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Former President Donald Trump issued a call to action for his supporters: it’s time to act against “woke companies” who oppose common sense election integrity measures.

Trump released a statement through his Save America PAC explaining his move to boycott businesses who routinely genuflect before the increasingly-powerful Woke Mob.

He believes the election integrity bill in Georgia doesn’t protect voters enough, calling the measure “watered-down” and lacking “signature matching and other safety measures.” Trump lamented Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s decision to sign the bill into law after the 2020 presidential election, which saw massive increase in mail-in-ballots and, as a result, massive fraud.

The Former President issued a direct rebuke of the MLB after Commissioner Rob Manfred’s decision to move the All-Star game out of Georgia because of the law.

In his statement, Trump called for an all-out “boycott of baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with Free and Fair Elections.”

“Are you listening Coke, Delta, and all!”

Trump demanded that Republicans and Conservatives fight back against these woke companies, noting “we have more people than they do!”

Author: Elizabeth Tierney

Recently, Joe Biden’s office released his next spending bill. Trying to sell it as an “infrastructure” plan, the bill would cost the U.S. taxpayer over $2 trillion. But that’s great right? Because the money will be spent on our infrastructure? Not quite.

Only a fraction of the money will actually go to our roads, bridges, and other vital construction needs. The vast majority of your money will be given directly to “green” companies. Massive subsidies will be given to electric vehicle makers, green tech startups, and other companies that have little to do with infrastructure.

Even climate policy experts bemoaned the plan, saying the money shouldn’t be given to companies already receiving numerous perks from the government.

A big question, of course, is how will the government pay for all this? After a historic tax cut in 2017, Biden wants to raise taxes through the roof. That includes an insane corporate tax rate of 28%–which is sure to drive companies overseas.

Now, a moderate Democrat in the Senate is saying, “No way.”

Sen. Joe Manchin has indicated that he does not support the infrastructure proposal in its current form.

“As the bill exists today it needs to be changed,” the West Virginia Democrat said during an interview with Talkline host Hoppy Kercheval.

The infrastructure proposal would boost the corporate tax rate from its present rate of 21% up to 28%.

Manchin said that he does not think the corporate tax rate should have been under 25%, which he said is “the worldwide average. And that’s basically what every corporation would’ve told you that’s what they thought was fair.” He said that he believes the rate should be 25%. [Source: Just the News]

Although there are many “poison pills” in this proposal, it seems Manchin takes exception to Biden’s corporate tax hike. You’d think the West Virginia senator would be more concerned with how this bill would impact families back home? But at least he is willing to call out one problem with Biden’s plan.

A high corporate tax rate is bad for everyone. It should be as low as possible, considering corporations make up a large portion of companies that employ Americans. The lower their tax rate, the more money they can spend on improving their goods and services, while hiring more staff and increasing wages.

We all know what would happen if we raised the tax rate from 21% to 28%. Big companies, who came back to the U.S. under Trump, would quickly leave. Many nations have a tax rate much lower than America. It would be nothing for a big company to move their offices (and white-collar jobs) to greener pastures.

Now, why would Biden impose a tax hike like this, knowing it would lead to lost jobs? I can’t say for sure.

Biden claims to want to help Americans through the pandemic. But all his decisions so far have only made things worse. Raising taxes now would be a disaster for working-class and middle-class families.

At least there is one Democrat willing to oppose such a move. For now.

Author: Kevin Farlin

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to budge on Biden’s false claims about the recently-passed election integrity bill in Georgia. Despite multiple fact checks, Biden’s debunked falsities about the bill remain the White House hard line.

Additionally, Psaki conveyed no remorse on behalf of the President over the $100 million loss in revenue after voicing his support for the MLB boycott of Georgia.

“Is the President going to change his tune on the new Georgia voting law?” a reporter asked.

Here’s Psaki’s full response:

In typical Psaki fashion, she deflected from answering the question, prompting the reporter to ask again, adding, “Biden’s claims have been determined by election experts to be false, so will he stop repeating these claims?”

Again she refused to answer the question.

Psaki was also asked if Biden regretted his “strong support” for Major League Baseball pulling their All-Star game out of Georgia, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue for the state.

Here is the interaction that Psaki had with the reporter:

Author: Elizabeth Landis

Since leaving office Trump has remained vague on his future role as an elected official. Will he run again in 2024, or is there something else in the cards for America’s Favorite President?

The Former President has only made on thing certain: he will work tirelessly to help Republicans regain their majorities in the 2022 midterm elections. Beyond that promise Trump has held his cards close; no one knows exactly what he plans to do.

An aide close to the Former President revealed we could be seeing Trump’s name on a ballot sooner than 2024. In fact, he implied Trump may run for Congress in 2022 in the hopes of becoming Speaker of the House – placing him third in the line of succession.

If Republicans win back majority in the House, install Trump as Speaker, and introduce articles of Impeachment, all that’s needed is a Senate conviction for Trump to reign once again. Not only could he finish out Biden’s first term, but he’d also gain a giant leg up for a 2024 reelection.

This level of political maneuvering has never occurred in American history, but Trump is just the man to pull it off. With his massive grassroots support, the Former President could easily win over public the public and finally put an end to the series of devastations caused by the Biden administration.

Author: Gene Hayworth

A Pro-Biden county in Georgia is facing financial ruin after the MLB decided to head the President’s advice and move the upcoming All-Star game. The decision comes as Biden and Democrats push a series of deceptively false talking points about the recently-passed election integrity bill in Georgia.

Holly Quinlan, CEO of Cobb Travel and Tourism, revealed the estimated lost revenue topped more than $100 million. He said, “The event would have directly impacted our county and been a big boost to businesses recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic”

The Atlanta Braves released a statement following the league’s announcement, saying that they did not support the decision and that they were “saddened that fans will not be able to see this event in our city.”

Georgians are placing blame on Democrat Joe Biden and his far-left cohort Stacey Abrams because they routinely pushed false claims against SB 202 – the recent Georgia election bill. Sources inside Major League Baseball indicate the decision to move the All-Star game was due to pressure from corporate sponsors, not with fear of players’ boycotts.

Former President Donald Trump repeatedly called for boycotts against MLB and other corporations utilizing “woke cancel culture” to protest Georgia’s SB 202. In the past Trump has been immensely successful in organizing boycotts of pro-sports leagues for the radical liberal activism.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth

“Moderate” Joe Biden has vowed to push as many radical policies the far-left can cook up. That includes massive spending on social programs, an open border, and—of course—more gun control. Biden and his cohorts are proposing some of the strictest gun control we’ve ever seen. Among the many restrictions Biden is calling Congress to pass, he wants a second “assault weapons” ban.

We can go around and around explain to liberals that “assault weapon” is not a proper term for a firearm. Most of the time, Democrats think “assault weapons” are “machine guns,” that fire rounds rapidly. (Other leftists think the “AR” in AR-15 actually means assault rifle, proving their total ignorance on the issue).

Biden is trying to sell his weapon ban by claiming the 90s-era ban “saved lives.” He points to shady statistics that seem to prove that banning semi-automatic rifles helped prevent shootings. But even a New York Times writer had to admit that is not the case.

A left-wing columnist at The New York Times admitted over the weekend that there was no strong evidence that the assault weapons ban enacted under the Clinton administration, which lasted 10 years, “saved lives.”

Columnist Nicholas Kristof, who advocates for laws cracking down on the Second Amendment, made the admission in a piece about the some of the executive orders that he wants Democrat President Joe Biden to use against the Second Amendment. Kristof said that he was “sympathetic” toward wanting to ban so-called “assault weapons,” which are semi-automatic firearms that effectively operate the same way that basic pistols do, but noted that there was no way that Congress was going to ban them.

“It’s also true that while liberals loved the assault weapons ban for the 10 years it was in effect, there is no strong evidence that it saved lives — but it did turn the AR-15 into a conservative icon, so that today there appear to be more AR and AK rifles in private hands than in the United States military,” Kristof wrote. “And most crime and deaths involve handguns, not rifles.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Second Amendment-hating Kristof had to admit that Clinton’s assault weapons ban did not prevent any loss of life. Why is that the case? Partly because most firearm-related deaths and crimes are committed by handguns, not rifles.

That’s an obvious fact. A criminal (who doesn’t obey gun laws, by the way) will most likely carry something small that they can conceal. A mugger or carjacker isn’t going to try to hide a rifle in their waistband.

But Democrats aren’t really about finding effective solutions for problems. They always go for the big, flashy move that does nothing. You can’t ban handguns, so they want to ban those “big, scary” rifles they suggest are the same kind used by the military.

Kristof claims more civilians own AR-15s and AK-style rifles than the military. Yeah, because those aren’t military rifles. A soldier wouldn’t be caught dead with an AR-15, because it would be useless in a combat situation.

You see, Democrats don’t know much about firearms to begin with. And they’re not interested in saving lives. They simply want to spread propaganda that “guns kill,” so that fewer and fewer Americans would even want to own a gun.

But the reality is, more Americans bought guns last year for the first time than ever before. So… yeah, Democrats have a real battle ahead of them.

Former President Donald Trump wished the American public a Happy Easter, including “Radical Left CRAZIES.”

His hilarious, heartfelt Easter greeting comes after a surge of statements released from his Mar-a-Lago office in which the Former President calls for boycotts on businesses protesting election integrity laws. The statements come as a warning to to those corporations who follow Democrats’ lead of using “woke cancel culture” to punish conservatives.

Trump concludes his epic condemnation in typical fashion, saying, “Other than that, Happy Easter!’

The Trump family – Former President, Melania, and Barron – we’re recently spotted together at Mar-a-Lago and we’re met with booming applause. He is ‘America’s Favorite President’ after all. 

Barron Trump, 15, has not been seen in months, including his father’s farewell address earlier this year. The Trumps have shielded the youngster from public eye and are quick to condemn all media jabs against him.

Author: Carole Turner 

Let’s face the facts: Joe Biden is no president. Hell, the man hasn’t even given an address to the Joint Sessions of Congress, something every president has done at the start of their first term. His decisions seem to be driven by whatever handler has his ear at the moment.

He says one thing, but does another. And often, he makes bold declarations that are far from the truth.

Perhaps his biggest goose egg was his pledge to unify the country after the toxic 2020 Election. Biden claimed he’d be a president of both red and blue states. He wanted to bring the country together.

Okay… so what has he done to do that? Oh, that’s right, nothing. Joe Biden immediately signed 40+ executive orders that undid most of Trump’s policies. He sat back as Congress wasted time and money on a second impeachment. And, when Democrats forced their agenda with reconciliation, refusing to work with Republicans, Joe said nothing.

Does that sound like “unity” to you? Of course not. And even RINO Mitt Romney has something to say about it.

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney urged President Joe Biden on Thursday to “live up to” the bipartisan rhetoric he used at his inauguration.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) called out Biden via social media on Thursday afternoon, suggesting the 46th POTUS should reach across the proverbial aisle despite the Democrats’ current House majority.

“A Senate evenly split between both parties and a bare Democratic House majority are hardly a mandate to ‘go it alone,’” Romney wrote on Twitter. “The President should live up to the bipartisanship he preached in his inaugural address.” [Source: Breitbart]

Romney is no rock star of the Republican Party. He is largely hated by conservatives for his consistent support for the D.C. swamp. But even he had to speak out over Biden’s bogus leadership.

The senator is calling out comments made by both Chuck Schumer and White House staff. They intend to push through a toxic, bloated, and doomed-to-fail spending bill that will cost us $2.9 trillion. Because much of the spending is not agreeable to conservatives, Democrats intend to ram this through with reconciliation once again.

Even Romney knows this is a bad road to go down. Not winning even a single Republican vote will only doom the Democrats, eventually.

Romney explains that Democrats’ “majority” is essentially an illusion. They only lead the House by a mere eight seats. And the Senate is split 50-50. Anything can happen in 2022. Most likely, Republicans will win enough seats to take over both Houses. Democrats now have a chance to work together, to both prove they can do it and to save their majority.

Instead, they are going the nuclear route. Anything they get done in D.C. for the next two years will have to be owned by Democrats. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Most of it will be bad or ugly.

They won’t be able to blame Republicans when all this bloated spending hurts Americans. Or when the border crisis turns into devastation. And on and on.

It’s pretty sad that even Romney knows what to do, and Democrats still ignore it.

Author: Cid Johnson

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced in a press conference on Monday that he intends to take emergency executive action against the radical idea of Americans being forced to use vaccine passports to travel both domestically and internationally.

DeSantis, whose handling of the pandemic has elevated him to being the top Republican hopeful for the presidency in 2024 behind only Trump, said that vaccine passports are “completely unacceptable.”

“We’re not supportive of that. I think it’s something that people have certain freedoms and individual liberties to make decisions for themselves,” the governor said.

“It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society.”

DeSantis said that people shouldn’t need to show proof of vaccination against the coronavirus to go to a game, movie, theme parks, or other social events.

“You want the fox to guard the henhouse? I mean give me a break,” he said. “I understand, kind of, how some folks can embrace the idea, and I’m not saying it’s all necessarily done for bad purposes, but I think ultimately it would create problems in the state.”

He went on to urge the Florida state legislature to take more permanent action against the passport which is now being pushed by Biden and his team.

The Biden administration will “provide guidance” on private-sector efforts to develop vaccine passports and similar systems, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters in Washington on Monday.

DeSantis had already made it clear earlier this month that he was not on board with the idea whatsoever – calling it “totally of the table.”

“The vaccine passport is a terrible idea. We are definitely not going to require anything from the state’s perspective. That is totally off the table,” DeSantis told reporters on March 18.

“If I have businesses that want to do that in Florida, I think that that’s more than just a private decision.”

Former Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf said to Fox News on Sunday that mandatory COVID-19 vaccine passports would be the “end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned.”

Last week, DeSantis even took on the CDC, criticizing them for announcing that a no-sail order on cruise ships would remain in place until Nov. 1.

On March 26, the governor sat down with state officials to discuss the importance of the industry, calling the order “baseless.”

During the meeting, DeSantis asked the CDC to reverse the no-sail order that has been in place since March 14, 2020.

“If there is one thing we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that lockdowns don’t work, and Floridians deserve the right to earn a living,” said DeSantis.

“The cruise industry is essential to our state’s economy, and keeping it shut down until November would be devastating to the men and women who rely on the cruise lines to provide for themselves and their families. I urge the CDC to immediately rescind this baseless no-sail order to allow Floridians in this industry to get back to work.”

Plenty has been said about so-called COVID “expert” Anthony Fauci. Over the last year, the man has been propped up by the liberal media as some kind of savior. Yet the media frequently ignores the many times he’s been wrong, contradicted himself, or outright lied (he even admitted once he lied to the entire country).

Most of Fauci’s “guidance” and recommendations have not helped the situation. In fact, this major advocated of crushing lockdowns once dismissed the immense pain Americans felt as simply “inconvenient.” Yes, millions of lives were ruined and entire states have been destroyed. But that’s just “inconvenient,” to a man exploiting a crisis for fame and money.

One of the most vocal critics of Fauci has been Sen. Rand Paul. Paul, also a physician, has frequently criticized Fauci over his doom-and-gloom predictions (that never come true), his continued trend to distort the facts to get on TV, and his fundamental tendency to overblow statistics. Paul has pointed to Fauci’s long reputation (even before COVID) of hyping up information and ignoring basic facts.

Now, Paul is calling out Fauci again, this time over his inconsistent mask demands.

Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday ripped Dr. Anthony Fauci for calling on Americans to continue wearing masks even after receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Kentucky Republican, who also happens to be a doctor, cited a study that found evidence people who have been vaccinated or have had the virus are protected — even from different strains of the virus…

“You want to get rid of vaccine hesitancy? Tell them you can quit wearing your mask after they get the vaccine,” Paul said at a Senate hearing. “You want people to get the vaccine? Give them a reward instead of telling them that the nanny state’s going to be there for three more years and you got to wear a mask forever. People don’t want to hear it. There’s no science behind it.”

“Well, let me just state for the record that masks are not theater,” Fauci said in response. “Masks are protective.”

“If you have immunity, they’re theater,” Paul said. “If you already have immunity you’re wearing a mask to give comfort to others.” [Source: Just the News]

Fauci rebutted Paul’s comments by saying “I totally disagree with you.” Interesting that he didn’t cite any facts to back his stance.

This doctor has been a media darling for pushing the left’s narrative that COVID is the end of the world. And unless we drastically give up our freedoms, economic well-being, and hope for the future, we’re all going to die.

Remember, Fauci told people not to wear masks early on. He also questioned if vaccines developed so quickly would be effective. Now, he is urging people to wear two masks and he’s even taking credit for vaccines he had nothing to do with.

If Americans don’t realize Fauci is a con artist by now, they need to get their brains checked (by a real doctor). Fauci is nothing more than a talking head for the liberal elite, who continue to use fear of COVID to control us.

Keep in mind that masks only work to stop a sick person from spreading germs. So why is Fauci claiming that vaccinated people need to wear them? There is no reasoning behind his decisions, only a desperate attempt to keep the invitations from CNN, the Senate, and other places coming.

It’s high time we ditched this fearmonger for good.

Author: Paul Blinken

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