out of their cushy makeup chairs and steals their Perrier waters.

What they’re doing is disgusting. There is simply no excuse for it. None. That goes for the rioters and CNN alike.

Author: Sister Toldjah

Source: Red State: This Is CNN: Antifa Supporter Chris Cuomo All but Lights Matches for NYC Rioters in Despicable On-Air Rant

As I’ve written before, Democrats and Never Trumpers alike are fond of never letting a tragedy or crisis go to waste if they can figure out a way they can potentially benefit from it politically.

Along with that, when our country is in the midst of navigating uncharted waters as it is now, you often see what these people are really made of as their true colors really come out.

Such was the case earlier today on Nicolle Wallace’s “Deadline: White House” program on MSNBC as she interviewed presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s Wuhan coronavirus advisor Ron Klain, who was President Obama’s “Ebola czar.”

Wallace, who claims to still be a registered Republican even though she probably hasn’t voted for one since before Trump was elected in 2016, told Klain that “there’s something both tragic and pathetic and ironic about the fact that it took a color-blind, gender-blind, state-line-blind virus to sort of have all of the President’s sins from his first three years catch up with him.”

That’s pretty standard fare for Wallace. But what she said next was truly disgusting (bolded emphasis added):

“You can’t stand there and lie. You can’t contradict your scientists ’cause they’re the ones that stand at 66 and 68% public trust, not you. He’s down at 38%. Pence is lower than him. I mean, he needs those people whether he likes what they say or not. And I wonder what you think about whether or not there’s some silver lining there, that some of the things that we’ve been talking about for three years may be finally catching up with him?

Watch the sickening moment below, via MRC-TV:

Sadly, Wallace is not the only Trump basher to have found a political “silver lining” in the deadly outbreak that has infected over 880,000 Americans, killing nearly 50,000 of them to date. CNN’s chief climate correspondent Bill Weir stated this morning that there was a perception that the virus “has helped humanity buy some time against global warming.”

What is wrong with these people?

Author: Sister Toldjah

Source: Red State: Video: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Finds a Political ‘Silver Lining’ in Wuhan Virus Crisis, and It’s Disgusting

Remember when the media and Democrats went gaga over a guy who urged his supporters to choose “hope over fear”? It was a catchy slogan, though devoid of any real meaning outside of making people believe Democrats would give you hope, while Republicans would instill fear.

Fast forward a few years later, and here we are – in the midst of a global pandemic with another captain at the helm. Without saying the actual words, President Trump is telling people to do what Obama urged people to do all those years ago: to choose hope over fear.

Except in this case, it’s not about choosing one political party over the other. Rather, Trump’s message to the American people is to not lose hope in the midst of the Wuhan coronavirus global pandemic.

I’ve watched over the last two weeks in disgust as Democrats and the mainstream media have tag teamed against Trump when it comes to him delivering this simple yet powerful message.

First, there was the media firestorm over how Trump went nuclear in response to a question from NBC News “journalist” Peter Alexander in which Alexander asked Trump if it was “possible that your impulse to put a positive spin on things may be giving Americans a false sense of hope?”

Later, when Trump told the nation about the possibilities presented by Hydroxychloroquine, the mainstream media immediately went negative. Here’s an example of their absurd coverage of Trump’s remarks about this drug, via Bloomberg:

Here was another, also from Bloomberg:

Then there was the whole bizarre “couple swallows toxic aquarium cleaner, man dies” story, which numerous “respectable” mainstream media news outlets ran with in an effort to bash Trump’s touting of Hydroxychloroquine to combat the virus.

There were also the “Trump is lying about how quickly work can get started on medical supplies” reports, which Ford promptly debunked.

In addition to that, after Trump told Fox News that he hoped the country could begin to get back on its feet again by Easter, the media erupted. The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, who was last seen trying to imitate Adam Schiff, was one of many who balked at the idea, accusing Trump of deliberately giving people false hope:

Worst. hot take. ever.

The media’s whole method of operation from the start of Trump’s presidency has been to frame every story from the perspective of “Orange Man Bad” and “we must help elect Democrats.” And instead of taking a break from it as the entire country bands together to battle a deadly virus, they’ve ramped up their efforts!

But they’re failing.

Multiple polls confirm that, despite the media/left’s best efforts, the American people approve of how Trump is handling the pandemic. They’re choosing to be hopeful that we can beat this thing. There is a lot of fear there, to be sure, but without hope, many feel lost. So they’re latching on to the promise of a new and better day ahead.

Through all the chaos and controversy, Trump understands that.

He’s doing what any president would and should do in the midst of a crisis. Give people a sense of hope, a belief that we’ll come out of the crisis stronger than ever before. Bush did it after 9/11, and that’s what Trump is doing right now.

The media repeatedly dinging him over it is a really bad look, but the media is going to do media things, so the beat goes on.

Author: Sister Toldjah

Source: Red State: Opinion: Trump’s Message for People Is to Choose Hope Over Fear in Midst of the Pandemic … and He’s Right

While some Democrats are sensibly dropping the Orange Man Bad routine, others are still holding on tightly to their TDS – even in the midst of a global pandemic where everyone needs to be working together and putting political games aside.

Hillary Clinton, of course, fits into the “holding on to my TDS” camp. Still bitter about her failed 2016 presidential campaign against Donald Trump, Clinton never passes up the opportunity to take swipes at the President, and today was no exception.

As we’ve reported here at RedState, Democrats and the media are obsessed with hammering Trump on why he continues to use the term “Chinese virus” to refer to the Wuhan coronavirus. It’s “racist”, they say, in spite of the fact that the virus originated in Wuhan, China and in spite of the fact that diseases are often named based on their place of origin.

Nevertheless, Clinton wasn’t about to let this crisis go to waste. Taking to the Twitter machine this morning, Clinton posted a tweet that sounded like it came straight out of the Chinese government’s handbook:

Two days ago, this was tweeted from China’s state-owned “media”:

Odd how similarly they sound, isn’t it?

While Clinton was apparently okay with parroting Chinese propaganda because Orange Man Bad, others were understandably not cool with it, and quickly called her out. Others chose to give her a tour down memory lane:

Though her remarks echoing Chinese government disinformation were appalling, they did remind us of one comforting thing: Thank goodness she’s not president.

Author: Sister Toldjah

Source: Red State: Hillary Clinton Gets a Brutal History Lesson After Echoing Chinese Govt. Propaganda About ‘Racist’ Trump

The last several weeks have been hella bad for Chris Matthews.

He’s faced a wave of criticism from supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders over his relentlessly negative coverage of the Sanders campaign, even comparing Sanders’ win in Nevada to the Nazis invading France (Matthews would later apologize). He had an embarrassing meltdown over the Iowa Democratic caucus debacle.

Just last week, Matthews confused Sen. Lindsey Graham’s general election opponent Jaime Harrison, who is black, with Sen. Tim Scott – on live TV. That same week, he badgered Sen. Elizabeth Warren over her “kill it” attack on Michael Bloomberg during the debate, asking her 6 times in a minute and half segment if she really felt Bloomberg said “kill it” and what her evidence was to back up her claim.

His treatment of Warren prompted calls from feminist groups for his firing. Right after that, a new #MeToo claim against Matthews from journalist Laura Bassett surfaced. Matthews was also noticeably absent from MSNBC’s coverage of the SC Democratic presidential primary Saturday, prompting speculation as to what might be going on behind the scenes.

He ended that speculation to some degree on tonight’s edition of “Hardball” by abruptly announcing his retirement, and apologizing to women he has offended with his reportedly crude behavior.


Here’s the transcript of his statement:

What’s particularly intriguing about his announcement is that it appears his colleagues didn’t know about it beforehand. Also, instead of completing the show, Matthews walked off set and didn’t return after he made his statement at the beginning of the program:

There are conflicting reports as to whether this was a mutual decision or whether he was forced out by the higher-ups. In any event, his co-workers at MSNBC and NBC are all weighing in on social media about what a wonderful “mentor and friend” he was, yada yada, while pretty much everyone else is like “good riddance.”

Though Matthews is now out at the struggling news network, one mystery about him endures:

Inquiring minds wanna know…

Author: Sister Toldjah

Source: Red State: Video: Chris Matthews Abruptly Retires From MSNBC Just Days After Feminist Groups Called for His Firing

There she goes again!

As I’ve said before, the Democrat/mainstream media industrial complex all love to coo about how politically smart failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton supposedly is. But those of us in the cheap seats who marvel at her uncanny ability stick her foot in her mouth at every opportunity see things from a much more realistic perspective.

Over the last few months, Clinton has had the audacity to lecture people against “witness intimidation” in the midst of speculation that Clinton pal Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself (some have suggested the Clinton machine had a hand in his death). In December when the articles of impeachment were announced, Clinton tweeted “no one is above the law”, which left many scratching their heads considering the laundry list of things she’s gotten away with in recent years.

To put it in the simplest of terms, Hillary is the queen of epic self-awareness fails, and this week has been no exception.

Clinton’s latest self-awareness fail came after a tweet from MSNBC contributor and former U.S. Attorney under President Obama Joyce Vance about “threats” the Trump administration was allegedly making against “disloyal” federal government employees:

Clinton responded by stating this was “banana-republic stuff”:

Twitter users wasted no time giving her a few overdue history lessons:

There was also this:

It’s almost like Hillary Clinton expects people to forget her long track record. Well, the mainstream media may conveniently and self-servingly do that sort of thing, but the rest of us are not remotely interested in being so obliging.

Author: Sister Toldjah

Source: Red State: Hillary Clinton Gets Rude Awakening After Tweeting Rant Against ‘Purging Public Servants Disloyal to a Regime’

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