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Most Americans don’t take Democrats seriously when they say they want to “defund the police.” But socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proves them wrong, once again. In a recent town hall, she promised to not only defund our cops, but to “experiment” in order to find a lasting solution. Proving, that she has no idea how to keep Americans safe.

Don’t chalk up the defund the police movement to a few overeager Democrats in an election year. The far-left of the party want cops gone. Moderate Democrats have proven they are unwilling to rein in these radical idiots, giving more ground to dangerous, un-American politicians like Ilhan Omar and AOC.

The defund police agenda will go through, unless Americans oppose it at the polls. In fact, AOC not only wants it full steam ahead, she even discussed it during a recent meeting. She literally wants to defund our cops. Worse still, she has no idea what to replace them with.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… said Thursday that public safety will require “experimentation” after police departments are defunded…

“And this conversation— figuring out that path forward— as much as we want policy to be ‘I’m going to propose it, I’m going to have all of the answers’ and put a neat little bow and pass this one law once and everything is going to be fixed, that’s how we wish all of this stuff works, but what really it’s going to take it experimentation, and to ask, ‘What if?’” she said. [Source: Breitbart]

What kind of idiot wants to defund the police, but has no clue what to do afterwards? That’s like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. AOC just admitted she’d “experiment” with the safety and well-being of 130 million Americans. She wants to ask “what if” we use social workers to protect our streets?

Sorry, kid, but the safety of American lives is too important to leave to chance. “What if’s” are nice, when you’re writing a book. But the only force that can prevent violent criminals from running over our cities is police.

We’ve seen in numerous liberal cities what happens when cops are not allowed to do their job. From Portland to New York, rioters, anarchists, and violent thugs have turned once respected cities into virtual warzones. All because the Democrats in charge prevent cops from stopping them.

What’s going to happen when the cops are totally defunded? What’s are Democrats going to do when criminals break into homes, unimpeded, doing as they please to innocent civilians? You want to rely on “what if’s” then?

Are we really going to risk our lives over an idea as idiotic as defunding the police? Is anyone willing to take this woman seriously?

She is determined to wipe out our police departments, but has no clue what to replace them with! That’s not a plan, Alex, that’s not even half of a plan. If you want to make a demand as devastating as defunding the police, at least pretend you have something else in mind.

Instead, AOC wants to experiment with the future of our country. She wants to leave your life and safety up to a coin toss.

At least Black Lives Matter is being honest about their goals. They want to stripe funding from cops so it can go to “communities,” i.e.: themselves. For BLM, this is just about enriching their members, period.

What is this about for AOC? Is she, like these activists, just trying to get rich quick? That’s very likely. Why else would a politician push something as radical and dangerous as defunding the police, but have no alternative plan?

The only solution, of course, is to make sure idiots like AOC are booted out of office.

With Joe Biden all but assured as the Democrats’ nominee, the question remains who Bernie Sanders’ supporters will back. Reports suggest a large number of Bernie backers will defect to vote for Donald Trump. Others might sit out in November. Sanders himself tried to muster his supporters to go in for Joe. But what he said only sealed Biden’s fate.

It’s no secret that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are usually the most radical, left-wingers of the left wing. They embraced Sanders, the self-described socialist, because he was promising massive government expansion and taxpayer benefits including universal health care and free college tuition.

But many of his supporters are also disillusioned with the Democratic Party’s base. They see figures like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden as Washington insiders who care more about catering to special interests than the American people. They liked Sanders because he was considered an outsider (despite being in politics since the 70s).

Its possible many Sanders supporters will not vote for Biden, seeing him as the enemy. So Sanders, once again cowering to the establishment, tried to sell quite the line to his people. But it will only backfire.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders predicted Wednesday that Biden could become the “most progressive president” since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Sanders’ remarks came as a task force set up by the two former rivals released a wide-ranging set of recommendations for the party’s convention platform.

“The compromise they came up with, if implemented, will make Biden the most progressive president since FDR,” Sanders told MSNBC. [Source: Fox News]

There are two big problems with what Sanders is claiming. First, none of his supporters will believe Joe Biden will suddenly become a progressive president. The man has been in Washington for over 40 years. He is considered a moderate—a D.C. elitist. Why would he suddenly change just to win over a few radicals in Sanders’ camp?

The other big problem, of course, is if he does become more progressive. Normally, candidates move closer to the middle once they earned the party’s nomination. After securing that, they have to now win over independents and swing voters. How the hell does Biden expect to win over Trump voters with a platform as “progressive” as socialism-loving FDR?

Its clear Sanders is scrambling to convince his camp to rally behind Biden. But it all rings hollow. Twice Sanders ran on a campaign of challenging the status quo in Washington. He promised to root out the political corruption that has been rampant for years. He ran against figures like Clinton and Biden, because his supporters hated them.

Yet twice Sanders has caved to the establishment and became their little trumpet boy. Kind of casts a shadow over all his progressive convictions, doesn’t it?

In both 2016 and 2020, Sanders proved he was unwilling to really fight Democrats and the obvious corruption within their party. He quickly folds, becoming a puppet for a machine that cares little about Americans and more about globalists and big business. Everything that Sanders claims to be against, he wholeheartedly embraces in the end.

That will most likely have a bigger impact on who former Sanders supporters vote for, than his weak endorsements today.

Sanders voters flocked to his banner, because he was promising a break from corrupt D.C. politics. He claimed to be an outsider (he wasn’t) that could put Americans first. Gee, who is really doing that?

President Trump is a real outsider who has tirelessly fought a toxic system (including many Republicans), to put Americans first. His leadership has brought back many jobs and ended years of abusive policies. Not once has Sanders tried to do the same as a senator.

And his latest boast of Joe Biden will only fall on deaf ears.

Throughout the pandemic, President Trump has allowed state governors make crucial decisions ranging from stay-at-home orders to regulating the economy. Even as some governors violated residents’ First Amendment rights or abused their power, the federal government stayed silent. Now, during an event at the White House, Trump is taking a stronger stance when it comes to America’s schools.

At the outset of the pandemic, the White House task force was frequently communicating with all 50 state governors. The president himself was providing guidance on how each state was to battle the disease. Although the federal government offered direction, the president delegated to each governor the responsibility of handling the virus for their state.

That didn’t work out too well, did it? Democrat governors suddenly turned into dictators. They shut down the economy, forced Americans into their homes, and closed schools and colleges. Even many conservative states violated their residents’ rights by stripping away their ability to work or get an education.

Many wondered why Trump wasn’t getting involved as Democrats stormed churches, arrested pastors, and denied barbershops from reopening. Worse of all, perhaps, was the treatment of America’s youth, who could not go to school despite the fact they were the least at risk from the Chinese flu.

Now, as the new school year rapidly approaches, the president is finally exerting his authority.

President Trump, at a White House event Tuesday with first lady Melania Trump, said his administration would “very much put pressure” on governors to reopen their states’ schools in the fall amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“We don’t want people to make political statements or do it for political reasons, they think it’s gonna be good for them politically, so they keep the schools closed, no way,” Trump said after noting that the administration of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced plans to reopen schools in that state starting in August. “So, we are very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools.” [Source: Fox News]

During the White House event, numerous members of the administration were on hand to voice their support for reopening schools. It’s staggering to think that we need this much talk and attention for something that should be a foregone conclusion.

From the very start of the outbreak, we knew that this virus did not severely affect children. And there has been plenty of new evidence that shows children are unlikely to spread the disease to others. Sen. Rand Paul, who is a doctor, discussed this recently saying, “There are examples from all across the United States and the world that show young children rarely spread the virus.”

Yet despite this obvious information, children’s academic careers were derailed thanks to overeager governors who were more concerned with how they looked in the media. Much of the shutdowns and restrictions weren’t based on actual evidence of how the virus spread. It was just a show for the press, to make it look like governors were doing “something” to address a problem largely out of their control.

In fact, most of what the governors did only made the situation worse, such as when New York Gov. Cuomo forced sick patients into nursing homes. The act of forcing Americans to stay in their homes, unable to work, only led to much greater health problems. The agonizingly slow reopening “phases” aren’t helping keep the disease under control. It only assures that we will be stuck with this thing much longer than we should.

To keep children out of school is punishing them and their parents. President Trump vows to pressure states to reopen schools, but neglected to share how. There are a number of ways the federal government can urge states to do this. But it remains to be seen if they will.

The United States has struggled with the fallout of the pandemic ever since March. Well into July, Americans fight to resume normal life, as the media keeps banging the fearmongering drum. Yet even as they hype up “surging” positive tests, the facts tell a different story. President Trump himself set the record straight.

I think we’re finally reaching a point where Americans have reached “herd immunity” for COVID bad news. For months we’ve had to put up with the mainstream media spewing epic levels of unrestrained fear, over something that is looking more and more like a paper tiger. Although it seems the storm of COVID has long ago passed, the liberal media continues to pressure us to cower in our homes from the boogeyman.

Dr. Fauci himself continues to spread unfounded fears (as is his reputation), claiming we’ll see 100,000 daily new “cases” (i.e.: positive tests). But the facts are much different:

Yet estimates cited by other U.S. public health authorities and academic researchers indicate we may have already far surpassed 100,000 new infections per day, the vast majority of them mild and/or asymptomatic. If so, the U.S. would now be significantly closer to herd immunity — and the end of the pandemic — than widely assumed. [Source: Just the News]

This seems to agree with other evidence that the new “cases” we’ve seen over the month of June have been mostly asymptomatic or had mild symptoms. The people testing positive are younger and are in no danger of dying. The “rise” in hospitalizations is the result of everyone admitted to a hospital being tested; most are not in the hospital for COVID.

On top of that, there has been more good news concerning the number of deaths and the effective treatment of a drug the media once claimed would kill you. Naturally, the media is ignoring it, so Trump spread the word.

President Trump took to Twitter to discussing the dropping death rate of COVID patients in the United States. This is good news, as those testing positive over the last few months are not suffering major symptoms and are recovering quickly. In some cases, they feel better in a matter of days. Yet the media ignores these facts to hype up new “cases,” urging people to continue to stay shuttered in their homes and wear masks wherever they go.

Both tactics are questionable when trying to prevent infection.

Then, of course, there is hydroxychloroquine. Early on in March, we learned that this 50-year-old malaria drug was producing wonderful results for COVID patients. Numerous studies suggested it was the key in treating the disease. Yet the media dismissed this life-saving medicine, producing one suspicious report that it might have negative side effects. All because Trump was championing it.

It’s also possible the corporate-run media downplayed HCQ, to push Gilead’s remdesivir, which costs several times more (a few doses costs $3000).

Recent, highly publicized studies, confirm what we’ve known for months, that HCQ significantly lowers the death rate for COVID patients. In fact, the death rate is double for those who don’t take it.

Pretty shocking that the media ignored that, huh? They were fine with spreading fear, discouraging people from taking this drug, just to prolong the crisis.

Now, why would they do that, hmm? Perhaps they cared more about how this might influence the 2020 Election, rather than seeing America return to normal?

The left-wing media has loved COVID. It was a gift from Satan himself. They have overhyped this flu to no end, just to spread fear and hysteria. All because they were hoping it would hurt the economy and damage Trump’s biggest accomplishment.

But, once again, the pathetic media is failing.

President Trump returned to his campaign with a tremendous rally in Tulsa, OK. The media tried to downplay the event, claiming few people attended it. Undaunted by the left’s attacks and slander from his critics, the president has announced his next rally—this time in a battleground state.

The media made much about the attendance of Trump’s Tulsa rally. They seemed to suggest that because the audience was lower-than-expected, enthusiasm for the president is low. But the media ignored several important factors: one, that over a million people requested tickets for the event. Two: local media (and national media) tried to discourage people from attending by hyping up threats of counter-protesters. And three: BLM activists literally blocked the entrances to the venues, preventing thousands from entering.

Even still, the event was watched by over 16 million online. That doesn’t mention those who watched on Fox News, which had its largest single night of viewership ever.

And tell me: how many people attended and watched Joe Biden’s recent rally? Oh, right, he hasn’t held one in months.

Now, the president is continuing his juggernaut campaign with a new rally this July.

President Trump’s re-election campaign announced Sunday that the president will headline an outdoor rally in the battleground state of New Hampshire next weekend…

Campaign staffers said the rally will be held next Saturday, July 11, at the Portsmouth International Airport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire…

New Hampshire has held a special place in the president’s political history. After narrowly losing the Iowa caucuses four years ago, Trump won the New Hampshire primary in a landslide, launching him toward the GOP presidential nomination and, eventually, the White House. [Source: Fox News]

Trump lost New Hampshire by a close 3,000 votes in 2016. But recent evidence suggests the state is swinging his way. The last time he held a rally in the state, February of this year, he had a packed-out stadium of about 12,000—not including the many outside in the overflow area:

The Trump team is wisely holding this upcoming rally outdoors, at the Portsmouth International Airport. This isn’t the first time Trump has held a rally in such a venue. In 2016, he held rallies inside airplane hangers at airports, which allowed the crowd to spill out into open areas.

This new venue will allow for more spacing. The open-air environment will dispel criticism from those who still bang on the COVID drum, as no evidence suggests the virus can spread outdoors.

It will be very interesting to see the turnout of this rally. The Tulsa rally had been discussed for weeks before the date. Requests for tickets reached a record high, because of the intense attention the media gave the event. Yet for New Hampshire, Trump is only announcing it a week out. Perhaps that’s to prevent the media from spreading fake news and fear.

A shorter window of time means Democrats can’t assemble a counter protest as easily. But Team Trump can reach their significant army of supporters online and through their campaign app.

You also have to keep in mind what Trump’s campaign learned from the Tulsa rally. After BLM and other activists tried to interfere with the event, Team Trump will most-likely implement new strategies to ensure supporters will not be threatened or attacked.

If I’m a betting man, I’d say that this rally will have a large turnout, including similar online views as the last one. Americans are fed up with Democrats trying to shut down our states, only to let rioters and protesters burn cities to the ground. Americans are sick of leftists telling us what we can or can’t do. They are mad as hell—and want a way to show it.

What better way, than to attend a Trump rally, flags (and MAGA hats) flying high?

As the pandemic spread across the country, President Trump endorsed the use of a malaria drug as treatment. He later admitted to using the drug as a preventative medicine. The media immediately dismissed hydroxychloroquine—claiming it was actually dangerous. Now, a thorough study has been released, once again proving the president right.

The fear and panic over COVID-19 always seemed out of place. Early on, we learned it was much like the flu, weaker even, as it only posed a threat to the elderly and frail (the flu is deadly to people at any age). The media stoked the flames of terror, compelling our cowardly leaders to issue un-Constitutional lockdowns. They did this even as reports came out that a 50-year-old malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, virtually cured the disease.

A virus that doesn’t kill 99% of the population—with a known, safe treatment? Well, why shouldn’t we flush our future down the toilet!?

Advocates for hydroxychloroquine were quickly criticized by the media, who know little about medicine. A bogus report came out in the Spring, claiming the drug—used by people around the world to treat and prevent malaria each year—was suddenly dangerous. It’s hard not to believe the left was doing this to discredit the president and exaggerate the crisis.

Now, a new study reveals that Trump was right all along.

The study examined 2,541 patients who had been hospitalized in six hospitals between March 10 and May 2, 2020.

More than twenty-six percent (26.4%) of patients who did not receive hydroxychloroquine died.

But among those who received hydroxychloroquine, fewer than half that number — 13% — died.

More than 90% of the patients received hydroxychloroquine within 48 hours of admission to the hospital. Scientists say giving the drug early during illness may be a key to success. [Source: Just The News]

In addition to the tremendous success rate, the study’s authors said heart-related adverse effects did not materialize. They went on to bash previous studies that provided less positive, mixed, or negative results becauase they studied “different populations; administered hydroxychloroquine later during illness; used different doses, and/or were not peer-reviewed.” Meaning, they were bad science.

There is a reason the pharmaceutical industry would discourage the use of hydroxychloroquine: it’s cheap and easy to get. The current drug the media is championing by Gilead, remdesivir, costs thousands of dollars for a few days’ worth of treatment.

But why would the media, who don’t have stakes in drug companies, hammer HCQ so hard? I think you know the reason.

Right now, panicking states continue to rachet back reopening efforts because of a “spike” in positive tests. They ignore all the new data that fewer people are dying and those tested positive recover in just a few days. The media has shifted back to hyping up the disease, as the general election gets closer. They are doing everything in their power to scare people back into their homes, so they can’t attend Trump rallies or do anything else related to the election.

And anything that gives Joe Biden an excuse to hide in his basement, is good for them.

The left is ignoring the good news about the disease, because they hope it will affect the election. These petty, ugly, evil con men would have millions out of work and lives upended, just so Donald Trump loses.

Imagine a party so desperate, so pathetic, that they’d let rioters burn their cities while punishing law-abiding citizens for living their lives? But that is the Democratic Party of 2020. They ignore the news that HCQ is a life-saving drug, just to manipulate the election.

I hope you won’t let them get away with it.

A recent rise in positive COVID tests have some leaders eager to slam the breaks on our reopening plans. Some are even mulling returning to some form of lockdown, once again infringing on Americans’ freedoms. But it appears they are ignoring all the relevant data, including a disturbing trend caused by the un-Constitutional orders. These deaths are entirely the government’s fault.

We know that the lockdowns did little to affect COVID-19. Health officials kept beating the “slow the spread” drum. They forced us into our homes (with sick people), thinking it would ease the burden on hospitals. Then they changed the rules on us, claiming we couldn’t reopen until positive test numbers dropped.

The lockdowns were devastating. Millions lost their jobs. Major events and once-in-a-lifetime moments were ruined. Students’ academic careers were totaled. And so much more. Yet are governors or mayors taking responsibility for the reckless damage they caused to our society? Nope! In fact, some even mull going back to those days, not because of data or facts, but simply out of their own pathetic fear of looking bad.

But here’s something that will make them look bad: overdose deaths have surged since the lockdown. And it’s entirely the government’s fault.

State governments have enacted heavy-handed restrictions to slow the spread of the virus, but in many cases have contributed to increased social isolation and blocked people from services and escapes that have buoyed mental and emotional health…

“Suspected overdoses nationally — not all of them fatal — jumped 18 percent in March compared with last year, 29 percent in April and 42 percent in May, according to the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program, a federal initiative that collects data from ambulance teams, hospitals and police. In some jurisdictions, such as Milwaukee County, dispatch calls for overdoses have increased more than 50 percent,” the Post reports…

In early May, just weeks into the pandemic in the U.S., the health group Well Being Trust estimated that 75,000 people would die from so-called “deaths of despair” from alcohol, drug use, suicide, and other factors. [Source: Daily Wire]

Despite the obvious, devastating affects the lockdowns would cause, our government pushed them anyway. Local and state leaders, fearful of what the media might say about them, ignored the heavy toll these lockdowns would bring.

Oh, you thought only the economic would be hurt? The economy is not just numbers and figures. The economy is made up of people, people who need to work and live a normal life. When you indiscriminately shut off people’s access to work, social programs, and life-sustaining support (like AA meetings and other lifelines), guess what? Things get really bad, fast.

Just look at those number. Overdoses jumped to 18 percent in March, 29 percent in April, and a staggering 42 percent in May. But we’re supposed to only look at the COVID numbers?

People are dying out of desperation—but governors are only concerned with charts that might hurt their image.

If COVID deaths jumped that high over those months, we’d be in lockdown until 2022. Yet our government is ignoring the alarms. Americans have suffered tremendously—not from a flu-like disease—but from the incompetence and cowardice of mayors, governors, and “health officials.”

Sadly, there’s not much we can even do. Americans had to protest to demand just a few of their freedoms back. But our leaders are all too eager to shut things down again, just so they look like they’re doing something.

Will they bother to address these overdose deaths? Will they bother to address the many deaths linked to Americans’ inability to go to the hospital in April or May? Will they bother to address the lives ruined on every level—because of their un-Constitutional lockdowns?

Of course not. Which means our only recourse is to make sure these goons aren’t working after November.

In the aftermath of calls to remove Confederate statues, cowardly leaders in D.C. mulled renaming numerous Army bases. Even Republicans warmed to the idea, a sign that they lack the backbone to deal with this issue. But President Trump refuses to bow to this “movement.” And he’s promised what he’d do if a bill reached his desk.

Across numerous segments of our society, there has been a rush to scrub away anything that would be deemed “racist” by radical activists. HBO removed Gone With The Wind from their streaming service, claiming the award-winning film was racist. Pepsi decided it was time to get rid of Aunt Jemima pancake syrup—despite being on their bottles for decades. Other food companies were quick to follow.

It appears companies—and politicians—are so cowardly, that they’d strip away anything that might be remotely offensive. In the process, they are seeking to placate a small group of left-wing anarchists who hate EVERYTHING about our society and will never be satisfied.

Because this isn’t about race, it’s about replacing freedom and capitalism with socialism.

Rumblings began in Congress to replace ten Army bases named after Confederate leaders. Even though the average person didn’t even know who these men were, politicians were quick to jump on this bandwagon. President Trump voiced his dissent, only to be contradicted by Republicans. Now, Trump is dropping his veto hammer.

President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday evening that he would veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) if it included an amendment to rename ten U.S. Army bases that had been named for Confederate generals.

The renaming amendment was authored by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and passed the Republican-controlled Senate Armed Services Committee on a voice vote.

On Tuesday night, he tweeted: “I will Veto the Defense Authorization Bill if the Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren (of all people!) Amendment, which will lead to the renaming (plus other bad things!) of Fort Bragg, Fort Robert E. Lee, and many other Military Bases from which we won Two World Wars, is in the Bill!” [Source: Breitbart]

Why would Trump be so opposed to renaming these bases? After all, they are named for men who fought against the country during the Civil War! Well, think about it this way: why were these bases named after these men in the first place?

We aren’t the first generation to acknowledge that racism is wrong, correct? And everyone since the Civil War knew it was a bloody and terrible conflict. Yet past generations had no problem with Fort Bragg, Fort Robert E. Lee, and others.

It’s because previous generations understood that, while these men fought against the North during the war, they were still Americans. While some of their values might have conflicted with other citizens, they were still fighting for what they believed in. They still believed in freedoms that make American what it is, even though they were on the wrong side of the slavery issue.

You see, you can be wrong about one thing, but still be a patriot. Not a single American icon was perfect. Should we destroy every last trace of our heritage, because a few idiots are mad?

President Trump understands the danger we are facing. This isn’t about Confederate names on buildings. This is about a toxic group of anarchists that want to destroy everything we hold dear. If we give in to them now, there will be no end.

Say goodbye to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Say goodbye to the stories of Betsy Ross or Johnny Appleseed. Hell, say goodbye to the First Amendment or the right to bear arms.

It will all go away, if we keep bowing to a group that has hated America from the start.

During the pandemic lockdowns, Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement, only appearing for an occasional interview or online appearance. It seems like his campaign is trying to keep him out of the spotlight as much as possible. We all know why. Now, a new poll has been released, revealing just how many Americans believe the former vice president is suffering from mental decline.

Yeah, it’s true. Joe Biden has a long history of making embarrassing gaffes. Throughout the Obama administration, you could’ve counted on Joe to say something odd, out-of-place, or inappropriate. Most of the time, people just chalked it up to “Silly Ol’ Joe.” But these days, it’s much different.

Joe Biden has made a frequent string of troubling mistakes. Throughout the primaries, as he went on a grueling campaign tour, he revealed that he wasn’t all there. Joe often confused which city or state he was in. He, at one point, said he was running for “Senate of the United States.” He confused his sister and wife. Then there were all the comments or statements, that just kept getting odder.

You-you know… the thing.

Since the lockdown, it’s only gotten worse. Joe Biden appears tired and confused. He rarely speaks without the aid of a pre-written script. And he can’t finish a sentence without slurring his words and fumbling them up. You don’t have to be a doctor to worry that his mind isn’t all there. And now a Rasmussen poll revealed how many Americans believe the Democrat has dementia.

Nearly 40% of likely voters believe that former Vice President Joe Biden is experiencing some form of dementia, according to a new poll published Monday.

Twenty percent of Democratic voters believe the presumptive presidential nominee for their party has some form of serious cognitive decline, according to a poll from conservative-leaning pollster Rasmussen Reports. More than 60% of Republicans feel Biden has dementia, as do 30% of voters without a major party affiliation, according to the Rasmussen poll.

Roughly 61% of all voters believe Biden should address the dementia issue publicly, with 41% of voters saying it is very important for the former vice president to provide a comment, the poll shows. Another 36% of voters say the issue is not that important, according to the poll. [Source: Daily Caller]

These numbers should disturb Joe Biden, if he’s even aware of what’s going on. A large number of voters think the man has dementia. Even twenty percent of his own party thinks that! Thirty percent of independent voters (a huge margin) think the same.

The poll reveals many Americans want Joe to address the issue. Up until now, he and his party has dismissed any concerns out of hand. It seems like they are eager to cover up any worries that the man’s mind is slipping away. Not great, you guys.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this poll. With every new appearance, Joe casts more doubt on his mental fitness. Even in ads prepared by his campaign, Biden sounds sluggish and tired, his words nearly a total slur. Will this man be able to host any rallies or events? Will he be able to attend his own convention? How can a President Biden give simple speech or address reporters, if he’s losing his mind?

This is pretty serious. In 2016, numerous people worried about Hillary Clinton’s health (especially after footage of her collapsing went viral). But the campaign refused to comment, nor did Democrats demand an answer. What happened to Hillary, again? Oh, yeah, she lost.

If Democrats refuse to get Biden to prove his mental fitness, the race for president has already been lost.

Ever since a group of anarchistic thugs set up an “autonomous zone” in Washington, punks from coast to coast have tried to do the same. These “protesters” openly embrace radical leftism, in some cases they are open communists. But when a group of these punks tried to start trouble in Oklahoma, they got a rude awakening. Authorities let them know one important fact.

Let’s not forget who’s really behind these riots: the Democrats. They are bankrolling groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Members are being paid to stage riots and spread destruction. Often, they are provided with bail and legal protection.

Antifa has gotten away with violence for years, largely thanks to the fact they operate in very blue parts of the country. These punks stage counter protests in Portland, Seattle, and other cities—using violence to intimidate conservatives. They get off scot-free, because the limp-wristed Democrats don’t prosecute.

Why would they? These punks work for them.

But Antifa and BLM made a big miscalculation this time around. They thought they could stage violent riots all across America. While they were able to get away with unchecked destruction in Democrat-run Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York—states that uphold law and order refused to stand for it.

A group of Antifa-connected thugs tried to stir up a violent riot in Oklahoma. They were quickly arrested. The state AG is throwing the book at them, letting them know, “This is not Seattle.”

Authorities in Oklahoma announced late last week that they were charging alleged rioters with terrorism and assault, saying that they would not put up with “this lawlessness here.”

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater reportedly made the decision to get tough on the rioters in an effort to curb any future potential riots.

“This is not Seattle,” Prater said Friday. “We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”

… “The terrorism charges involved the burning of an Oklahoma County sheriff’s van and the damage done to an Oklahoma City bail bonds business,” The Oklahoman reported separately…

“Several people were carrying flags that were identified as belonging to the following groups: Antifa, Soviet Union, American Indian Movement, Anarcho-Communism (solid red) and the original Oklahoma flag … currently adopted by Oklahoma Socialists,” police reported, according to The Oklahoman. “Several known supporters of anti-establishment organizations were present in the crowd.” [Source: Daily Wire]

These thugs, charged as terrorists in Oklahoma, are all too happy to show off their allegiance. They are clearly left-wing Democrats, embracing violence and anarchy to get their way. Why aren’t Democrats disavowing these dangerous groups?

Think about it for a minute. If far-right punks started riots in city, the media would be demanding President Trump to disown them. Of course, he would. Any reasonable Republican would openly condemn violence by supposed “right-wing” groups and work to end it.

But we don’t see Democrats condemning Antifa and BLM even a little bit. In fact, since May, we’ve seen nothing but support from liberals, corporations, and politicians for these violence-loving groups!

We can only conclude that Democrats are behind the violence from the start. If they refuse to condemn it and put a stop to it, then they are responsible for it—no matter what.

Antifa seemed to think that because they had the backing of Democrats, they could go anywhere to spread chaos. Not quite. Oklahoma was not about to put up with anti-American criminals wreaking havoc in their cities. The AG is making an example of these rioters, so that nobody else gets it into their head that this behavior is tolerated in the state.

Too bad Democrats in CA, WA, MN, or NY can’t figure that one out. If they really cared about their communities, they’d put a stop to this destruction.

But, as we’ve clearly seen, they don’t care.

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