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Democrats directly oppose Trump’s immigration reform, claiming the president is cruel and uncaring. Their option? Open borders that encourage illegal immigration and smuggling. But a new report has come out that reveals the ugly truth about what the drug cartels are doing. Democrats won’t want to see this.

Despite the media’s utter lack of coverage, the Southern border is getting under control. The days of hundreds of thousands of migrants bombarding our border, demanding asylum is over. That is in no smart part thanks to Trump’s dogged stance on border protection. He’s building the wall and getting Mexico to help—despite Congress’s continued obstruction.

Since Donald Trump first announced his plans to build the border wall (and reform our broken immigration system), Democrats have opposed them. They try to use emotion to manipulate the issue. They accuse Trump of being a racist and say that their policy of looking the other way as illegals flood our country is “compassionate.”

The reality? Democrats encourage illegal immigration because they hope these people will help sway elections in their favor. They don’t seem to care how much illegal immigration damages the jobs market for union workers—the people Democrats claim to represent.

It’s no secret the kind of damage illegal immigration does to our country, even contributing to deaths. But there is another group of victims the left’s sanctuary policies are ignoring: children.

Mexican cartels are using children to smuggle drugs and weapons across the border into the United States and vice versa, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

Fox News reported that American children as young as 12 have been recruited by the cartels – and the problem is getting worse. In fiscal year 2018, about 36 children were arrested for narcotics-related offenses at Arizona’s points of entry. The next year that number increased to 57. There have already been 17 arrests in fiscal year 2020…

Silva explained to the outlet that children are used to throw off law enforcement, but once kids started getting caught, the cartels use the elderly and pregnant women before switching back to children. [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats have yet to explain how their open borders policy is going to stop the flood of drug cartels entering our country. These criminals have taken over Mexican border towns and use our border like a revolving door.

Now, they are recruiting kids as young as 12 to smuggle drugs and weapons across the border, back and forth.

Gee, if there was only a way we can stop these drug runners from so easily getting over the border? Oh, well, I guess there is no solution to the problem!

That must be the Democrats’ M.O. these days. Their policies have led to rampant homelessness across liberal states. But all these con artists can do is shrug and go, “Oh, well!”

It’s almost as if… they want the instability and disarray rampant homelessness, illegal immigration, and drug crime creates.

But why would politicians want their communities falling apart? The only reason is that a city, state, or country in ruins is easy to control and manipulate. Perhaps people harassed by years of poverty and crime would willingly give up their rights for a shred of order?

Pretty much how every socialist regime is created?

Don’t be fooled. Democrats know full well what the drug cartels are doing. These monsters use up human lives, tossing them out when they are no longer useful. How many children lives need to be destroyed before Democrats start to act?

Probably way more than we can afford. The only solution is to elect leaders that will put Americans first and actually protect our communities.

Leader that will support Border Patrol and the wall.

Until we do that… these drug cartels will continue to have free reign.

Thanks to the Democrats’ super majority in California, the state has experienced a free fall. Major cities are overrun with filth and homelessness. President Trump has frequently criticized the state’s leadership for failing on the basics. Now, facing a huge event, the president is giving them a stern warning.

For years, Democrats have been demanding Americans give them more and more power. They promise the moon, if only they have control of our Congress, the White House, and local government. But what do Democrats do, once they’re elected to office?

From what I can tell, not much! Not much good, at least.

All we have to do is look at Democrat-controlled cities and states to get a glimpse of what would happen if they ran everything. West Coast states have been dominated by majority Democrat governments for years. And they have become the poster children of epic failure.

Democrats have a super majority in California’s state government. Their largest cities are run by Democrats. Yet these numbskulls can’t even provide basics like safe, clean streets. Thanks to Democrat policies like legalized drugs and low criminal enforcement, California cities are worse than third world countries.

(Don’t believe me? Los Angeles is overrun with the Medieval plague. You won’t see that anywhere else.)

President Trump has been a harsh critic of California Democrats. Of course, they’ve ignored him. Now, a development is forcing the city to actually wake up and do its job. If they don’t, the president will be forced to step in.

On Tuesday, meeting with the Los Angeles Olympic committees to discuss the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, President Trump bluntly warned the city’s leaders that their ineptitude regarding the homeless situation won’t be tolerated, asserting that if Los Angeles doesn’t “clean it up fast,” the Trump administration would.

As The Associated Press reported, Trump said, “If they can’t do it themselves, we’re going to do it. The federal government is going to take it over, we’re going to do it.“ [Source: Daily Wire]

Oh, God! Who decided to host the 2028 Olympic games in Los Angeles!? Honestly, there are hundreds of better cities in this country. Why did they pick the one with crisis-level homelessness?

The city now has a ticking clock to clean up its act. Something tells me the millions of people who want to attend the Olympic games won’t like skirting around the shanty towns that clog the streets. Do you think guests from Europe and Asia would be happy to get assaulted by meth addicts? I don’t think so.

President Trump has frequently called on California’s leadership to clean up its act. The homeless crisis is so bad, because they’re encouraging drug addiction and made it illegal for cops to clear homeless from public property.

Add to that their sanctuary policies (and weak stance on crime), L.A. is quickly becoming a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

(At least all those rich liberals can hide from it in their gated communities.)

President Trump isn’t joking about doing it himself. If he needs to get the federal government involved, he will. And if Democrats think that will bring no consequences, think again. In the past, Trump has cut federal funding from states that embrace sanctuary policies. Imagine what he’d do to California, if he had to step in and fix their homeless fiasco?

Something tells me Gov. Newsom won’t be too happy if they lose all their federal dollars. Perhaps voters won’t be too happy either?

Regardless of what the Trump administration does, the answer is clear. California needs to rid itself of its toxic, corrupt, and do-nothing Democrats. They need to vote these clowns out of office and replace them with leaders that put the people first.

But it might be a long time before that happens.

In recent weeks, Democratic candidate for president Michael Bloomberg has gained in the polls. He now qualifies for an upcoming debate, despite not appearing on early ballots. But President Trump is calling out the billionaire’s shady contributions. And he’s letting the world know what Mini Mike’s been up to.

Once upon a time, Mike Bloomberg was a Republican mayor of New York. But after he left office, he let the mask drop. The now-Democrat has spent considerable amounts of his $60 billion fortune on influencing our country.

You think George Soros is bad? Just take a look at Bloomberg. He’s spent nearly billions of dollars influencing everything from local government to D.C. He’s bought and sold Republican and Democrat politicians. His group “Everytown for Gun Safety” appears to be just a front to pump money into local lawmakers’ pockets. They then vote on extreme gun control (even if they claim to be conservative).

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Over the last few years, this New York elitists has stuck his fingers into all corners of the country. Thanks to his money, states across America are embracing radical, East Coast leftism, even if residents are against it.

Now, with Bloomberg seeking the White House, President Trump himself is blowing the lid off Mike’s scheme.

“What Mini Mike is doing is nothing less than a large scale illegal campaign contribution,” Trump tweeted. “He is ‘spreading’ money all over the place, only to have recipients of his cash payments, many former opponents, happily joining or supporting his campaign. Isn’t that called a payoff?”

“Mini is illegally buying the Democrat Nomination,” Trump continued. “They are taking it away from Bernie again. Mini Mike, Major Party Nominations are not for sale! Good luck in the debate tomorrow night and remember, no standing on boxes!” [Source: Daily Wire]

Bloomberg responded on Twitter, but did not comment on Trump’s allegations. But even the New York Times (a paper that does not love Trump) sounded the alarm on what Bloomberg is doing.

Since leaving City Hall at the end of 2013, Mr. Bloomberg has become the single most important political donor to the Democratic Party and its causes… [He created] an advocacy network that has directed policy in dozens of states and cities… and elected scores of politicians to offices as modest as the school board and as lofty as the Senate.

His political and philanthropic spending has also secured the allegiance or cooperation of powerful institutions and leaders within the Democratic Party who might take issue with parts of his record were they not so reliant on his largess. [Source: New York Times]

The New York Times is essentially saying Bloomberg is trying to take over the Democratic Party by buying them out. He is able to push his agenda—big government—by dumping billions into campaigns, PACs, and other organizations.

The New York Times is essentially saying Bloomberg is trying to take over the Democratic Party by buying them out. He is able to push his agenda—big government—by dumping billions into campaigns, PACs, and other organizations.
He’s already funding a scheme that bankrolls Special Assistant Attorneys General, who have infiltrated ten states. These Bloomberg pawns push his climate agenda through the courts.

How far does this go? Does Bloomberg think he can control the entire country with his wallet? Does this arrogant New York robber baron think that the White House is up for sale?

President Trump suggested what Bloomberg is doing is illegal. It might very well be. Our government is built on democracy. We decide how we are to live based on elections and the Bill of Rights, not based on who has the most money.

Where will Bloomberg be after his leftist policies tank our economy? After we suffer one setback after another, thanks to his plans? He’ll be back in his swanky New York digs, enjoying the life of a billionaire.

The rest of us, he thinks, will just have to suffer in silence.

The 2020 Democrats continue to struggle to make up an argument that will beat Trump. So, the former president, who left America in shambles, tried to pinch hit. Obama posted a tweet where he tried to take credit for the current economic boom. President Trump struck back with a few inconvenient facts.

Are your liberal friends telling you the economic boom we’re seeing now was Obama’s doing? Of course, not, liberals refuse to be friends with Trump supporters.

But from media “experts” to desperate Democrats, the left is claiming Obama’s job-killing policies helped create the amazing economic turnaround that started the day Trump was elected president.

In fact, Obama himself tried to take the credit for what Trump did, by pointing to a terrible piece of legislation he signed early in his first term

Why is Obama talking about a piece of legislation from 2010? People forgot about the Recovery Act as soon as he signed it. It’s because all the far-left Democrats running for president can’t promise an economy better than Trump’s. So, Obama’s trying to help them out by saying he’s the one that turned the economy around by signing the Recovery Act.

But what did this act do? Nothing, but dump trillions of dollars into… wait for it… government agencies. Yep, that’s right. The “Recovery Act” spent an insane amount of taxpayer dollars on wasteful government organizations. And in just three short years, all these agencies were out of money and facing a government shutdown (which happened the next year).

What did Obama do to the economy? Not help it! His Obamacare raised taxes and damaged our health care industries. His massive environmental regulations crippled countless companies, forcing the United States to buy energy from foreign nations (mostly Middle Eastern countries). Everything Obama did was about punishing private businesses and taking more money from the American workers.

(Meanwhile, he rewarded illegal aliens who took American jobs.)

Does that sound like a winning, economic strategy? Of course not.

It’s pretty pathetic that Obama had to get out and do this. But it shows you how weak and useless the Democratic Party has become. They need Obama to tweet out this bald-face lie, just to save face. But the current president wasn’t having any of it.

President Trump blasted Obama for trying to take credit for his recovery. He reminded America that, had a Democrat won in 2016, we’d be screwed.

But how did Trump turn around the economy? In many ways. First, he passed an executive order that slashed government regulations. Government regulation is called “stealth tax” and hurts businesses. For every new regulation an agency created, they got rid of 100 old ones. And let’s not forget how Trump signed the 2017 tax cuts into law. Both those moves jumpstarted our flagging economy.

Add to that Trump’s cost-saving measures across the government. He’s landed numerous trade deals that have brought jobs and investments into the United States. We are now, for the first time, energy dominant in the world.

Perhaps biggest of all, his immigration enforcement has protected American workers and forced companies to raise wages, to keep good workers.

That’s just for starters. Obama did nothing compared to what Trump’s done. Yet he and the fake news want you to think it was all Obama’s doing (the same man that once said lost jobs weren’t coming back).

But that doesn’t even change the fact that every last Democrat running for office will tank Trump’s economy.

From Buttigieg to Sanders, they promise to raise taxes, cripple innovation, create massive government regulation, and open the illegal alien floodgates. They want to burden taxpayers with “Medicare for all,” which will cost you trillions.

Does any of that sound like “paving the way for economic growth?”

Yeah, I don’t think so.

The Democrats bet the House (literally) on impeaching Donald Trump before the 2020 election. To say it failed spectacularly is an understatement. President Trump is stronger than ever, with rising approval numbers and a re-election war chest. So, what is a failing party to do to save their bacon? The only thing they can do: impeach again!

It’s hard to believe that the Democratic Party is run by professional adults with years of experience. If you’ve only started following politics in the last few years, you’d think they were all idiotic amateurs. Donald Trump’s presidency is so successful, it has turned politicians with decades under their belts into spoiled, petty brats.

Perhaps the worst of them is Nancy Pelosi. She promised the country she would not back impeachment. That was a lie. She then went on to support the most ridiculous, unfounded, and flimsy impeachment case in our nation’s history. It only took the Senate a few weeks to vote it down by a large margin.

The aftermath of the Democrats’ attempt to impeachment Trump has been huge… for Trump. As Democrats wasted time and money trying to remove him from office—using conspiracy and rumor (not facts)—he was still winning for the American people. The country watched one party bicker and lie, and another score trade deals and wipe out terrorists.

Not a surprise the president is stronger than ever before. On top of that, the 2020 primaries have been a crap show for the Democrats. So far, the winning candidates are far-left socialists (who can’t beat Trump) and untested nobodies (who can’t beat Trump). Their only hope is if Bloomberg steals the nomination through million-dollar ad buys. Which would only lead to a contested convention.

Perhaps that is why, against all sound judgement, o’ Nance is considering more impeachment investigations.

You just can’t make this up.

House Democrats facing an election in nine months are grappling with whether to pursue further investigations of President Trump following his acquittal in the Senate and fresh White House actions that they say demand scrutiny.

Democrats want to look into whether the president improperly influenced the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation for a Trump confidant, casting Trump as emboldened by the end of the impeachment process…

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Democrats were trying to “manufacture more ‘investigations.’” She said: “At some point, you’d think they would take a page out of the president’s book and devote themselves to working for the country, but I guess not.” [Source: Fox News]

Please, Democrats, wrongly investigate Trump some more. Because, you know, it worked out so well for you the last time! The Democrats impeached Trump over vague non-crimes that were not backed by real evidence. Every last American with a brain believed Trump was innocent.

Now, after LOSING, Pelosi and co. want to impeach him… over a tweet!

They seem to think President Trump complaining about the sentencing against Roger Stone is somehow the same as meddling with the Justice Department. They are forgetting that the DOJ works for President Trump. And that Trump can simply pardon Stone, eliminating this entire thing immediately.

Are Democrats so stupid that they’d accuse Trump of breaking the law, just because he expressed himself online? Do they not know about the First Amendment? Are they really so stupid that they’d impeached him over something every American does every day of their lives?

You have to wonder who is making the decisions within the Democratic Party. The people who advised Nancy Pelosi to impeach Trump the first time should have been fired. But whoever is recommending they investigate him against should be fired… from a catapult!

But by all means, Nance, investigate and impeach Trump again. There are only nine months until the general election. By then, Trump will have such a huge lead, your party will just surrender in defeat.

There might not even be a Democratic Party left.

The Democrats put all their chips on impeaching Donald Trump. Their hope was to damage his reputation so much, that few Americans would be willing to support him. But after months of negative news, impeachment ended in acquittal. How has that left Trump’s nationwide team of supporters? A new report will have his rivals weeping.

Democrats took a good, long look at their 2020 candidates and said to themselves, “We need to impeach Trump!”

Despite the unprecedented efforts of the media, social networks, Democrats in D.C., and Hollywood, Trump has scored one with after another. The economy is soaring, thanks to his policies. Unemployment is at historic lows for all Americans. Not to mention, wages are rising for everybody.

The only people struggling, it seems, are clowns unwilling to work… and the Democratic Party.

What rival can compete with Trump’s successes? Every last 2020 Democrat has promised policies that would raise taxes, punish workers, and drag us back into the Obama Dark Ages. Except for Bernie Sanders, who would make it so much worse.

Impeachment was all about 2020. House Democrats thought that, even if they couldn’t remove Trump from office, they could at least spoil his re-election efforts. After all, Americans are just soiled rubes who can’t think for themselves, right? We’d just believe whatever the big scary news networks tell us. And if they all say Trump is guilty, then we’ll believe ‘em! So, what if the Senate votes to acquit?

Honesty, that’s what Democrats think of us. They really believed impeaching Trump over a bogus complaint would turn us against him. But from the very start, Trump turned their hoax impeachment into a victory.

Now, the final verdict is in. In January, Trump and the GOP broke new fundraising records.

The Trump campaign’s fund-raising is off to a staggeringly good start in 2020 as they shatter fundraising records. Pro-Trump groups raised over $60 million in January, and have more than $200 million on hand, as The Associated Press reports, drawing on figures provided by the RNC and the Trump campaign. Those figures represent double what former President Barack Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee had at the same point in 2012.

AP added, “The Republican National Committee and President Donald Trump’s campaign have raised more than $525 million since the start of 2019 together with two joint-fundraising committees.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Just look at those numbers. In January alone, Trump’s campaign and the GOP brought in over $60 million. They have more than $200 million cash on hand. Since the start of 2019, they have brought in over half a billion dollars.

In 2012, when Obama won re-election, he only brought in half as much as Trump. What does that tell you about where America is headed?

B-but! I thought impeachment was forever! Shouldn’t these dumb Americans stop opening their wallets to help this guy get re-elected!??

Looks like few Americans were on the impeachment train, after all. In fact, it seems like the harder the left and media pushed impeachment, the more Americans rejected it.

On top of that cash, the GOP has an army of volunteers getting out the vote. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel recently revealed they have 500,000 trained volunteers empowering their grassroots efforts. That means not only will Trump have so many advocates for 2020, but every last Republican running for Congress will have plenty of resources.

We could be looking at a Republican-controlled House, Senate, and White House easily.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have yet to learn from their idiotic mistakes. Triggered by a few tweets from the president, they are already talking about impeaching him again.

Oh, please impeach Trump over tweets! That would be the nail in the Democratic Party’s coffin. Could you imagine how Americans would react if they tried that? They already impeached him over non-crimes. Now they want us to believe a president should be convicted over tweets?

These people really are insane, aren’t they?

Bad times for Bernie. Moving from Iowa and New Hampshire, the Democrat socialist looks to clinch the Democratic nomination. Yet there are more than a few liberals who fear a Bernie candidacy. Top Democrats have been trying to oppose him. And now, a major union is striking back, after Bernie burns them.

They say establishment Democrats are trying to stop Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination. Really? Why aren’t they trying hard enough? For crying out loud, they impeached Trump just to stop him from winning re-election, but they can’t encourage their voter base to reject a socialist? What the hell is wrong with them?

Okay, it’s out of my system. But honestly, this Democratic primary is as well-run as a daddy daycare. Bernie Sanders is running away with delegates—a man who will cripple American prosperity and turn us the breadless Soviet Union. His plan to create “free” Medicare-for-All would result in the entire collapse of the health care industry. Tens of thousands (perhaps more) of Americans currently working for insurance companies would be out of a job.

What would that do to our economy?

Not only that, but Bernie never really thought about how his boondoggle of a promise would affect labor unions. He’s a socialist, right? And socialists are supposed to put the working class ahead of the rich? But his universal health care plan is upsetting more than a few union workers. In fact, one big union has openly rejected Sanders’ plan. And when his people attacked the union, they started fighting back.

A politically powerful union in Nevada said on Wednesday that its members were “viciously attacked” by far-left supporters of socialist Bernie Sanders after the union warned members against backing candidates that support the socialist program known as “Medicare-for-All.”

“The Culinary Union, which provides health insurance to 130,000 workers and their family members through a special trust fund, strongly opposes Medicare for all on the basis that it would eliminate the health insurance they have negotiated for over several decades. Health insurance provided by the Culinary Health Fund is considered to be some of the best in the state, and the union even opened a 60,000-square-foot state-of-the-art health clinic a couple of years ago for its members.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ouch, talk about a dumpster fire! Bernie Sanders needs working class votes. But this powerful union is strongly opposed to his signature campaign promise. Just think about that. This union has fought for decades to secure quality health care for its members. In fact, they’ve been so successful, they were able to build a state-of-the-art clinic for them.

That’s pretty nice. All provided through traditional health insurance. But if Bernie wins, all that goes away.

Do you think his DMV-style health care system will provide that kind of service? Answer me this: do you want the same kind of people who run the IRS to run hospitals or doctor’s offices?

When this union confronted Sanders and his campaign over his plan, they were “viciously attacked.” This is not an isolated incident. Sanders’ supporters attacked other unions and worker groups online, lobbing vicious slander at them or their leaders.

That’s how you win people over, Sanders! With death threats and hate!

Sanders just might have the most radical, ugliest, most dangerous supporters in the country. Many of them are avowed communists and anarchists. Some have been recorded saying “cities will burn,” if Sanders does not get the nomination.

Yet people who wear MAGA hats are branded bigots and suffer violence! How ironic. Trump supporters have a reputation of being supportive, kind, and friendly to everyone. Especially at Trump rallies. Yet the media slanders them as racists.

Meanwhile Antifa-loving thugs run Sanders campaign. They attack unions they should be winning over. And the media is silent.

If Sanders get the nomination, who do you think the Culinary Union is going to endorse? Him or the candidate that will protect their hard-fought insurance?

Seems like any easy answer.

The 2020 Democratic primaries have lurched from one disaster to another. This week, signs point to a possible brokered convention in the summer. Not a single candidate seems to be gaining momentum, with many falling by the wayside every hour. In classic fashion, Trump took a dig at the party by declaring whom he’d want to run against.

Democrats are panicking right about now. Why? Because the only viable candidates currently in the primaries have far-left leanings. Joe Biden, who continues to lose, was considered the only moderate in the bunch. Liberals hoped he would be able to muster support among enough Democrats and independents in order to defeat Trump.

That ain’t happening. Unless Biden can pull out a miracle in South Carolina or Nevada, he’s toast.

Bernie Sanders continues to win delegates, despite the establishment’s best efforts. Coming up close behind him is Pete Buttigieg, whose policies are only slightly less socialist. Everyone else racking up delegates at the moment has more in common with Karl Marx than they do George Washington.

Do you think these folks have what it takes to snag the general election? I think not. Which is why Democrats all but begged “moderate,” gun-hating Bloomberg to become a late entry into the race. He didn’t qualify for Iowa or New Hampshire, but the mini-billionaire thinks he can take the top prize.

But who does Trump want to run against this November? Recently, he revealed all, dropping the gauntlet on the party.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he’d rather run against former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg than Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential race.

“Frankly I’d rather run against Bloomberg than Bernie Sanders because Sanders has real followers,” Trump said, adding, “He has followers, Bloomberg’s just buying his way in.”

Trump said that Bloomberg would spend millions of dollars to win, but questioned his ability to win the primary.

“Look he’s a lightweight, you’re going to find that out, he’s also one of the worst debaters that I’ve ever seen,” Trump said. [Source: Breitbart]

The president dropped some serious shade on Bloomberg, saying he’s only buying his way into the party.

That’s pretty much a fact. Bloomberg has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars in ads across the country. He thinks he can contend with the other candidates, despite not appearing in one debate and generally polling too low.

Trump torches Bloomberg by suggesting Bernie Sanders has supporters–and Mini Mike doesn’t.

The largest Democrat events are for Sanders–who recently had 7,500 people attend a rally. But those numbers still pale in comparison to Trump’s rallies, where tens of thousands show up (and have to fill the overflow areas).

Does Trump really fear a Sanders candidacy? Most likely no. Sanders may have his rabid supporters, but they do not represent most Americans. Sanders appeals to the most extreme, far-left communists in the country. Many of his volunteers celebrate Soviet Russia. Some even consider themselves full-on anarchist.

(You have to wonder why anarchists are helping a politician, but hey–you gotta earn your pot money somehow!)

Sanders can win over lazy, do-nothing 20-somethings with the promise of free stuff. But the vast majority of voters are hard-working Americans. Right now they are enjoying better wages and more opportunity–because of Trump’s pro-America, pro-capitalist policies.

Will voters–even Democrats–throw that all away for Bernie? He’s already promising massive tax hikes, bloated government programs, and crippling regulation. If he were elected, the economy would go down the toilet.

Bloomberg wouldn’t be much better. As mayor of New York, he put the rich and powerful ahead of regular residents. He’d be no different than any other career politician, who would sell their soul for lobbyists and globalists.

And these are the best candidates in the Democratic Party! Do they really think they stand a chance against Trump?

The Democrat-controlled House staked its reputation (and future) on impeaching Donald Trump. These establishment Democrats promised their voters that Trump’s “reign of terror” would come to an end. But they failed to convince the Senate to convict Trump. Now, the president is making a big prediction about Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler.

Why did Democrats impeach Donald Trump? We know it wasn’t because they believed he broke the law when he spoke with Ukraine’s president. Some might say they were driven to remove the president from office to control the 2020 Election. But impeachment is a serious thing, the nuclear option, if you will.

To stake your political reputation on impeaching a popular president is a drastic move. One that a party would only do… if they had no choice.

When Donald Trump sent his famous letter to Nancy Pelosi, after her House voted to impeach, he exposed the real reason she went for it. Pelosi herself had said impeachment had to be bipartisan or it would be a sham. She then went on to back a wildly partisan impeachment vote.

Why would she risk political suicide on an impeachment that was bound to fail in the Senate? Could it have something to do with how useless, how ineffective Democrats have been in recent years? Many Democrats promised to work with the president in the 2018 Elections. Instead, they did nothing.

Perhaps Pelosi thought she could win over liberal voters by backing impeachment. But now that it’s failed, there’s nothing protecting do-nothing legacy Democrats from primary challengers. In fact, Trump is predicting top Democrats might lose… to radical socialists.

Because of how badly they did with the Impeachment Hoax, AOC will primary Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, and win, and Jerry Nadler has a good chance of losing to his far left primary opponent! It is all getting quite interesting. Pelosi will lose the House, AGAIN! My poll numbers great. [Source: Twitter]

Trump accused Pelosi of pushing impeachment just to protect her job. It’s true that many long-time House and Senate Democrats are facing primary challengers in the form of young, pro-socialist candidates.

Joe Crowley is proof that an establishment Democrat is not safe these days. If a congressman wants to keep his job, he has to do something.

A smart person would bust his or her ass trying to get stuff done while in office. Maybe broker a few deals with the president to help their people? Not the Democrats. They have made it clear they have no intention of working with this administration. So, to prevent an upstart from taking their seats, they thought they could pander to voters with impeachment.

How’d that work out? Not well. Few Americans were convinced by the end. Impeachment was a big dud, resulting in acquittal.

Now, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, maybe even Pelosi might lose their nominations to radical, far-left candidates.

Trump is even predicting socialist AOC would steal Schumer’s nom. That would be huge.

But it spells doom for the Democratic Party. Socialists like Sanders might be able to bamboozle Democrats into voting for him, but the rest of the country? Hardly.

If Democrats like Schumer and Nadler lose their primary races to socialists, the chances of the House flipping get even better (and keeping the Senate GOP).

AOC is considered a joke back in her district. She might try for another seat, just to avoid getting voted out of the one she has right now. If other radicals get the nomination, they might only have a ghost of a chance at winning a general election.

The Democratic Party might be facing extinction, thanks to socialists, come November. If enough far-left candidates get the nomination, the rest of the voting base will flock to the GOP.

And to think, all this might happen, because Pelosi was trying to protect her job.

Sad, really.

The Democrat’s impeachment schemed failed, but the story is far from over. For months the Democrats colluded to remove the president from office. They enlisted the help of partisan swamp dwellers who tried to throw Trump under the bus. Did they think after all this, it was business as usual? Hardly. The president has started to clean house, starting with this much-deserved hack.

We don’t have to go over the pathetic way Democrats tried to remove Donald Trump–but I’m going to anyway. Much like the Russia hoax, the left orchestrated a manufactured narrative to frame the president. A “whistleblower” filed a bogus complaint about a phone call Trump made with the president of Ukraine.

The left had no real evidence to prove Trump pressured Ukraine to help him. So, they got hacks who had sworn to serve the president to stab him in the back. People who were actually on the call were ignored, while House Democrats brought in “witnesses” who simply gave their opinions.

One of those witnesses was a Lt. Colonel who served on the National Security Council. Although he was serving a civilian post, Alexander Vindman appeared before the House in his Army uniform in a pathetic attempt to give himself credibility. The man turned on the president, claiming–with no evidence–that Trump tried to extort a quid-pro-quo from Ukraine.

Like the rest of the Democrats’ show trial, he just served as a puppet to frame the president. The House used his “testimony” (and that of other hacks) to charge Trump with bogus non-crimes.

Now that the Senate cleared Trump’s name, Democrats hoped the president would turn the other cheek. Not quite. He’s firing the people who worked within the White House who testified against him. The first on the chopping block was Vindman. After his dismissal, Trump called out the man for the hack that he is.

President Donald Trump responded to criticism of his firing of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, tweeting Saturday that the former White House aide was “insubordinate” and “had problems with judgment.”

Trump continued that the officer “was given a horrendous report by his superior … who publicly stated that Vindman had problems with judgment, adhering to the chain of command and leaking information.” [Source: Daily Caller]

Like so many other clowns working for the left, Vindman was a serial leaker. I guess Democrats don’t understand what “classified” or “a matter of national security” means. Vindman was called insubordinate by his superior and had “problems with judgment.” How this idiot made his way to the National Security Council is beyond me.

Those within the military that trained alongside Vindman have gone on to say that the man couldn’t be trusted. They said he would show off when the spotlight was on him, but was a slacker when nobody was watching. He was a “chow thief” (big surprise). And his peers tried to vote him out of their class.

Not the best and the brightest by any stretch of the imagination. I wonder how he could have survived at all in the military–unless of course, this went on during Obama’s administration, when incompetence was celebrated.

The truth is, Trump had every right to fire Vindman. He served in the White House, yet worked against the president. Can that be acceptable under any circumstances? When has that kind of behavior been tolerated in our government? Yet the Democrats wanted Trump to sweep their underhanded scheme to throw our country into chaos under the carpet.

I’m glad Vindman was fired, along with his brother and Amb. Sondland. These men were career government flunkies–who cared more about their positions with the liberal elite than with serving the country. They sold out their scruples to distort the truth–all to prop up a bogus impeachment.

Hopefully, the rest of the swamp will face the same kind of fate.

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