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A 22-year-old U.S.-born man who entered ISIS territory is demanding that he should be forgiven and brought home to America.

Abdelhamid Al-Madioum of Minneapolis claimed he joined the terror group in 2015. He was recruited to ISIS by cheerful online propaganda portraying the murderous outfit whose killings shocked the world as charitable and kind.

When asked why he made the decision, Al-Madioum told CBS News that the group provided him with a blank check to buy whatever he wanted to become a doctor.

The 18-year-old at that time did not believe the news, regarded reports about mass slaughter carried out by the group as fake.

The terror suspect maintains he was never a fighter, but instead claims he is a victim after losing his arm in a U.S. airstrike.

Al-Madioum has been interrogated by the FBI and is now residing in a prison full of ISIS members in Northern Syria. He was warned he could face 15 years in prison if he is eventually deported to the United States.

But the extremist insisted such a sentence is far too long. “Fifteen years is a very long time for mistakes you made coming to Syria.”

Asked if he thought he deserved to be forgiven, Al-Madioum answered, “I would say that.”

Author: Sophie Sanders

Source: The BL: Muslim from Minneapolis who joined ISIS demands he be forgiven and brought home to America

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