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Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban has a message for white people when it comes to race relations in America.

In a Tuesday tweet, Cuban insisted that it is “white people” who “need to change.”

“Dear White People,” he tweeted, “We are the ones that need to change. This is not one man’s story. This is almost every black man’s story. Which is why the problem is ours. We need to find OUR way to change what we do. There is no quick fix. It’s a moral imperative.”

Cuban added that treating people equally is not enough.

“I used to think treating people equally meant treating them the same. Like it was a math equation. I was wrong. I’m learning that treating people equally means treating them with equal amounts of respect, for who they are and what they have experienced,” he wrote.

In the first tweet, Cuban linked to an op written for the college newspaper, Emerson Today, by Emerson College President M. Lee Pelton.

In his op-ed, the college chief called the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd a “legalized lynching.”

“I didn’t sleep Friday night. Instead, I spent the night, like a moth drawn to a flame, looking again and again at the video of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of a Minneapolis white police officer. It was a legalized lynching. I also intently watched the fiery protests in American cities,” Pelton wrote in his op-ed.

Pelton angrily added that “Black Americans are invisible to most of white America.” And insisted that, “The persistent structural racism that under girds American society and permits the police and others to kill black people is pernicious and ubiquitous.”

He closed his letter proudly proclaiming that he has “no words of comfort” for America because “they would absolve so many from coming to terms with their own silent complicity in the world in which we live.”

America is irrevocably racist, he said.

“This is not a black problem,” he exclaimed as he ended his piece, “but a structural issue built on white supremacy and centuries of racism. It’s your problem. And until you understand that, we are doomed to relive this week’s tragic events over and over again. What changes will you make in your own life? Begin with answering that question, and maybe, just maybe we will get somewhere.”

Author: Warner Todd Huston

Source: Breitbart: Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban to White People: ‘We Are the Ones That Need to Change’

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign took an early commercial break during Super Bowl LIV to highlight his work to successfully pass criminal justice reform.

The campaign ad features the case of Alice Johnson, who was sentenced to a life sentence in prison for a nonviolent drug offense.

Johnson was released from prison thanks to the First Step Act that the president supported and signed into law in December.

“I’m free to start over,” Johnson says on the video. “This is the greatest day of my life. My heart is just bursting with gratitude. I want to thank President Donald John Trump,” she says as her family hollers in joy.

In a follow-up tweet, the president touted the passage of criminal justice reform as a promise kept:

“I promised to restore hope in America. That includes the least among us. Together, let’s KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” he wrote. “Text TRUMP to 88022 if you liked our Super Bowl ad!”

When the bill passed, President Trump celebrated by congratulating Congress on working together to pass the law, saying, “This is a great bi-partisan achievement for everybody. When both parties work together we can keep our Country safer.”

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Author: Warner Todd Huston

Source: Breitbart: Trump Campaign Airs Super Bowl Ad Touting Criminal Justice Reform Success

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders was widely ridiculed on Tuesday for a video showing him taking a swing at a boxing speed bag, only to have the bag fly back and hit him in the face.

Sanders, who will turn 78 next month, took on the speed bag at the Ali Center with unintentionally hilarious results.

The Big Lead joked that Bernie should not have led with his right when “when we all know he’s most comfortable attacking upward and from the left.”

But Bernie took slings and arrows from a long list of others:

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Author: Warner Todd Huston

Source: Breitbart: WATCH: Speed Bag Hits Bernie Sanders in the Face During Boxing Session

Broadcaster and former NBA star Charles Barkley slammed the Democrat Party in the wake of Tuesday’s debates, saying that the party has done little to elevate most blacks in America.

The former Phoenix Suns star was in the audience during the July 30 Democrat presidential debates, but the former player was not impressed by what he saw telling reporters that “every black person I know has always voted Democratic,” but most are “still poor” despite that support.

Barkley went on to slam the Democrats for ignoring minorities, saying, “It’s an economic thing, and that’s what both parties have been neglecting, especially the Democratic Party,” according to Yahoo News.

“Every black person I know has always voted Democratic, and with the exception of a few guys who can play sports, all those people are still poor,” Barkley continued.

The TNT commentator added that he said the same thing in 2017 and no progress has occurred.

Despite the Democrat’s failure, Barkley exclaimed that both parties “suck” at delivering for black voters.

“I think all politicians take black folks for granted. They talk to black folks every four years, and that’s about it and then do nothing about it. Both parties suck in that aspect,” he added.

The former player was also not a fan of the debate format.

“You can’t really judge anybody by seeing them on television, especially when you’ve got 20 people. Nobody gets a word in edgewise. That’s really unfortunate,” he said.

Barkley thought that his network could handle the debates better than CNN.

“We can do a much better job [of the debates], especially CNN,” he said. “We could do a much better job of doing like an individual night where we have plenty of time.”

But after saying that, Barkley joked that he hoped his boss, Jeff Zucker, who was standing only a few feet away, would not fire him for the comments.

As far as which candidate he favored, Barkley ultimately suggested was leaning toward supporting either former Obama HUD Secretary Julian Castro or South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

One thing he was not fond of was the constant proclamations from Democrats that Donald Trump is a racist.

“‘I’m leery of calling people ‘racist.’ He says some things that can be construed as ‘racist.’ Some things he’s said are very wrong and flagrant,” Barkley insisted.

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Author: Warner Todd Huston

Source: Breitbart: Charles Barkley Says Voting Democrat Has Not Elevated Black People

Democrats in New York killed a proposal for tuition assistance for children of veterans killed in battle and instead approved a bill to give illegals free tuition.

The New York Republican Party slammed the Democrats on Twitter saying, “Democrats just rejected tuition assistance for Gold Star families but approved it for illegal immigrants. Would these Democrats dare to look into the eyes of the children of fallen servicemen and women and say they matter less than those here illegally?”

Empire State Democrats quashed a bill on Tuesday that would have provided free tuition for Gold Star families that had lost a child killed in the line of duty in service to the country.

“The Assembly’s Higher Education Committee voted 15 to 11 to hold the bipartisan bill, effectively ending its chances of making it to a floor vote this session,” according to

But the move comes only a week after the same legislature passed a $175 billion state budget that contained $27 million to give free tuition to illegal aliens.

“It’s disgraceful,” Republican Assemblyman Gary Finch said after the Gold Star bill was shelved, “Soldiers who lay down their lives and make the ultimate sacrifice represent the best of us. The children they love so dearly deserve access to the opportunity and promise that is the hallmark of this country. I can’t imagine what’s in your heart when you vote ‘no’ on a bill like this.”

Republican Assemblyman Will Barclay slammed the Democrats for being petty and insisting that the Democrats killed the Gold Star tuition proposal merely because they didn’t want Steve Hawley, the Republican who introduced it, to get a win.

“We get so caught up in majority and minority issues here, we can’t see the forest through the trees,” Barclay said. “I don’t know how they don’t justify this.”

Barclay added that the number of students who would qualify for the tuition assistance would be few in number, especially compared to the number of illegals who will get free college.

Democrats refused to comment on the situation.

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Author: Warner Todd Huston

Source: Breitbart: New York Democrats Kill Bill for Tuition for Gold Star Families, Pass Tuition for Illegals Instead

On his HBO Sports series The Shop, L.A. Lakers forward LeBron James called the NFL’s owners as a bunch of “old white men” and accused them of acting like slave masters.
James made his accusation on an episode of The Shop, which aired on Friday on HBO, the Washington Post reported.

“In the NFL they got a bunch of old white men owning teams and they got that slave mentality,” James said kicking off the conversation. “And it’s like, ‘This is my team. You do what the f— I tell y’all to do. Or we get rid of y’all.’”

The basketball player with an estimated net worth of $440 million was speaking with his long-time business partner Maverick Carter, L.A. Rams player Todd Gurley (who’s estimated net worth is $15 million), and rapper, actor and Louis Farrakhan acolyte Ice Cube.

James went on to say how proud he is that the National Basketball Association is more woke than the NFL and praised NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. “He doesn’t mind us having … a real feeling and to be able to express that. It doesn’t even matter if Adam agrees with what we are saying, he at least wants to hear us out. As long as we are doing it in a very educational, non-violent way, then he’s absolutely okay with it,” James continued.

James then insisted that the NFL does not care about its players.

“The players are who make the ship go. We make it go. Every Sunday, without Todd Gurley and without Odell Beckham Jr., without those players, those guys, there is no football,” James exclaimed. “And it’s the same in the NBA. … The difference between the NBA and the NFL: the NBA [cares about] what we believe [players] can be, the potential. In the NFL, it’s what can you do for me this Sunday or this Monday or this Thursday. And if you ain’t it, we movin’ on.”

James ended the segment claiming that he and his fellow NBA players are “non-violent” in their protests and activism.

“I am very educated about what I believe in and I’m not doing it in a violent way,” James concluded. “I’m not knocking on your door saying, ‘Listen, I’m kneeling today and if you don’t kneel with me, I’ll knock you the f– out.’ But you know people go crazy when things are done outside the box. People don’t know how to react.”

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Author: Warner Todd Huston

Source:Breitbart: LeBron James: ‘Old White’ NFL Owners Have ‘Slave Mentality’

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