Joe Biden has had a pretty rough campaign so far. He’s been stumbling from one gaffe to another. He seems to be confusing dates and times, not to mention names and locations. Some of his gaffes are so bad, Democrats are questioning if he should even be running. But the latest “story” he’s told may go well beyond a simple flub.

At a recent event, Joe Biden told a story about a brave Navy captain who risked his life to save another man. His audience was enthralled by the story. Biden claims the man rappelled down a 60-foot ravine to save another soldier. Biden claims he was so impressed by the heroic actions, he travelled Afghanistan just to pin a star on the man’s chest. But the amazing serviceman refused.

The problem? The story 100% made up.

The Post succinctly commented, “Except almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect.” The Post delineated how Biden conflated different stories in order to create his whopper, crediting interviews with more than a dozen U.S. troops, their commanders and Biden campaign officials to help them discover the truth. [Source: Daily Wire]

Not sure what’s really going on here. Probably most people don’t. Apparently, Biden went to Afghanistan in 2008 as a senator. He met with a 20-year-old Army specialist, not a Navy captain. Biden never pinned any medal on the man–he later got the Medal of Honor at the White House.

Is this a simple case of Biden once again confusing things? Does this suggest the former VP is having a hard time keeping track of important details? Or is he, like so many politicians, making stuff up to make him look good?

Turns out, Biden has a history of inventing similar stories. He talked about a Navy captain climbing down a “200 foot” ravine during a WWII memorial event. In 2016, whiling helping Hillary Clinton, he talked about an Army captain who pulled a soldier out of a burning vehicle in Iraq. The man had a similar response as the Navy captain in refusing a medal.

Biden also employed the story of the fictitious Navy captain during a World War II memorial event in Australia in 2016. In that telling, the captain “climbed down about 200 feet” into a ravine in Afghanistan to rescue a comrade. Then, while stumping for Hillary Clinton that same year, Biden told the story of an Army captain who pulled a soldier out of a burning vehicle in Iraq but resisted the resulting medal. “He died. He died, Mr. Vice President,” Biden recalled the officer saying. “I don’t want the medal.” [Source: National Review]

What’s going on? It’s odd to think these stories make Biden look good. Unless he’s trying to get listeners to associate himself with these servicemen. Or maybe he’s trying to appear patriotic by praising these soldiers. But the obvious distortion of facts and details is what’s really troubling.

Recently, Biden confused outgoing British PM Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher–who was PM in the 1980s. Biden couldn’t even keep track of the dates and locations of two recent shootings, mixing up El Paso and Dayton. It was only a few days later and he already messed those up!

What does this all mean? Joe Biden has a history of gaffes, but these are all adding up. The story about the Navy captain is the most upsetting.

Either he’s blatantly making up stories, essentially lying to Americans. He thinks he can pull a fast one on his adoring public, those voters who bother to show up at his events. Or, his gaffes suggest something is wrong with the former vice president.

Is his memory slipping? Is it just a product of old age? Or is Biden suffering from something more severe?

I think we ought to know. He does want to become president, after all. But, as in the case of Hillary Clinton, Biden might never confess that he’s suffering from something.

Good enough reason not to vote for him.

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