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Ever since March of this year, New York State has been hitting business owners with massive, some say unreasonable, restrictions. At one time, those restrictions may have seemed necessary. But today, after all we’ve learned about COVID and the damage done by lockdowns, the governor of the state still wants to cripple his own people’s livelihoods.

Many businesses still can’t open. Schools are struggling. And most New York residents are forced to watch their finances get flushed down the toilet. Meanwhile, the governor and mayor of NYC continue to collect generous salaries. For what? Your guess is as good as mine.

Among the many businesses struggling is Orchard Park’s Athletes Unleashed gym. The owner, fed up with so many rules and burdens, held a protest with other business owners. Like jackbooted thugs, state officials showed up in an attempt to intimidate them. They even hit the owner with a massive fine.

This is how he responded.

A U.S. military veteran and gym owner in New York ripped up a $15,000 lockdown fine from the Erie County Health Department during a live Fox News appearance on Tuesday…

Speaking with Fox News’ Sandra Smith, Dinero argued that the lockdown edicts go too far, denying Americans the freedom to earn a living. Simultaneously, the veteran underscored, NY Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz are bringing in $225,000 and $103,000 salaries, respectively, via taxpayers.

Dinero challenged the New York officials to look their constituents’ children in the eyes and tell them their parents’ work is not “essential.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Most Americans got fed up with lockdown orders all the way back in May. In many parts of the country, patriots organized protests, demanding their states reopen. To the credit of many governors (but not all), states that enact lockdowns began to reopen. But many, mostly Democrat-run states like New York and California, refused.

Since that time, we’ve learned the brutal consequences of lockdowns. They appeared to do little to “stop” COVID-19 (people continue to test positive to this day), but they were successful in ruining millions of lives. These restrictions destroyed businesses, the education of millions of children, and led to spikes in overdoses, suicides, and mental illness.

Is that worth it, Cuomo?

Even as we see an increase in positive COVID tests right now, the media does not tell you that deaths are at an all-time low. Most people who catch this virus recover in a matter of days or weeks. Yet Cuomo and Gavin Newsom (among many other Democrats) want us locked down forever.

Don’t think they’ll stop when the vaccine is ready. These Democrats are high on an overdose of power. They won’t stop until more Americans join Dinero and refuse to comply. After all, we are a nation of revolutionaries. And if Democrats don’t might riots from BLM, they should have no problem with peaceful resistance to unconstitutional lockdown orders.

Among the Democrat-run states that have pushed abusive, punishing lockdowns, California might be the worse (only behind New York). Their governor has ignored the science that lockdowns cause more harm than good. And like many other local Democratic leaders, he is pushing new rules that prevent Americans from living their lives, gathering with family, and exercising their rights.

But Newsom himself clearly thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Because recently, he was called out for attending a birthday party at a restaurant with 12 people. According to reports, they were gathering “outdoors” to comply with state lockdown rules. As it turned out, however, that was a big fat lie. Photos and video revealed Newsom and his friends rejected the very rules he demanded for others to attended the indoor event.

Now, we are learning that it was worse than originally reported. It turns out Newsom flagrantly violated rules he’d punish any other CA resident over. It begs the question: if he’s so worried about COVID that he’d ruin his state, why isn’t he following those same rules?

Award-winning journalist Adam Housley – a previous Emmy, AP, and RTNDA recipient – claimed, Monday, that California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s infamous dinner at Yountville’s The French Laundry was even worse than what was initially reported…

“Because Yountville is my hometown..and where the French Laundry is located…I thought I’d do some digging. Facts about the Newsom dinner. The bar bill was around 15-thousand. 22 people in attendance, not 12. No masks. All indoors. They got so loud, other patrons complained,” Housley tweeted.

“There was ‘zero effort’ to go outside and there was no social distancing of any type. I’m also told some of those there are now privately laughing at the controversy. Remember this is my little hometown. The walls speak,” he added. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow. Newsom can’t claim ignorance on this one. There was nearly twice as many people than originally claimed, way beyond the restrictions he himself put into place. Housley says there was “zero” attempts made to go outside or socially distance. Nobody wore masks, even though Newsom demands people wear mask even while at their tables.

And Housley says some people involved in this scandal are laughing at those upset. Oh, how nice. These hypocrites force heavy burdens on us, ignore those same rules, then laugh when we get upset.

What is it with California Democrats and breaking their own rules? Over the Summer Nancy Pelosi was called out for what she did at a closed salon. Even though she demanded Americans follow these bogus lockdown rules, she was seen breaking them to get her hair done—no masks in sight.

As usual, Democrats prove that they don’t abide by the same rules the rest of us are required to obey. If a regular California citizen had thrown a party of 22 people at the French Laundry, Newsom would be furious right now. He’d demand fines and other penalties. But when its him and his political allies, nobody is supposed to know!

Newsom now has only two legitimate choices: either he lifts those lockdown rules and let everyone live their lives or admit he is a hypocrite and suffer the penalties. We’ll await his decision.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, but the November 3 Election is far from decided. Oh, sure, the media might be pushing a bogus narrative to discourage Americans. And Joe Biden—I mean, the people controlling Joe Biden—are amassing his swamp cabinet. But the results are far from decided.

Unlike any other election we’ve ever lived through, countless claims of voter irregularities, misconduct, mistakes, “glitches,” and outright fraud have been reported. To the shame of an entire industry, the mainstream media have ignored these reports, banging the drum that there is “no evidence” to defend Trump’s claims.

We know the truth. But maybe you’re a bit overwhelmed by all of it. Maybe you want a nice, concise list of the biggest reports of fraud from the 2020 Election. To, you know, explain to your relatives on Turkey Day. Here are some of the most important details from the growing mountain of evidence.

Career civil servant Jessy Jacob of Detroit provided the most sweeping claim of election fraud…

She stated in an affidavit she personally witnessed — and in some cases was instructed — to backdate thousands of absentee ballots the day after the election to make them appear legal even though they were not in the Qualified Voter File and had not arrived by the deadline. [Source: Just the News]

Jacob also said poll workers for weeks skipped voter ID checks and she was told by her boss to adjust the mailing date of ballots to be earlier than they were sent. It was common practice by all workers in the city.

Nearly three quarters of Detroit’s precincts had mismatched voting totals… Wayne County Board of Canvassing member William Hartmann, a Republican, says in a sworn declaration that Michigan’s largest county certified results knowing there were massive discrepancies between the approved voter files and the ballots cast and counted in Detroit. [Source: Just the News]

Those are just tips of the iceberg. Here is some more:

So far, nine observers in Georgia signed affidavits swearing they saw mail-in ballots that were in “pristine” condition with no creases—meaning they had not been mailed in envelops. All of them were for Biden.

We all know about the thousands of ballots that were left uncounted in Georgia, because workers “forgot” to upload them from memory cards. But how many? The ones we know about total 5,863 votes—enough to warrant a larger investigation. Of course, most of them were for Trump.

Many Pennsylvania voters say their absentee ballots weren’t counted or someone else requested their ballot. A mathematician says as many as 100,000 ballots may have been affected.

Even in Texas, a social worker was charged with submitting voter registration applications for residents of a nursing home. She was charged with trying to steal dozens of voters’ ballots, as many as 67.

A computer “glitch” in Oakland County, MI was blamed for flipping thousands of votes in one race, giving a Democrat the win. Only after the problem was found was it learned that the Republican, Adam Kochenderfer, was in fact the winner.

Many GOP poll workers, from Michigan to Pennsylvania, were not allowed to observer the ballot-counting process. They were either ejected from the buildings or forced to stay far enough away that they couldn’t watch.

In Nevada, a get-out-the-vote effort targeting Native Americans was using gifts to incentivize their voting—which is against the law.

And in Los Angeles, two men were charged with 41 counts of voter registration fraud. They allegedly submitted thousands of names of homeless.

All of this amounts to a massive effort on the part of the left to steal this election. In many cases, witnesses have signed sworn affidavits, putting their names on the record. Should Trump and Republicans take this lying down? Or should all this evidence—and much more—be taken to court?

I think you know the answer.

The media rolled its collective eyes when President Trump called out shady election software “Dominion.” He raised the alarm that this software, used in many swing states, is riddled with problems and easily manipulated. We all learned he was right when news came out that a “glitch” flipped thousands of votes for a Republican to his Democratic rival.

The fix changed the outcome of that election. But what about every other race that used this software, in every other state?

In fact, this software is so troublesome, many states outright refused to use it. Texas rejected the software after officials learned it could not be trusted. So, why did so many states jump on the Dominion bandwagon, despite red flags?

Hmm… I’ll let you puzzle that one out. In the meantime, here is more proof this software should not be used to count movie ticket sales, let alone votes.

Voting software deployed by the election hardware company Dominion Voting Systems can allow election staffers to manually adjust tally amounts while reviewing scanned ballot images, a process that the company says allows for “resolution of voter intent” in cases where ballot marks are unclear…

The company has claimed that “it is not possible for a bad actor to change election results without detection.” Dominion does, meanwhile, allow at least one avenue for manual adjustment of vote tallies as part of a process known as “adjudication.” [Source: Just the News]

Lol, okay Dominion, we believe you. The company is adamant that “bad actors” cannot change election results. Yet they admit people counting votes can alter tallies based on “voter intent.” Meaning, they can change votes if they think voters meant one thing—even if the ballots say another.

Dominion is basically admitting your votes don’t matter, as long as the person counting your votes wants to change it.

How can anybody believe the results of elections from states that use Dominion now? The software is questionable at best—manipulative at worst. Of course, the company will deny anything bad occurred this election, but do you really think they’d admit to the public they screwed up? I think you know the answer to that.

The media continues to push a narrative based on their own assumptions, not the facts. The facts are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of votes counted this year might not be legal. Every American who prizes our democracy must demand action. Even if that means the Supreme Court making rulings that come down hard on states that dropped the ball.

The future of our elections is at stake on this one, my friends.

The media might have stopped talking about the “defund police” movement. But the policies embraced by radical Democrats continue to hurt millions of Americans. Major cities all across the country jumped on this suicidal bandwagon. In some places, they slashed millions from their police department’s budgets.

That has led to a drop in the number of cops working on the force. Less money also means less training and equipment—and it’s less-likely you’ll be able to get someone to help you when you’re in need. Big surprise, every place that slashed cop budgets has seen a spike in crime. In some places, the surge has been astronomical.

You’d think solid red states would have rejected this insane trend right out of hand. But you’d be wrong. Even in diehard Texas, there is a cancer of liberal thinking in major cities. Austin voted to slash over $150 million from their police budget. Don’t be shocked to learn that capital city is suffering under a surge of murders.

Dallas, another city infested with leftist parasites, cut their police budget by $7 million. They are suffering under a similar surge in crime. Now, these hypocrites are demanding aid from the state. But they’re going to get some bad news.

“The rise in violent crime in the city of Dallas is unacceptable, and the Texas Department of Public Safety will assist the Dallas Police Department in their efforts to protect the community and reduce this surge in crime,” Governor Abbott said in a written statement. “Every Texan deserves to feel safe in their own community, and the State of Texas will continue to provide the city of Dallas with the resources they need to crack down on this heinous activity and protect Dallas residents.”

The call for help comes after the city cut $7 million from the $24 million overtime budget for the Dallas Police Department in September, the Texas Tribune reported. Instead of keeping commissioned officers on the street to attack violent crime, the city chose to divert funds to hiring civilian workers and improve street lighting.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson thanked Governor Abbott for sending in additional law enforcement resources, Fox4 News reported. [Source: Breitbart]

Don’t thank Abbott just yet, Eric. Because the governor has already announced he is working on legislation to defund any Texas city that cuts their police budgets. The state isn’t providing cash for Dallas, after what they did, but more cops to battle their spike in violent crime. But that “gift” will only be temporary. Unless Dallas ends their trend of punishing cops, they will suffer the consequences.

Mayor Johnson whined about the dramatic increase in murders, yet he still signed off on policies that will only increase crime. Imagine being that stupid. They took money from the cops to higher civilian workers and more street lights.

Yeah! Because the one thing that stops hardened killers from taking lives… are lights! Not, you know, trained cops who shoot back.

(Other Texas cities, by the way, increased their police budgets this year—including San Antonio.)

Perhaps Dallas and Austin will see the light one day. But I’ll be keeping clear until then.

Democrats continue to ignore the many widespread reports that cast doubt on the 2020 Election. A record number of people allegedly voted—but there’s also been a record number of reports of problems across the country.

From Arizona to Pennsylvania, stories have emerged of problems with this year’s voting system. Software “glitched,” flipping votes for one candidate to another. Some states took an unusually long time to count voters, mysteriously “finding” lost votes weeks later. And according to some, GOP poll watchers weren’t even allowed in the counting rooms.

That’s only for starters. State election officials changed rules that only legislatures are allowed to change, opening the door for rampant fraud. The media wants you to think that Biden won fair and square—but that’s far from the truth.

Pennsylvania has become a major battleground. By the end of Election Night, Trump was winning by nearly a million votes. Then the counters suddenly stopped. They surprisingly found just enough votes to give Biden the victory—suggesting ballot harvesting was used to give him the victory.

Now, reports are coming in from voters of many, many irregularities.

Voting irregularities in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania — where Joe Biden leads President Trump by just over 1% — have reportedly been widespread…

“Among 1706 respondents we reached whom the state said were sent an absentee ballot, 556 said they never requested it,” Braynard said this week.

“And of the 1137 who did request the ballot, 453 said they mailed back yet the state did not receive or count them,” he added…

When Kunkle showed up at his voting station, he was not allowed to vote on the machine, and was told he had to file a provisional vote.

Kunkle provided Just the News with personal information to check his mail-in voting status on the Pennsylvania state website. That website lists his ballot status as “pending.” [Source: Just the News]

It’s a real mess out there, folks. This one voter was forced to fill out a provisional ballot, denied access to a voting machine. His vote was still “pending” today, even though the media has “called” Pennsylvania for Biden.

Numerous reports of mistakes and irregularities have come out from Pennsylvania. You might be saying, “So, there are mistakes. That doesn’t prove fraud.” Think of it this way. The more “irregularities” happening during these transactions, the easier it would be for someone to cheat and nobody notice. Would you trust your money with a bank if they made this many mistakes? Of course not. You’d fear your cash being lost or stolen.

So, why should we tolerate this many mistakes in a process that decides our president? Trump has every right to take these issues to the Supreme Court. Election officials have been trained and do this every two years. It’s not acceptable that they messed up this much and suggest highly of fraud.

We deserve to get straight answers and untangle this mess.

The media was celebrating the claim that a man with dementia “beat” an incumbent, taking states Trump easily won in 2016. But millions of Americans smelled a rat. Although the MSM says the race is over, battles over how votes were counted are actually just beginning. And this latest bombshell will shake up things even more.

The Constitution requires that voting ends on Election Night. Yet numerous states undermined the law by pushing back the counting to days—even weeks—after the election. You can figure out why. These were all states with Democrats in charge of the voting counting and—surprise!—Trump was leading by the end of the night.

Suddenly, these states dragged out the process or stopped altogether. Until, of course, they found more votes for a man who did zero campaign rallies, promises to raise taxes, and couldn’t finish a sentence. You have to be a crook or a fool to think Joe Biden “won” this race fairly. And now yet another story has emerged that should make every American demand justice.

President Donald Trump closed the gap on Democrat Joe Biden’s lead in Georgia on Monday by nearly 800 votes after edging out Biden by a nearly 2-1 ratio in a batch of 2,600 ballots that were discovered in Floyd County.

Gabriel Sterling, who oversaw the implementation of the new statewide election system for the state, said that the unofficial breakdown of ballots was 1,643 for Trump, 865 for Biden and 16 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen. The mistake happened because election officials reportedly missed uploading a memory card containing the votes to a ballot counting machine…

“The Georgia Secretary of State is asking for the executive director of the Floyd County Board of Elections, Robert Brady, to step down after 2,600 ballots were left uncounted prior to the county’s initial certification,” Fox 5 Atlanta reported. “The error was discovered on Sunday during the third day of the state’s audit.” [Source: Daily Wire]

This news is enough to prove Georgia’s election system was completely compromised. If they could “miss” this many votes for Trump in one instance, how many other votes were forgotten? This man conveniently “forgot” to upload a memory card with the votes—even though it’s his friggin job. Are we buying that at all?

How many other counties had ballots “missed” because of similar “errors”? Wherever we look, Democrat election officials have found creative ways to make “mistakes” that just happened to give Biden a ridiculously huge advantage over Trump—despite doing everything in his power during the campaign to lose.

In Pennsylvania, they prevented Republican poll watchers from observing the ballot count. In Arizona and Nevada, there were “glitches” and a shocking slow counting process. In Michigan, there was another software glitch that was flipping votes from one candidate to another. And those are just the tips of the iceberg of this disaster.

Either these election officials are total morons who can’t do a simple job—or they are willingly trying to rig the election. Which is worse?

The bottom line is, Trump will have to bring this to court just to get an honest count. A recanvas is definitely needed.

The presidential race isn’t the only one taking its time to be decided. It might be another week or more before we know the outcome of that one, but many other races are being decided in recent days. Democrats cheered over a supposed blue wave that would wash away conservatives from seats of power. Instead, many Democrats were on the chopping block as Republicans won key House seats.

A record number of women, minority, and veteran candidates won races this election. But few of them were on the left. That’s right, the Republican Party has become the party of diverse candidates who represent Americans from all walks of life. That’s especially true of women and non-white Americans.

How can this be? I thought Republicans were all racist and sexist? I guess the media has been ignoring the growing number of people from various backgrounds who have flocked to the GOP over recent years. Hmm… I wonder why that is? Perhaps it has something to do with a leader that has saved the Republican Party from the corrupting D.C. swamp, as Democrats plunged head-first into destructive social justice, identity politics, and globalism.

Many Democrat seats were lost to first-time candidates from the GOP. And it looks like another key race is being decided, with an NFL great and Trump supporter taking it from a Democrat.

Republican candidate Burgess Owens appears likely to secure victory in his bid to represent Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

Owens faced off against Democratic Rep. Ben McAdams during the election, though some third-party candidates also took smaller portions of the vote.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Owens on Friday had received 47.50% of the vote compared to McAdams having earned 46.93%. The official canvass will be Tuesday, according to the outlet.

The Tribune said that Owens’ lead “looked to be insurmountable on Friday, based on indications that only a few thousand outstanding ballots remained to be counted in the contest.” [Source: Just the News]

Burgess Owens is one of many influential black Americans who have stood behind Trump over the last few years. You’d think if America hates Trump as much as the media claims, Owens would not have had a chance to win this election. But it appears that this former NFL star and outspoken conservative has beaten his Democratic rival.

If the results stay consistent, it will be another major win for Republicans in the race for the House. Democrats watched their already thin majority wither away this election. They won’t take the Senate and won’t have enough votes in the House to get anything done. They will actually have to… work with Republicans!

That’s the last thing Democrats wanted. They have made it clear they want all the power in this country, to do whatever they please. The idea of compromise and cooperation no longer exists in their mind. But regardless of their schemes, they’ll either learn to get along with Republicans, or face another four years of irrelevance.

I already know what they are going to pick.

It’s no secret that in recent years, millions of Americans have found their voices silenced. Despite unprecedented technology and opportunity, many have never been more ignored, marginalized, and ostracized by our society. And it’s all thanks to the “progressive” left.

In the past, Democrats and classically liberal folks prized free speech. In fact, it was the only thing that gave them the right to share their views. Even before the Internet, free speech empowered minority voices to be heard and preserved things like the free market and education for all.

Yet today, the left has pushed the concept of “hate speech” as a means to silence dissent. If they don’t like what you have to say, they will do whatever they can to bully you into silence. In some cases, they have social media outlets complicit shadow banning users or outright shutting down their accounts. Platforms that made it big thanks to the free exchange of ideas are looking more and more like Big Brother.

Now, a leading justice on the Supreme Court is making it clear that free speech is the next big battle.

Justice Samuel Alito blasted the deterioration of free speech Thursday, insisting that protecting this right is one of the major tasks facing today’s Supreme Court.

“One of the great challenges for the Supreme Court going forward will be to protect freedom of speech,” Justice Alito stated in a live-streamed keynote address to the 2020 Lawyers’ Convention sponsored by the Federalist Society.

“Although that freedom is falling out of favor in some circles, we need to do whatever we can to prevent it from becoming a second-tier Constitutional right,” the justice said.

“We should all welcome rational, civil speech on important subjects even if we do not agree with what the speaker has to say,” he noted. [Source: Breitbart]

Alito is echoing a sentiment that most Americans once embraced. That even if you don’t agree with someone, they have a right to speak their mind.

But that view is quickly eroding in universities, public schools, and the media. Leftists continue to spread the idea that conservative views are racist hate speech—and should be silenced. They call speech “violence” and think it’s okay to oppose it with actual violence.

More and more, the left is creating a climate where it is acceptable to rob someone of their free speech, if you disagree with them. That is the root behind “cancel culture” and online censorship. Hell, Twitter tries to undermine the president’s own posts, with little disclaimers that essentially say, “We’re right, he’s wrong. And he’s not allowed to speak his mind.”

This will only get worse if we let it. Democrats in high places don’t want people defying their agenda. The best way to stop people from opposing them is preventing them from speaking their minds. Congress has long been called on to confront censorship online, but has been unwilling to revoke social site’s Section 230 immunity.

So, it will most likely fall to the courts to protect our most sacred rights. The Supreme Court frequently rules on cases that touch upon free speech. Alito believes that the fight will get more intense in the coming years. Major cases might emerge that will determine the fate of our freedoms.

The good news is, as long as we have leaders like Alito on the bench, our rights will be preserved.

Even though we’ve all seen how terrible the “defund police” movement was, there are still Democrats who want this nationwide. The effects of slashing police budgets in major cities have resulted in spikes of crime and violence—not to mention ongoing unrest and violence. And yet so many leftists have yet to learn.

The start of all this madness was Minneapolis, MN. As their radical city council discusses disbanding the entire police force, a wave of violence nearly destroyed the city. It was only brought under control thanks to the intervention of the federal government. But the city still pressed onward to hamstring their police force.

Now, things are so bad, the chief of police is begging anyone for help.

The Minneapolis chief of police implored the city council to bring in help from the outside after a hemorrhaging police force has left the city reeling amid rising crime…

“Resources are hemorrhaging,” Arradondo said at a Tuesday meeting. “Our city is bleeding at this moment. I’m trying to do all I can to stop that bleeding.”

“Arradondo is asking for money to bring in 20 to 40 officers from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and Metro Transit Police to form joint enforcement teams. The city would reimburse the agencies for their officers’ salaries and benefits.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Just as the city slashed the police budget, forcing cops out of work, many (and this is true nationwide) have quit on their own. The rising anti-police sentiment has forced many cops to reconsider this dangerous line of work. After all, why risk your life to protect citizens—who blame you for all of society’s ills?

Minneapolis is enjoying rising crime as a direct result of this idiotic, left-wing move. The chief of police is asking for 20-40 more cops just to “stop the bleeding.” But that won’t wholly remedy the problem. They’ll probably need many more police, working around the clock for months, to get the city back to normal. But that won’t be possible, thanks to their radical city council.

Even Arradondo’s modest request faced pushback from the city. They blamed the cops for not properly addressing the rise in violent crime, ignoring the fact that it was their defunding move that started all of this. These idiots can’t see that eliminating police resources directly affects crime.

Minneapolis’ left-wing city council said they’d rather spend the money on other methods of preventing crime, but have they? Many Democrats attack cops, saying their funding can be better used in other ways. Yet we never see this money spent on anything that can stem the tide of crime or even help people in need.

Nope, that money mysteriously disappeared, swallowed up in the corrupt swamp that is local government.

All the council was willing to do was approve $500,000, a far cry from what the cops need, and only by a slim margin.

Perhaps order will be restored to Minneapolis whenever these people are voted out of office. But I’m not holding my breath.

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