Red Flag Alerts

Red Flag Alerts are news stories about disturbing trends, threats to our American way of life, actions by prominent political figures and lawmakers, and important stories we should be keeping track of. When an impactful person in our country–or a world leader–takes action that challenges our American values, we will be here to report on it.

Our team will help you keep track of the people you should be watching, both in alternative news and in the mainstream media. We’ll also help you separate fact from fiction so you’ll be able to spot the truth for yourself.

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Biden Administration In Ruins With No Sign Of Recovery

Optimism and political support for Biden, his administration ,and his polices are plummeting fast. Poll numbers have indicated that Biden's decline is steady, heading for...

Citizens VS Illegals — Democrats Make Their Choice

Are you paying attention yet? American works learned this week that they would be subjected to a level of authoritarianism never before experienced in U.S....

Biden’s ‘Rogue’ Missions Costs Thousands Of Lives

Despite the claims that Biden listen to a wide range of advice from military and civilian advisers, it seems that our Liar in Chief...