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The 2020 Democratic primaries have lurched from one disaster to another. This week, signs point to a possible brokered convention in the summer. Not a single candidate seems to be gaining momentum, with many falling by the wayside every hour. In classic fashion, Trump took a dig at the party by declaring whom he’d want to run against.

Democrats are panicking right about now. Why? Because the only viable candidates currently in the primaries have far-left leanings. Joe Biden, who continues to lose, was considered the only moderate in the bunch. Liberals hoped he would be able to muster support among enough Democrats and independents in order to defeat Trump.

That ain’t happening. Unless Biden can pull out a miracle in South Carolina or Nevada, he’s toast.

Bernie Sanders continues to win delegates, despite the establishment’s best efforts. Coming up close behind him is Pete Buttigieg, whose policies are only slightly less socialist. Everyone else racking up delegates at the moment has more in common with Karl Marx than they do George Washington.

Do you think these folks have what it takes to snag the general election? I think not. Which is why Democrats all but begged “moderate,” gun-hating Bloomberg to become a late entry into the race. He didn’t qualify for Iowa or New Hampshire, but the mini-billionaire thinks he can take the top prize.

But who does Trump want to run against this November? Recently, he revealed all, dropping the gauntlet on the party.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he’d rather run against former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg than Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential race.

“Frankly I’d rather run against Bloomberg than Bernie Sanders because Sanders has real followers,” Trump said, adding, “He has followers, Bloomberg’s just buying his way in.”

Trump said that Bloomberg would spend millions of dollars to win, but questioned his ability to win the primary.

“Look he’s a lightweight, you’re going to find that out, he’s also one of the worst debaters that I’ve ever seen,” Trump said. [Source: Breitbart]

The president dropped some serious shade on Bloomberg, saying he’s only buying his way into the party.

That’s pretty much a fact. Bloomberg has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars in ads across the country. He thinks he can contend with the other candidates, despite not appearing in one debate and generally polling too low.

Trump torches Bloomberg by suggesting Bernie Sanders has supporters–and Mini Mike doesn’t.

The largest Democrat events are for Sanders–who recently had 7,500 people attend a rally. But those numbers still pale in comparison to Trump’s rallies, where tens of thousands show up (and have to fill the overflow areas).

Does Trump really fear a Sanders candidacy? Most likely no. Sanders may have his rabid supporters, but they do not represent most Americans. Sanders appeals to the most extreme, far-left communists in the country. Many of his volunteers celebrate Soviet Russia. Some even consider themselves full-on anarchist.

(You have to wonder why anarchists are helping a politician, but hey–you gotta earn your pot money somehow!)

Sanders can win over lazy, do-nothing 20-somethings with the promise of free stuff. But the vast majority of voters are hard-working Americans. Right now they are enjoying better wages and more opportunity–because of Trump’s pro-America, pro-capitalist policies.

Will voters–even Democrats–throw that all away for Bernie? He’s already promising massive tax hikes, bloated government programs, and crippling regulation. If he were elected, the economy would go down the toilet.

Bloomberg wouldn’t be much better. As mayor of New York, he put the rich and powerful ahead of regular residents. He’d be no different than any other career politician, who would sell their soul for lobbyists and globalists.

And these are the best candidates in the Democratic Party! Do they really think they stand a chance against Trump?

The Democrat-controlled House staked its reputation (and future) on impeaching Donald Trump. These establishment Democrats promised their voters that Trump’s “reign of terror” would come to an end. But they failed to convince the Senate to convict Trump. Now, the president is making a big prediction about Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler.

Why did Democrats impeach Donald Trump? We know it wasn’t because they believed he broke the law when he spoke with Ukraine’s president. Some might say they were driven to remove the president from office to control the 2020 Election. But impeachment is a serious thing, the nuclear option, if you will.

To stake your political reputation on impeaching a popular president is a drastic move. One that a party would only do… if they had no choice.

When Donald Trump sent his famous letter to Nancy Pelosi, after her House voted to impeach, he exposed the real reason she went for it. Pelosi herself had said impeachment had to be bipartisan or it would be a sham. She then went on to back a wildly partisan impeachment vote.

Why would she risk political suicide on an impeachment that was bound to fail in the Senate? Could it have something to do with how useless, how ineffective Democrats have been in recent years? Many Democrats promised to work with the president in the 2018 Elections. Instead, they did nothing.

Perhaps Pelosi thought she could win over liberal voters by backing impeachment. But now that it’s failed, there’s nothing protecting do-nothing legacy Democrats from primary challengers. In fact, Trump is predicting top Democrats might lose… to radical socialists.

Because of how badly they did with the Impeachment Hoax, AOC will primary Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, and win, and Jerry Nadler has a good chance of losing to his far left primary opponent! It is all getting quite interesting. Pelosi will lose the House, AGAIN! My poll numbers great. [Source: Twitter]

Trump accused Pelosi of pushing impeachment just to protect her job. It’s true that many long-time House and Senate Democrats are facing primary challengers in the form of young, pro-socialist candidates.

Joe Crowley is proof that an establishment Democrat is not safe these days. If a congressman wants to keep his job, he has to do something.

A smart person would bust his or her ass trying to get stuff done while in office. Maybe broker a few deals with the president to help their people? Not the Democrats. They have made it clear they have no intention of working with this administration. So, to prevent an upstart from taking their seats, they thought they could pander to voters with impeachment.

How’d that work out? Not well. Few Americans were convinced by the end. Impeachment was a big dud, resulting in acquittal.

Now, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, maybe even Pelosi might lose their nominations to radical, far-left candidates.

Trump is even predicting socialist AOC would steal Schumer’s nom. That would be huge.

But it spells doom for the Democratic Party. Socialists like Sanders might be able to bamboozle Democrats into voting for him, but the rest of the country? Hardly.

If Democrats like Schumer and Nadler lose their primary races to socialists, the chances of the House flipping get even better (and keeping the Senate GOP).

AOC is considered a joke back in her district. She might try for another seat, just to avoid getting voted out of the one she has right now. If other radicals get the nomination, they might only have a ghost of a chance at winning a general election.

The Democratic Party might be facing extinction, thanks to socialists, come November. If enough far-left candidates get the nomination, the rest of the voting base will flock to the GOP.

And to think, all this might happen, because Pelosi was trying to protect her job.

Sad, really.

The Democrat’s impeachment schemed failed, but the story is far from over. For months the Democrats colluded to remove the president from office. They enlisted the help of partisan swamp dwellers who tried to throw Trump under the bus. Did they think after all this, it was business as usual? Hardly. The president has started to clean house, starting with this much-deserved hack.

We don’t have to go over the pathetic way Democrats tried to remove Donald Trump–but I’m going to anyway. Much like the Russia hoax, the left orchestrated a manufactured narrative to frame the president. A “whistleblower” filed a bogus complaint about a phone call Trump made with the president of Ukraine.

The left had no real evidence to prove Trump pressured Ukraine to help him. So, they got hacks who had sworn to serve the president to stab him in the back. People who were actually on the call were ignored, while House Democrats brought in “witnesses” who simply gave their opinions.

One of those witnesses was a Lt. Colonel who served on the National Security Council. Although he was serving a civilian post, Alexander Vindman appeared before the House in his Army uniform in a pathetic attempt to give himself credibility. The man turned on the president, claiming–with no evidence–that Trump tried to extort a quid-pro-quo from Ukraine.

Like the rest of the Democrats’ show trial, he just served as a puppet to frame the president. The House used his “testimony” (and that of other hacks) to charge Trump with bogus non-crimes.

Now that the Senate cleared Trump’s name, Democrats hoped the president would turn the other cheek. Not quite. He’s firing the people who worked within the White House who testified against him. The first on the chopping block was Vindman. After his dismissal, Trump called out the man for the hack that he is.

President Donald Trump responded to criticism of his firing of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, tweeting Saturday that the former White House aide was “insubordinate” and “had problems with judgment.”

Trump continued that the officer “was given a horrendous report by his superior … who publicly stated that Vindman had problems with judgment, adhering to the chain of command and leaking information.” [Source: Daily Caller]

Like so many other clowns working for the left, Vindman was a serial leaker. I guess Democrats don’t understand what “classified” or “a matter of national security” means. Vindman was called insubordinate by his superior and had “problems with judgment.” How this idiot made his way to the National Security Council is beyond me.

Those within the military that trained alongside Vindman have gone on to say that the man couldn’t be trusted. They said he would show off when the spotlight was on him, but was a slacker when nobody was watching. He was a “chow thief” (big surprise). And his peers tried to vote him out of their class.

Not the best and the brightest by any stretch of the imagination. I wonder how he could have survived at all in the military–unless of course, this went on during Obama’s administration, when incompetence was celebrated.

The truth is, Trump had every right to fire Vindman. He served in the White House, yet worked against the president. Can that be acceptable under any circumstances? When has that kind of behavior been tolerated in our government? Yet the Democrats wanted Trump to sweep their underhanded scheme to throw our country into chaos under the carpet.

I’m glad Vindman was fired, along with his brother and Amb. Sondland. These men were career government flunkies–who cared more about their positions with the liberal elite than with serving the country. They sold out their scruples to distort the truth–all to prop up a bogus impeachment.

Hopefully, the rest of the swamp will face the same kind of fate.

The 2020 primaries have not gone well for Joe Biden. Some considered the former vice president a shoo-in for the nomination. It hasn’t worked out that way for him. With scandals and controversies haunting him, he had a terrible performance in Iowa. Now, he announces a “day off.” It could be the beginning of the end.

Regardless of how the mess that is the Iowa primaries turn out, it won’t be good for Joe Biden. As of this writing, they are finally getting all the votes tabulated. It looks like Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders are claiming the top spots. Joe Biden? He got a total of zero delegates. Ouch.

You can’t blame that on an app glitch, buddy.

Things aren’t looking better at the next primary spot, New Hampshire. According to various polls, Bernie Sanders is leading Biden from anywhere between six to eight points. Close, but still, pretty bad. The actual results might be much worse, considering how Iowa turned out (few polls called it correctly).

Joe Biden should have been nominee, right? Way back in 2016, he was a favorite to run. But, I guess he was too afraid of Hillary Clinton to throw his hat in the ring, back then. This time around, it should have been a cakewalk. All of the other leading candidates were hard-left socialists with terrible plans for the country.

Biden is considered a “moderate” with the closest chance at beating Trump. Hell, he was Obama’s vice president, for crying out loud. Why wouldn’t his party bow down to him?

But not even Obama was willing to endorse the man. Add to that those early controversies regarding how he treats women. Then there’s this whole Ukraine scandal, where many Americans still wonder if he pressured an entire country to save his son’s job.

Now, as the big loser in Iowa, his prospects not looking great in New Hampshire, it seems ol’ Joe might already be throwing in the towel.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is taking a day off campaigning and, it seems, flying home to Delaware, just days out of the New Hampshire primary, where he’s slated to come in second, at best.

The Washington Post’s Matt Viser reported Thursday morning that Biden’s campaign has no events planned for New Hampshire on Thursday and that a charter plane, presumably carrying Biden, flew from Manchester, NH, back to Biden’s home state late last night, indicating that Biden is cooling his jets as a New Hampshire loss looms…

Biden may be doing some soul-searching instead of flesh-pressing Thursday, amid reports that his campaign is in upheaval, with senior staffers in a panic over Biden’s fourth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses. [Source: Daily Wire]

Things aren’t looking great for the former vice president. According to reports, he does not have any major campaign plans for New Hampshire before the primary. His plane was spotted flying back to his home state. Is Joe mulling the future of his campaign?

No Democrat candidate has ever won the nomination without New Hampshire and Iowa. The momentum from those caucuses is just too great to overcome. There are many more delegates for Joe to snag, but is he really up for the battle that will continue?

I’m guessing no. Biden reluctantly jumped into the campaign. He has never seemed all that eager to debate, host rallies, or even answer questions. Maybe he thought this was an obligation? Somebody had to beat Trump, right?

But after his embarrassing loss in Iowa, he might be rethinking things. Why go through so much more hell, just to lose to someone like Pete Buttigieg?

This day off just might stretch out into a permanent vacation.

Not that I’m pulling out my hankie over this guy.

Despite overwhelming support from the liberal media, Senate Republicans pulled through and ended the left’s impeachment scheme. As Democrats struggle to recover from this (and Iowa), Republicans are on a roll with more victories to come. Mitch McConnell is firing up the gavel. And House Republicans make a big promise to the American people.

It’s only February, but Democrats have faced some crushing defeats this year. You’d think the biggest would be the failure of their impeachment scheme; that’s only for starters! The party staked its reputation on the impeachment and removal of Donald Trump. They failed. There are plenty of diehard liberal voters outraged right about now.

But it’s only getting worse for the left. Their 2020 primaries have been bland and uninspiring. There are no stars among the Democrats running for president. Matters got so much worse when the Iowa caucuses laid a big fat egg. It’s the end of the week and they still can’t tell us who won.

Meanwhile, Republicans are winning hand over fist. We haven’t seen the GOP this successful since… man, I can’t even tell you! Yesterday, they acquited Trump of the left’s bogus impeachment charges. Now, Mitch McConnell is already back at work, scoring a major victory for the Trump administration.

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wasted no time after the Senate acquitted President Trump in his impeachment trail, immediately filing cloture on a number of judges as he continued his relentless march toward remaking America’s judiciary with a conservative bent…

“Another statistic, one out of every four of the U.S. Circuit judges in the country have been put on the bench in the last three years. So we do believe with a second Trump term and a continued Senate Republican majority, we can transform the courts even further.” [Source: Daily Wire]

If you love President Trump, you know he has a huge list of achievements under his belt. But perhaps the greatest is his success in reshaping our courts. Thanks to President Trump, over 180 new federal judges have been appointed to key courts across the country, including circuit appeals courts, which decide more cases than the Supreme Court.

McConnell has no intention of slowing down, already filing for more judges to be appointed the same day as the impeachment vote. This will be one of Trump’s most lasting legacies. Long after he’s left office, these Constitutionally-mind, conservative judges will be serving the country. No longer can Democrats ram their agenda down our throats by abusing the courts (a strategy they’ve used for decades).

But the winning doesn’t stop there. With the Democrats falling apart at almost every level, Republicans are poised for a takeback in November. The GOP is hard at work getting hundreds of fresh, young candidates to run for Congress. And if they win a majority in the House, they promise to do something big.

Multiple top Republican lawmakers are reportedly considering expunging Democrats’ partisan articles of impeachment from President Donald Trump’s record if they take back the House in the upcoming elections in November…

“This is the fastest, weakest, most political impeachment in history,” McCarthy told The Post. “I don’t think it should stay on the books.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Lol, wow. So much for Trump being “impeached forever.” Not only did impeachment fail in the Senate, but if Republicans retake the House, they’ll erase it from the books. Which means it will be as if it never happened.

Democrats used impeachment to stain Trump’s reputation. They will put it in every hit ad and mention it in every speech going into the election. But if Republicans retake the House, it will be totally forgotten.

And that’s not a longshot. There is an army of GOP candidates fighting for House seats. More than we’ve seen in a long while. Democrats from red districts (who all voted for impeachment) will have a hard time keeping their seats.

Just think, all this winning is thanks to one man.

The Democrats were on display as full-blown villains during last night’s SOTU address. As the president celebrated our prosperous nation, the left sat like stones, unwilling to acknowledge anything. Senator Lindsey Graham had some harsh words for anyone that opposed the president’s speech.

President Trump’s State of the Union address was a powerful reminder of what’s possible when our leaders put Americans first. Trump laid out the many victories of his administration—and the many more to come.

The speech was also a powerful reminder that there is one party devoted to ruining all this prosperity and progress. As Donald Trump spent the last three years making good on his promises, the Democrats have abused their power to stop him. They called themselves “resistance” right after he was elected. Then they rushed to the courts to undermine his executive orders. When they got a slim majority in the House, they tried to remove him from office with a bogus impeachment.

It’s clear that Democrats aren’t too concerned with the well-being of Americans. They only want to return us to the status quo of years past. A time when corrupt, insider politicians controlled our government. A time when our leaders bowed to the will of lobbyists and globalists, leaving us in the dust. You know, when Obama was in charge!

The president laid out many wonderful achievements and gave some big announcements during the speech. The Democrats refused to respond.

When Trump gave the pronouncement that the state of our union is stronger than ever before, Democrats sat. When Trump celebrated record low unemployment for disabled Americans, Africa-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans, they sat. When Trump announced the USMCA deal, they sat. Even when Trump discussed the historically low unemployment for women, the Democrats refused to celebrate.

(Even as liberal women wore all white, as some kind of statement for womankind.)

The president took the time to especially call out the scourge of socialism and communism. Naturally, Democrats were not pleased. At a time when Trump’s capitalist policies are helping pull millions out of poverty, Democrats are lurching to the far-left to embrace a system that has failed all over the world.

When Trump condemned socialism, the Democrats sat stone-faced and angry. After so many years fighting communism around the world, liberals want to import directly into our country.

Senator Lindsey Graham offered a harsh rebuke for the left.

“President Trump is well on his way to getting reelected,” Graham continued. “And AOC is probably glad she didn’t come because if you’re a committed socialist, this speech was a speech from hell because it talked about freedom, the power of the individual versus the power of government. He talked about prosperity for all best achieved through economic growth, lower taxes, less regulation. This is a speech a socialist could not stand.” [Source: Breitbart]

The bitterness Democrats possess has prevented them from cooperating once with the Trump administration. We know that numerous times over the years, the president has offered the left a chance to make a deal. How have they responded? Once, they shut down the government. On many occasions, they’ve walked out of meetings.

Democrats have sat back and refused to come to any agreement with Trump, the man who wrote the book on dealmaking. They prove, time and again, that they will sit back and do nothing, as Americans suffer.

President Trump has done the impossible in such a short amount of time. He has made good on promises that seemed totally out of reach, just a few short years ago. His SOTU speech was a testament to what’s possible when our president rejects corrupt politics and puts the people first.

Apparently, Democrats really, really hate that. That want a president that pushes a toxic, far-left agenda, while embracing corporations over people.

Something tells me plenty of those that sat last night, won’t be back for next year’s SOTU.

Michael Moore has been a vicious and outspoken critic of Donald Trump since he entered office.

The socialist filmmaker has frequently criticized Trump’s presidency while ignoring his many accomplishments for the working class.

But on one issue both men appear to be in agreement: how the Democratic Party is trying to rig the primaries against Bernie Sanders.

Way back in 2016, there seemed to be growing momentum for “Uncle” Bernie. Out of nowhere, this Democratic socialist (as he calls himself) became a major candidate for the Democratic nomination. It looked as if this man would steal it from Hillary Clinton, just like Obama did in 2008.

But not so fast! Fate seemed to conspire against Sanders and he lost to Clinton. We later learned that the DNC’s chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schutz, and her team conspired against Sanders. Leaked emails revealed she had people in his campaign working to undermine him. We later learned that Clinton had been running the party since 2015—a year before the nomination.

Could that be happening again? I’m no Bernie Sanders fan, but we have seen a clear attempt by the establishment left to torpedo his campaign recently. From CNN’s sexist bashing to prominent Democrats coming out against him, it looks like Sanders is watching history repeat itself.

Now, it seems like the DNC itself is working against Sanders. Both Michael Moore, noted socialist filmmaker, and President Donald Trump noticed the scheme. They have even spoken out against what the Democrats are doing to hurt Bernie Sanders.

And it has everything to do with Mike Bloomberg.

Michael Moore unloaded on the DNC at a pre-caucus rally for his candidate of choice, Bernie, in Iowa on Friday. Moore’s specific complaint… was the DNC’s new decision to remove some debate requirements, allowing self-funded billionaire candidate Michael Bloomberg… to participate in the next debate…

“He can just buy his way onto the debate…” Moore exclaimed…

Trump posted a series of tweets over the weekend hitting the committee for its treatment of the Vermont senator, who has recently surpassed longtime frontrunner Joe Biden in some polls.

“Many of the ads you are watching were paid for by Mini Mike Bloomberg. He is going nowhere, just wasting his money, but he is getting the DNC to rig the election against Crazy Bernie, something they wouldn’t do for [Cory Booker] and others,” Trump said, echoing Moore’s complaint. “They are doing it to Bernie again, 2016.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Moore was outraged that the Democrats would bend the rules for Bloomberg, who has not won a single delegate and has not received a dollar from voters. This same party refused to let other candidates on the debate stage, but is willing to help Bloomberg. Why? Because Moore believes it’s to undermine Sanders’ recent surge in the polls.

Trump seems to think so too. He accused the Democrats of rigging the election for Bloomberg against “Crazy Bernie.”

Reports suggest Democrats are scared that, if Bernie gets the nomination, he won’t be able to beat Trump in November.

Do they think Bloomberg is their last hope? Biden is mired in controversy. Warren is unimpressive. “Mayor Pete’s” got his own problems back home. Maybe the left does think Bloomberg is the only one that can beat Trump.

The problem? They are rigging their own democratic process against their very supporters. The DNC doesn’t seem to want American voters to decide who should be president. Instead, they are bending the rules so that a man they think maybe, kind of, sort of has a chance of beating Trump gets the nomination.

You can see why Moore is so outraged. The wealthy filmmaker hates billionaires. Trump, a stickler for this thing called democracy, is watching an entire party implode.

What will this mean for November? Can’t say for sure, but I have a feeling the Democrats are going to lose big. For this and so many other reasons.

Last night, millions of Americans tuned in to the 54th Super Bowl. Struggling Democratic presidential candidate, Mike Bloomberg, used it as an excuse to push his radical left-wing gun control agenda. He aired an ad that promoted his desire to strip away your Second Amendment rights–a move that cost him $10 million. But Americans were quick to tune him out.

Imagine being so desperate to undermine a Constitutional right, that you’d spend $10 million to promote it for a few seconds? That’s just what Mike Bloomberg did during the biggest sporting event in America.

Millions of Americans wanted to forget about the toxic 2020 Democratic primaries (and politics in general) to celebrate the Super Bowl. But billionaire Mike Bloomberg decided to spend some of his fortune raining on their parade.

During the broadcast, he aired a campaign commercial that pushed his plan to tighten American’s Second Amendment rights.

The ad cost Bloomberg $10 million and it pushed gun control in response to the 2013 shooting death of 20-year-old George Kemp.

Bloomberg’s ad did not mention a September 27, 2013, Houston Chronicle report that Kemp was shot just around midnight after allegedly pulling into a Richmond, Texas, neighborhood, calling an individual on his cell phone, and challenging him to a fight. [Source: Breitbart]

Bloomberg is a late entry into the Democratic primaries. He’s behind in the polls and hasn’t even qualified for a single debate. Not sure if he even has a snowball’s chance in hell at winning the nomination. You have to wonder what he thinks he can accomplish spending millions of dollars on pointless campaign ads.

What’s even crazier is how he’s trying to win over voters: by promising to take away Americans’ gun rights.

“Mini” Mike has spent millions in his effort to curtail our Second Amendment. He’s bought and sold state and federal politicians, so they’ll back radical gun control laws. Not satisfied, he’s decided to run for president, so he can make sure not a single American has the ability to defend themselves.

During the big game, he openly declared his intentions for all Americans to see. So, how did viewers react to Bloomberg’s gamble? Not well.

Mini Michael Bloomberg’s Super Bowl gun control ad was rejected by NRA members and top Democrat strategists as well…

NRA members, gathered at the Great American Outdoor Show, responded to Bloomberg by explaining that he has no say in the way they exercise their Second Amendment rights, especially when it comes to defending their own lives.

A black NRA member observed, “Mike Bloomberg is a white billionaire who has no place in telling me how I can defend myself or my loved ones.”

And a mother named Ashley Boop flatly rejected Bloomberg’s push as well. She said, “As a mother of three-year-old little boy, my family means everything to me. As a woman, I believe the best way to protect myself is with a firearm. [Source: Breitbart]

Pretty scary when you think about what Bloomberg (and other Democrats) are trying to do. If they have their way, Americans will have a hard time legally acquiring a firearm. Minorities, gays, and other citizens will be left defenseless.

Democrats claim they want to empower women. I’m sure Bloomberg claims he does too. Yet how is it empowering a woman by taking away her right to protect herself?

Even a top Democrat strategist slammed the self-righteous ad, criticizing Bloomberg for claiming to be a “leader of a movement.”

The only movement he’s leading is a head-first plunge into violence and crime. Bloomberg thinks with his billions he can force Americans into voting for him.

He thinks his money is what qualifies him to run our country. What we think or want doesn’t matter to him. All that matters is that he gets his way.

Something tells me he’s going to soon learn, it doesn’t work that way.

What a wild ride it’s been, but it looks like we’re coming close to the end. After months of accusations, secret hearings, and bogus “witnesses,” the left’s dishonest impeachment of Donald Trump is about to be finished. A key senator has signaled he won’t be voting for additional witnesses in the Senate trial. Which means acquittal might happen tonight. Nancy Pelosi—who staked her reputation on impeachment—started blasting. But it’s all over for the Speaker.

Let’s get the record straight: impeachment was never about addressing actual crimes committed by the president. It was about Nancy Pelosi and other do-nothing, establishment Democrats saving their jobs in the House. You see, a man by the name of Joe Crowley (a 10-term Democrat) was unexpectedly defeated in 2018 by an unknown socialist named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As their party falls apart, long-time Democrats watch as radical extremists start coming after their jobs. Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and many others fear they will be replaced by similar socialists. So, they foisted this impeachment scheme on America, as a way of placating their liberal voter base. President Trump exposed the scheme himself in his December 17 letter to Nancy Pelosi.

In their rushed, incomplete, and pathetic attempt to get impeachment across the finish line, House Democrats neglected witnesses and evidence—especially any that proved Trump did nothing wrong. They voted to impeach along party lines, a clear sign this was all about politics.

Democrats demanded witnesses for the Senate trial—because they did such a poor job in the House. Many speculated if a few Republicans would break from the party and vote with the left. But one swing senator is signaling that witnesses will not happen.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., announced late Thursday night that he would not support additional witnesses in President Trump’s “shallow, hurried and wholly partisan” Senate impeachment trial, seemingly ending Democrats’ hopes of hearing testimony from former national security adviser John Bolton and paving the way for the president’s imminent acquittal as soon as Friday night. [Source: Fox News]

Alexandar torches the left’s impeachment, saying if it succeeded, future Congresses would use impeachment as a weapon to take down any president. With his support for acquittal, this nonsense might end tonight.

Nancy Pelosi, as you can expect, is having a meltdown. The entire reason she impeached Trump was to save her job. But if the Senate votes for a quick acquittal, her voter base will be livid. She tried to manipulate the Senate by withholding the articles. That failed. Now Republicans are calling out her crooked impeachment for what it is—soon to end it. So, the Speaker is blasting off with more wild accusations.

In scathing comments Thursday as her party appeared on the verge of defeat in the Senate impeachment trial, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued that President Trump “cannot be acquitted”

… The San Francisco Democrat also fired on Trump’s impeachment defense team, saying they’ve “disgraced themselves” during this week’s trial and suggesting they deserve disbarment over their trial remarks. [Source: Fox News]

Pelosi is ranting like a maniac, accusing Republicans, Trump’s legal team, and the president himself of all sorts of things. It seems like anyone that doesn’t agree with her or does what she says is some kind of villain that needs to be punished. Honestly, Hitler in his last days was more coherent than this woman.

She’s claiming you cannot be acquitted with a trial. Already she’s claiming the Senate trial—which has lasted for weeks—isn’t real because of no witnesses. Except, the Senate trial doesn’t require witnesses. That was supposed to happen during the House inquiry. It was the House’s job to compile evidence, documents, and witness testimony.

If they wanted Bolton so badly, they should have followed the law and subpoenaed him. But they didn’t. They rushed this bogus impeachment and the Senate is seeing through their scheme.

When Trump gives his State of the Union address next week, he’s going to put the Democrats in their place. Nancy Pelosi will be sitting behind him as Speaker, for the very last time.


There is talk that soon, Senate Republicans will vote to acquit Trump of the left’s impeachment charges. Democrats, hoping to drag this trial out as long as they can, recently pointed to leaked claims from John Bolton’s unreleased book. They are demanding the man take the stand to testify—against the president. But new videos have surfaced that shatters the left’s (and Bolton’s) scheme. Trump declared it, game over.

House Democrats made a pretty poor case for impeaching Donald Trump before the Senate. After their marathon opening arguments, the word on the street was that even moderate Republicans were ready to acquit. Democrats showed their case was rushed and badly constructed, fueled by partisan rage and wild conspiracy theories, not facts.

Then, as this week’s trial hearings were about to begin, a leaked piece of Bolton’s manuscript was revealed. Bolton claims—without evidence—that Donald Trump discussed with him plans to pressure Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden.

Democrats now want Bolton to testify in the trial to—I suppose—throw the president under the bus.

But a video clip surfaced that revealed Bolton had no problems with Trump’s interactions with Ukraine, just a short time ago.

In the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty interview clip, Bolton made no mention of any illicit quid pro quo, and acknowledged, as Republicans have claimed, that combating “corruption” in Ukraine was a “high priority” for the Trump administration…

Bolton also called Trump’s communications with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “warm and cordial,” without mentioning any misconduct. It seemingly contradicted reported assertions in Bolton’s forthcoming book that Trump explicitly told him he wanted to tie military aid to Ukraine to an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. [Source: Fox News]

How interesting. In August of 2019, Bolton said Trump’s interactions with Ukraine were “warm and cordial.” Why would he suddenly change his tune now—unless he’s being less than honest?

Trump tweeted out the clip, declaring the game was over.

But, wait! There’s more. House impeachment manager, Adam Schiff, has been very vocal about dragging Bolton before the Senate. He says Bolton’s testimony would prove all the nasty things the Democrats have been accusing Trump of.

Yet Fox News uncovered video footage that contradicts these claims, made by Schiff himself.

Separately, Fox News has identified clips of Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., now the lead House impeachment manager, in which he says Bolton had a distinct “lack of credibility” and was prone to “conspiracy theories.” This week, Schiff said Bolton needed to testify in the impeachment trial as an important and believable witness. [Source: Fox News]

Wow. In the clip, Adam Schiff says that not only is Bolton a “bad” witness, but he might be the “worst” the Democrats can bring up. He accuses Bolton of exaggerating things the president says and making up conspiracy theories. He said this on March 22, 2018—not that long ago.

But now Schiff demands we hear from Bolton? This is the same guy, Schiff. Why are you suddenly convinced he’ll be a reliable witness for your case? Is it because you’re getting desperate, with no other alternatives for salvaging your losing fight?

Then there’s the clip from 2010, where John Bolton admits he’d be willing to “say something [he] knew was false” to protect American interests. Or perhaps his own interests, like selling his book?

Ouch, Bolton. Ouch, Schiff. These swamp dwellers are trying so hard to stop a man making America great. They seem to be willing to do anything to take down the duly-elected President of the United States.

But they got nothing. No real evidence. No real facts proving Trump committed a crime. They are willing to stir up lies and rumors—even contradicting themselves—just to get their way.

But something tells me the Senate will not put up with their games.

When word of these clips spreads, there will be even less interest in calling up witnesses for the Senate trial. We might be looking at a quick acquittal—and yet another Donald Trump victory.

I guess the Democrats will have to come up with another bogus scheme.

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