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Ever since a group of anarchistic thugs set up an “autonomous zone” in Washington, punks from coast to coast have tried to do the same. These “protesters” openly embrace radical leftism, in some cases they are open communists. But when a group of these punks tried to start trouble in Oklahoma, they got a rude awakening. Authorities let them know one important fact.

Let’s not forget who’s really behind these riots: the Democrats. They are bankrolling groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Members are being paid to stage riots and spread destruction. Often, they are provided with bail and legal protection.

Antifa has gotten away with violence for years, largely thanks to the fact they operate in very blue parts of the country. These punks stage counter protests in Portland, Seattle, and other cities—using violence to intimidate conservatives. They get off scot-free, because the limp-wristed Democrats don’t prosecute.

Why would they? These punks work for them.

But Antifa and BLM made a big miscalculation this time around. They thought they could stage violent riots all across America. While they were able to get away with unchecked destruction in Democrat-run Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York—states that uphold law and order refused to stand for it.

A group of Antifa-connected thugs tried to stir up a violent riot in Oklahoma. They were quickly arrested. The state AG is throwing the book at them, letting them know, “This is not Seattle.”

Authorities in Oklahoma announced late last week that they were charging alleged rioters with terrorism and assault, saying that they would not put up with “this lawlessness here.”

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater reportedly made the decision to get tough on the rioters in an effort to curb any future potential riots.

“This is not Seattle,” Prater said Friday. “We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”

… “The terrorism charges involved the burning of an Oklahoma County sheriff’s van and the damage done to an Oklahoma City bail bonds business,” The Oklahoman reported separately…

“Several people were carrying flags that were identified as belonging to the following groups: Antifa, Soviet Union, American Indian Movement, Anarcho-Communism (solid red) and the original Oklahoma flag … currently adopted by Oklahoma Socialists,” police reported, according to The Oklahoman. “Several known supporters of anti-establishment organizations were present in the crowd.” [Source: Daily Wire]

These thugs, charged as terrorists in Oklahoma, are all too happy to show off their allegiance. They are clearly left-wing Democrats, embracing violence and anarchy to get their way. Why aren’t Democrats disavowing these dangerous groups?

Think about it for a minute. If far-right punks started riots in city, the media would be demanding President Trump to disown them. Of course, he would. Any reasonable Republican would openly condemn violence by supposed “right-wing” groups and work to end it.

But we don’t see Democrats condemning Antifa and BLM even a little bit. In fact, since May, we’ve seen nothing but support from liberals, corporations, and politicians for these violence-loving groups!

We can only conclude that Democrats are behind the violence from the start. If they refuse to condemn it and put a stop to it, then they are responsible for it—no matter what.

Antifa seemed to think that because they had the backing of Democrats, they could go anywhere to spread chaos. Not quite. Oklahoma was not about to put up with anti-American criminals wreaking havoc in their cities. The AG is making an example of these rioters, so that nobody else gets it into their head that this behavior is tolerated in the state.

Too bad Democrats in CA, WA, MN, or NY can’t figure that one out. If they really cared about their communities, they’d put a stop to this destruction.

But, as we’ve clearly seen, they don’t care.

President Trump quickly condemned the riots connected to the death of George Floyd. He declared Antifa to be a terrorist organization and warned that vandals would face ten years in prison. Yet the anarchists continue to seek ways to destroy our country. But they might regret it, once AG Barr is through.

It’s an open secret that the thugs inside Antifa and other radical groups are being bankrolled by Democrat donors. These punks are set loose by leftists who want to sow chaos and fear, only to bail them out when they are arrested.

Across online platforms, Antifa members talk about how their backers pay them to riot—then hire lawyers to get them out of jail. It’s why this cancerous growth hasn’t been stomped out after years of destruction.

Ever wonder why liberals refuse to condemn Antifa—even though they destroy cities? It’s because they’re pulling their strings! Some Democrats (including celebrities and members of Biden’s campaign) are open about bailing out these criminals.

But those days of getting off scot-free might be coming to an end, after what the attorney general just said.

Attorney General William Barr told “Verdict with Ted Cruz” this week that the Department of Justice has hundreds of investigations underway into the violent riots that have occurred across the country in recent weeks, including investigations into the far-left extremist organization Antifa…

Barr said that they already had “scores of indictments already” against individuals who had been involved in the rioting and destruction of property. Barr added that there are already approximately 500 investigations underway into the crimes that have occurred from the rioting. [Source: Breitbart]

So, this is what it looks like when we have leaders that uphold law and order? Barr said there are already indictments in the works, with about 500 ongoing investigations. That’s huge. That means the DOJ is hunting down every last purple-haired, nose-pierced, Lenin-loving anarchist that pretends to be a hero for justice.

I wonder what these twenty-somethings will do when Barr comes crashing down on their doors? I doubt mommy and daddy will be able to contend with the Department of Justice. And believe me, if Barr is investigating these thugs, the Democratic backers will flee immediately. They don’t want to get caught up in the takedown of these thugs. Expect the cash to dry up nice and quick, once the Feds throw the book at these kids.

Most of these Antifa punks are college-aged kids who were pumped full of leftist garbage at school. They never had to support a family or hold a real job. They were paid to spread chaos, knowing they wouldn’t have to clean up the mess. It’s socialist entitlement at its peak. But when Barr starts arresting these idiots, they will quickly regret their “revolution.”

Barr said a “significant group” was behind the violence of these protests. He said they were “very well coordinated,” which confirms reports from city to city. Antifa was being bankrolled so they could plan out violent attacks in Democrat-run cities. Mayors and governors sat back and did nothing, because they wanted this to all play out.

Some seem to believe Democrats were waiting for Trump to declare martial law. Maybe. But Trump obeyed the law, requiring Democrats to restore order to their cities. They refused, so Trump is siccing Barr on them.

Most likely, we won’t learn the details of these indictments. Odds are, these criminals will be arrested and quietly sent to jail. But those behind them might be caught up in their web. Perhaps, fingers crossed, a few bloated liberal puppet masters will finally face justice.

In the wake of a movement to destroy statues of historical figures, black activists are now urging supporters to target churches. They demanded that statues of Jesus be destroyed and stained glass windows be smashed in. In response to these threats, the president fought back.

Let’s get real here: Shaun King’s insane claim that Christian statues are a form of “white supremacy” is bogus. He specifically called on his supporters to destroy statues of Jesus and other religious figures and smash in the windows of churches. This has nothing to do with racism. It is the next step in these Marxist’s plans to overthrow our way of life.

First, they tried to tarnish the history of our country and respect for our leaders. After that, they need to destroy the symbols of our faith, the foundation of our American values (and much of our laws). If they can do that, it’s all that easier to replace our culture with the godless corruption of socialism.

I’ve been saying from the start—and we see the proof. Hiding behind the claims of racism, these activists want to destroy churches, period. King didn’t single out mosques or synagogues. Not because there aren’t white people represented there—but because there are far more Christians in American than anyone else.

President Trump responded to these new threats, saying it’s “not going to happen.”

President Donald Trump on Wednesday at the White House vowed to protect statues of Jesus Christ and statues of the Founding Fathers in the United States from leftist mobs seeking their destruction.

“They’re looking at Jesus Christ. They’re looking at George Washington. They’re looking Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson. Not going to happen,” Trump said. “Not going to happen as long as I’m here.”

The president previewed an executive order that would streamline and consolidate existing laws to protect monuments at the end of the week. Trump cited the Veterans’ Memorial Preservation Act that already allows for up to ten years in prison for attacking a monument to America’s veterans. [Source: Breitbart]

You have to look at the pattern of these violent protests. Similar movements happened in Russia, South America, and Asia—just before socialists took over. These activists know that Americans won’t just sit back and give up their freedoms. They need to destroy those institutions that represent our heritage and faith. So, they need to destroy the symbols of American heroes and even statues of Christ—whom Christians believe is God himself.

In American, these socialists are using racism to justify this violence. But the goal is the same. They think that we will be guilted into letting them eradicate our national and religious heritage. They are going to fail.

America is not Russia. We will not sit back and let the most cherished values of our people get washed away. All this violence will not succeed. In fact, it will most-likely backfire, as more and more Americans are horrified at how Democrats keep letting it happen.

If one church is vandalized. If one statue of Christ is pulled down. That’s the end of this “movement.” Americans won’t stand for such desecration.

And it could mean the end of the Democratic Party.

For weeks, Americans have watched anarchists riots in our streets and destroy statues. But for some reason, the highest law enforcement agency in the land refuses to stop them. Instead, they sent a total of fifteen agents to investigate what ended up being an obvious hoax. Tucker Carlson rips them to shreds.

Since late May, radical groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been staging and encouraging violent demonstrations across the country. No doubt backed by Democrat donors (who openly bail out these criminals), these violent anarchists have burned down businesses, vandalized countless buildings and homes, and jeopardized the lives of thousands.

Most recently, these leftist operatives have targeted American monuments and statues. Not content to just destroy Confederate statues, these thugs have destroyed anything from our history. And they continue to do so.

Yet, we haven’t heard a peep from the FBI, the nation’s top law enforcement agency. I’m sorry, but isn’t all of this illegal? These left-wing criminals are trying to spread chaos and destruction, just months before the election. They are breaking federal law by destroying national monuments. Uh… nothing FBI?

But when there is a rumor that a noose was found inside a NASCAR garage, the FBI rushes down to investigate with no less than 15 agents.

Tucker Carlson wasn’t having it—and he blasted the agency.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized federal law enforcement for allowing rioters and those who topple monuments to go free while sending 15 agents to investigate the “absurd” story of a noose supposedly found in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage…

“Every few months, there appears to be new hysteria over nooses discovered somewhere off in a public place and almost inevitably, the hate crime we are warned about turns out to be fake,” Carlson said on Tuesday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “The story has been told again and again and again, but our authorities never learn the obvious lesson, this isn’t a very racist country. Sorry Democratic Party.”

They’ve done nothing to arrest the people who are burning police stations or tearing down monuments of George Washington, but the FBI sent 15 agents to Alabama to investigate the noose and, after days of investigation, they discovered the noose was in fact a rope with a loop used by work crews to pull down a garage door.” [Source Daily Caller]

Yep, the “noose” was just a loop that is used to pull down the garage door. Bubba Wallace would have known that, since that kind of loop is used all the time. Yet he—like Jussie Smollett before him—wanted to fake a hate crime to get media attention.

That is worthy of 15 FBI agents’ time. But not the near-endless riots? What about those anarchists—criminals—who took over six blocks of Seattle? The “occupy protest” resulted in at least one death. The FBI doesn’t care at all?

Tucker accused the FBI of rushing in because the bogus story could have been “used to advance a political agenda.” That agenda is unfolding all around us: that white Americans are racist and the only way black Americans can succeed is by rioting and causing mayhem. It’s a lie straight from the Democrats’ playbook. They push it, hoping to prop up Joe Biden, a man with a history of supporting racial discrimination.

You might be wondering: “Why would the FBI play into that political agenda?” Because although they are supposed to uphold the law, the agency is run by D.C. insiders. That’s right, swamp dwellers. All too often they care more about embracing the failed narrative of the media, than doing their job. The rank-and-file officers might care about protecting the country, but not the officials who rub shoulders with Washington goons.

It’s just another reminder of what we’re up against this November.

During Trump’s return rally, he spoke of COVID-19, mentioning the often-used term “Kung Flu.” Naturally, the liberal media threw a hissy fit. They were outraged that Trump just mentioned this term during his speech. They tried to get White House Press Secretary McEnany to condemn the president. Instead, she humiliated them.

The media, or should I say the liberal media, are a pathetic bunch of losers. Just think about it: the President of the United States held his first official re-election rally of the general election season. During it, he laid out his plans for his second term, urging all Americans to support his campaign. He said plenty of things worthy of discussion and debate. But what did the media talk about?

“Kung Flu.”

This is all by design. The left doesn’t want their braindead viewers to realize how effective and influential Trump is. They deliberately ignored the important issues he discussed, like real ways to help black Americans and empower the economy, to whine about words. These leftists—so easily offended by a simple term—tried to gang up on Kayleigh McEnany. They thought she would cower beneath their insincere complaints. Instead, she roasted them.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Monday sparred with reporters about the use of the term “Kung Flu” to describe the coronavirus that originated in China.

“By the way, it’s a disease without question, has more names than any disease in history,” Trump said during his campaign rally on Saturday. “I can name, ‘Kung Flu,’ I can name, 19 different versions of names.”…

CBS reporter Weijia Jiang, who accused a White House official of using the term, protested the president’s use of the term during the rally, calling it “extremely offensive to many people in the Asian American community.”

McEnany cited several media uses of phrases such as the “Chinese virus” and “Wuhan virus” in their reporting to suggest that they were being hypocritical with their outrage.

“When the media wants to focus on nomenclature, the president is going to focus on action,” she said. [Source: Breitbart]

McEnany wasn’t about to play games with this group of spoiled, entitled babies. She knew their protests over “Kung Flu” were meaningless. They just wanted to distract from Trump’s real efforts to battle the virus and reopen the economy. On top of their three-and-a-half years of ignoring his achievements.

Instead, the press secretary slammed the media over their use of the words “Chinese virus” and “Wuhan virus.” Long before these hypocrites even cared about the virus (back in January and February), they were criticizing Trump for closing the border to China. They had no problems referring to COVID-19 with the accurate terms “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan flu.”

But once they decided to change their narrative against Trump, suddenly they were so upset that he called it the Chinese virus.

McEnany humiliated the media by saying, “the president is going to focus on action.” While they whine about words (that they don’t even care about), he has been working to protect Americans and safely restore our economy.

What has their guy been doing? Oh, yeah, nothing. Joe Biden hides in a basement, away from the spotlight. The only time he comes out in the open is to do a disastrous interview or fumble through his own speeches. The media refuses to question the man appropriately or demand any sense of leadership from him.

Instead, they rather accuse Trump of racism over a term they used for months.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Democrats have been pushing mail-in voting. This once-rare measure is now being championed as the “only way” Americans can safely vote this fall. President Trump and numerous others have voiced concerns that mail-in voting can lead to voter fraud. Now, Attorney General Barr is weighing in as well.

I’m not sure why Democrats are particularly so eager for mail-in voting. Do they really think this will give them an advantage in November? Young, liberal Americans (the ones that even bother to vote) are too afraid to even register, let alone use the post office. They express “anxiety” over just buying stamps! You know who’s not afraid of using the mail? Older Americans. And they all love Trump.

In a recent special election in California, where a Republican flipped a Democrat congressional seat, mail-in voting was used. Perhaps liberals, even with the option to mail in their ballots, were too scared to leave their houses, for fear the virus might get ‘em.

Even still, mail-in voting is rife with problems. Videos and photos revealed boxes of ballots just dumped in empty stairwells. To move to an exclusively mail-in voting system would make it that much harder for election officials to verify a voter’s identity. In states that already refuse voter ID laws, mail-in ballots could open the door to fraud on a wide scale.

And AG Barr just explained his view on the issue.

“Well, it absolutely opens the floodgates to fraud. Those things are delivered into mailboxes. They can be taken out. There’s questions about whether or not it even denies a secret ballot, because a lot of the states have you signing the outside of the envelope. So, the person who opens — person who opens the envelope will know how people voted. There’s no — right now, a foreign country could print up tens of thousands of counterfeit ballots, and be very hard for us to detect which was the right and which was the wrong ballot. So, I think it can — it can upset and undercut the confidence in the integrity of our elections. If anything, we should tighten them up right now.” [Source: Breitbart]

Barr raises plenty of points that other pundits have neglected. Mail-in voting can eliminate the all important secret aspect of our voting system. The reason we have “secret ballots” is so nobody can pressure a voter come election day. You have the right to vote for your candidate of choice, without feeling compelled or shamed into voting for another one. But, as Barr said, some states require you to sign a main-in ballot, which means those handling it will know who you voted for.

Another worry Barr raises is the possibility that a “foreign country” could print up thousands of fake ballots. Because this is all handled by mail, they can flood an election office. How could anyone know better? President Trump voiced concerns that fraudsters would print up counterfeit ballots to cheat. The idea that a foreign entity could launch an operation to interfere with our election is even more concerning.

Considering how intensely Democrats investigated “Russian interference” in the last election, you’d think they would be the first to express concern over mail-in ballots. But so far, they are championing the move at the federal and local levels. They don’t seem remotely concerned that a foreign country could steal our election this way.

Hmm… perhaps that suggests they never were concerned about foreign inference? That they were only making up reasons to get at Trump.

It’s pretty clear that mail-in voting is hardly secure. While, in a limited capacity, it can be fine—widespread use of the practice can undermine our democracy is many unforeseen ways. Not that Democrats seemed all at worried about it…

If it gives them a win, of course.

Thanks to the “defund the police” movement, our men and women in blue are hated by the media. Few outlets are giving police a chance to defend themselves, nor be part of the conversation. Already we have seen rumblings across the nation of unrest among police departments. Now, another Democrat city is facing a police exodus.

It’s funny how we don’t see any problems coming from police in red cities or states. Conservatives, who have historically respected their police, won’t have to fear losing them. But in liberal cities around the country, there is a tangible fear that they might not have anyone to protect them from a tsunami of crime, violence, and chaos.

It started with calls to defund or abolish police departments. The media hyped up protests and riots connected to George Floyd’s death. They gave a voice to people all too eager to attack cops. But not once did we see them defend police or give them a chance to respond. The mayor of Los Angeles promised to strip the LAPD of funding, as did the mayor of New York.

Rumors swirled that hundreds of cops in NYC were considering quitting or retiring early. It only got worse after two cops were charged with murder in Atlanta after defending themselves from an armed assailant. This week, we learned that that majority of the Atlanta police force refused to go to work. The Democrat mayor of the city is begging them to return.

Now, another entrenched liberal town is on the verge of losing their police.

A D.C. Police Union survey of its members released Thursday showed that of nearly 600 who responded, 71 percent are considering leaving the Metropolitan Police Department.

“71% of members polled are considering leaving MPD,” a press release said. The survey was conducted on Tuesday.

Of those, 25 percent said they may retired earlier than planned. Thirty-five percent are seeking jobs at other law enforcement agencies, and 39 percent are considering leaving law enforcement altogether, the survey said. [Source: Breitbart]

This is pretty serious stuff. Being a police officer is no easy job. They have to deal with the very worst our society throws at them. They face violence, hate, and death on a daily basis. But they do it—and proudly—because they believe in keeping our country safe.

But when the media and large swaths of Americans call cops the enemy? Why should they bother? Democrats are blaming all cops over the actions of a few. They want to defund police departments so cops lack the resources to do their jobs. And when crime sweeps over their cities, who are they going to blame? The cops, of course.

It’s no wonder why so many cops are leaving the force. Again, this ain’t happening in red cities. Americans who vote Republican will continue to enjoy law and order. But those who are foolish to keep supporting broken, toxic liberal policies—policies that reward criminals and punish cops—will have to live with cities without police.

It’s a totally unthinkable reality, but one we are dangerous close to seeing. Democrats have made cops out to be armed villains. Radical leftists are calling for the elimination of the one institution that actually defends black lives. Nobody on the left appears willing to stem this tide of madness.

So, they get to enjoy watching their cops leave in droves.

What are these liberals going to once all the cops leave liberal cities? These are the same cities that outlawed gun ownership, by the way. Are these liberals ready to defend themselves against the swarm of criminals that about to descend upon them?

I don’t think so. Only too late will they realize the error of their ways.

But even then, I don’t think they’ll learn.

Two police officers were held responsible for shooting and killing a black man, after he stole their weapon. Quickly, they were fired and then arrested. Despite the circumstances of the event being very different than the death of George Floyd, an Atlanta DA has charged the men with felony murder. Now, reports are coming in that Atlanta cops are walking out.

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, police have been treated as Enemy Number One in our country. The left and the media have done a terrific job of branding these hard-working men and women as callous racists who are out to kill black people. Despite the hundreds of thousands of good cop who are responsible for protecting our streets, the media focuses on a small number who did wrong.

Police have been left out of the conversation as radical groups like Black Lives Matter call for their destruction. Left-wing Democrats want to defund police departments or outright abolish them. Citizens who have drunken the BLM Kool-Aid are even calling for a war against police. Few in the media are defending or supporting the very people that mean the difference between life and chaos.

It appears we’ve reached a breaking point. Officer Garrett Rolfe and Officer Devin Brosnan of Atlanta shot a suspect after he stole their Taser. Despite the need for self-defense, these police were fire, then arrested. An obviously politically-motivated DA is trying to throw the book at them. Now, it looks like Atlanta is in for some tough days ahead.

Swathes of police officers in Atlanta, GA, are “walking off the job,” according to multiple reports published Wednesday evening.

Todd Starnes tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: Georgia police sources tell me only two police precincts are staffed in the entire city of Atlanta. Entire zones of officers are walking off the job. Zones 1,3,5 and 6 have left their posts. Zones walking off the job. #BlueLivesMatter.”

…Atlanta’s FOX affiliate also reported on the police walkouts, stating that it had “received several tips that officers were walking off the job en masse.” [Source: Breitbart]

This is what happens when corrupt, out-of-control liberals defame and slander a group of hard-working, good cops. Listen, cops don’t have to do what they do. It takes a very dedicated, strong person to put up with the daily dangers and abuse that police do. But then you add to that weeks of hate against an entire group of people over a few bad cops? What were they expecting?

Atlanta’s Democrat mayor, Keisha Lance, even admitted the police’s morale is “down tenfold.” Um, yeah. It’s probably plummeting as we speak. Democrats have sat back and let a radical, hate-fueled group like Black Lives Matter tarnish the one institution dedicated to protecting black lives: the police.

Is BLM going to start patrolling Atlanta streets? Are they going to put their lives on the line to defend black citizens from drug dealers, gang bangers, murderers, and crooks? Something tells me no, no they’re not. This group talks a big game, but they’ll do nothing to actually protect black lives when it matters.

For weeks the left has embraced evil ideas like defunding the police. What did they think was going to happen? Not once did they bother to look at the problem from PDs’ point of view. They wanted to string up all cops as monsters.

Police face death, violence, and unrestrained hate on a daily basis. They do it, because they love their communities and want to see them safe and prosperous. But, after all, they are only human. And when they receive little support from their own communities? Why should they keep doing it?

Unless radical change happens in Atlanta—and these charged cops are released—it might only get worse.

Rick Wilson, a so-called conservative trying to prevent Trump’s re-election, tried to hammer national pizza chain Dominos over a benign tweet from 2012. The petty move was not embraced by anyone. Not only did the company stand up to the online harassment, but Wilson quickly regretted what he did.

Apparently, back on November 8, 2012, Kayleigh McEnany complimented Domino’s Pizza. The now White House press secretary said they were “wayyy better than any NYC pizza.” The company, as is often the case on social media, replied with thanks.

Full disclosure: Dominos is not better than real, New York pizza. Not even close. But McEnany is entitled to her opinion. And Dominos, being a company that wants to encourage people to support them, was totally right to thank her for the compliment. Case closed, right? Wrong.

Because even though this tweet is almost ten years old and was posted long before McEnany worked for the Trump administration, Rick Wilson tried to get Dominos canceled over it yesterday.

Oh, they “just” killed their brand, Wilson? As if saying thanks to a person—eight years ago—has anything to do with the political climate right now. The tweet had nothing to do with politics, either. Yet Wilson, like so many toxic people on the left, think they have the right to “cancel” a company for interacting with someone they deem “wrong.”

To their credit, Dominos refused to apologize over this eight-year-old interaction. They called out Wilson for his bogus attack. But they weren’t the only ones. Users pounced on the Never Trumper, revealing his questionable social media content.

Wilson’s failed attempt to demonize the chain led to some taking a closer look at his old social media posts, resulting in the discovery of Instagram photos depicting what appears to be a cooler emblazoned with the Confederate flag — a symbol heavily targeted by the progressive left.

“Don’t worry @dominos, it turns out that the only brand cancelled today is the brand of Rick ‘The South will rise again’ Wilson,” Donald Trump Jr. said of the discovery. [Source: Breitbart]

Apparently, Trump-hating Wilson at one time owned a cooler covered with a giant sticker of the Confederate Flag, with the words “The South Will Rise Again” on it. When people started pointing that out, Wilson hastily started deleting pictures from his social accounts. Too bad he doesn’t understand how the Internet works.

Rick Wilson is one of a few so-called conservatives who came together to form the “Lincoln Project” a pathetic attempt to convince Republicans to reject Trump. Apparently, Wilson is such a strong, uncompromising conservative, that he’d help a far-left Democrat become president.

It’s hard not to believe that Wilson is either a secret liberal or a sellout (along with Mitt Romney, the late John McCain, and former Speaker Paul Ryan). He claims to be a conservative, but a opposes the most conservative president since Reagan. He even uses the petty tactics of the left, trying to get a company canceled because in 2012 they tweeted to a now member of the Trump administration.

That’s even pettier than what most Democrats do! Wilson, you really gotta up your game. You’re trying to defeat a president with a 95% approval rating among Republicans. If you think you can con anyone into voting for Biden instead, you need to figure this social media stuff out—and quick.

The good news is, his utter fumbling of the Domino’s attack only blew up in his face. I don’t think anyone was willing to reject the pizza chain over a perfectly fine tweet from 2012. In fact, this may have helped Domino’s get a few more purchases this week.

Hmm… maybe Wilson is actually a Trump ally, uniting the party in opposition to the Lincoln Project?

He’s either that or the dumbest man in politics.

President Trump rejected calls from radical Democrats to defund the police. Even Democrats in Congress are trying to push legislation that will weaken police departments, making them vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits. Trump, instead, revealed his intentions for reforming police departments. And there’s no defunding in sight.

It seems Democrats are desperate to claw back any support lost to Trump over the last few years. Since he entered office, they have leaned into one bad plan after another. They opposed reformed and bills that have saved tax payers billions and brought jobs back to this country. On top of that, they embraced ideas that would have tanked our society.

(Re: the Green New Deal, abolishing ICE, etc.)

Now, a number of Democrats in cities nationwide want to defund the police. Don’t think this is a sincere effort to address police brutality. This is a pathetic ploy by Democrats with zero leadership ability to win back black voters. They foolishly think that most black Americans hate cops. So naturally, getting rid of cops would ensure black voters’ support.

It’s so stupid, I don’t have enough words to express it.

President Trump has a better plan. A much, much better plan. He wants to improve police departments, not defund them. And his new executive order has been revealed.

President Trump will sign an executive order on Tuesday to track bad police, de-escalate conflicts with suspects, and improve mental health care for suspects by pairing social workers with police officers responding to calls, senior administration officials said Monday.

The Trump administration is working to finalize the executive order intended to establish best practices for law enforcement to improve guidance on hiring, training, and strategies for community policing as a way to address concerns raised by protesters nationwide following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. [Source: Just the News]

Instead of punishing cops with heavy regulation and burdens, President Trump wants to incentivize improvements to police departments. His plan will identify bad cops and prevent them from alluding accountability. It calls for increases in training and improved efforts to address mental health problems among suspects.

The executive order will empower the attorney general to craft specific guidance. It will also be taken to Congress for potential funding and legislation.

Trump’s approach is radically different from what we’ve seen from Democrats. Even those rejecting the “defund the police” movement have offered little that inspires confidence. House Democrats want to create a federal oversight committee that will only hamper local police departments. It’s no surprise. These are power-hungry lawmakers who want everything to go through D.C.

They don’t believe local leaders can do a better job of keeping communities safe. So, they want to create more regulation and burdens that will only make our streets dangerous. On top of that, they want to remove certain immunities from police departments, which would open the floodgates to needless lawsuits.

Police department would be forced to neglect their duties to address endless litigation. But that is all by design. Democrats don’t want competent cops protecting our cities. They want to grab control of every aspect of our lives, including how cops do their job. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi want everything to go through D.C. so she and her little cabal can decide everything for us.

That’s probably why local Democrats, like the mayor of Seattle, appear so unwilling to do their job. It’s because they are taking a knee, to give Washington Democrats a chance to take over. They won’t be satisfied until Congress has the final say on everything.

The only thing stopping them is President Trump, who believes the American people know better than career politicians in D.C. His plan will increase funding and support for cops, while reducing the already low likelihood of brutality.

If Democrats had their way, there’d be chaos in the streets. Oh, wait, that’s already happening.

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