Trump: We can never allow this to happen to another president

President Donald Trump joins ‘Hannity’ in an exclusive interview to discuss to outcome of the Mueller report and the role the FISA abuse scandal played.

President Trump, in an exclusive wide-ranging interview Wednesday night with Fox News’ “Hannity,” vowed to release the full and unredacted Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants and related documents used by the FBI to probe his campaign, saying he wants to “get to the bottom” of how the long-running Russia collusion narrative began.

Trump told anchor Sean Hannity that his lawyers previously had advised him not to take that dramatic step out of fear that it could be considered obstruction of justice.

“I do, I have plans to declassify and release. I have plans to absolutely release,” Trump said. “I have some very talented people working for me, lawyers, and they really didn’t want me to do it early on. … A lot of people wanted me to do it a long time ago. I’m glad I didn’t do it. We got a great result without having to do it, but we will. One of the reasons that my lawyers didn’t want me to do it, is they said, if I do it, they’ll call it a form of obstruction.”

Trump added: “Frankly, thought it would be better if we held it to the end. But at the right time, we will be absolutely releasing.”

Trump also accused FBI officials of committing “treason” — slamming former FBI Director James Comey as a “terrible guy,” former CIA Director John Brennan as potentially mentally ill, and Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff as a criminal.

Redacted versions of FISA documents already released have revealed that the FBI extensively relied on documents produced by Christopher Steele, an anti-Trump British ex-spy working for a firm funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee, to surveil Trump aide Carter Page. At least one senior DOJ official had apparent concerns Steele was unreliable, according to text messages exclusively obtained last week by Fox News.

The leaked dossier, and related FBI surveillance, kickstarted a media frenzy on alleged Russia-Trump collusion that ended with a whimper on Sunday, when it was revealed Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe concluded finding no evidence of such a conspiracy, despite several offers by Russians to help the Trump campaign. Page was never charged with wrongdoing, and he is currently suing the DNC for defamation.

Citing a high-level source, Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul late Wednesday tweeted that anti-Trump ex-CIA Director John Brennan had internally pushed the dossier. Fox News has not independently verified Paul’s source.

“I think Brennan’s a sick person, I really do,” Trump said. “I believe there’s something wrong with him, for him to come out of the CIA and act that way was so disrespectful to the country and to the CIA. He was not considered good at what he did. He was never a respected guy.”

FILE – In this May 23, 2017, file photo, former CIA Director John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, before the House Intelligence Committee Russia Investigation Task Force. President Donald Trump is revoking the security clearance of former Obama administration CIA director Brennan (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File) (Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

Brennan was one of the loudest and most virulent voices to trumpet the Russian collusion theory over the past two years, asserting falsely just weeks ago that Mueller was likely planning to indict members of the Trump administration’s family in a scene reminiscent of the “ides of March” and the assassination of Julius Caesar. Trump, who revoked Brennan’s security clearance last year amid concerns Brennan was improperly hinting that he had inside information about ongoing federal probes, called those remarks “horrible” on Wednesday.

Brennan has since acknowledged he was wrong, but has said inaccurately that Mueller merely could not find evidence meeting the high bar needed for a criminal prosecution — when in fact Mueller found no evidence at all that the Trump team responded to Russians’ numerous efforts to involve them in a conspiracy.

“When I said there could be somebody spying on my campaign, it went wild out there,” Trump told Hannity. “They couldn’t believe I could say such a thing. As it turned out, that was small potatoes compared to what went on. … Millions and millions [spent] on the phony dossier, and then they used the dossier to start things. It was a fraud, paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.”

Just hours earlier Wednesday, Trump made clear he was enthusiastic about the idea of appointing a second special counsel to review the origins of the Russia investigation when it came up during a meeting Tuesday with Republican senators, a source familiar with the discussions told Fox News.

Trump, speaking to Hannity, separately raised doubts about the secretive and mysterious June 27, 2016 Phoenix airport tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch — which was spotted while Lynch was overseeing the Hillary Clinton email probe.

“I had a lot of planes for a long time. I’ve never stopped the plane on the tarmac to let somebody on the plane,” Trump said. “Bill Clinton said he was there to play golf, but I know the area very well. Arizona. It’s a little warm at that time of year for golf, OK?”

In an apparent shot at former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump also told Hannity “this all would not have happened” if Attorney General William Barr had been with his administration from the beginning.

Trump also noted that ratings for several networks that aggressively pushed the Russia narrative have “fallen off” dramatically. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s audience of 2.5 million on Monday was 19 percent below her average this year, and it went down further to 2.3 million on Tuesday, according to the Nielsen company.

“If you wrote this as a novel, nobody would buy it; it would be a failure, because it would be too unbelievable,” Trump said. “We’re getting to the bottom of it. This can never, ever happen to a president again. That was a disgrace and an embarrassment to our country. … Hopefully they won’t get away with it.

“We’ll have to see how it all started, but I’m going to leave that to other people, including the attorney general and others, to make that determination,” Trump continued. “Fifty years, 100 years from now — if someone tries the same thing, they have to know the penalty will be very very great if and when they get caught.”

Trump also lashed out at Schiff, D-Calif., who has pushed strongly for investigations into possible Trump-Russia links. “Schiff is a bad guy, he knew he was lying — he’s not a dummy. For a year and a half he would just leak and call up CNN and others. You know, I watch him, so sanctimonious … He knew it was a lie, and he’d get in the back room with his friends in the Democrat Party, and they would laugh like hell. In one way, you could say it’s a crime what he did — he was making statements he knew were false. He’s a disgrace to our country.”

The president insisted the U.S. should have a “great relationship” with Russia and China, but that the “fake news” and “nonsense” distorted his intentions into something more sinister.

FILE – In this March 22, 2018 photo, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., then ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, exits a secure area to speak to reporters, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Trump also criticized Comey, whom he’d fired in 2017, as a “terrible guy.” He insisted he did not fire him to obstruct justice, telling Hannity he knew that firing Comey would only increase scrutiny on the White House.

“It was treason, it was really treason,” Trump said, referring to texts between former FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page that discussed an “insurance policy” in the event of Trump’s election.

“You had dirty cops, you had people who are bad FBI folks … At the top, they were not clean, to put it mildly.” He said later, “We can never allow these treasonous acts to happen to another president.”

“I do, I have plans to declassify and release.”

— President Trump

Separately, Trump also said he hopes Democrats continue pushing the Green New Deal, which flamed out in a test vote on Tuesday, as most Democrats voted “present” instead of going on record supporting the sweeping transformation of the entire U.S. economy.

“I don’t want to speak badly about the New Green Deal, frankly, because I’m afraid they will stop using it,” Trump said. “I really do want to campaign against it. It’s ridiculous.”

Trump’s interview came as multiple GOP lawmakers have claimed the president may have somewhat undercut perhaps the best week of his presidency by backing the complete overturn of ObamaCare.

On Monday, the Justice Department asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans to affirm last year’s ruling by a Texas federal judge stating that the Affordable Care Act was no longer constitutional because the 2017 tax reform legislation eliminated the health care law’s penalty for not having health insurance.

Multiple congressional Republicans told Fox News they were bothered by the timing of the Trump administration’s intervention in the matter, which came on the heels of the Mueller report findings, the House sustaining the president’s veto of a bill to halt the national emergency for the border wall and a Senate vote that shined a spotlight on what conservatives described as problems with the Green New Deal, championed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.

Trump, despite the pushback, vowed that Republicans would soon be the “party of great health care.”

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.

Gregg Re is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @gregg_re.

Author: Gregg Re

Source: Foxnews: Trump vows to release FISA docs now that Mueller probe is concluded, slams ‘treasonous’ FBI

Over the last two years, Donald Trump has fought to secure our southern border. Democrats have refused to help, leaving our border weak and open. Illegal immigrants have flooded the border, turning the problem into a massive crisis.

Now, our top border security official has made a dark announcement.

Donald Trump ran for president on the promise of securing our southern border. In fact, he was determined to build a “big, beautiful wall” to finally bring an end to illegal crossings into the U.S. But since he’s entered office, Trump has only been met with opposition to his plan. Opposition by Congress.

Even when he had a Republican majority in both the House and Senate, Congress refused to pass laws that would fund his border wall. Democrats and swamp-dwelling Republicans do not want a secure border. They have thrived, thanks to unchecked illegal immigration. Meanwhile, Americans suffer tremendously.

Because of Congress’ refusal to back the president’s plan, the situation at our border grows worse. At the end of last year, we watched at tens of thousands of migrants from South America form caravans, get on buses, and hurtle toward our border. Many of them now sit in border towns in Mexico, demanding asylum into our country.

With each passing week, we learn about more migrant caravans forming, intent on barging into our country, immigration laws be damned.

Now border patrol has made a horrific announcement.

The nation’s top border security official said Wednesday that the border is at its “breaking point” during a visit to Texas, where as many as 1,000 migrants crossed into the U.S. and there are not enough agents to respond.

“That breaking point has arrived this week at our border,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan said along the border. “CBP is facing an unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis all along our Southwest border, and nowhere has that crisis manifested more acutely than here in El Paso.” [Source: Fox News]

In February, more than 75,000 were detained, the highest in 12 years. There were more than 7,000 unaccompanied children. Many of the migrants were infected with viruses such as the flu and chickenpox. All of them demand entry into the U.S., free housing, food, and income.

None of them are willing to obey our laws in order to enter. And more are on the way.

As horrible as this is, we shouldn’t be surprised the numbers are growing. When Trump entered office, attempts at our border dropped. Migrants were scared that the Trump administration would crack down on illegal immigration, so they didn’t bother.

But after two years, millions of people around the world have seen our lawmakers undermine and insult the President of the United States. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi publicly scoff at Trump’s agenda to protect America. She even shut down our government in order to keep the border weak and open.

This has only emboldened would-be migrants, people who want to come to the U.S., but refuse to obey our laws. That includes vile drug cartels, human smugglers, and sex traffickers. These groups mock our laws—and the pathetic leaders who refuse to do anything about this crisis.

What’s worse is that many of these caravans are being organized by immigration activists—liberals who travel to South America and encourage these people to make the perilous journey. They lie to them, telling them that they’ll receive a warm welcome in the United States. The plan? To overwhelm our system so that more than a few migrants would slip through the cracks.

How can any American leaders allow this to happen? We know the damage illegal, unchecked migration does to our country, families, and communities. But you also have to realize how dangerous it is for the poor families, individuals, and children who try to enter illegally. Democrats are using these people as pawns; they don’t seem to care if they live or die, as long as they give Trump a hard time.

Right now, it’s everything Border Patrol can do to handle the situation. But, as McAleenan said, it’s reaching a breaking point. Our officers are undermanned and lack the resources to prevent this tidal wave of migrants from bursting through.

President Trump declared a national emergency to acquire the funds to end this crisis. But will it be enough? Will he be able to stop this problem in time?

My guess is as good as yours.

The Senate voted down on Tuesday S.J. Res. 8, the Green New Deal Resolution, 0-57, with all Republicans, three Democrats, and one Independent voting against it.

Forty-three Democrats voted “present” and three Democrats — Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), and Doug Jones (D-AL) — voted against the resolution. Sen. Angus King (I-ME) also voted with Republicans against the measure.

Many Democrats — including Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), who sponsored the resolution in the Senate — called the vote a “sham” because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called for it without scheduling any hearings.

“[Climate change] is the national security, economic, health care and moral issue of our time,” Markey said at a press conference at the Capitol ahead of the vote. “We must act now.”

“Republicans and President Trump may choose to be in denial about the consequences of climate change,” Markey said. “But to ordinary people, climate change is not politics. It is life and death.”

“It is not a resolution,” Markey said. “It is a revolution.”

But even if Democrats voted “present,” McConnell said Tuesday’s vote put them on the record in favor of the radical resolution, which calls for the transformation of the American economy and infrastructure, including ending air travel and retrofitting every building in America.

“I ask again if you believe the Green New Deal is the prescription for America, why would you not want to have a vote?” McConnell told reporters ahead of the vote.

Presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was also at the press conference with Markey and climate change activists.

“We don’t know if we can get to net-zero carbon emissions in 10 years, but why not try?” Gillibrand said.

The Green New Deal was introduced last month in the House by Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

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Author: Penny Starr

Source: Breitbart: Senate Votes Down Green New Deal Resolution 0-57

In a shocking development Tuesday morning, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office dropped all charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, and records of his case will be sealed, in a decision made just a month after a grand jury charged Smollett with 16 counts of felony misconduct.

Smollett, instead of facing trial, will instead forfeit his bond payment of $10,000, according to reports.

The judge granted what is called a “nolle pros,” allowing all charges to be dropped against Smollett at the request of the prosecutor’s office. According to a tip from the Chicago Police Department, the State’s Attorney’s office believes Smollett has performed “community service” and does not require an official sentence.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office confirmed that Smollett has been given leeway because of his service to the people of Chicago in a statement to reporters.

“After reviewing all of the facts and circumstances of the case, including Mr. Smollet’s volunteer service in the community and agreement to forfeit his bond to the City of Chicago, we believe this outcome is a just disposition and appropriate resolution,” the statement read.

The statement did not indicate Smollett had been cleared of the alleged crimes, just that his behavior had somehow balanced out the need to charge him over the incident. The “community service” referenced in the statement was, according to local news sources, done in reference to a separate case or incident.

Sources inside the Chicago Police Department tell the Daily Wire that Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is “furious” over the development.

Foxx had, initially, recused herself from the case amid concerns that she had direct contact with one of Smollett’s relatives in the lead up to issuing charges. Last week, the Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago issued a formal complaint to the United States Attorney’s office, claiming that Foxx had attempted to interfere in the Smollett investigation, with the help of a Smollett relative and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff.

Smollett’s attorney was, of course, thrilled with the development.

“Jussie was attacked by two people he was unable to identify on January 29th. He was a victim who was vilified and made to appear as a perpetrator as a result of false & inappropriate remarks made to the public causing an inappropriate rush to judgement,” his legal team said in a statement to media.

Smollett was charged with 17 separate misdemeanor and felony counts for allegedly faking a racially motivated attack on January 29th. Smollett told police that he was attacked by two unidentified men who beat him, threw a rope around his neck, and poured an unknown chemical substance on his clothes. A police investigation reportedly revealed a complex conspiracy to stage the attack. A Federal investigation, into a letter containing a “white powder,” sent to Smollett at the “Empire” studios, is still pending.

In an update to this story: the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office is now clarifying their decision to drop charges against Smollett, noting that they are not “exonerating” Smollett of any crime, but rather, are prioritizing “violent crime.”

Smollett spoke to media after his court appearance and maintained his innocence in the matter.

This is a breaking story and The Daily Wire will continue to update this piece with further developments.

Author: Emily Zanotti

Source: Dailywire: SHOCK: Controversial Chicago Prosecutor DROPS Charges Against Jussie Smollett, UPDATE: ‘Not Exonerated’

The Social Security program is vital link in supporting retired Americans. But all too often, the program is exploited by fraudsters. Now we’ve learned of a shocking report that reveals millions of dollars have been wasted. You won’t believe where they went.

There are more than a few critics of the Social Security Administration. The program was designed to help Americans in need, especially senior citizens who can no longer work. The idea was that a person would “pay into” the program for 30-40 years. When they retired, they would have a nestegg from the government to fall back on.

It never worked out that way. Social Security takes plenty from workers’ paychecks, but dishes out very little for our retired Americans. Worse than that, crooks have found many ways to cheat the system. The most common way is by simply stealing the Social Security Numbers of retired Americans. Many elderly are conned over the phone by these crooks; they often just give out their numbers.

But a new report has revealed that a shocking amount of money—tens of millions—has been lost to crooks. How? It was given out, to dead people.

The Office of the Inspector General (IG) at the Social Security Administration (SSA) has released a March 2019 internal audit that sought to determine whether the SSA has been doling out benefits to dead people in Maryland and Michigan. The answer, as it turns out, is a resounding “yes.” Overall, the IG found that the SSA had paid out nearly $42 million to about 500 dead people…

As The Daily Caller also notes, a separate Texas-specific SSA audit found that nearly $25 million in Social Security payments had been given to 336 dead Texans. [Source: Daily Wire]

$42 million is no chump change. That is taxpayer money, being paid out to dead people. Now, you might be wondering how they can make this kind of error. Where is the money going?

Obviously not to the dead people. It’s yet another scam, draining money from people who could actually use it. Crooks acquire the Social Security Numbers of dead people—sometimes even from friends or relatives. They then collect benefits that would have gone to the dead person—if they were alive. Often these crooks aren’t even retired themselves and aren’t entitled to payments. In one case, a woman was collecting payments from someone who had died in 2000.

In another instance, a person had been collecting checks for a dead person since 1997. The person died in 1974.

This is shocking. That money was taken from hard-working Americans. It was meant to help elderly Americans who are in need, but cannot work anymore. Instead, these thieves were cashing checks and spending the money on themselves.

But how is this possible? How could a person be taking checks for over 20 twenty years, using a SSN from someone long dead? Why can’t our government do a better job of checking this? Don’t they have access to death certificates? It truly boggles the mind.

In order to save face, the SSA tried to fix the problem.

[W]e determined Maryland and Michigan death information was not always recorded on SSA’s records… Correcting these cases represents an opportunity for SSA to reduce its exposure to future overpayments and improve the accuracy and completeness of the death information it maintains.

As of January 9, 2019, SSA had suspended or terminated benefits and added death information to its records for 95 of the 145 beneficiaries. [Source: Daily Wire]

You’d think making sure their beneficiaries are still alive would be top priority for an agency that works with elderly people. Yet they had to conduct a specific audit—for just 160 accounts—to find these cases of fraud.

Mind you, they didn’t check every last account, just those 160. How many more cases of theft are going on, unfound? Probably way more than the SSA would like to admit.

The bottom line is that significant changes must take place to reduce fraud and lower costs. President Trump should spend some time looking into the SSA.

Socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez destroyed her budding reputation when earlier in the year she released her “Green New Deal.”

Touting the proposal as a revolutionary new direction for America, the GND was in fact a mess of amateurish writing and inane ideas. Just about every pundit in the country mocked it. But Mitch McConnell wants to know, on record, where Democrats stand on this policy. And he’s going to find out.

For months the liberal media has celebrated AOC as the second coming. Some have even suggested she was the future of the Democratic Party, and America. The former bartender stole the nomination of a 10-term congressman, by promising to Hispanic voters that she’ll abolish ICE. It was an easy win.

She went on to win the House seat in a largely liberal New York district. The media propped this young woman up, because of her gender and Hispanic background. But they never bothered to test her experience and know-how, especially on crucial issues.

Numerous interviews exposed AOC as embarrassingly uninformed on the economy or world affairs. She spilled more than her fair share of gaffes. Online, she is little more than a child, arguing and insulting even senior members of her own party. She comes off as dangerously inexperienced, rude, and unfit to lead.

Very quickly, after entering office, the Democrats realize the mistake they made. AOC behaves like an idiot when allowed to speak. Things are getting so bad, Democrats are considering redistricting her part of New York, to even eliminate her seat entirely.

But the worst was yet to come when she unveiled her Green New Deal. She hyped it up by promising it would revolutionize our country and economy—while saving the environment. She compared it to FDR’s New Deal, you know, the original socialist program that burdened our country with Social Security.

When her proposal was released, it was quickly mocked by everyone. People couldn’t believe that a sitting lawmaker would propose things like “100% renewable energy” or requiring that every building in America be torn down and rebuilt to new standards. AOC’s Green New Deal wanted to end all air travel everywhere.

Oh, and it also wanted to provide universal income to everyone, including people unable or unwilling to work (yes, that’s in the proposal).

Once this Green New Deal got out to the public, Democrats panicked. The party couldn’t support something so unrealistic or amateurishly written. House Democrats quickly dismissed it, in order to save face.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to know just where Democrats stand on this radical, idiotic proposal. So, he’s going to force them to vote on it.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will put the Green New Deal to a vote on Tuesday in a move that will force Democrats to take an official stand on the measure and thus pit the party’s moderates against its progressive wing.

“I could not be more glad that the American people will have the opportunity to learn precisely where each one of their senators stand on the “Green New Deal,” McConnell tweeted. “A radical, top-down, socialist makeover of the entire U.S. economy.”

The resolution, which amounts to an ambitious overhaul of the U.S. to combat climate change, undoubtedly will not pass in the GOP-controlled Senate. But Republicans say that the vote will allow them to better gauge Democrats’ commitment to its radical proposals. [Source: Fox News]

The Green New Deal is beyond stupid. It is actually impossible to pass or enforce. How could our government ban air travel? Or force policies that energy experts flat out say are impossible?

But Democrats would gladly dismiss this proposal and hope Americans forget about it. With an election coming up, you better believe the left needs to put their best face on.

McConnell is not letting them get away with it. AOC still stands behind her proposal, a proposal that would cripple our country. The Senate Majority Leader is going to force Democrats to either back this plan or turn on a woman who probably shouldn’t be in Congress.

Let’s see if they have the guts to do that.

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham on Monday vowed to investigate the origins of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe in order to expose possible anti-Trump bias on the part of the Department of Justice officials who opened the investigation.

During a press conference marking the release of Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the Mueller report, Graham called for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate whether DOJ officials overreached in investigating Trump due to their personal and political hostility to him.

“By any reasonable standard, Mr. Mueller thoroughly investigated the Trump campaign. You cannot say that about the other side of the story. And what I hope Mr. Barr will do is understand: for the country’s sake appoint somebody outside the current system to look into these allegations, somebody we all trust, and let them do what Mr. Mueller did,” Graham said.

The South Carolina Republican vowed that, regardless of whether a special counsel is appointed, the Judiciary Committee would investigate to what extent DOJ officials relied on the uncorroborated Steele dossier when applying for a warrant to surveil Carter Page during his time as a national-security adviser to the Trump campaign.

“What role did the dossier play? Was it the primary source of the information given to the court, was it supplemental, was its outcome determinative? I want to hear from Mr. [Bruce] Ohr why he warned people that you might not want to rely on Christopher Steele,” Graham told reporters when asked what specific events his committee plans to investigate. “I want to know the role James Comey played in this process. I want to find out: Was the only reason you recused yourself was because of the tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch?” Graham added, referring to Bill Clinton’s June 2016 meeting with then-attorney general Loretta Lynch on an Arizona airport tarmac.

Republicans have repeatedly cited the meeting in arguing that Lynch was compromised by the Clintons and, as a result, instructed the FBI not to pursue charges related to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Former FBI director James Comey admitted during subsequent congressional testimony that Lynch instructed him to refer to the Clinton email probe as a “matter” when announcing that the DOJ would not pursue charges.

Senior DOJ officials relied on information provided in the Steele dossier as part of their FISA warrant application to surveil Page, and did not inform the court that the dossier was partially funded by a law firm working on behalf of the Clinton campaign. Graham went on to call the unsubstantiated dossier “garbage,” pointing out that a number of its allegations — including the claim that Michael Cohen went to Prague to meet with Russian hackers during the campaign — have been disproven.

NOW WATCH: ‘Trump Says Mueller Acted Honorably’

Author: Jack Crowe

Source: Nationalreview: Lindsey Graham Vows to Investigate Anti-Trump Bias in Special Counsel Probe

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Monday called on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) to resign after Attorney General William Barr said a special counsel investigation found no evidence to conclude there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

Conway lashed out on “Fox & Friends” at Democrats and media personalities who suggested over the course of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election that the Trump campaign had conspired with Russia, but she went particularly hard after Schiff.

“Adam Schiff should resign,” she said. “He has no right as somebody who has been peddling a lie day after day after day unchallenged. Unchallenged and not under oath. Somebody should have put him under oath and said you have evidence, where is it?”

Conway cited past comments from Schiff in which he said there was plenty of evidence of collusion. The California Democrat has said for months that there is evidence of collusion in “plain sight.”

“He ought to resign today,” Conway said. “He’s been on every TV show 50 times a day for practically the last two years, promising Americans that this president would either be impeached or indicted.”

Barr said on Sunday in a four-page summary that Mueller’s investigation found no evidence that the campaign conspired or coordinated with the Kremlin.

Schiff, one of Trump’s most outspoken critics, said afterword that he trusted Mueller’s judgment but called to see the underlying evidence that led to the special counsel’s decision.

“Mueller did not find sufficient evidence to establish conspiracy, notwithstanding Russian offers to help Trump’s campaign, their acceptance, and a litany of concealed interactions with Russia,” Schiff tweeted. “I trust Mueller’s prosecutorial judgement, but the country must see the evidence.”

Schiff’s committee is currently conducting its own Russia investigation. The committee spoke recently with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and will hold a hearing with Felix Sater, a businessman involved in efforts to build a Trump property in Moscow.

Author: Brett Samuels

Source: Thehill: Conway calls on Schiff to resign over past collusion comments

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, numerous Democrats have scored points among voters by attacking him. By spreading the Russian collusion theory, they have manipulated supporters into voting for them and donating big bucks. Maxine Waters has been perhaps the most vocal and outrageous among them. But after Mueller’s report cleared Trump’s name, the Democrat had a bad day.

It’s hard to believe a woman like Maxine Waters holds a position of leadership within our government. For over two years, we’ve seen this Democrat scream and rant on cable news, accusing the President of the United States of wrongdoing.

She had no evidence to back her claims. Yet time and again she called for the impeachment and removal of office of Donald Trump. Even as other Democrats backed off the impeachment narrative, Waters continued to appear on TV, claiming Trump was an illegitimate president.

It showed America what depths Democrats would stoop to in order to slander Trump and just how unhinged they could get in their persecution of the man.

Well, you probably heard by now that Mueller finally released his report. After two years and millions of tax dollars spent, Mueller sent his official findings on Russian interference in the 2016 Election to the Attorney General.

This weekend, the Attorney General released his summation of the findings, revealing to the world that Mueller officially cleared Trump of any wrongdoing. He clearly states that they found no evidence that anyone within the Trump administration (nor any American citizen) aided Russia in any of their attempts to undermine our election.

It was like dropping an A-bomb on the left and their liberal press. For over two years, they have been bombarding the American public with lies that Trump not only worked with Russia, but was a Russian agent working for Putin. This wild and ridiculous slander had zero credibility, yet CNN and politicians like Maxine Waters used it as an excuse to attack our president.

Now that the report has been released, you’d think Maxine would back down. Perhaps admit she was wrong and even apologize to Trump and the American people.


Maxine Waters still believes the “Kremlin Klan” won the White House for President Trump, despite the evidence indicating otherwise.

But no one can convince her that just because Special Counsel Robert Mueller found there was no collusion with Russia, that it’s over.

“This is not the end of anything!” Waters told MSNBC’s Joy Reid as they realized the report was a giant nothing burger for Democrats…

“There’s so much that, uh, needs to be, you know, taken a look at at this point,” she claimed,” and so it’s not the end of everything.” [Source: The American Mirror]

That’s right. Because Maxine has staked her reputation on accusing Trump of treason, she can’t admit she was wrong. She has spent the last two years demanding Trump be impeached, over a rumor invented by Hillary Clinton. Even when a reported $50 million was spent investigating it—finding Trump did nothing wrong—she won’t back down.

Don’t be surprised when the rest of the Democratic Party says the same thing. They used the Russian hoax since 2016 to slander and undermine the president’s administration. Some ran in 2018 on the notion that they’d expose Trump and throw him in jail.

Just because Mueller proved Trump did nothing wrong doesn’t matter. They have voters to lie to—I mean—fulfill their promises to.

President Trump, however, is not going to forget how the Democrats tried to destroy his administration based on a lie. He’s already preparing to roast every last Democrat who spread this rumor as fact, jeopardizing our democracy and government.

On Sunday, The Wall Street Journal reported that advisors to President Trump are not going to refrain from using the findings of the Mueller report against the Democrats; the Journal quoted Bryan Lanza, a deputy communications director for Trump’s 2016 campaign, asserting, “You better believe we’re going to bludgeon them.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Serves them right. We knew the Mueller probe was a witch hunt. Democrats were simply upset that Hillary lost the election. Instead of accepting that reality, they spent years lying about our Command in Chief.

Now, it’s going to cost them. Big.

Attorney for President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani called Sunday for an investigation into where and who originated claims that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to influence the 2016 election.

“I say this is complete and absolute victory,” Giuliani told Fox News Sunday afternoon, calling the victory “way beyond anybody could have expected a year ago with all this crazy fake news that’s going on.” His comments came just following news that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election found that there was no collusion between Russians and Donald Trump or Trump campaign associates.

“Absolutely no collusion by anyone in the Trump campaign so you have to wonder why did this investigation start in the first place and why did we waste $40 billion,” he questioned. “Second, no obstruction.”

Giuliani’s reaction was briefly interrupted for comments by President Donald Trump on the Mueller findings as he stood on the tarmac just before taking off from Florida to return to the White House. “There was no collusion with Russia, the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Trump said, adding that there was no obstruction. “It’s a shame the country had to go through this,” said Trump, adding that it’s a shame he had to go through this as president. He expressed hope that the “other side” would be looked in to.

“President is absolutely correct to be very, very upset,” Giuliani said after the president’s statement to reporters. “It is absolutely definitive that he was being investigated for a crime that never happened. There was never any collusion. I can tell you that because I was on that campaign.”

“One of the reasons I’ve been so passionate is I know there was no collusion. I’ve known this was a phony charge from the very beginning,” he asserted. “And we put the United States through this?” he pressed calling out Democrats for making “exaggerated statements” claiming they had evidence that the president colluded.

“I think there has to be a full and complete investigation with at least as much enthusiasm as this one to figure out where did this charge emanate, who started it, who paid for it,” Giuliani proposed. He suggested the Justice Department could run that investigation and saw no reason to drag the country through another special counsel investigation.

Michelle Moons is a White House Correspondent for Breitbart News — follow on Twitter @MichelleDiana and Facebook

Author: Michelle Moons

Source: Breitbart: Rudy Giuliani Calls for ‘Full and Complete Investigation’ into Originators of Collusion Claims

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