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We’ve seen the border crisis blow up in recent months. Democrats have deliberately made the problem worse by refusing to do anything to help. Our broken immigration system makes it impossible for our government to enforce our laws. But a new rule set by Trump will make sure illegal aliens are sent packing ASAP. Democrats are already raging.

Thanks to Democrats in Congress, people who enter this country illegally have almost as many—if not more—rights as Americans. Obama’s DACA policy as well as “catch-and-release” ensures that illegals can stick around as long as they want. The government can’t simply deport someone they caught living here against the law.

Sanctuary cities make the matter even worse. These liberal-controlled cities (and a few states) are so backwards, they put the well-being of dangerous criminal aliens ahead of American citizens. In a sanctuary city, if an American breaks the law they are sent to jail. They might even be handed over to the Feds. But if an illegal alien breaks the law, they protected from the federal government and released.

Over the last year, our Southern border has become chaos. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have bombarded our border, demanding asylum. Many refuse to wait, simply crossing over illegally. When they are caught, they are given a court date—and released!

This laughably pathetic system has to end. But Democrats in Congress will never fix it—they have been exploiting illegals for votes for too long.

So, Trump is about to cut them off at the knees with a new rule that will have illegals sent back home as soon as possible.

The Trump administration on Monday announced plans to extend the power immigration officers have to deport migrants before they appear at court, a move the White House said could mean less time for migrants in detention while cases wind their way through the legal system…

The announcement was the second major policy shift in eight days following an unprecedented surge of families from Central America’s Northern Triangle of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador…

The fast-track deportations can apply to anyone in the country illegally for less than two years.

Kevin McAleenan, the acting Homeland Security secretary, portrayed the nationwide extension of “expedited removal” authority as another Trump administration effort to address an “ongoing crisis on the southern border” by freeing up beds in detention facilities and reducing a backlog of more than 900,000 cases in immigration courts. [Source: Fox News]

Read that last line again. There are nearly 1 million cases of illegal immigrants in our courts. How long do you think it’s going to take to process all of them? Meanwhile, the aliens will never show up for their hearings and never get deported.

This was the left’s plan all along: create a system that rewards criminal aliens and makes it impossible for America to enforce its immigration laws.

It’s really simple: if you came here illegally, you should be sent back to your home country. Case closed. But Democrats have been betraying Americans by letting illegals stay. And anytime an American wants the system fixed, they are accused of being racist and anti-immigration. A pathetic scheme the Democrats cling to.

But Trump’s new rule will eliminate a court hearing for anyone that can’t prove they’ve been here for two years or more. Illegals trying to cross the border today will get set packing immediately. And illegal immigrants who are living in communities across America, who have no way of proving they’ve been here for long, will be deported as well.

Sounds like an extreme policy? Have you been reading anything I’ve written? Democrats have corrupted our system so that criminals are being rewarded. They don’t care how many Americans suffer from lost jobs and violence at the hands of aliens. And Democrats don’t care about legal immigrants who wait years to come here properly.

They only seem to care about illegals, whom they can manipulate, mistreat, and extort for votes.

Now, that’s really criminal.

Expect Democrats to try to block this rule, as they’ve tried to block every rule set by this administration. Democrats don’t believe in putting Americans first or helping improve our immigration system. They only want chaos, so their corrupt ways are never exposed.

Last week, Bernie Sanders was outed for his double standard over the $15/hour debate. While the Democratic socialist wants to force companies to pay this high wage, he wasn’t even paying his own field staff that rate. After the news hit the media, Sanders has decided to stick to $15/hour. But this is how he’s going to do it.

We’ve explored how disastrous it would be for the government to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour. Such a massive hike would be impossible for many companies to afford. Especially small businesses. Major companies already have plans in place to deal with such a plan—and it involves getting rid of human staff altogether.

Yet Democrats like Sanders push this terrible idea, hoping it would get him votes. He wants to use the government to force companies to pay higher wages. Instead of doing the smarter thing: cutting taxes so that companies will have more money to pay their staff.

Sanders was outed last week when his own staff released a letter, claiming many of them were paid less than $15/hour. Some even said they were earning “poverty wages” and couldn’t even make ends meet. That’s pretty bad for a man who claims to care about America’s workers.

But, fear not! Turns out Bernie has a plan to make sure all his hourly workers are getting paid that juicy $15/hour. And that’s by cutting back their hours!

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced this weekend he will cut staffers’ hours so that they can effectively be paid a $15-an-hour minimum wage, prompting mockery from critics who say the move is more evidence that Sanders’ plan to raise the national minimum wage is hypocritical and would only lead to less work and more unemployment…

The solution is to “limit the number of hours staffers work to 42 or 43 each week to ensure they’re making the equivalent of $15 an hour,” he told the Register’s Brianne Pfannenstiel.

“It does bother me that people are going outside of the process and going to the media,” Sanders added. “That is really not acceptable. It is really not what labor negotiations are about, and it’s improper.” [Source: Fox News]

Lol, oh Sanders was upset that his staff exposed him as a hypocrite? God, forbid! But what’s really hilarious is that Sanders is proving—yet again—that the $15/hour wage hike would hurt works, not help them.

Even his campaign has to cut hours in order to pay their entry-level staff such a high salary. That means they will be earning less. Companies are forced to do this wherever the $15/hour hike takes effect. In cities across the West Coast, staff see their hours cut—or they are replaced altogether.

Or do you wonder why McDonald’s suddenly started adding ordering kiosks instead of hiring more workers? Big companies are replacing staffers with automated machines and computers—to avoid paying these high wages.

Smaller companies are forced to raise prices, cut back hours (or just lay people off), or close their doors.

Democrats never talk about that reality when they push $15/hour. I guess they never bothered to think the policy through. Just like every other policy they push.

Republicans weren’t kind to Bernie after he admitted his new plan.

“For the first time in his life, socialist Bernie Sanders practices economics and, buddy, the results are hilarious,” wrote columnist and humorist Stephen Miller. He added: “Why won’t millionaire Bernie Sanders, who owns 3 homes, instead of cutting hours, pay his staff a living wage? People are starving.”

“So does this fall under the category of hypocrisy, irony, or poetic justice?” [Rep. Dan] Crenshaw asked. “All three? Can’t make this stuff up.” [Source: Fox News]

The only way to ensure companies pay their staff more is to cut taxes and costly regulation, while encouraging companies to hire American workers. All these things Trump has done—and more—to help our economy. And over the last two-and-a-half years, we’ve seen unemployment drop and salaries raise.

All without pushing a $15/hour minimum wage hike.

Maybe Sanders should take a lesson out of Trump’s book. But I doubt he will.

Democratic socialist and candidate for president, Bernie Sanders, claims to want to put American workers first. It seems his only pro-worker platform is forcing the minimum wage to be at $15/hour. But even as he demands that for the laborers of the country, his own staff tell a different story. Turns out, many of them are barely getting by.

Sanders, like many Democrats, is using the $15/hour plan to win over low-skilled workers. It sounds good, right? Get Sanders elected and he’ll force companies to pay their entry-level workers a whopping $15/hour.

And companies can afford that, right? I mean, big businesses are rolling in cash. They can spare a few billion extra dollars for their least skilled and newest employees! Corporations are greedy and corrupt and it takes big government to make sure Americans are being taken care of.

What Sanders does not tell you is, wherever they’ve implemented $15/hour minimum wage, disaster has struck. West Coast cities that force companies to pay that much to their entry level workers usually go out of business. Restaurants and shops can’t afford to pay significantly higher salaries to their workers. They have to raise prices, cut staff and hours, or simply close their doors.

The $15/hour plan leads to fewer jobs and lower salaries for workers, not the other way around.

That tends to happen when the government worms its way into private business.

Do you know who actually understands this pretty well? Bernie Sanders. While he’s going around America, demanding higher wages for entry-level workers, he doesn’t even pay his own staff $15/hour.

In fact, many of them—who are busting their tails for the man—are getting what they call “poverty wages.”


According to a report, members of Sanders’ staff have been using the senator’s own campaign rhetoric against him as they try to wrestle more pay from the self-described democratic socialist.

In a letter to Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir, the campaign staffers claim they “cannot be expected to build the largest grassroots organizing program in American history while making poverty wages,” the Washington Post reported.

“Given our campaign’s commitment to fighting for a living wage of at least $15.00 an hour,” the letter continues, “we believe it is only fair that the campaign would carry through this commitment to its own field team.” [Source: Fox News]

That’s pretty surprising. If $15/hour is such a doable wage—and Sanders wants all American companies paying it—then why can’t he pay it to his staff? These people are going out and trying to win him the presidency. You’d think he would value their hard work and compensate them accordingly.

But Bernie knows that $15/hour is just too high to pay to everyone. While he brings in millions through fundraising, he only has so much to pay out—after all the other expenses connected to running a campaign.

But the hard truth is, many of his staff are “barely managing to survive financially,” according to the report. Wow, that doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that should be happening within a campaign. Especially not a campaign run by a man who claims to put workers first.

The reality is, $15/hour is too high a salary to be giving to all workers. Bernie knows this. But he uses that as a ploy to get people to vote for him. He won’t be around when numerous businesses in your town go under, because they just can’t afford that. And Bernie doesn’t seem to offer any other hope for American workers.

You know what does help American workers? Policies that encourage businesses to invest, expand, and hire more employees. Policies like cutting back regulation, lowering taxes, and scoring better trade deals.

Oh, those are all the things Donald Trump is doing. That must be why our economy is doing so well!

All that Bernie can promise is a higher minimum wage. But, considering he doesn’t even pay his own staff that much, I have serious doubts he’ll ever make that happen nationwide.

Texas Democrat Joaquin Castro wants to ban the use of the words “alien” and “illegal alien” from the government legal code. In the latest issue of “Democrats working for immigrants and not the American people,” Castro argued that the phrases were “hurtful” to the immigrant community.

In a press release issued by Castro he said, “Words matter. It’s vital that we respect the dignity of immigrants fleeing violence and prosecution in our language. The words ‘alien’ and ‘illegal alien’ work to demonize and dehumanize the migrant community. They should have no place in our government’s description of human beings,”

The Correcting Alienating Names in Government Act, otherwise known as the CHANGE Act, calls for the elimination of the two words from the Immigration and Nationality Act and to replace them with the words “foreign national” and “undocumented foreign national.” The Democratic congressman somehow believes doing this would not only humanize illegal immigrants, but “increase their safety” in the U.S.

“Immigrants come to our borders in good faith and work hard for the opportunity to achieve a better life for themselves and their family. Eliminating this language from government expression puts us one step closer to preserving their dignity and ensuring their safety,” Castro continued in his statement.

Stupidity apparently runs in the family, as his twin brother Julian – a notorious panderer and Democratic presidential candidate – has long argued for open borders. It appears as if the Castro brothers target voters are comprised entirely of illegal immigrants all the while doing nothing for the American citizens.

The brothers are not the only ones with this strategy of course, we have grown accustomed to seeing it as a mainstay of Democratic campaign trails across the nation.

“First, no one is illegal. That term is derogatory now because it dehumanizes people. You can say any other forms of maybe ‘coming in without any regulations’ or so forth, but the use of ‘illegal’ is disrespectful and I ask my colleagues to try in so many ways to not dehumanize our immigrant neighbors who are trying to come in for safe haven,” Democrat Rashida Tlaib said during a House committee hearing.

“No one is an ‘alien.’ This is family separation on a massive scale,” Another Democrat, Ilhan Omar chimed in. “Dehumanizing immigrants and tearing apart families will not make us any stronger. It will only destroy lives, traumatize children, and make our country less safe.”

Omar also claimed President Donald Trump uses the words “illegal” and “alien” to “justify horrific human rights abuses against migrants.” The two words, however, have been used for years by the U.S. federal government and immigration agencies and are not meant to carry any negative connotations.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services defines the word “alien” as “any person not a citizen or national of the United States.

‘Foreign national’ is a synonym and used outside of statutes when referring to noncitizens of the U.S. Non-partisan immigration organizations describe the word in similar fashion.

While Democratic politicians have been quick to claim outrage over the terms, most Americans are still very comfortable with the words. A recent poll shows that only 26% of respondents answered “yes” when asked, “Is it offensive to refer to someone who has entered this country illegally as ‘an illegal immigrant’?” including only 30% of Democrats.

All the bickering among Democrats in D.C. has taken ample attention from the left’s 2020 candidates. It has also seemed to drain enthusiasm for Democrats among protentional supporters. We’re no-where close to the election and already major candidates are running out of funds. Meanwhile, Trump’s team just announced a massive haul.

You might be wondering why Donald Trump blasted Democrat women in Congress. This is one possible reason why. All the attention the media has placed on AOC and her cronies—not to mention the ongoing feud they wage against their own party—has made many forget about the 20+ candidates running for president.

Just a few weeks ago, all the mainstream media outlets were talking about these major candidates, whom they believed could take down Trump. Now, all we hear from them is this fight between freshman congresswomen (who are polling very low) and Trump’s “go back home” remarks.

The result? Of the 20+ liberals fighting to get the Democratic nomination, only a handful will actually make it through the summer. Why? Because people have stopped caring about them and their funds have run out.

New financial disclosures show that 11 liberal contenders for the Oval Office are operating their campaigns at a deficit, having spent more money than campaign donations could support. Eight more have less than $1 million on hand. More than five months from 2020, only the front-runners have the financial means to go much further.

“This is the doomsday scenario for a lot of campaigns, where they’re grasping for air to keep their campaigns alive and to live another day,” said Washington Democrat strategist Andrew Feldman. “You can’t build an organization. You can’t build an operation that turns enthusiasm into votes without having resources to do it.” [Source: Breitbart]

It’s still pretty early in the primary cycle. Democrats have only held one round of debates. Yet already the many contenders who thought they could topple Trump have no money in the coffers.

All of these people claimed they were better for the country than Donald Trump. They all took turns bashing the man who is making America great again—some of them did it in Spanish! Yet only five of them—just five!—have the means to limp along through the summer.

That’s pretty embarrassing if you ask me. Fundraising is hugely important. Not only does it enable a campaign to keep going, but it indicates the level of excitement voters have for a candidate. After all, if you’re opening your wallet for someone, you really want them to win.

I guess there aren’t enough Americans eager to get one of these clowns into the White House.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump just made a stunning announcement about his team’s fundraising. In the second quarter of this year, they’ve brought in a whopping $100 million.

The Trump campaign in coordination with the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised more than $100 million in the second quarter, the president’s re-election campaign announced Monday…

The fundraising haul came largely through small donors. The Trump campaign said they received roughly 957,000 individual donations, with over 98% being $200 or less. The average donation was $41.48. [Source: Daily Caller]

Woah. Not only did Trump bring in over $100 million (in just the second quarter), but most of those donations came from small donors. Why is that crucial? Because Trump’s campaign isn’t being funded by deep pocket elitists.

He’s not dependent on powerful donors from Hollywood or big business. That means he will never have to bow to their whims. Trump is getting cash from regular Americans like you and me. He will always put our interests first.

This also tells us how enthusiastic Americans are about President Trump. Think about it, he raised over $100 million with donations averaging $40. That’s a lot of Americans opening their wallets!

As the media and liberals bicker over AOC and Pelosi, patriots are making sure Trump has the money to make it all the way to 2020. That should have his left-wing candidates very worried.

This weekend, Donald Trump roasted a collection of newbie Democrats in Congress. His fiery tweets sparked a storm of angry reactions from liberals in politics and the media. But there’s something pretty important their ignoring—to their ultimate peril.

In recent months, the media has spent a large portion of its time celebrating newcomers to Congress. These progressive, left-wing politicians—such as AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib—have accomplished nothing in the few months they’ve been in office. Nothing good, at least.

They have a reputation for insulting the United States, American citizens, and our way of life. Several of these women, as well as their allies, have come from foreign countries. They and their families fled to America for a better life. Yet now, as representatives, they trash our country and push an agenda that would ruin our economy and freedoms.

To the shock of all, the liberal media still celebrate these women as the future of our country, even as they spread anti-Semitism, support illegal immigration, and push for socialism.

President Trump called out these women on Twitter. In no uncertain terms, he totally roasted them.

So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly……

….and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how….

….it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements! [Source: Twitter]

Woah. Those are some strong words. Yet he makes a good point. Many of these congresswomen come from countries that horribly mistreat women. Countries that don’t protect their citizens’ rights (like free speech or freedom of religion). Their economies are in the gutter, not to mention the rampant crime.

There is a reason these women fled. Yet nobody tells them to stick a sock in it when they accuse the United States of racism or bigotry. These women play the race or gender card to get attention, but they’ve done nothing to make America a better place.

Of course, Democrats—instead of acknowledging these obvious facts—flipped out. Proving how thin-skinned and easily triggered they are, liberals raged over Trump’s pretty factual tweets.

Hollywood celebs and Democrats in D.C. spewed the same, tired attacks against Trump. Not once did they call out these congresswomen for bashing our country. Nor did they acknowledge the fact that women like Ilhan and Tlaib are do-nothings in Washington.

But the painful reality is that, once again, Trump is right. And internal polls from the Democratic Party prove Americans aren’t too happy with these women either.

“Ocasio-Cortez was recognized by 74% of voters in the poll; 22% had a favorable view,” Axios reported. “Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota — another member of The Squad — was recognized by 53% of the voters; 9% (not a typo) had a favorable view.”

“Socialism was viewed favorably by 18% of the voters and unfavorably by 69%,” Axios added, whereas “capitalism was 56% favorable; 32% unfavorable.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ouch, those are dismal numbers. I mean, even third parties have better numbers than that. In fact, the poll went on to say that if voters keep hearing about terrible AOC and her allies in Congress, Democrats are going to lose big in 2020.

Yet all we hear from the liberal media are stories about AOC, Omar, Tlaib and the rest of their left-wing gang. Democrats have no control over these untalented, un-American women.

They can rage over Trump’s tweets all they want. It looks like America agrees with him. And when America agrees with Trump, the left loses in a big way.

What liberals should be doing right about now is trying to find a way to get these freshmen congresswomen in line. But they won’t. They will make it all about Trump, giving him more attention and influence.

Gosh, it’s like the Democrats never want to win again.

Andrew Gillum, Democratic Socialist gubernatorial candidate defeated by Republican Ron Desantis in 2018, is apparently trying to shift votes in favor of the Democrats by registering more Dem. voters in Florida.

Last February, the anti-trump politician gave warning of the presence of “dark money” influencing his own race for governor. Now, the former Tallahassee mayor is using a private nonprofit to drive voter registration rather than his political committee.

Private nonprofits can get away with much less financial disclosure than political committees.

The Tampa Bay Times first reported on Gillum’s shady shift in financial tactics, saying:

“Gillum moved $500,000 from the political committee to the nonprofit last month, according to campaign finance reports filed Wednesday.

What Gillum does with that money will largely be shielded from public view. Unlike his political committee, which is required to itemize every expenditure and report it to the state each month, the nonprofit does not have to disclose its spending.

Nor will the nonprofit have to account for where it gets its money. The organization’s annual tax documents will be public, but those include far less information and it will be more than a year before they’re made available.”

The change came after the Tampa Bay Times reported in May that the FBI had subpoenaed records related to his 2018 gubernatorial campaign. This after Gillum’s time as Tallahassee mayor was tied to an FBI probe into city hall corruption, a federal investigation that involved undercover FBI agents going on trips with Gillum.

Joshua Karp, a spokesperson for Gillum, said the former mayor’s use of the nonprofit is because it “is allowed to directly spend money on voter registration efforts” in a manner that the political committee is not allowed to act.

“That fundraising is going very well, and we’re proceeding with vital investments in progressive infrastructure in this state,” Karp said.

Writing at the Tallahassee Democrat, Bill Cotterell, a columnist and former reporter for the newspaper, opined, “Taking political financing private may be legal, but looks wrong for Gillum.”

Cotterell continued:

“Even if you implicitly trust your leader not to tap into the organization’s piggy bank, even if you know the boss to be honest and dedicated to the lofty goals you’ve set out to attain, wouldn’t you still find it unsettling to be asked not to see the records?

Especially if the leader of your high-minded group is separately being investigated for some unknown financial irregularities, with federal subpoenas for past campaign documents? Especially if he just reached a $5,000 settlement with the Commission on Ethics in an unrelated case involving some lavish vacation travel and unreported goodies given him by lobbyist pals seeking favors from his city while he was mayor?”

Gillum sent out a mass email to his followers on Sunday, asking them to donate money in order to “stop Trump.”

Gillum’s message to supporters said, “The only way we can make sure we stop Trump is by beating him here in Florida, and to do that we need to register and reengage a million voters to flip Florida blue. That’s our plan, and it will work no matter how much money they spend here, but only if I can count on your help.”

Gillum recently announced his own Florida voter registration initiative committed to registering no less than one million new voters for 2020 while aiming to “evict Donald Trump” from the White House.

“We are going to commit ourselves to registering and engaging one million voters between now and 2020’s presidential election,” Gillum said at a recent event in Miami, addressing his new group which calls itself Bring It Home Florida.

“The road to the White House runs through Florida,” added Gillum. “We can deny Donald Trump a second term right here in the state of Florida.”

“How many states can you say, by themselves, have the ability to deny this man a return to the White House?” Gillum asked. “I can’t think of a bigger, better, more important state than the state of Florida, than for us to send that message.”

President Trump wanted to restore the citizenship question to the 2020 census. The question would reveal how many citizens, non-citizens, and illegal aliens actually live in this country. Obviously, Democrats fought to block him, taking it all the way to the Supreme Court. The president refuses to give up this goal and has unveiled a new plan.

It’s obvious why Democrats don’t want us to know how many citizens there are, right? The left has been encouraging illegal immigration for years. But why? Because they want these “undocumented” people counted as American citizens.

They give illegals jobs, housing, education, even government benefits. All so more will come and—although it’s illegal—vote for them. It’s why Democrats have turned major U.S. cities into sanctuaries for criminal aliens.

The more illegals flood these Democrat-controlled regions, the higher their populations rise. That means more representatives in Congress—and more electoral votes.

But what if we knew that millions of people living in liberal states weren’t Americans? Well, Democrats would lose out on quite a bit. The number of their reps in Congress would drop, they’d lose electoral votes, and they might even lose billions in federal aid.

Worse than that, it would give Trump more reason to deport illegals. And wake up more Americans to the threat illegal immigration poses to our country.

Democrats thought they won, after the Supreme Court delayed Trump’s attempt to add the question to the census. But yesterday, Trump dropped a whammy on the left, as he unveiled a more accurate method of finding out whose and American and who isn’t.

“Today, I will be issuing an executive order to put this very plan into effect immediately. I’m hereby ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide the Department of Commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and non-citizens in our country. They must furnish all legally accessible records in their possession immediately.

We will utilize these vast federal databases to gain a full, complete, and accurate count of the non-citizen population, including databases maintained by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.

We have great knowledge in many of our agencies. We will leave no stone unturned. The Census Bureau projected that using previously available records, it could determine citizenship for 90 percent of our population or more.” [Source: White]

Uh-oh! Democrats jumped out of the frying pan into the fire with this one.

They thought they won by using the courts to delay Trump’s agenda. But instead of adding a question to the census (where nothing stops a person from just lying about their citizenship), Trump will be harvesting the vast resources of federal agencies to get a clear number of how many U.S. citizens there actually are.

Honestly, he just has to count all the Social Security numbers that are still active. Every U.S. citizen has a valid SSN. Illegals don’t have them. Legal aliens don’t either. As long as the Social Security Administration can account for the deceased (and fraudulent cases), there is a verifiable number of real citizens.

Add to that other databases that can be used to double check the numbers, Trump has a count of American citizens that can’t be distorted by dishonest census entries.

Democrats really hurt themselves with this one. Had Obama not removed the question during his administration, they could have let the whole thing slide. Illegals could have just lied on the census, giving a fake number of citizens. But because the left so stubbornly denied Trump’s simple request, he now will get a much more accurate count.

You really didn’t think this one through, liberals. Haven’t you already learned that Trump doesn’t give up? Especially when it comes to protecting the American people? You’ve seen his track record over the last two-and-half years, right? He got Mexico to help protect our border, for goodness sake.

Did you really think he would lose this fight?

But you have to give Democrats a break. They live in a fantasy land where Trump is a Russian spy and Hillary Clinton is the rightful President of the United States. Most of their schemes fail, because they have no clue what’s going on.

Thank goodness they’re no longer in the White House.

For years, so-called sanctuary cities have openly violated federal law. They have put the well-being of criminal aliens and illegals ahead of American citizens. President Trump has warned these regions to start obeying immigration laws, or else. The Democrats who run these places have ignored him. Now, Trump is done playing games, as this plan is about to happen.

Fixing our broken immigration system has been one of Trump’s top priorities as president. He’s already done so much to help America—including the booming economy, low unemployment, a better military—you’d think everyone would be on board with his immigration reform.

Yet this one issue has turned out to be his toughest. That’s because Democrats have been protecting illegal immigrants for years. The left has rejected American labor unions and hard-working families to help a group that takes our jobs, invites crime into our communities, and drains government resources.

Even worse, Democrats refuse to let criminal aliens face the justice they deserve, by hiding them in their sanctuary cities.

As the border crisis continues, Trump is moving to hit Democrats right where it hurts. Last month, he authorized ICE to start deporting millions of illegal immigrants. He put that plan on hold, waiting for Congress to actually do their jobs.

Now, the wait is over. And thousands of illegals are about to get the boot.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are preparing to conduct raids beginning Sunday to arrest thousands of illegal immigrants across the U.S. just weeks after President Trump announced that he was delaying the operation.

The ICE agents will target at least 2,000 immigrants whose deportations have already been ordered, a New York Times report said, citing one former and two current Department of Homeland Security officials…

The June operation was expected to target 2,000 families in as many as 10 cities, including Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami. Last month, President Trump announced on Twitter that he wants ICE agents to start the process of “removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the U.S.” [Source: Fox News]

Specifics of the raids are being kept secret, to protect ICE agents. You might remember recently, when the mayor of Oakland betrayed the country by warning illegals of a coming raid. Her interference put ICE agents in danger and let hundres of illegals flee justice. ICE isn’t going to let that happen again.

We do know they are targeting sanctuary cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and high-immigrant regions like Houston and Miami.

These are “innocent” immigrants who are just want a better life. These are people who broke the law and have been ordered to leave. Of course, they’ve refused, forcing ICE agents to risk their lives to apprehend and deport them.

You have to figure that these drastic steps are necessary, because of our weak immigration laws. Democrats have made it so that it’s easy for illegals to get in and hard for America to get them out. Immigration laws favor people who come here illegally—often dragging young children across dangerous regions—while neglecting legal immigrants and hurting hard-working Americans.

ICE wouldn’t have to conduct these raids, if catch-and-release and other Obama-era programs didn’t exist. If Congress bothered to follow the president’s lead and pass immigration reform, putting America’s needs first, these raids wouldn’t be necessary.

If they had helped provide funding for the wall, we wouldn’t have the crisis we are facing now.

But when have Democrats ever done anything to help Americans, not hurt us? I can’t remember.

The only good news is, despite overwhelming obstruction from the left, Trump is making good on his word. Parts of the wall are being built. More resources are being sent to secure the border. And ICE is deporting illegals who refuse to go.

Imagine what he could do, if Congress actually cared? But I guess that’s just crazy talk, huh?

The liberal media is working extra hard to try and push the false narrative that President Trump and alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein are BFFS even though Trump has been warning about Epstein for quite some time. It looks like instead the media puppets and their masters, the Democrats, should be looking inward.

An investigative journalist uncovered one of the Clinton’s many dirty little secrets, when she learned that former President Bill Clinton had flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane along with “underage girls” – often times leaving behind his Secret Service detail.

Epstein’s jet “Lolita Express” earned its name due to the fact that it was reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.

The Journalist, Conchita Sarnoff, told Fox News’ Shannon Bream about her discovery. Fox News’ Lukas Mikelionis reports that Sarnoff is the executive director of Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking and is the author of the book “TrafficKing: The Jeffrey Epstein Case.” The Fox News segment followed the recent developments in the Epstein case that have occurred after the financier was arrested on Saturday on child sex trafficking charges.

Sarnoff made the remarks in response to the following statement from Clinton on Monday:

“President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York. In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane: one to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation. Staff, supporters of the foundation, and his Secret Service detail traveled on every leg of every trip.

He had one meeting with Epstein in his Harlem office in 2002, and around the same time made one brief visit to Epstein’s New York apartment with a staff member and his security detail. He’s not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and he has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida”.

Sarnoff then went on to say, “I have read too much information and I have spoken to too many people on the inside. I actually attempted to interview Clinton but he did not agree to do so and I know from the pilot logs and these are pilot logs that you know were written by different pilots and at different times, that Clinton went, he was a guest of Epstein’s 27 times.”

“Many of those times Clinton had his Secret Service with him and many times he did not,” Sarnoff continued. “Almost every time that Clinton’s name is on the pilot logs there are underage girls there are initials and there are names of many many girls on that private plane.”

Bream then questioned Sarnoff, pointing out that Clinton’s statement did not match up with what she was saying. “Are you saying the former president is not telling the truth?” Bream asked Sarnoff.

“Yes, I’m saying, sadly, that he is not telling the truth,” Sarnoff responded.

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