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With only weeks before the election, Donald Trump has revved up his campaign to new heights. Across the country, he has resumed his historic rallies, while Americans from all stripes show him support and excitement. Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to hide—canceling events left and right. Now, President Trump is calling out this “no-show” candidate.

You know, it’s hard to argue that your candidate isn’t suffering from dementia, when he keeps disappearing! The election is only weeks away, yet Joe Biden hasn’t held a real event since before the pandemic.

They can blame COVID all they want, but there is another reason his campaign isn’t holding big rallies or events anywhere (even in deeply-blue states). It’s because they can’t trust that Biden will be able to hold it together for an entire live event.

Given his frequent gaffes, insulting remarks, and just plain bizarre actions, many think the man is suffering from some form of mental decline. Anyone who knows about terminal illnesses can tell you that those suffering have good days and bad days. If Joe is really sick, we can assume on his “good days” he appears on TV.

But on his bad days? They’d hide him away, right? That’s just what his campaign keeps doing. So, Trump called him out on it.

President Donald Trump mocked his rival former Vice President Joe Biden for hosting zero public events on Thursday.

“Sleepy Joe Biden just closed down his campaign for the day (Again),” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Wants to rest!”

The Biden campaign called a “lid” for reporters awaiting any activity from the campaign on Thursday, as the former Vice President is expected to focus on preparation for the debate.

Trump mocked Biden for his lack of energy on the campaign trail.

“He is a very LOW ENERGY INDIVIDUAL, and our Country cannot make it in these exciting, but complex and competitive times, with a Low Energy President!!!” he wrote. [Source: Breitbart]

This is the presidential election. It’s a pretty big deal. Yet Joe Biden is refusing to event appear before the press, let alone a crowd of his supporters.

What does that tell you about where the Democrats are? They can’t even trust their main candidate to not humiliate himself on camera. They might not even be able to pack a small venue with supporters, let alone an airfield (like Trump).

At this point in a typical campaign, you’d expect to see the candidate everywhere. They need to appear in every state they hope to win over. Candidates normally host big rallies, small meet-and-greets. They talk to various unions and other groups. And they try to connect with all ages.

Trump is certainly doing that as much as he can—despite lingering COVID fears. But Biden? He doesn’t even want to appear before a liberal press that bends over backward to prop him up.

What does that tell you about the man’s health? Are we really supposed to believe he’s 100% okay?

Campaigns thrive on seeing excited supporters come out in droves. Donald Trump has his patriotic fans crowd streets and venues.

The Democrats? All they got are angry anarchists burning down cities over “social justice.” With each brick they throw, they make another Trump voter.

In the years since the 2016 Election, Americans have watched as social media giants silenced, shut down, and censored conservatives. Major sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube frequently prevent Trump supporters from spreading their views. The president has frequently threatened to take action. Now, it appears there is movement, as several state attorneys general met at the White House.

While everyone is distracted by riots and other commotion, Trump is using the last few months before re-election to get amazing things done. Recently, he brokered deals between Israel and numerous Arab states. He’s securing measures to protect children who survive abortion. And it appears he is going to appoint another Supreme Court justice.

He’d said we’d get tired of winning. I don’t think we’ve reached the limit, yet.

Now it appears Trump is taking actions to crack down on a scourged that’s hurt millions of Americans. So-called “free” platforms online, that make billions thanks to your use of them, have been censoring anyone right of center. Major online social networks have shown they discriminate heavily anyone with a conservative point of view—to the point that many have been kicked off their websites for doing nothing wrong.

(While liberals can make death threats and get away with it.)

Trump has frequently called out this gross double standard and called on Congress to act. As usual, Congress refused to do its job. So, Trump and state AGs are stepping in.

Nine state attorneys general concerned that tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google are censoring conservatives are working with President Trump to discuss remedies to level the playing field.

“In recent years, a small group of powerful technology platforms have tightened their grip over commerce and communications in America,” Trump said at the White House after the meeting Tuesday. “They’ve used this power to engage in unscrupulous business practices while simultaneously waging war on free enterprise and free expression. At the urging of the radical left, these platforms have become intolerant of diverse political views and abusive toward their own users. And I think we could say as abusive as you could possibly be, in some cases.”

The state attorneys general joined U.S. Attorney General William Barr alongside U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) to discuss possible changes to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. That provision provides broad civil immunity to online platforms, both for hosting and for removing third-party content. [Source: Just the News]

While we could end online censorship immediately through an act of Congress, the president can use the power of the DOJ and other groups to enforce Section 230. That provision gives online platforms immunity, as long as they’re not in the business of publishing content. That means sites like Facebook, etc. are immune from certain forms of legal action, because they claim to not be responsible for what users post.

But when these social networks actively take down your MAGA or COVID posts? They have clearly become publishers who wish to control what visitors see (the same as websites like Fox News or CNN). In that case, Attorney General Barr and others have grounds to go after them. The government can take these companies to court and prove they are violating the terms of Section 230—and they are vulnerable to legal action.

That can very well get these websites to change their policies immediately. If they want to enjoy being “free” platforms (that make billions the information they take from you), they can’t be classified as publishers. Then, they’d have to approve every post you make—which would be their deaths.

Their only chance is to stop censoring content. But will they wake up and do that? Or will Trump have to take them to court?

I think you know the answer.

With everything going on right now, it’s easy to forget the country is coming out of a pandemic. While cases continue to drop, many states suffer under heavy lockdowns. Millions of lives have been ruined, as businesses and institutions struggle for years to come. President Trump spoke to the United Nations, demanding the organization hold the one country responsible who is behind all this.

I know it’s been a while, but let’s recall what happened. Back in November 2019, China discovered a new virus was spreading through the region of Wuhan. Even though it was clear this disease spread rapidly, and posed a threat, China told nobody. They shut down travel within China, but allowed Chinese to leave the country.

Any doctors or journalists who tried to raise the alarm were silenced. Even the World Health Organization kept the matter quiet. As late as January, they pushed unfactual information at the behest of the communist regime.

The virus was able to spread all over the world, because of China’s silence. They even denied American doctors from the CDC to travel to Wuhan to investigate and examine samples. By March of this year, the pandemic was out of control. Fear and panic lead to cataclysmic responses from governments, which shut down economies, schools, and life as we know it.

But worst of all, the American media was complicit in refusing to hold China accountable. The left-wing media (who are largely owned by Chinese investors and companies) even called Trump racist for calling COVID the “China virus” (which was a talking point they got directly from the Chinese government).

Even now, the country is gradually coming out of this nightmare. But many just want to sweep what China did under the rug, it seems. Joe Biden has not called out China once for its obvious neglect and dishonesty. Doubt he’ll do anything to hold their feet to the fire as president.

Now, Trump is calling on the U.N. to actually demand answers from Communist China.

President Trump on Tuesday told the United Nations that it must hold China accountable for its failure to contain the coronavirus in the early days of the pandemic — and declared the World Health Organization “controlled” by Beijing.

“The United Nations must hold China accountable for their actions,” Trump told the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, separately calling the virus “The China Virus.”

“In the earliest days of the virus, China locked down travel domestically while allowing flights to leave China and infect the world,” Trump said, noting also its opposition to the travel restrictions he placed on China…

Beyond the pandemic, he also called on the U.N. and others to focus on the “real problems” in the world and stop criticizing America on issues such as the environment. He said China’s carbon emissions are twice as high as the U.S.’ and accused it of dumping tons of plastic into the ocean and overfishing. [Source: Fox News]

On nearly every issue the U.N. claims to care about—from human rights to poverty to the environment to world health—China is a failure. In fact, China often deliberately harms these causes by the way its government behaves (see: COVID, pollution, and the Uyghur Muslims). Yet the United Nations has refused to hold the country accountable. Trump refuses to accept that.

There is a variety of things the U.N. can do to get recompense from China. It can remove the country from influential groups and panels. It can levy heavy sanctions on the country. U.N. nations can pass a resolution urging member states to refuse to do business with China, until the country pays back the damage it caused the world.

Not that President Trump really thinks the U.N. will do anything about it. China has the organization in its pocket. The U.N. is a corrupt globalist enterprise only interested in the wealth and power of its leaders. That is why the United States, under Trump, has cut back funding for the U.N. and withdrawn from numerous organizations within it.

The truth is, the only force that can hold China accountable for what it did is America. But only if Trump is in the White House.

Following the lead of leagues like the NBA and MLB, the NFL embraced radical, far-left politics as they resumed their 2020 season. While the first week of games saw a boom of viewers, those viewers were subjected to social justice politics and racial hate. In the ensuing weeks, the league discovered just how much Americans hate being lectured to by rich athletes. Now, after this weeks’ games, ratings are almost rock bottom.

The COVID panic hit entertainment industries particularly hard. Oh, I’m not weeping for Hollywood, a corrupt business that thrives of immorality and greed deserves to die. But many Americans probably mourned the loss of their favorite sport, as governors shut down large gatherings to instill fear among Americans.

After months of nothing, the “triumphant” return of professional sports should have been something to unite all Americans. That should have been especially true of the NFL, that would have been able to play a roughly normal-length season.

But instead of finding ways to unite Americans, the super-rich elitists who run and make up most professional sports decided to lecture us instead. The NFL followed baseball and basketball’s lead to push social justice, pro-Black Lives Matter content before each game. Not only have players insulted the National Anthem and flag, but viewers who bothered to tune in were subjected to other forms of far-left propaganda.

Not a big surprise that fans are tuning out faster than ever.

NBC’s Sunday Night Football showcased two of the best franchises in the NFL over the last decade, despite that, the ratings crashed by nearly 20 percent.

“Pulling in 12.22 million viewers in the early metrics and 3.5 in the ratings between 7 -11 PM ET, last night’s big NFL game was down 17% in audience and 25% in the demo from the early numbers of last week’s SNF official season debut,” Deadline Hollywood reported. That hometown win on September 14, 2020 by the LA Rams over the Dallas Cowboys shifted up a bit to 18.94 million viewers and 6.2 ratings for the Comcast-owned network and the league in the final numbers.”

…Last week’s Sunday Night Football match-up between the Cowboys and the Rams, suffered a 28% drop in ratings. [Source: Breitbart]

Viewership for arguably the most popular sport in American should have exploded. After all, Americans that have suffered under unjust lockdowns and COVID panic should have been eager to watch their favorite teams face off in a new NFL season. Instead, the league saw a shocking drop in viewership this week.

What does it tell you about Americans’ patience for this toxic, hateful ideology called “social justice?” The NFL is rooting for a movement that has destroyed numerous major cities and put countless black lives at risk. But these rich, entitled athletes not only don’t get it, but they feel entitled to tell us that America is terrible—despite enjoying lifestyles few of us can dream of.

It seems that even diehard fans of the Seahawks and Patriots weren’t compelled to watch the game.

With stands empty, there seems to be a realization growing among viewers. Perhaps professional sports aren’t as important as we all once assumed? They can pipe in the noise of the crowd all they want, but when you get a glimpse of those empty chairs, it all starts to look so silly.

And many are starting to ask: why do we let these grown men who throw a ball around for money tell us what to believe about our country? Why should we tolerate them kneeling during our anthem, but standing for the “black” national anthem?

It’s no mystery why ratings are dropping—and will probably continue to drop. The real mystery is why the NFL is so stupid that they keep this charade up for so long.

Democrats immediately started scolding Donald Trump the moment Supreme Court Justice RBG died. President Trump, undeterred, said it was his duty to pick another Supreme Court nominee. Joe Biden, no doubt egged on by his campaign, gave a speech lecturing Trump on what to do. But, once again, the mentally frail man made a massive gaffe.

After Justice Scalia died in 2016, Democrats (including Joe Biden and Obama) demanded the Senate confirm a new justice immediately. But thanks to the fact that Obama was a lame duck, the majority Republican Senate refused to pick a new justice before the election. However, now that there is yet another opening on the court during an election year, suddenly Democrats want to wait until after the election!

Funny, they want Trump to have to wait a few months to make his pick in his second term.

The Internet has been boiling with Democrats outraged that Trump would do his Constitutional duty to pick a new justice. Joe Biden, probably forced in front of the cameras by his handlers, demanded that the vacancy stay open until January.

Something tells me he wasn’t ready to appear in public, as once again, he said something totally bizarre.

Joe Biden claimed on Sunday that, by the time he would be done speaking, 200 million Americans will have died from the coronavirus.

As Biden demanded inaction from the U.S. Senate on providing advice and consent on a potential Supreme Court nominee, he said, “It’s estimated 200 million people have died probably by the time I finish this talk.”

That would be roughly two-thirds of the country.

Several minutes later, he read from the teleprompter: “200,000.”

It’s not the first time Biden has had trouble with numbers this campaign.

In June, Biden claimed “over 120 million” have died from the virus before correcting himself, USA Today reported. [Source: Breitbart]

Really Joe? You can’t read 200,000 properly off a teleprompter? Didn’t 200 million sound a bit off to you?

Is the man even paying attention, anymore? Or is he just being a good boy and doing whatever his campaign tells him to?

You know, there is a very big difference between 200,000 and 200 million. The fact that Biden didn’t catch himself tells you something is very wrong with his comprehension skills.

But we should listen to him over his advice about handling the RBG vacancy!

We know why Democrats are freaking out, right now. They are panicking. Once again, Trump has the tremendous power to reshape the Supreme Court. He has already given it a slightly conservative majority. He just needed one more vacancy to make sure fair-weathered Roberts couldn’t throw off rulings. With a third appointment, conservatives will be defending the Constitution for decades to come.

That means Roe V Wade might be overturned sooner than anyone thought!

Democrats that want to delay the appointment actually believe Joe Biden is going to win! Trump could have easily waited, certain that he will defeat a man who is obviously suffering from dementia. But Democrats forced his hand with wild threats of war and “burning” down D.C.

Biden tried to put in his two cents, thinking it would sway public opinion. But the man can’t even read from a teleprompter properly. Why should we care what he thinks about the Supreme Court?

Joe Biden appeared at a CNN town hall this week. Most are criticizing the event for throwing nothing but softballs at the Democratic candidate. But even with the network trying to help, Biden couldn’t help himself. He spent most of his time attacking Donald Trump, especially over COVID. Yet again, Biden made no sense when he discussed COVID deaths.

Biden (or should we say, his campaign) has tried his darnedest to make the COVID pandemic all Trump’s fault. He and the rest of the Democrats (including those that run the media) have refused to hold China accountable for anything. Biden consistently claims Trump’s leadership since the outbreak has been wrong—yet Biden himself has offered zero guidance and leadership himself. Anything he’s recommended that works, Trump had done much sooner.

Yet Biden still tries to use the China virus as ammunition against the president. God help us if Biden is ever elected. He’s already said he’d issue an (un-Constitutional) nationwide lockdown as well as force masks on everybody.

Now he’s made a bogus claim no fact-checker can endorse.

Joe Biden indicated during a CNN town hall Thursday that President Trump is responsible for every single coronavirus death.

“If the president had done his job… had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive,” Biden told the audience in Pennsylvania. “All the people — I’m not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data.”

His statement was also questioned by other mainstream news organizations. Politico said Biden “vastly overstated what protections could have worked against the virus.”

Meanwhile, The Washington Post exclaimed Biden “is making this up.” [Source: Fox News]

When Politico and The Washington Post have to correct Biden, you know he’s really off base!

Biden has frequently attacked Trump’s response to the pandemic, often saying Trump should have acted “sooner” or “done his job from the beginning.” Really, Joe? You were the one who called his actions at the start of the crisis—long before the Democrats cared—xenophobic. Remember, Joe? You criticized his closing of the border to China—something that even Fauci said saved lives.

But I doubt Joe remembers much of anything, these days. I’m sure as he blurted out this idiotic statement his staff were pulling out their hair. Biden also blundered recently when talking about COVID deaths, stumbling around saying, “COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year – look, here’s … The lives, it’s just, it’s … I mean, think about it. More lives this year than any other year, for the past hundred years.”

That insane fumble was enough to make me say, definitively, the man has dementia. This CNN town hall only further cements that assumption.

President Trump is not directly responsible for a single COVID death. The vast, vast majority of deaths were due to comorbidities, because those folks had pre-existing conditions. Most Americans who caught the virus recovered, largely due in thanks to how the federal government scrambled resources and measures to aid state and local governments.

Very little of the mandated masks and lockdowns helped. In fact, data suggests that what Joe wants to do to everyone causes incredible harm to families, communities, and businesses.

Yet Biden keeps banging the drum of “Trump is responsible.” Not once has Biden criticized Democrats Andrew Cuomo or Gavin Newsom. Both California and New York suffered significantly more than any other state—thanks to their leaders’ terrible policy. New York was the worst—yet Biden is too petty and partisan to even ask why.

I guess you can’t expect honesty from a man desperate to become president.

Since Donald Trump entered politics, liberals have made wild claims about his leadership. They frequently call him racist, for wanting to end illegal immigration and build the wall. On top of that, they accuse a renowned businessman that his policies would “cripple” the economy. I wonder what those critics will say about this latest news, when Mexican-American owner of an MLB just endorsed Trump?

Former Vice President Joe Biden is desperate to win over Latino voters. You probably heard about his insulting attempt to pander to them by playing a song before his speech. For years, Democrats have assumed minorities were in the bag for them. They did little to help black or Hispanic Americans, but expected them to vote blue every election.

Only this year have they seen the writing on the wall. Black voter support for Trump is around 35-40%. Hispanic support is even higher. In recent months, notable Hispanic business leaders have praised the president. At a recent “Latinos for Trump” rally, the owner of the Los Angeles Angels urged all Hispanic Americans to vote for Trump.

Speaking at a “Latinos for Trump” roundtable in Phoenix, Arizona, Arte Moreno, the owner of MLB’s Los Angeles Angels and the first Mexican-American to own a major sports team in the United States, stated that all Latinos should get out and vote, adding, “It’s necessary to focus on today and the future, and it’s very necessary to vote for President Trump.”

Moreno is a native Arizonan, born in Tucson in 1946. His grandfather owned Tucson’s first Spanish-language newspaper. In 1966, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and fought in the Vietnam war. He was later hired by the billboard company Outdoor Systems, finally taking them public in 1996; he sold them to Infinity Broadcasting for $8 billion in 1998. [Source: Daily Wire]

Isn’t it amazing how so many Latinos rally around the president? It’s almost as if they don’t believe he’s a racist, despite what liberals think.

Hispanic Americans aren’t stupid. They know that Trump’s economic policies have helped millions of them get jobs, grow businesses, and earn more money. Democrats think they can bamboozle Latinos to vote for them, by pandering to their ethnicity. Instead, Trump just helps them succeed like never before.

Which sounds better to you?

This is the second time a respected, successful Hispanic American endorsed Trump in recent months. The CEO of Goya Foods received intense backlash from leftists after praising President Trump. Their attempt to boycott his company backfired, as millions flocked grocery stores to buy Goya products.

Moreno is a self-made billionaire. It appears he knows the best chance for him, and other Hispanics, to thrive is if Trump is re-elected. Biden and the left can play Despacito all they want, but their policies will hurt Hispanic Americans just like everyone else.

It’s clear Democrats have taken minority voters for granted. They just expected them to vote Democrat, while those in power did little to help them. What can minority voters count on if they elect Biden? Higher taxes, impoverished communities, fewer cops, and terrible school options. But, they’ll probably get a few more food stamps.

How nice.

But if Hispanic Americans go with Trump, they can look forward to rising opportunity, school choice, safe communities, and increasing wages.

I don’t know about you, but the choice seems pretty clear.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and the outbreak of violent riots, the radical left-wing city council of Minneapolis voted to abolish the police. That sparked a movement across the country as numerous Democrat-led city governments slashed funding from their own police departments. Now, as the city suffers from a surge in violent crime, the same city council has the gall to complain about the police.

I’m sure you were one of millions of sane Americans who was shocked to learn Democrats across America were calling for the defunding or abolishing of police. Just as radical anarchists were burning and looting their way through major cities, Democrat mayors and city councils slashed funds from the cops.

It was lunacy of the highest order. And, even as some Democrats have tried to downplay what they did in the Summer, many on the left still want to outright abolish police forces.

How many lives have been ruined thanks to this insane policy? Major cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, and even Austin have reduced funding for cops—just as crime is on the rise.

Minneapolis was obviously the worst. The Midwestern city is run by radical leftists, who voted to replace the city’s police department with social workers. Big surprise, the city has seen a dramatic spike in violent crime.

Now, if you can believe it, the city council is mad that cops aren’t around to help.

The Democrat-controlled Minneapolis City Council is reportedly panicking as violent crime is surging throughout the city after they called for defunding the police department following the death of George Floyd in late May.

During a two-hour Minneapolis City Council meeting on police reform, “council members told police Chief Medaria Arradondo that their constituents are seeing and hearing street racing which sometimes results in crashes, brazen daylight carjackings, robberies, assaults and shootings…”

“Residents are asking, ‘Where are the police’?” said city council member Jamal Osman…

“That is the only public safety option they have at the moment: MPD,” Osman said. “They rely on MPD. And they are saying they are nowhere to be seen.”

City Council President Lisa Bender, who led the charge in the initial calls to defund the police department, complained that she thought the officers were being defiant. [Source: Daily Wire]

Can you imagine the gall of these leftist city council members? They branded their own police as racist killers, promising to abolish them after Floyd’s death. Now, they are angry at the cops for not being around to stop crime, claiming the police were “being defiant.”

In all of this, the council refuses to admit their policies have created the problem. Not once have they apologized for vilifying the police or trying to abolish them.

The number of reported crimes in Minneapolis is up compared to last year. More people have been killed in the first nine months of 2020 than all of 2019. Property crimes, including burglaries and auto thefts have surged, as well as arson—which has increased by 55 percent since 2019.

Gee, I wonder if anyone could have told them this would happen if they attacked their police? Oh right, we all did. Every conservative in America told Democrats that defunding cops was a terrible, evil idea.

But even now, as Minneapolis suffers for this decision, they still don’t see it.

These leftists don’t mind complaining that cops aren’t around to help, but they still won’t admit it’s their fault.

Many cops resigned after the city voted to abolish the department. Those left have reduced funding and resources to do their job. Not only that, but when you announce you hate the cops and are working to eliminate them, it emboldens crimes like nothing else.

Maybe voters in Minneapolis will wake up and vote these clowns out of office. Until then, they get to enjoy all this crime.

Despite the left’s constant demand that Americans vote by mail this election, Joe Biden was seen in Delaware, casting his vote early and in-person. When asked about why he was voting in person, it had something to do with him being “busy.” But when he tried to explain what he had on the docket for the day, he came up empty.

For months, Democrats pushed to acquire funding to pass universal vote-by-mail in every state. Nancy Pelosi and others claimed that COVID made it too dangerous for Americans to appear at the polling place. But their efforts to secure billions to shore up the USPS’s pathetic infrastructure failed, as news revealed that voting by mail was far from safe.

Add to that the fact that most states allow people to safely go to the grocery store, what danger is it for Americans to wait in lines to vote?

The left’s argument that mail-in voting is the only way got another blow, thanks to their candidate Joe Biden. Because despite all their doom-and-gloom, the former vice president was seen voting early, in person.

Joe Biden decided to vote the old fashioned way on Monday: by casting his ballot in person.

The Democrat nominee for president voted early at a polling location in Delaware.

Joe and Jill Biden visited the New Castle County Board of Elections to cast their ballots. Voters have the option to make an appointment and appear in person, or send their vote through the mail. [Source: Breitbart]

So much for the argument that voting by mail is dangerous, eh Nancy? If a man in his late seventies has no problem casting his ballot in person, why should anyone else?

Unless this is another instance where Democrats can break the rules, because they are better than the rest of us? As when Pelosi went to a salon, breaking lockdown rules? (We still haven’t forgotten, Nance!)

What’s even more troubling—though not surprising—is how Biden responded when asked why he was voting early.

Biden told reporters as he exited the building that he voted early because he’s going to be traveling tomorrow — 49 days before the election.

“You guys voted early today?” a reporter asked.

“Because I’m going to be in— where am I tomorrow? I’m in— ?” Biden said, looking for assistance.

“We’re traveling,” Jill Biden jumped in.

“Florida,” a staffer responded.

“I’m traveling tomorrow,” Biden said. [Source: Breitbart]

Uh… what? Joe said he’s voting early because he was traveling the next day? He does know that Election Day is November 3, right? There’s no reason to vote early… if you had plans 48 days before the election.

What’s even weirder is how he wasn’t even sure how to answer. As usual, his wife (i.e.: caretaker) and his campaign staff (i.e.: his overlords) had to bail him out.

Something tells me a man running for president should know his schedule better, right? If a reporter asked what Trump was doing tomorrow, don’t you expect him to know right away? Sure, he might not have the itinerary memorized, but he wouldn’t leave you with a bunch of “Uh. I’m going to be in… where am I?”

Even when trying to stump for early voting, the man can’t help but expose his crumbling mental faculties.

But I’m sure the Democrats were just pleased to see Biden prove that voting in person is perfectly safe. This proves there is absolutely zero reason to trust your vote to the whims of the post office.

I mean, I’m still waiting for Christmas cards from 2019—why would I let them handle by Constitutional right to vote?

This weekend, Americans were shocked to see two LA cops targeted for assassination by a rogue gunman. In the aftermath, radical activists tried to prevent them from entering the hospital to receive medical care. Americans across the country were outraged, calling for justice for these two men. The president demanded action. Joe Biden? He had another idea.

We shouldn’t be surprised that it has come to this. After months of rioting and media-fueled hate for our law enforcement, two Los Angeles cops were targeted for assassination. A gunman approached their car and opened fire. To the utter shock and disgust of many Americans, Black Lives Matter protesters even tried to block the entrance to the hospital, so the police officers would die due to the delay.

This is the direct result of Democrats and the media spending the Summer allowing anti-police sentiment to grow out of control. They’ve stoked the flames of irrational hate, leading to this unspeakable moment.

Americans of all backgrounds demanded the gunman be found and brought to justice. Democratic candidate for president, Joe Biden, must have realized at some point he needed to mention something, if he wanted to keep his campaign alive. But his “solution” comes at just the worst time.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Sunday called for gun control less than 24 hours after two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who were critically wounded in Compton after a gunman opened fire on their squad car in an apparent ambush.

“Weapons of war have no place in our communities,” the former Vice President tweeted. “We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.” [Source: Fox News]

At a time when Democrats are defunding police—and crime is at an all-time high—Biden is recommending policy that will leave Americans defenseless. Like every other uneducated gun control nut, Biden is calling for a ban of “weapons of war” and “assault weapons” two terms not used by anyone that’s ever held a gun.

We know that calling any firearm a “weapon of war” suggests that civilians should not own them. But can you point to any gun that isn’t used in warfare? Even simple 9mm handguns have been used by soldiers on the battlefield. It seems that if Joe had his way, you’d have access to zero weapons.

And, of course, we know that “assault weapon” is a buzzword used by liberals—but no such firearm exists.

Liberals continue to turn their cities into warzones, by defunding police departments and rewarding criminals. Americans in many places have no choice but to arm themselves, if they want to avoid being the victims of a crime. We know that 2 million new gun owners were made in this year alone. But right at the time when gun ownership is rising, Joe the idiot wants to make it harder for Americans to protect themselves.

In contrast, President Trump has called for swift justice for the man who ambushed these officers. He called the thug an “animal” for walking up to a police car and trying to assassinate two cops.

President Trump argued on Sunday for tougher criminal sentencing guidelines and faster courts as the manhunt continues for the suspect in the shooting of two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies over the weekend.

The president added: “We’re looking for him…and when we find that person, we’ve got to get much faster with our courts and we’ve got to get much tougher with our sentencing.” [Source: Fox News]

Crime is on the rise and dangerous anarchists burn cities and call for the overthrow of our country. Meanwhile, Democrats like Joe Biden are calling for more policy that will aid and empower those who seek to destroy us.

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